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Geological internship internship report is seen in various geological phenomena to be integrated, analyzed and summarized, with concise text to express smooth. Write internship report is a systematic practice content, consolidate and improve the process, is to write geological reports entry attempt, the training of geological thinking, the report required to collect the field based on the geological material, the report should have a clear theme, the exact basis of strict logic, the report should be concise, illustrated the report must be through their own write out the organizational process, not to copy books.

Sections of the report

Chapter I Introduction, practice areas and natural geographical location of traffic conditions (traffic location map attached), internship tasks, objectives, requirements, personnel composition and practice time.

Chapter II Formation

The first brief practice areas exposed strata and distribution characteristics, and then press the stratigraphic age from old to new stratigraphic description section describes the various age strata should include distribution and developmental profiles, lithology and contains fossils, and bowed to the ground under contact between the layer thickness, etc. (with sketch).

Chapter rock

Describe the characteristics of various rock rocks, occurrence, shape, size, exposed location, where the construction site and the ore-bearing conditions (with profile, sketch).

Chapter structure

Overview of practice areas in large level structure in the location and general structural features, areas of practice are described folding and faulting.

Fold: fold name (such as Jade Mountain syncline), Ministry of strata composed of the nuclear era and fold wings stratigraphic age, occurrence, fold axis, cross-sectional and longitudinal fold characteristics (with sketch maps, profile)

Fault: fault name, fault nature of the plate and lower plate (or around the plate) stratigraphic age, occurrence of fault plane, fault

Evidence (with sketch maps, profile)

Elaborate folds and faults in the spatial distribution characteristics.

Chapter geological stages of development brief

According to stratigraphic sequence, lithology, contacts between the movement of tectonic, magmatic activity during the geological history of the area such as instructions on those stages, each stage and characteristics of those events.

Chapter VI Other areas, including geological phenomenon outside.

Postscript, indicating that internship experience, feelings, opinions and demands.

Report in writing to be neat, beautiful maps to the report should cover, title, professional writers, class, name, date of writing, etc. and be binding. "How to write internship report" belongs to all, please indicate the source!

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