On the socialist core values is our social and spiritual force of social development

Abstract: The party's 10 Sixth Plenary Session of the socialist core. Value system, in the 'big 17' report further describes the socialist core value system of this paper is that it embodied the essence of socialist ideology, and I adhere to the social ism road, thought to protect social cohesion, but also to lead the guiding ideology of social thought, therefore, the socialist core. value system of our society itself and its development is a necessary requirement for the development of spiritual power in our society.

Keywords: values, social "force" the party's social thought INTRODUCTION 10 Sixth Plenary Session for the first time proposed a "socialist core value system" concept, that: build a socialist core value system of society, the formation of the whole nation to make progress spiritual strength and unity and harmony of the spiritual ties. and said: guiding ideology of Marxism, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, patriotism as the core of the national spirit and to reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times, the socialist concept of honor. constitute the socialist the basic content of the core value system. Party General Secretary Hu Jintao's "congress" the report also proposed to "build a socialist core value system, to enhance the appeal of socialist ideology and cohesion." and that: actively explore with the community ism core value system of social thought to lead an effective way to take the initiative in ideological work, respecting differences, inclusive and diverse, and powerful to resist all kinds of errors and corrupt ideas. on the thesis of socialist core value system is constantly exploring party and understanding of the law of social development of the new results, the Marxist historical materialism on the "social being and social consciousness of the dialectical relationship between the principle of" the use of this principle is rich in content and development of China's socialist cultural construction, and spirit guiding ideology to build momentum, and development of our society is a necessary requirement.
A socialist core value system is embodied the essence of socialist ideology General Secretary Hu Jintao, "congress," the report clearly states: the socialist core value system is embodied the essence of socialist ideology. Value system is the principal and the principal value of the relationship between subject and object views and perspectives underlying it is the main demand-based, integrated value of the relationship between subject and object the formation of belief systems. according to different subjects, as also the values ​​of social consciousness and the general social consciousness as there are individual values ​​and group values ​​of the points, the values ​​of individual values ​​and group interaction and mutual influence constitute the value system and any of a unified and orderly society for their own needs and will make their own core value system of uniform Socialism is the group values ​​the form of value system, while the socialist core value system is the part of the body. historical materialism that social being determines social consciousness Social consciousness is a reflection of social existence. social consciousness among the superstructure system ideological forms of consciousness that is based on the concept of the nature and form of reproduction of social characteristics of social ideology, value system is one of the composition of which expressed the active existence of the social significance of their own requirements, its good to confirm. the socialist core value system of Marxism as guiding ideology that the nature of our society, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics reflect our society's pursuit of objectives and the nature of such a goal in itself, so it reflects the nature of our society, development concept, the pursuit of the goal. which is the essence of ideology of social justice embodied production. Of course, this is the underlying spirit of the socialist system and development requirements, is to show the importance of socialist characteristics and the nature of identity.
Second, the socialist core value system and social development requirements of China's socialist core value system is embodied the essence of socialist ideology, but also a necessary requirement of China's socialist development. This requirement reflected in:
First, the development of a socialist society in China's national rejuvenation correct road, uphold the socialist road needs to protect the core value system of this spirit.

Social core value system once established, it has a dynamic, which is the general characteristics of social consciousness. Socialist core values ​​embodied the essence of socialist ideology, as long as we adhere to the socialist core value system, will adhere to the socialist path. From this sense, the socialist core value system provides the direction of our society, it is through social values, the value of requirements, such as values ​​and ideals shaping influence people's social practices and to achieve this function. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is an unprecedented undertaking, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to achieve the great cause of socialism lies in how to build, on the one hand, we have experienced in the history of failures and the founding of New China, especially the reform and opening up three decades of success Experience has shown that adhere to the Chinese Communist Party's leadership, the socialist road is completely correct, the other must face, the Marxist scientific socialism with China's reality, to explore a new model for China's socialist construction and development of socialism is to uphold the protection of . socialism with Chinese characteristics is the exploration and understanding of China's Communist Party of China's socialist construction and development of the law of important results, to uphold and develop Marxism, is the only way for China's social development. "guiding ideology of Marxism, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics." this element of the socialist core values ​​and social development of China should make clear that the road to go. is the spiritual pillar of China's social development.

Secondly, the core values ​​of social justice is the protection of common social cohesion ideology is a form of social cohesion and the strength of one intention only to one thought, to one that will be effective. Engels made in his later years the historical development of "force" idea, put forward the social development of the spiritual power of thinking, the development of dialectical materialism and historical materialism. for us to build a socialist core values ​​to provide a theoretical basis, he said: "History is such a way that: the final result always from Many individual will arise out of conflict, so there are numerous interwoven forces, there are numerous parallelogram of forces, which give rise to a force, that is the result of history, while this result as a whole can also be seen as a , and unconsciously and involuntarily plays a role in the strength of the product - the will of the individual - although not all of their wishes, but the integration of a general average, a total force, but from This fact should never be concluded that these will be zero. On the contrary, each will have to contribute to the force, which is included in this force inside. "the historical development of human society is different from the natural evolution "comfortable" and "blindness", it has a "consciousness" and "self-sexual", it is a conscious pursuit of some purpose of human activity, all things are conscious activity of people, conscious pursuit of a intended purpose of the results, although the ideal of individual pursuit, faith and other root was originally the ultimate social and material living conditions, however, we have to admit that people's needs, ideals, pursuits and beliefs determine people's behavior is a direct selection based on people's material life process and achieve the purpose of this process is determined by people's ideas, as the words so familiar: the attitude is everything, of course society must not only personal spiritual strength will, China Marxist People's University School of Li Hui said that the community spirit there is a higher power level, the performance of the social ideology that they are a reflection of social existence, to politics, law, philosophy, religion, literature, art forms, history The development has an important influence, although the historical development of the economic situation is ultimately a decisive reason, but that does not, as some people tend to keep things simple, as is envisaged to play a role in the economic situation automatically, but the people themselves to create their own history, economic strength and eventually through the conscious activity of people, with the superstructure, the power to realize their ideology. Engels pointed out: the struggle for the historical process of an impact and in many cases determines the form of this struggle, as well as the upper construction of a variety of factors, such as the various political forms of class struggle, the various legal forms of tenure, as well as political, legal and philosophical point of view, religious viewpoints. the ideology of economic and social development with a dynamic reaction, as religion, philosophy, etc. The higher the ideological sphere suspended in the air, sometimes also as a condition, even as the cause, in turn, affect the entire social development, and even affect economic development. Engels tells us that these statements force the formation of a variety of community spirit dynamic interaction results, therefore, to form a "force" you need to have a common goal and the pursuit, there must be the same mental state, have the same ethics and right and wrong. Links to free download http:// eng.hi138.com

The process of China's reform and opening up a new social class of epiphytic pattern of interests need to re-build, various ideas and concepts in this collision, the development of our society need more in-depth reconstruction of social relations and integration, while faith shaken, faith vague, Chengxin missing, the value of diversity and other spiritual Shenghuo status Geng be timely shared values ​​to guide and Tongling 追 therefore, of socialist core values ​​made the formation of Yaoqiu social cohesion. the CPC Central Committee with Hu Jintao as general insight into the book characteristics of the current situation in our society, the timely submission of socialist core value system in the 'big 17' "the report proposed to build a socialist core value system, to enhance the appeal of socialist ideology and cohesion. clearly states:" to consolidate guiding position of Marxism, consistently with the latest achievements of Marxism in China arm the whole Party and educating the people, the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, rally forces to the national spirit with patriotism as the core of the reform and innovation as the core and spirit of the times encouraged by the fighting, with the socialist concept of honor to lead the fashion, the party people of all nationalities to consolidate the common ideological basis for unity and struggle. "It can be seen, the socialist core value system as we defined the guiding ideology, depicting a common vision, scouring out of the spiritual content. to build a moral code of conduct in response to the call of the community is gathering strength in the core.

Finally, we deal with the socialist core values ​​are the guiding ideology of social thought.
To form the spirit of social cohesion, it should handle the coordination of social life in a variety of ideas, correct guidance of the theory of ideology, including religious belief, the socialist core value system proposed for the coordination and guidance of our social thought provides the basis and guidance. As General Secretary Hu Jintao, "congress," the report said: actively explore with the socialist core value system of social thought to lead an effective way to take the initiative to do ideological work, respecting differences, inclusive and diverse, and powerful to resist all kinds of errors and decadent ideas. Since the reform and opening up, China's economic development and social development have made it in accomplishments, at the same time, the past three decades, our society's spiritual life has gone through or are experiencing agitation. ideology. " diversity "is the period of maximum performance in the context of a variety of right and wrong, advanced collision with decadent ideas and struggles of this period, the largest field of ideological characteristics of this" diversity "is the first change in our society the inevitable result. "diversity" is that people from the essence of social life and practice "diversity" reflects the diversity of ways people living in the concept of a true portrayal of this "diversity" manifested in people's lives, ideals and goals have different content and different levels of points, the points are noble or not, this "diversity" in people's attitude to life on the performance of the distinction between positive and negative, followed by the "diversity" is the process of reform and opening up, to accompany With the foreign exchange, various ideologies and cultures, civilizations also into our country, this multicultural coexistence and civilized members of society is bound to have an impact, which appears diverse ideas and values ​​of diversity. "diversification" appear on the one hand reflects the tolerance of society, but also people's subjectivity has been demonstrated and confirmed the performance of the basic unity of the world, however, on the basis of diversity is the diversity of unity. did not leave the unified diversity, which is character and personality of the dialectical relationship between the decision in the values ​​of the field of this commonality and individuality, unity and variety of relationships on the performance of the value of "one dollar" and "diversity" of the dialectical unity. there is no "diversity" based on "one dollar" is the single rather than dialectical. recognize diversity, respect for differences inclusive and diverse, is to guide thought the premise of today's society of course, respect and tolerance is not unprincipled, "reasonable," "right and wrong," who uphold the truth is the standard. lead the socialist core values ​​should be done to promote the socialist core values, moral standards, values, non-standard to measure a variety of existing social thought, through this evaluation and determine then make a decision, for the value of diversity of choice, as value the diversity of knowledge and values ​​provide the basis for evaluation and the basis in order to achieve a unified and diverse, with varied on the basis of unity.
III Conclusion In summary, the socialist core value system in our society the nature of the socialist system of the decision. Is the essence of the performance of socialist ideology, but also the requirement of China's social development decision socialist core value system social needs, call of the times, to build a strong spiritual and social development of China's move to provide a theoretical and methodological guidance in accordance with important theoretical and practical value.


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Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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