How to write a report reference format Graduation

Graduation Report <> reference format

Internship reporting requirements

(1) format

Annex Cover Page

Body include: Internship internship experience internship internship proposal summary, etc.

Word: less than 5,000 words

(2) require the use of A4 paper output, left 3 on the right sector, on the boundary, the lower boundary is 2.

Text: Times New Roman, P4, 1.5 line spacing

Text Title: bold, after a small section II: 1 line

Graduation Report <>

Department: Information Engineering

Major: Computer Science and Technology Professional

Class: 2002 classes


Date: April 2004 Japan

Graduation Report <>

First, the practical content

[Graduate internship jobs or positions; graduate internship in the specific areas in which the work;]

Second, the internship experience

[Engaged in their own understanding of the work or master's degree, what do you think;]

Third, the practice recommended

[By graduation practice, the expertise of the professional, the course structure have any suggestions and ideas]

Fourth, the practice summary

Graduate internship through harvesting.

Internship Report Papers