Students Bursary application Pham Van

Students Bursary application Pham Van

Dear leaders of the school teacher:

You are good!

I called Shuai, Department of Software Engineering 09 software testing professional, the students since the first day of the University, I With the firm conviction "can not learn the famous vow," study hard, efforts to study, life has always been frugal. can also manage to maintain However, since the beginning of the year due to soaring prices, I faced a serious challenge, even if the thrift is also difficult to maintain, so after careful consideration I decided to apply for state grants to school, I hope to be able to in my university smooth learning and successful completion of the learning task, return to the community in order to be able to better in the future! Leadership for approval.

Here I will briefly introduce the basic personal

I was from Henan Province, the county used the first High School in 2009, admitted to the school software testing professional schools. I come from an accidentally developed cities and towns, there are four people at home, my sister and college, relying on parents do a small business, home, low-income parents of the burden of the family pressure waist bent, his face covered with wrinkles, parents for me and my sister to school, want to eat not want to wear, live frugally, put up with hardships, worked hard, the pressures of life makes The parents Shuangbin Banbai. Know their own university learning opportunities hard to come by in school, I have always maintained a positive attitude, and always to high standards and strict demands on themselves, and properly handle the relationship between learning and life, and strive to achieve the comprehensive development of live up to the expectations of parents and school leaders and teachers to help. I know that student learning should always be school-based, so the first day of enrollment I never relaxed learning of this expertise. always maintained in the classroom correct, humble attitude towards learning, and actively cooperate with the teacher, and strive to improve their level of expertise, advice to the students after class with an open mind, seriously preview and to complete the job left by the teacher through the tireless efforts of my grades gradually improved. the same time extend the knowledge of all aspects of their conscious, extra-curricular long self-study, often in their spare time in the library or access to information through the Internet to enrich themselves, replenish the shortage of classroom knowledge, through which broadened my horizons, rich my knowledge in life are frugal, self-discipline, wider than the others, respect teachers, and usually positive and students to communicate with a close family get along with college life, my life is an extremely important stage, during which I do not with the students than food and clothing than what is learned in the university and learn how much great progress in all aspects, the overall quality has been greatly improved through the work and people interaction, communication is also my character has become more cheerful, improved my interacting with people, the ability to interaction with others.

Since I know if my economic situation, whether it is in life and learning have given me great concern and help, we can say that these moments in my life is a collective made me feel like family warmth. I am very grateful to the teachers and classmates for helping me!

That once seemed so eager to be able to test to the big city to see the outside world the wonderful, and now I do, but in Zhengzhou city, it must withstand the high price. Often squandering a dollar, I am always very self-blame, think of home, parents are often a few cents and vendors or vendors debate half a day, I used to get humiliated, it is I do not know how hard it is parents making money.

However, since the beginning of this year, soaring commodity prices, I suddenly discovered that once when hungry like to feel helpless or even hopeless feeling revived last semester, I can barely cope with the frugal style, but to maintain in the face of soaring prices my standard of living is already to no avail.

Although the economic situation of my family is not very good, but I have not given up efforts, have always believed that efforts will be fruitful in order to be able to successfully complete the learning task, will be able to better return on their parents, return to the community. I solemnly schools to submit their applications - apply for a national motivational scholarships, the House leadership to give audit! In the coming days, I will be more stringent standards and requirements to motivate yourself, to spur their own, in order to have more excellent performance!



Professional: 09 Software Testing

Student ID: 20097740444

Name of Applicant: Shuai

The date of application: 20xx xx months xx

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