Transportation governance mentions promote the style of building activities self-analysis of materials

Transportation governance mentions promote the style of building activities, self-analysis of materials

Special events in the city to carry out three governance mention promote the style of construction, I can fully recognize this great significance, with a high sense of responsibility, full of enthusiasm, a positive attitude consciously plunge into the practice. in the learning process, I can insist on a combination of focus on learning and individual consciousness, in-depth study and implement the important speech of General Secretary General Secretary to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the General Assembly, with their own work in the study of political theory at the same time, carefully written The study notes and a new experience, but also to further strengthen the learning of business knowledge, through the study of armed mind, update concepts and improve quality, boost morale and promote the work.

As a work near new, well aware of the importance of their work, their own work is in close contact with the people where I am primarily responsible for the management of the road transport industry, the world economy becomes increasingly globalized, increasingly important economic prosperity of Deadline to China's foreign debt to $ 548.938 billion, the trade credit balance of $ 211.2 billion, the prowess of the transport sector is to prove whether a country is powerful, but also enhance economic ties between the countries, foreign policy, science and technology study indispensable to people's lives to travel the necessary tools.

One, the main problems

Political literacy is not high. Not good at three governance mention of the "important thought and the scientific concept of development, the party's theory to arm their own minds, from a political point of view to observe, analyze problems, and problem-solving ability.

2, the public service concept of purpose is not solid enough performance: treatment of the attitude of the masses can not always maintain the warm service, more of the work at hand, the temper will be some impatience, attitude is kind enough, in case of need to repeat the interpretation, the voice on the than usual is no patience, no adjustment to their own emotions. Although there is no cause to dispute things, but thinking it over later, if I had to do empathy, you should be able to understand the things people think and psychological anxiety "debt" of the people who do things, to use the actual action also.

Business knowledge to study enough. In: attitude towards work is not active, positive, satisfied with the completion of the tasks entrusted by the superiors, encounter the problem, not good at thinking, brain, waiting for the instructions of the leadership, saying that by step step, the failure to work real, so deep, painstaking, and to meet in decent business knowledge, learning is not enough, the lack of an assiduous spirit that their existing business knowledge can be adapted to the current work does not focus on comprehensive business knowledge, until the problem appears to think of a solution encounter cumbersome and complicated things in the department work, have a tendency to escape, that the "cross that bridge until" way to sit and wait, rather than seek countermeasures the lack of a hard study of the spirit.

4, the style of work is solid enough performance attitude towards work: sometimes holding cope, failed to do so down to earth, always want to find a shortcut, it is best not to spend too much energy you can get things done at work. Sections of the can not do in-depth investigation and comprehensive grasp, resulting in little to propose targeted measures.

5, in terms of work experience, performance: some of the problems encountered in the work or a summary of some experience, are unable to exchange with you, communication, and encountered some problems that can not be resolved, where the day dragged on one day and not be able to Even if the discovery of own work, the work is not serious, careful, and not actively work.

Second, to address the problem

A political literacy. Profound study of Marxist theory of Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong Thought, and combined with the local actual situation and the latest theoretical knowledge armed with their own minds, and improve ideological and political consciousness.

2, to strengthen the concept of serving the people in the service should always maintain a gentle and friendly service attitude, and patience to explain the problems of the clients asked to be not anxious, not impulsive, not to the masses, etc., not to the masses is difficult, not to the masses to run.

3, to enhance the proficiency of business knowledge, to achieve all-round development, a proactive understanding of business do not understand do not understand, and constantly improve their operational capacity, and business knowledge the fastest and best investigative work assiduously the drawbacks to make it continuous improvement, bold innovation, the courage to break with innovative new methods, breaking the old ideas in the original basis to find a new starting point to make it more convenient, more concise, easier, more thorough, more comprehensive.

4, the style of work, patience, careful, responsible in the end, patience, act as a target, careful to do the things that work, responsible for matters in the end accepted must do the best .2 own style, always bear in mind their a national staff, their own words and not just affect their own problems will affect the image of the unit mass as our trust, that kind of respect for our speech and behavior is to show whether a country decline of the important signs

5, work experience, often communicate between and leadership, colleagues, communication issues at work, patience to listen to the masses reflected timely reporting and leadership combined with practical work the problems to solve, to improve own aspects often want to constantly sum up experience and improve themselves and improve themselves. in dealing with some things, dare to face the best way to solve, so that the mind is calm, thinking to be agile, to do things to minimize the , the best technology to the main interests of the people, some unexpected event occurs, the right medicine the fastest and best way to do things to stabilize, failing to be calm and have problems like how to solve day, things to do on that day will never delayed, never postponed.

6, in dealing with some things, dare to face the best way to solve, do mind to be calm, thinking to be agile, to do things to minimize, the best of surly do do something good for the people. do the fact that some unexpected event occurs, the right medicine the best and fastest method to solve, so that has to be stable, failing to be calm, encountered the problem how to solve the kind of thing in the day to do that day, never delayed Never be postponed.

In short, the era and bold when big responsibility, a new starting point, new tasks and new style of development, and economic changes are people-oriented, through the rule three practice applying their knowledge, always adhere to scientific development, focus on solving the actual problems people care about, and translated into learning outcomes to strengthen and improve the important basis of their own work fully explore the loopholes in the lack of work in Henan business, everyone can do in real-oriented in order to make our industry more strong and more prosperous country.

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