Party members check three three three solutions theme educational activities Personal Analysis Report

Party members "check three three three solutions" theme educational activities Personal Analysis Report

Recently, we carried out three investigations into three solution "educational activities, in accordance with the requirements of the units in our every party member to write a report analyzing the material I seriously control the performance of the time recently to work, deeply reflect on their own, leak fill a vacancy, and make corrective measures, the following is my analysis:

First, the existence of subject and deficiencies

1, the exemplary role of Party members play is not enough, not good enough to establish by the idea of ​​serving the people wholeheartedly, relax the transformation of their world view. "True and false", "virtual reality" identification is not very clear .

(2) ways and means are not enough flexible work, the ideological liberation is not enough, there is a beaten track concept, accustomed to the old conventions, the old rules work, not daring to new channels, ways and means not yet fully do justice balanced, work grasp is not small, in accordance with the requirements of the performance appraisal, there is a great gap, pending further progress.

3, the spirit of hard work needs to be strengthened. The expense of the rest time to pay close attention to deal with the sense of urgency have been relaxed, busy, sometimes relaxed learning and self-study time.

Close enough contact with the masses often only buried to do their job well, and leadership to the task, not often deep into the masses to understand the situation, conduct research, methods of work can not advance with the times, to be "solution people's concerns, the hardship, public grievances "is still a long interval.

In life style, basically can do to practice thrift, combat waste, waste, and resist money worship. But there are some topics, such as physical exercise does not strengthen, resulting in physical decline, which reduces the effectiveness of the work.

Second, there is the subject of the main reasons

Political learning in terms of ideology familiar enough, usually time to participate in political learning, ideologically, but not caused by a high degree of attention, learning objectives are not clear enough, lack of thinking, learning theory and practice out of touch, update their own ideology enough.

Third, the corrective measures

Through the "check the three solutions" theme educational activities in accordance with the requirements of the theme of the event, by learning the advantages of their fellow seriously reflect on their own inadequacies, determined to study and reform, Li Zha Li correct in the future. work, conscientiously carry out rectification from the following aspects:

To seriously study the three examinations of the theme information file of the educational activities of the three solutions ". Deep into the combination of" scientific development ", armed with new knowledge, new ideas of their own minds, an increase of their talents, progressive grass-roots work capacity. the times, continue to strengthen ideological and political theory and business learn to integrate theory with practice, thinking, enhance activation in thinking realm, to meet the requirements of the new situation, the better the finished capital time job.

2, changing the work attitude and improve their work style. Full of energy, full of enthusiasm, work earnestly responsibility, a positive response, down to earth style of work is solid, not beyond lazy, the subject of the masses, not buck-passing, perfunctory.

3, bold innovation, forge ahead, and good at summing up the work of the gain and loss, the timely detection of the existence of the subject and the continuous improvement of their own cultural literacy and business level.

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