School 3.12 Arbor Day activities Proposal

School 3.12 Arbor Day activities Proposal

Dear students:

Spring, Vientiane update is grass green. This spring, the vibrant spring in March, we ushered in the annual Arbor Day.

3.12 Arbor Day is to create a green environment, expect the lies to calling a special day for people to care for the environment - 3.12 Arbor Day.

In 1979, Deng Xiaoping proposed that the sixth meeting of the Fifth National People's Congress Standing Committee decided March 12 of each year for 312 of our Arbor Day.

December 13, 1981, the Fourth Session of the Fifth National People's Congress discussed and adopted << >> resolution on the nationwide voluntary tree-planting campaign, which is a significant resolution since the founding of the country's highest authority to make the country green from nationwide voluntary tree-planting campaigns in the country as a legal implementation.

Birds are flying, grass, spring returns to the land. 3.12 Arbor Day is approaching, people have to go to the fields hills fulfill the obligations of citizens of the tree planting. Many people planting memorial tree, creating in the form of memorial forest, Ming-chi, the tree, always focussed on forest.

Green is the color of nature, green pregnant with life and hope, no green, no we humans we have to take good care of each green leaf, love each seedling to protect the Earth and caring for the environment, greening the campus, starting with me, starting from the side. To this end, the dawn of the Arbor Day, we issued to all students the following initiatives:

1, does not destroy the green, which include: do not pick flowers, do not trample on the green, across the open lawn, less than the flower beds and other green spaces to play, a game away from the flowers and trees. (Special note: Dear Students shall not damage the flowers and trees in schools, Moral Education Department will be checked, once discovered serious criticism and class one mark

2, participate in communities, schools, preserving green activities to the community, the green near the school to do the cleaning work, see uncivilized act in a timely manner to discourage.

To make their home into a green home. Select some home grown plants on the balcony, the room (these plants include: sunflowers, rose, lipstick, flowers, cactus, schlumbergera such as these higher survival rate of plant

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