Women's Federation of teachers advanced deeds of materials

Women's Federation of teachers advanced deeds of material body began -

"Till death do us part, candle ashes tears dry, young glance this is a poem of praise teachers. Ideal come true, as an ordinary teachers in mountainous areas, own efforts practicing employment when the commitment to the eyes of the lofty, clear thinking, the pioneers of the boldness of vision and pragmatic style, mountainous education dedicate themselves, and won the respect and affection of the school staff and students.

Improve the quality, strengthen ideological

Since to work, I always continue to improve their own quality as a goal to challenge themselves, self-pressurized. First, the study of political theory. Theory is the precursor of action. Actual work conscientiously study Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents", adhere to the Learning << teachers in France >> << teachers Taboo avoid things 100 >> << Shiyan City Teachers' ethical behavior norms "10 are not allowed" >> and so on, and strive in the thinking and action, highly consistent with the education line, principles and policies adhere to serve as role models, work every strict demands on themselves, consciously abide by the discipline, and regulate our own behavior the principle of big talk, small talk about style, care for students, affection, and reasoning.

Second, the reform and innovation and vitality

"I have to do a hard teacher." I want to strive to be a competent teacher. "This is often in the words of my mouth, I say, is to do so. With the deepening of the curriculum, not to learn new curriculum ideas, keep up with new forms of education, is bound to be entirely eliminated as a language teacher, I have a large number of each semester to subscribe to education and teaching magazine, to keep abreast of new trends of education reform, to capture the teaching development of new information, to master new methods of teaching the curriculum reform and rejection of the "chalk and talk", "spoon-fed" teaching method, so that "heuristic", "happy teaching, focusing on the personality development of students and other concepts into the classroom.

I persevere, in succession to the innovative, flexible and innovative teaching methods Crown Hill junior high school language teaching and research to bring the vitality of the teaching. Spare time, I put the pros and cons of their own work summarized the experience, try to write Many papers, such as << teachers should have the courage to deny their own "literary grace << winning five Law << punch line, but also obviously love life and charm >>

Third, the dedication, burning life

Society materialistic, when many teachers are not complacent, and Latin America for the mobilization and busy when I came to this barren place to settle Guanshan, and intends to take root in the mountainous areas of education, quietly dedicated their lives to. "Will live out Personal gentile, life is necessary to discharge the spark of life. "This is a word I often self-encouragement. I always overcome the difficulties of the family, and hearts filled with students, filled with teaching. father became terminally ill, I go back to visit Sunday, the child's eye needs surgery to Beijing, I can only use the summer time, niece to be married, I asked her to set the wedding on a rest day ... Over the years, at work, try not to leave has become my habits, Momo has become my habit in school.

Over the past few years, I focus on the work of research and teaching ideas, focus on focus with the general, focus on the inheritance and innovation and other ways of working, methods, and work to best effect. Long as the middle school language teaching and research, my work ranging from rely on, bold organization to carry out the second classroom activities, and young teachers training for academic leaders as one of the key task for language teaching and research has injected fresh blood as a member of the school on behalf of, I focus on understanding of the sufferings, aspirations, listen to the voice of the female teachers, to help solve the practical problems of female teachers in the life and work of female school teachers.

"A hard, a harvest labor bumper harvest, to participate in the work of the past eight years, three as the field grade classroom star teachers", three township "outstanding teachers" May 2005 to participate in municipal quality lesson commented Rong won the second prize in May 2006 was named the city "outstanding teachers of language subjects.

Fourth, the times kept interest rates

Era of progress, of education in development as a teacher in our thinking and action, especially in the teaching work, we must advance with the times, I am well aware of this in 97 years of Chinese college graduates I overcome the difficulties to participate in the self-study of Chinese undergraduate and graduated from Hubei University in June 2000 .21 century high-tech era of IT, not to learn the computer will become the new "illiterate". Work since, I have successively participated in the IT primary, advanced training in July .2006, at the beginning of the summer, I took the initiative to enroll in training to learn of the many people do not want to participate in the Intel Teach to the Future ", and strive to make IT teaching be promoted due to the continuous improvement of their quality, coupled with the diversity of the teaching methods, novelty, my classroom instruction by teachers and students welcomed the final exam, I am teaching the subjects of class performance is always in the forefront .

Achievements, honors, or, they can only represent the past, they will be my motivation, I will always be a group of passionate fire, and engaged in education and teaching work.

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