Socialist society: adhering to the scientific development of social

(Abstract) socialist society is to uphold the scientific development of society. Science is an inherent requirement of socialism, people-oriented development is the fundamental purpose of scientific, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development of the basic requirements of integrated development of basic scientific method.

(Keywords) socialist society, scientific development, the inherent requirements of the fundamental purpose, the basic requirements, the basic approach

Development is the last word is the top priority in governing and rejuvenating the party, is the scientific concept of development, the first meaning, which is a manifestation of the basic principles of scientific socialism, the socialist historical experience, but also the Chinese Communist Party "development" historical significance and status of the theory of general from the theoretical understanding of the development, in particular the relationship between science and socialism, in practice, to explore ways to achieve a combination of both, has important theoretical significance and practical value.
First, the scientific development is an inherent requirement of socialism is the scientific development and social development must not only follow the object scale, but also to follow the main scale, both combined together again the purpose of the law, both the external object in accordance with the scale of activities, again using their own internal scale to the object up, both the social development objective law inherent or inevitable trend of the specific embodiment, also must comply with the requirements of the purpose and "to maximize human happiness principle." socialist system is the first in human history according to The purpose of conscious creation and development of social, scientific development is an inherent requirement of socialism, the socialist development of regularity and purpose of the unified development.

Development of human society is a natural historical process, it has a class of natural, disregard of the people's will and laws of the objective process. That social development is not the product of divine will or subjective, is not accidental events together, but in line with the objective law of development in the Marxist generation ago, it failed to recognize the objective laws of social development and the fundamental trend in social before the establishment of the capitalist system, people can not be in accordance with the laws of social development to a correct understanding of the long-term planning of social development goals, to guide people to the practice, therefore, before the establishment of a socialist society, although the activities of individuals or groups have a purpose and consciousness, but as a human activity, but not with the overall purpose together with regularity, there is conscious awareness of the overall composition of the individual activities often show spontaneous activity, while the social and natural history that is presented in this spontaneous activity in the state's history reflected. emergence of Marxism and the socialist system, has opened up a conscious human history of the condition, so that mankind can correctly understand the law of social development and accordingly the conscious transformation of the society and human itself, of course, the development of socialism is a conscious process of natural history, not to say that under socialism, human activities can transcend the laws of social development, but that humans began to enter the law of social development can be based, consciously build more in line with the social needs of human survival the new historical period of socialism as the social consciousness of the proletarian political party mainly based on understanding of the laws of social development, in the development of value judgments and value of options based on the answer "where to go to social development and should be how to achieve social development ", the core purpose of social development and the means of reflection, critique and construction, and reasonable limits for the rationalization of standards in order to construct regularity and purpose of the unity of the social development model.

In contemporary China, the scientific concept of development is such a regularity and purpose of the unity of the social development model of performance on the one hand, the scientific concept of development reveals the development of comprehensive development to follow the law, the coordinated development of the law and the law of sustainable development, according to objective laws; other hand, the scientific concept of development and social comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development to human development. Therefore, the scientific concept of development is regularity and purpose of the unity of the development.
Second, people-centered scientific development of the fundamental purpose of Comrade Hu Jintao <<in the central population, resources and environment work conference Speech>> profoundly pointed to the people-oriented content and requirements: "people-oriented, it is necessary to achieve all-round development as the goal, from the people's fundamental interests and development, promoting development, and constantly meet people's growing material and cultural needs, and effectively safeguard the people's economic, political and cultural rights and interests, so that the fruits of development to benefit all people. "people-centered development is to ask supremacy of the employer to examine whether the development of the highest interests of mankind at the present stage and future long-term interests, whether it helps the overall development of each member of society. embodies the people-centered socialist development purposes, reflecting the essential requirement of socialism. The reason is: human activity apart from the animals to be an important sign of its purpose. The fundamental purpose of human activity, is based on their own survival and development needs, to create a reality there is neither ready nor naturally occurring meet in person with the needs and requirements in the form of the object, survival and development in order to obtain the material and spiritual needs of the information is the purpose and value of the basic requirements of human activity, therefore, an activity to determine whether a reasonable, on need to assess whether the activity in the most fundamental and long-term sense of purpose and meet the needs of human beings. people's activities must follow the object scale, they also "know how to apply everywhere the inherent scale up to the object" (1) ( P97), that is their purpose, need, in essence, force applied to the object of the object up, the main scale by internal and external scale object interaction, the human need to create a new object. If you put aside the main scale to seek so-called "development", it is difficult to guarantee the result of human activities and their main advantage. People who must be in accordance with the purpose, need to change the world, in order to make natural things moving in line with the principal purpose and need direction of change. Thus, people-centered socialism of scientific development.

Adhere to people-centered development, we must first adhere to the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in the process of development to maintain and improve the socialist system. The only way to eliminate and avoid the fundamental class antagonism, eliminate and avoid the fundamental social conflict, achieve social harmony, which is the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, basic characteristics and highlight the advantages of the capitalist path of development is the fundamental difference. Secondly, people-oriented development, we must rely on the masses to carry out. The people to achieve social development, the main force, is to promote social development, the fundamental driving force and only rely on the masses of the main and positive development, based on people's enthusiastic participation and support the development can be really fast, continuous and long-term development for the people the masses, all rely on the masses, in the process of governing effectively protect people's economic, political and cultural interests, not only that China's social development the nature of doctrine, but also an important manifestation of the superiority of socialism and it can guarantee the development of the efficiency and vitality, but also ensures the development of fairness and justice, socialism is bound to provide endless power of scientific development support.

Third, a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the basic requirements of scientific

Comrade Hu Jintao pointed out: "in accordance with the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and comprehensively promote economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and promote modernization in all aspects of the various aspects of coordination, to promote the relations of production and productivity, the superstructure and the economic coordinate basis, adhere to the production, affluent life and sound eco-road of civilized development, construction, resource saving and environment-friendly society, to achieve speed and structural quality and efficiency, economic development and population resources and the environment, so that people in good in the production and living environment to achieve sustainable economic and social development. "(2) adhere to the scientific development concept" comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable "principle, the basic requirements proposed development reflects the development of grasp of the law.

First of all, human society is an organic whole. "Comprehensive development" from a social system as a whole and the overall perspective of the development request, which use the whole point of view, the global point of view to observe and deal with development issues. " all-round development "is to focus on economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and other aspects of development, economic growth is based on the quantity and quality, speed and efficiency of the unity of economic development is achieved on the basis of economic development economic, political, cultural, social, environmental and other areas of social progress and the comprehensive development of the continuous progress of the construction of material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization, social civilization and ecological civilization are integrated into one unity. all-round development , is to take economic construction as the center, and comprehensively promote the economic, political, and cultural development, economic development and social progress.

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Second, because our present society is one that contains a number of areas, multi-level complex systems, thus achieving a comprehensive development, also need to coordinate the handling of kinds of relationships, to follow the coordinated development of the law from the perspective of macro-social system, the first is to achieve economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological construction coordination. Second, we must achieve between urban and rural, between regions, between domestic development and opening-up coordination. In the final analysis, is to achieve the productive forces and production relations, the economic base and superstructure, between the interests of the community structure and functional structures of society, between social development and ecological environmental protection between the co-ordination. Only an accurate grasp of the system between whole and part, between the various components of the "correlation" in order to meet the practical coordination, to achieve or maintain the system as a whole and partial, between the various components of change between high-speed, movement and development of dynamic equilibrium, even if the components do their best and live in, to achieve local development, optimization, rationalization, and the system as a whole to obtain the optimal development of the most reasonable again, the ecological balance of the objectivity of the law of human society dependence on the ecological environment, the contemporary human activities on the ecological impact of environmental conditions show that the enormous social and ecological environment, the coordinated development between both the human and social development needs, but also the ecological environment development. To this end, the need to correctly handle the reality and the ideal, the development path and development objectives, development tools and development purposes, the development stage and development and intra-generational continuity and development of intergenerational relationships, to meet the real development needs, to achieve realistic goals and focus on the development of long-term interests and future development and sustainable development of organic unity, to seek and promote the reality and the ideal, means and purpose, intra-generational and inter-generational, current and comprehensive, coordinated and consistent long-term sustainable development.
Fourth, the integrated development of the basic scientific method because reform is a profound social change, it must require the adjustment of interests, and the adjustment of interests inevitably brought about a temporary, partial interests of balance, coordination of benefits needed to do the work.

The party's congress report, to correctly understand and properly handle the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a significant relationship between the urban and rural development, regional development, economic and social development, harmonious development between man and nature, domestic development and opening-up, co-ordination of central and local relations, co-ordinate individual and collective interests, local interests and overall interests, immediate interests and long-term interests, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm. co-ordinate domestic and international situations, and establish a global vision, to strengthen strategic thinking, good at changing international situation grasp the development opportunities, address risks and challenges, and create a favorable international environment is necessary to the overall situation, overall planning, but also affect the overall situation to seize the main work is related to the interests of the outstanding problems, efforts to promote breakthroughs in key areas.

Balanced interests is to do good coordination, this coordination is not returned to egalitarianism, big pot of state, but to social differentiation control in a moderate range, while in the area of ​​social differentiation to different members of society to remain interests under the appropriate space to maintain different parts of the interests of members of society to meet the degree of rationality and equality of social status change and only based on social equity and justice, in order to effectively coordinate the interests between social groups, in order to effectively promote economic social development, in order to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses. Thus, "integrated" implies the allocation of resources, the interests of balance, and coordination of urban and rural demands, intrinsic social development of all members of society share the fruits of prosperity, and ultimately to common prosperity of the social justice values, it is reasonable development of the socialist guarantee this, you first need to insist on equality of opportunity. members of the community survival and development opportunities is the possibility of space, with modern society and market economy coincide. In the modern society and market economy, members of society into the social life should be a basic starting point of equality, that every member of society should have equal basic rights, including equal right to life, equality of right to work, equal right to education and equal gender rights. a community member of society to be effective protection of fundamental rights, social justice is the bottom line, therefore, in the social process of scientific development, insist on equality of opportunity, we must first ensure that the starting point for the survival and development equal opportunities for resource sharing, which requires to abandon the ascription of factors such as residence, wealth, status, ethnic and other unfair factors, eliminate all non-normal factors, in particular, to eliminate obstacles to the development of people's health and reasonable man-made barriers, prevent some enjoy privileges and another group of people have been illegally deprived of their rights, in general, to ensure that every member of society enjoy the same basic development opportunities to ensure that every member of society to have an equal competitive conditions, will receive fair treatment, to extend free to create the space to maximize their abilities. Second, insist on a reasonable scale of legitimate equitable distribution of benefits. fair and equitable distribution of benefits and social development scale is an important lever reasonable if that individual to others, society has certain obligations, then , then in a fair and equitable society, individuals in the performance of a certain moral obligations, usually to get some reward for the community, therefore, in the socialist market economy, adhere to the socialist principles of justice, the distribution in the community, is to achieve common prosperity, to prevent the polarization in the market economy, the economic, natural, physiological conditions, the difference between the income gap between people bound to the expansion of the formation of the weak is "unfair" reality. This requires that adhere to the factors of production, according to the principles of distribution of labor, we must also reform the tax system through increased public spending, increase transfer payments, the scientific control of income redistribution, and gradually solve regional and community members income gap is too big problem, mainly middle-income groups to establish the two small, middle of the olive social distribution structure.


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