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Not stayed in a guest, you can not be been to Taiwan.
Homestays in Taiwan, the highest density, highest in the world, according to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau statistics, Taiwan now registered more than 2,300 B & B, and is not registered with a total of more than 3,000. B & B have their own characteristics, together with the owner's hospitality, B & B stay of tourists increased every year and this one, the most uniform style, the most "no Taiwan" can be regarded as central Taiwan's Nantou County Chingjing Farm has a Swiss plateau climate, to Forest Hills-based, European-style castle building, Sheep graze on the grass, over one hundred B & B gathered here this all Taiwan B & B style with very different?

Beitou, the temptation to Witch legend, Beitou is a witch place to live, all day smoke, mysterious strange fact, that the smoke from the valley up to 100 ° C geothermal spring water evaporates out of the heat. 'Beitou' transliteration from the original inhabitants Kay Dage Lan ethnic dialects, and means precisely as "witches."
Shipped by Express from Taipei Main Station New Beitou Station was only about half an hour only, the downstream stations in Beitou Creek, Beitou hot spring hotels in Beitou Creek focused on both sides of the aisle, but the hotel is not long streams everywhere. Beitou has been early in the 19th century the Japanese love hot springs spa resort development as it is closer to the center of Taipei City, with an extension of the MRT network, making traffic more convenient access to Beitou, Beitou's landscape, although No other spa area so quiet, but still attracted local and foreign visitors.

At the station waiting for a while, the hotel's car ride up the walk, they turned the corner to the Beitou Spring City Resort, this hotel housing the corner of the mountains, the hotel to spend a light apricot tone of the wind design, the corridor leading to the room to make glass windows, the warm sunlight, Loving Splendour, vibrant spring vigor permeates every corner of the hotel. room not much room, but the layout of ingenious, simple and contemporary. room with Guanyin stone bath, white sulfur soup blowing out, it filled the bath Needless moment. Nest into the pool, looking plume of smoke, enjoying the privacy and relaxing time.

Sometimes, alone Better Together in Beitou Creek Lake has a pool, called "geothermal valley", also known as "Jade Spring Valley", as one of Taiwan's eight wins and 12 King. This is a volcanic eruption on the ground subsidence caused by deep valleys, the valley the water temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius, sulfur smell, smoke, and the Beitou hot spring water is concentrated in the "geothermal valley", Beitou springs along the river down. streams on both sides turned into a water park, with open Hot Springs, which has a hot tub, warm pool, cold plunge pool and jacuzzi, the holidays come holiday everyone, young and old play, and enjoy their grandchildren, even if only left alone, to share the joy of the crowd inside the park.

Three in the afternoon check in hotel, spa soak for a while, then slowly take the MRT to the water watching the sunset, Who does not freehand, Who is not romantic? Fresh water on the northwest coast of Taipei, is a good place to watch the sunset. walking trail along the freshwater river view from the Wo Chung Gong extended to small fishing port, along the trail with coffee shops, snack bar, or sit on Andi, took the ultra-high ice cream waiting for the sunset sink from the horizon to the next level , breakdown of a ferry boat from Fisherman's Wharf, walk back and forth across the bridge lover.
British wind blowing luxurious castle castle Chingjing many, said one of the most luxurious, undoubtedly the "old English manor." It is modeled on the Tudor castle built form, with reference to the shape of London's old department store Liberty , is itself a landmark of Chingjing where over a million minimum (of course, NT), but compared to the castle for almost nine years with the construction of the castle courtyard and placed more than 200 air comes from Italy marble sculpture, and even wearing slippers are made of velvet with embroidered coral careful thought, this high-treatment, for fear that Prince William arrived, will evoke feelings of homesickness.
Love her, send her a European-style town slant roof, white walls, rust red cast-iron railings, arched windows and doors ... ... into the "European style town", everything becomes less true a For the couple to come Chingjing, devaluation is that most people B & B, because as an architect of Jiangguan Ming, is to give the building the Swiss Alps mountain town in love with his wife. Because of this, they are around the house from Taipei moved Chingjing. Thus, this building of 3 storeys, with a total of 12 rooms of European-style house, a couple united in love Juchao RBI, European furniture and furnishings shipped, indoor fireplace, and lush outdoor mountains, the room height of a man bear, there Florist dining area, all hang around a couple scenes.
Europe and the United States Di Township, Yosemite Chingjing European architecture everywhere, to stand out, of course, on the first profile in the shape of the job. EU rural America got Taiwan's famous architect Di Guo Shusheng personal surgeon, with the tall tower joint and several spire low-rise villas, with bright yellow, easily cause for concern, but only staying, you can experience this point by a professional designer to create the sense of space, the room spacious and comfortable, solid wood furniture for a vacation cottage in Europe Wind essence, not to mention the house itself is in a small river, with tall shrubs and lavender for the neighborhood, has become a frequent guest around the camera viewfinder to specify it. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

1 three-step online reservation check availability, most of the B & B has a website, reservation, you will receive an email confirmation and, if the problem can be by e-mail contact with the person bed and breakfast,

2 Department of deposit, by bank wire transfer, or traveler's checks payments, as well as some B & B does not charge booking fees

3 confirmed 3 days before departure contact with B & B, or ask them to arrange transportation to and so on.

How to arrange Chingjing trip?

Nantou County, where you can splurge foot three or four days, the first taste of "U.S. Tourist Orchard." Snacks, and then to Chingjing Farm (www.chingjing.com.tw, ​​Renai Township, Nantou County, Datong Village, Ren Road 170) and "Little Switzerland" garden crazy pictures, windmills, Eiffel Tower in Paris is full of color in Europe in the tasting organic bites Chingjing steak house steak, and then in the National Hotel to buy locally produced beef jerky, milk, sugar and ultimately, in the elevation of 1,600 meters above Chingjing shepherd his sheep farm to see performances, two clever shepherd, shepherd in the order of the hills to run around to hundreds of sheep back to the fold, but very fun thing. leisure day, in the taste of old England, a tea estate, or to taste Taichung Street North Meiting recommended hotpot Ang Lee, and Guangyi Xia Feng Chia Night Market, one night market, Nantou and Taichung to complete the journey. Share the free download http://eng.hi138.com

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