Learning from Lei Feng activities program

March 5 this year, Comrade Mao Zedong, "Learning from Comrade Lei Feng" inscription of the 49th anniversary of the superior file notice requirements, set off in the whole class to learn from Lei Feng spirit, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, and actively practice the upsurge of the spirit of Lei Feng, and further cohesion and wisdom and force, formed to practice the spirit of Lei Feng, and strive to become a civilized young a lively situation, combined with the school requirements and This class of actual initial scenarios are as follows:

I. Objectives

To advocate for civilized new foster healthy social trends, through learning from Lei Feng activities to deepen students' awareness and understanding of the Lei Feng spirit, further deepening a moral person. "

1, through the theme of educational practice to introduce the life and the true story of Lei Feng, to make students aware of Lei Feng's life is to serve the people wholeheartedly life, friends and stimulate students' conscious learning to Uncle Lei Feng.

2, in all its manifestations, so that students know that the spirit of Lei Feng in the class group to take root and bear fruit., And hope that more "Lei Feng" in our lives.

Second, the activity measures:

An ideologically to improve the understanding of learning from Lei Feng activities.

2, from the action, enrich the connotation of learning from Lei Feng activities such as civilization and etiquette education, Thanksgiving, education, integrity and education opportunity to penetrate into the theme of practical activities, learning from Lei Feng.

3, Improved methods of learning from Lei Feng activities on the way, to learn from Lei Feng activities Results

To the practice of student life, given the significance of the spirit of Lei Feng era.

Third, the theme:

Learning from Lei Feng, talk about social morality, to know the etiquette, show love to do a moral person

Fourth, Time: March

Five specific events:

(To create a learning from Lei Feng atmosphere.

1, to carry out the theme of "learning from Lei Feng, speaking Considerate know the etiquette, love and moral classes, team activities, singing competitions, poetry readings, lectures, debates and other students through the essay, hi smell form of music activities and vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism and collectivism.

2, windows, bulletin boards, bulletin boards and other channels to publicize Lei Feng stories to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, to create a strong atmosphere of propaganda.

(Two to learn from Lei Feng see action.

1, will be dedicated to caring society.

(1 to carry out that love to connect you, whatever things they do.

(2 carry out the "good behavior" on and off campus, "civilized instrument," civilized terminology, "to guide students and parents to develop a civilized habits, build a civilized family.

2, dedicated to love school.

(1), through a letter to the teacher, the teacher you and I said, when primary school teachers, and other activities, respect teachers and activities.

(2, in the school to carry out practical activities such as: picking up trash, do the class and school health districts. Inspire students to love school emotional, students respect their teachers, school, and disciplined moral quality.

3, will be dedicated to caring mother

"International Women's Day as an opportunity to write a letter for my mother to do a greeting card, or dry one is able to do.

4, dedicated to their love

(1 as Lei Feng, the same treasure.

(2 learning as hard as Lei Feng.

(3) the same as Lei Feng, thrift.

5, do the following six activities.

(1 to write an essay, "read the story of Lei Feng felt", "Lei Feng on my side", and civilization in hand ".

(2 a Shouchao Bao, Lei Feng spirit and gratitude.

(3 to set up a learning from Lei Feng Action Group. Per person to do a good deed.

(4 to set an example. To diligence and self "," helpfulness "," honest and trustworthy "and" care for the young "and" studious "theme.

(Reading a book. << Lei Feng's story >> or other, exchange ideas and experience.

(6 sing a song to sing a good example << Learning from Lei Feng ", enjoy: << love and dedication, >>, << to happy to give you >>, << the world is full of love >>

(D summary of activities, reward learning from Lei Feng.

A. This squadron arrange a squadron cadres responsible for the deeds recorded within the class in learning from Lei Feng, doing good deeds registration form, learning in the class exchange.

Two. "Learning from Lei Feng lessons learned" held by the squadron commander responsible for the organization in the class, summarize the class learn from Lei Feng. Democratic evaluation activities, recognition and reward for good examples.

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