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Soon as the whistle blew, torn clouds over the mountains, you crawl on the winding mountain railway, like being in the green fairy tale when the early morning of New Hope, you walk through the sacred trees in the sky like a cloud-forest , leaping in the red hills of sun the moment, you are facing that bright shining light in the cable car warm sweet tone call, and eventually into the sky, flying over in myriad, over ten thousand ares waves of the Channel, flying over half a century of wind and rain, dragon-like front door entrenched in the old city of Beijing.

When you come to the front door image of Taiwan, as if entering a time tunnel, you almost can not believe just yet walk in the old Beijing Beijing Beijing accent cries in rhyme, how Soon I heard a Taiwan Alishan forest train whistle, huge Alishan sacred trees, accompanied by electric guitar parade of the "Third Prince" calm decorative colors, different styles of shops, all kinds of Taiwanese snack food, you do not doubt that you really came to Taiwan, Beijing front door of Taiwan.

Front door front door of Taiwan history and culture of the image display area is an important part of the District Government, Dongcheng District, focused on creating a project, the overall landscape of the square blocks to Ali Center, the Taiwanese style bazaar, Taiwanese cuisine, dining area, living image of Taiwan Art Center, Taipei, the image wave field, courtyard brand based clubhouse, Taiwan Center composed of six regions.

Beijing front door image of Taiwan, located east of Qianmen Street, with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters, is the theme of the Hall of Taiwan, tourism, leisure, shopping, cultural interaction and educational exchanges as one of the cultural and economic trading platform here As exposure to busy street in Taiwan, where Taiwan can not only eat around the food, but also the deep reading of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries.

"Taiwanese style bazaar"

The epitome of style in Taiwan, "Taiwanese style Market" brings together all areas of Taiwan representative of the brand is authentic Taiwanese style in Chinese music, and Teresa is a legend, her singing influenced generations of people, As long as where there are Chinese there will be touching her soulful singing and her voice on behalf of an era, but also beyond her age, she was renowned singer in the two sides of her songs have touched countless people, her song "Nung "With the Shenzhou VII flying into space, which is the Chinese nation to give her supreme honor Teresa Teng music hall was her brother living in mainland China Mr. Deng Changan only venue construction, a large number of items in the museum are alive with Teresa kind, "one billion applause, Teresa Teng music life," will showcase all aspects of life Teresa Teng music, meet people from the mainland to the idols of the understanding.

"Gourmet dining area."
Taiwan's food culture, the essence of Taiwanese hospitality, like drinking with friends, Taiwanese businessmen's "Gifts" to the mainland visited Taiwan relish, a pineapple cake, a box of goods will make you feel a deep lo affection and sincerity. There are two sides authentic teppanyaki coffee Western, A were noodles, king of the beggars lo hair Industry Co., Ltd. is the people tasted food for thought for praise. chairman, said the king to the macro: beggar lo help more than 100 stores in Taiwan, this is the first in mainland China to open, we want this as a flagship store to shop in the form of theme restaurants, a good taste with good local Taiwan brand to open stores in mainland China. gourmet dining together Taiwan's well-known food brands, regardless of their signs from the store or shop decoration are highly cultural taste, always reflect the profound meaning of food culture in Taiwan.

Business district full advantage of the region's underground space, the Taiwan Street style implants which use distinctive decorative style filling streets of Taiwan, so that people in the streets considerable charm in the taste of Taiwanese cuisine.

"Taiwan Hall"

The spiritual home of the people of Taiwan Taiwan Center is located in the river alley, is the only one mainland Taiwan Center, founded in around 1890, 1893 Taiwanese Chin Shi Shijie head of the establishment, in 1896 moved to the river alley.

In 2009, the overall transformation process in the front door area, the Taiwan Center for a comprehensive renovation of the expansion. Restoration of Taiwan after the Qing Dynasty Hall houses retain the original style, and expand the scale, combined with the adjacent development and utilization of the two courtyards, which the formation of the ground floor, basement of the new pattern.

Through the wall and mark the exhibition theme, to take in-kind (Heritage) and the picture, multimedia and other forms of combination, reproduce the history of the people of Taiwan's activities in Beijing, Beijing and Taiwan show the Hall history and the history of the two exchanges.

VIP reception, and celebrities for the reception of cross-strait high-level activities to improve the new Center in Taiwan Strait and influence at home and abroad, making it the capital of Taiwan-related iconic place.

In the meeting rooms and function rooms, exhibition and networking for a variety of activities to carry out cross-strait exchanges, the Taiwan compatriots service.

Office of folk and folk museum collections, showing the Taiwanese folk culture.
Here the people of Taiwan will have friends, get together to discuss spiritual home.
Image Arts Center is a two-story building, richly ornamented very elegant Art Center where cultural exchange, all circles in Taiwan have come here to do art exhibitions in Taiwan where the famous sculptor Yang Fengchen Smart held the light dance is to attract more cultural and creative development More than artists and media at home and abroad. quadrangle brand based clubhouse, use the front door off the cultural level of the courtyard, stationed brands, where they display the brand image, for business contact, simple and elegant courtyard of the integrity of each other and the brands, all reflect the Chinese wisdom and sincerity. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

"Aesthetic life,"

Taiwan's economic development through advanced foundry in the benchmark economy, the Taiwan starting to focus on building its own brand, and sought to create their own aesthetic economic advantage. "Art of living in Taiwan Image Hall" set Taiwan's new generation of cultural and creative boutique, Department of the condensate Eastern philosophy and Western art and wisdom as a whole. the aesthetics of modern life here has been interpreted in many types of design awards received outstanding cultural and creative works and fine quality of life of daily life in the aesthetics of the museum for display and sales, aesthetics Living Museum has become the leading lifestyle and economic trends of the citizenry.

"Image Taipei wave field" is Taiwan's pioneer fashion and conceptual design of the palace, the trend of Taiwanese designers and stars reflected in personal life.

Front door: Taiwan image of the perfect combination of culture and industry Business Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Qianmen days Wei Ju Cheng, general manager, said: Taiwan image of Taiwan's cultural diversity, a manifestation of the business district, brick by brick is filled with the essence of traditional Chinese culture, Art and culture are inextricably linked with human life, art lead life, art is only to be accepted by the public at large was more meaningful.

Beijing Qianmen business district is the perfect combination of culture and industry; is the result of joint efforts of both sides insight Taiwan culture in the old business district of Beijing's hutongs in the formation of a mixture of continuity and historical context and full of dynamic characteristics of modern commercial district, It was created to provide a showcase for the majority of Taiwanese and development stage, there is also the cornerstone of their large Luzhen Fei. This is also the general public to Beijing in the old front door provides another cultural landscape of leisure and tourism, which not only enriches the traditional front door of business forms, and to promote economic development in the region, but also for Beijing to build public understanding of Taiwan's customs a platform.

In the Third Prince (us, Jinzha, wood readers pray bless peace parade performances, very unique dance that is passed in the common aspiration of the people of both sides, the Alishan Forest Railway melodious whistle and crisp Qianmen Street Dangdang car ring together with the sound coming from the front door selling has been integrated, which is a powerful voice of the nation, which is a harmonious sonata, it will permanently chords in the vast land of China, as the era of grand symphony. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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