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Editor's Note: September 10, 2009 to 19, the author with the Fourth Book Fair, Fujian exhibitors Kinmen to Taiwan delegation had a ten-day study tour book and publication of cultural exchange, the delegation from south to north, has the Golden Gate , Penghu, Taiwan, Matsu, etc. to host book fairs, study tours, in Taiwan is short, but deep emotion, especially the Taiwan trip will see and feel to share with you.
Taiwan has been very wanted, yearning for her than any one place last year honor to participate in organized by the Fujian Xinhua Distribution Group Third Golden Gate Book Fair, went to the door of Taiwan - Kinmen, but still a step away from the island of Taiwan away, but unfortunately I really appreciate the close horizon reminding us of scenes, but the taste of this year, and lucky enough to attend the fourth Golden Gate Book Fair (Kinmen and Matsu, Penghu traveling exhibition) long-cherished wish has finally come true, only set foot on this piece of strange are familiar with the land, but also to a lot of lucky people on the island of Taiwan are very rarely go Penghu, Matsu, etc., really happy exception.

The go to Taiwan, although less for the first time the excitement and anticipation, but more of a return visit of the rational and calm. Before he done enough homework, access to a large number of Taiwan-related information, all designed to desired places to visit and understand the project, with curiosity, longing, but also left with little doubt the road.

Ten days and nine nights of the trip come and gone, although cursory, a glimpse, but still leave a good impression of Taiwan, its warmth, its beauty, its bustling but not luxury, it's simple but not dull all that I have in mind. special finishing this article, and shared with them and feel.

One impression: good move Taiwan impressive ceremony

Heard earlier, people in Taiwan are very hospitable and courteous. The entry station, fully understood. The book fair to roving units, respectively, to Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu, etc., are warmly welcomed wherever he went and high courtesy, the cultural department officials went to the airport terminal to greet him, holding large welcome banner, expressing friendship and goodwill of Taiwan compatriots feelings. I was impressed by Kinmen County Magistrate Li Zhufeng, although it is the first We meet four times a book fair held in Kinmen, but because he did not know each other while we appear at random and have slighted, still warm with Canada, whether it is the meticulous forum, or the warm welcome dinner, but also the opening or speech of sincere, everything moving. I note in particular several occasions in his speech and speech, but no lack of genuine depth of emotion, speech-to-earth but striking literary grace, showed his outstanding qualities and profound eloquence of Sinology. to visit the Book Fair and the Taiwan Affairs Office during exposure to ordinary people of Taiwan, are also polite, gentle, whether you talk to him or ask for directions, they have added enthusiasm, attitude and humble. I was particularly touched with a thing, one night I find time to visitors, when the driver know that I was the first time to Taiwan, it became my duty tour, the half-hour away, he turns to me about the building along the way, beautiful, very warm and friendly. In addition, we went to the shops, whether to buy or not buy, the service staff always with a smile from the heart for us, and make people very comfortable. the people of Taiwan, said the three words most often is "embarrassed" "I'm sorry," "thank you", very educated.

Have been to many places travel, have repeatedly been to Hong Kong, to Taiwan, this is not consciously doing two more, I feel completely different if I said that Hong Kong is a more professional feel is smart, Taiwan I understand that the gentle is intimate. As for the daily life of Fuzhou Well, I think some strong utilitarian.
The second impression: clean and orderly environment in Taiwan do not lament that the modern metropolis like Taipei, even Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu islands such relatively backward villages can be done free of dust, garbage on the streets barely see and scraps of paper, there is no smell. not to mention casually spitting, defecating and urinating, which is commendable. ever heard of such a statement, look at a country or region of the People's Education, it depends on the toilet. I took a look, no matter how small Taiwan, where more than partial, and their toilets are clean, refreshing cool, toilet paper, detergent supplies readily available, no worries and inconvenience. In contrast, we continent in this respect is more lacking in Taiwan not only clean, but very orderly. Taiwan's motorcycles and cars, "heaven and earth." According to statistics, Taiwan has more than 400 million people, with 12 million vehicles a car and a staff motorcycles line the streets, we see the teams and groups such as the flow of motor, spectacular Taiwan spacious road without the mainland, but the driver was driving rules, prevails, followed by an a, not a horn, did not grab Road, not as random change lanes to overtake the mainland. A red light to shoot straight when we are all neatly parked, encounter pedestrians, will take the initiative to avoid slowing down, even a taxi, as well almost all of the sides of the streets are full of parked the cars and motorcycles, but are clean and orderly, without affecting the smooth flow of road, really difficult to do this, the degree of civilization can be seen, because clean and orderly, so every place looks very comfortable, in fact, simple simple does not matter, the key is to clean and orderly, or another tall building can not brilliant people like them.
Impression of the three: focus on education in Taiwan is feeling

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Taiwan has a lot of museums, cultural centers, science parks and other cultural facilities, according to statistics, Taiwan has more than 400 museums, cities and counties located in every corner of the township, the theme is different items on display are also all-inclusive, these museums bear on a long Culture and precious natural heritage preservation, research, education and display features, rich cultural connotation and spiritual energy, shines with the beauty of Taiwan's unique culture, human beauty. this visit, we visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Hsinchu Science Park, Matsu Folk Culture Village and other cultural facilities, the spectacular or grand, elegant or sophisticated, or modern fashion, he gave us impressed, especially to visit the National Palace, in addition to being that a piece called "National Treasure The National Treasure "exhibits shock, but also publicity for the intentions of the Taiwan compatriots expressed admiration for their show, introduce exhibits very particular about making a lot of multimedia, we are enlightened, as they animate the Heavenly Creations , the ancestors of the process vividly displayed in front of the world history of civilization and Chinese civilization on the same table, and then supplemented by exhibits pictures and it echoes, very clear and concise. there are those who explain many of the staff the older, dressed in elegant simplicity of Chinese clothing, his right desktop Mandarin, tells the stories behind the exhibits and related knowledge is said they are all volunteers, can not help but respect.

Impression of the four: Taiwan colleagues professionalism and never forget

The Taiwan, in addition to run the Book Fair, the book industry in Taiwan tours operating conditions, the cross-strait exchanges with Taiwan counterparts consultation is an important part of publishing partners, according to his schedule, we visited the Chongqing South Road, Taipei book Street, published two sides held cultural forum to discuss the <<Channel 27 series of urban culture - Taiwan 7 cities>> compiled a book of the matter.

Contact with colleagues in Taiwan, we deeply for their professionalism and spirit moved. For example, the pioneer of cross-strait cultural exchanges, published, Publishing Association in Taiwan Chairman Chen Enquan, a publishing veteran septuagenarian predecessor a long time to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges and cooperation publishing great care, campaigned, hands-on, the Book Fair tour in Taiwan, was removed four to nine days, he visit the Book Fair. every time aboard the first flight from Taipei came to attend a opening ceremony, at the latest a return flight to see his strong build, dynamic figure, who can not be him with 70-year-olds linked to, and we visited Taiwan's largest and most complete simplified bookstore - - Taiwan and Fujian bookstores, deeply impressed by its abundance and variety of high quality. everyone knows, the latest to enter the best books to the mainland, Shen Jung-yu, chairman of the bookstores and from one year to four or five times the mainland and Taiwan more than four times per month so I am afraid of dedicated hard-working spirit of the younger generation of mainland sales are difficult to achieve, not to mention he has nearly Nail.

Impression of the five: the book industry in Taiwan focus on marketing and competitive

Due to occupational reasons, every place, special attention to the local bookstore I heard that Taipei bookstore distribution of a wide scale, the location of the location, the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and other cities can not match, especially with 100 more than the largest bookstore chain stores - Kingstone, and employment among Taiwanese college students most want ranking highest in the business of the Eslite bookstore. Unfortunately, the reason because of the time, we only went to the Taipei City bookshop a book Chungking South Road Street, Street tour. about 200 meters long to open a street in a series of dozens of bookstores, chain stores, etc. which Kingstone, there are many old bookstore, the above-mentioned simplified Taiwan's largest bookstore - Taiwan and Fujian bookstores also here, there are a lot like San Min Book Company, publishers of World Book and other stores.

Taiwan's book distribution network of about 10,000, in addition to Eslite Bookstore, Kingstone, several with the strength of the online bookstore, the vast majority are only a dozen square meters of small bookstores, but reserved the book variety, can be reached thousands of species.

Taiwan now has registered nearly 8,000 publishing houses, of which more than 2,000 in operation, year books published about 40,000 kinds of Taiwan's population is only about 23 million, less than the book, book publishing in Taiwan industry is extremely competitive and some strength is the implementation of the larger bookstores editing, publishing, distribution integration of operations, in addition to their own stores, but also more distribution business, such as rolls of floor, Linking Publishing Company, etc., and distribution business accounted for the main business of a great trend, as United have been in five stores in Taiwan, in addition to management of local books, magazines sales, there are simplified import sale of the mainland's Shanghai Bookstore, also operates a global Chinese-language books the business.

Taiwan bookstore in addition to selling books, but also sell stationery, toys and souvenirs, Reading Festival, and also organizes a variety of art exhibitions, selling books in recent years, open the gift culture gifts, enter the bookstore, almost as long as the strong play of the "big book "will be attached to gifts: From the book cover, bags, bookmarks, stationery, etc., to bags, soap and other daily necessities, gifts have become a new book following the book back, the probation after the bookstore the other strange landscape of Taiwan, which also Press deal with the fierce market competition and to take means of marketing.

Taiwan to investigate the time is short, feel a lot in the Penghu Bay, watching the sky and sea, listening to the sea roar, whom open-minded - exposure to Kinmen and Matsu battlefield trenches, experience across the Taiwan Strait have the cloud top pressure and the smoke of war, even more pleased Sudden Impact is now cross-strait relations, compatriots on both sides was finally able to discard political bias and the shadow of war, to achieve "smile can melt away allies and enemies," the harmony

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