On Historical Materialism and political philosophy

Paper Network: 2010 April 23, 26, by the <<>>,<< Philosophy Philosophy News>> editorial and Nankai University, Department of Philosophy jointly organized the "Seventh Marxist Philosophy Forum" held in Tianjin. Participants scholars, more than sixty people around the "materialist conception of history and political philosophy," the central subject for extensive and in-depth discussion, the meeting will now be presented in a variety of new ideas, new insights comment below.

First, the "materialism" as the focus of controversy is the continuation of history

The current study of Marxist philosophy of "materialism" as the focus of a series of debates is the continuation of history, around the "materialism" of the interpretation and understanding, step by step in-depth study of Marxist philosophy runs through the spread of Marxism and development of the whole process.

Study of Marxist philosophy in the development process of China Academy of Social Sciences researcher Li Jingyuan pointed out that "materialism" has been the study of Marxist philosophy in focus, it is difficult, he believes that review academic history, people of faith itself of historical materialism does not mean that a thorough grasp of the nature of the theory of historical materialism, Marxist philosophy is to identify historical materialism, does not mean it will be used to correctly analyze the issues and problems, verbal promotion of historical materialism, in fact, may stick to the traditional framework for the interpretation of Marxist philosophy. some part of the recognition of historical materialism, but do not understand the dialectics of historical materialism is a reasonable form. reveals the historical development of the understanding of historical materialism, an accurate understanding of today's "materialism" particularly important theoretical reference value.

Back to the early spread of materialism in China, associate professor of Renmin University of China Zhang Libo said, freedom of thought at that time coincided with the period, which attracted all sorts of criticism of historical materialism start to start along the two dimensions: First, materialism history of criticism itself; second is the applicability of historical materialism in China's criticism, but for a variety of criticism, believe in historical materialism has also made many people defend valuable is that this time around materialism and characteristics of the subject of criticism and defense made, emphasis on material already contains elements of historical materialism, highlighting the economy's decisive, ignoring the ethical and human will, and limitations of the era of materialism and other science rational issues. of historical materialism in China trace the early history of communication and authentic presentation, help us to better look after the nature of Chinese society and the social history of controversy, but also help further research of historical materialism and today we wish to do of historical materialism a new, more in-depth explanation, it is necessary to return the source of the spread of materialism in China, as much as possible an understanding of the overall situation and the set, to help our study of historical materialism, the trend in today's China to make prudent and sober judgments.

In recent years, "materialism" has been debate in the academic study of Marxist philosophy has become a hot issue. <<Find a>> magazine Levin House debate on the process to be a comprehensive study, and further in-depth reflection and Analysis of historical materialism, caused widespread controversy in today's reasons he believes, for the purposes of the founders of Marxism, historical materialism has never been any "knowledge", but Wuchanjieji theoretical weapon for liberation. such a theoretical orientation makes historical materialism and revolutionary practice and the reality closely linked, and therefore those who later committed to the liberation of the proletariat can not be ignored, over such a theory must be based on progress of the times, "development", according to the changing situation, "correction" of the Different people resides in a different "first see", "bias", will have a different understanding and debate. Since the controversy is inevitable, then how we see this today about "materialism" of the debate it? Li pointed out that the Court , it is necessary to discuss today the historical materialism of historical materialism have been placed in the long history, the era of great change in the place to consider, from the late 19th century to today, mainly on four major historical materialism arguments: the first Lenin and Gramsci, Lukacs, Korsch and other early Western Marxists and to Bernstein, Kautsky, represented by the debate between theorists of the Second International, the second second is the Western Marxism second and third generation representative of Stalin and the Soviet Union as the representative of the school textbook controversy, the Frankfurt School and the third is represented by Sartre to Althusser's Marxism and humanitarian represented scientific Marxism and Cohen, represented by the Marxist analysis of the debate between the fourth place in China in the reform-minded anti-dogmatist dogmatists and against reform debate between former argument is built around three "the road of proletarian revolution," the issues, and in fourth place in China debate is centered on "China's development path" is "a road to socialism" problem started. explore the issue of China's socialist development path There are two premises of the theory of problems to be solved, which is "What is Marxism" and "What is socialism." Today, the debate on historical materialism is in fact the main issues around which the two theories.

As can be seen from the above discussion, for the current discussion of historical materialism in China, we should use long-term perspective, to examine a wide range of vision, not only should be placed in historical context of debate on several occasions to be concerned, but more importantly is it as we explore the current path of socialist development an important part, which requires us to consciously academic research into the history and reality of the vision.

Second, the "materialism" in the contemporary development of the new interpretation and new

The "materialist conception of history" as the focus of controversy in the contemporary presentation of the overall trend of an overall face can be summed up: Re-interpretation of historical materialism, it is in reality based on today's China, a new understanding and reinterpretation of historical materialism occurred during the collision interaction of various viewpoints, no doubt, colorful perspective to share a premise: satisfied with the existing domestic and foreign scholars on the historical materialism of all interpretation.

The historical materialism of Marx's ideas are not presented as a concept is clear, rigorous logic, a complete system of ready-made system, so the re-interpretation of historical materialism, first and foremost task is to return to the classic Marxist interpretation of the text. Niejin Fang Peking University professor use his Marxist literature the results of extensive research, focusing on interpretation of the <<The German Ideology>> last part of chapter Feuerbach eighteen paragraphs, his specific method is to disrupt the order of the original paragraph to the text in the core areas of recurring " real personal, "" Community "and its Analysis for clues to the relationship between the re-organization level and the logical structure of its argument, which won the Marx about" real people "and" community "relations between the new ideas:" real people " is the premise of social existence, but in the history of the evolution of society is not the main "real people" but they belong to the class, each individual living conditions forced by the constraints of common interest to form a common relationship, and thus form Community, but its individual and free but constrained by the community from the "real person" point of view to measure and social, that is a "real person" of individuality and freedom are to be seen and show the extent to which The "independent activity" is the degree of involvement and participation in care history, will be very clear to distinguish the "Ancient Community," "modern civil society", "free people of the Commonwealth," the change trajectory. Only for individuals' self-activity "involved, penetrated into the form of production relations interwoven social structure, social patterns can be achieved between the three real change. This relationship between the individual and society on Marx's study, more effectively develop and deepened the Marxist social morphology that from a larger scale, the relationship between the individual and society is not only the theory of social history to explore important issues, but also about every era of the individual life attitudes, behaviors and social development of value-oriented issues . needs to be noted that, in the <<German Ideology>> after the "real person" and "community" has been thinking about the relationship between practice and theory of social construction of Marx's central clue. Thus, Marx returned to the text search history , the logic of the argument associated with the contemporary practice of internal, must be both realistic and urgent a matter.

Re-interpretation of historical materialism, Marx's classic text, just read back is not enough, more importantly, how we re-Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com
read these documents? This requires us to base concepts and research methods to achieve new breakthroughs, enabling a deeper level to promote the study of historical materialism. In response, Beijing University Professor Yang Haifeng, today a new understanding of historical materialism, one is to in-depth understanding of Marx's philosophy On the other hand is to the concept of historical materialism to face with contemporary issues, which determines the re-interpretation of historical materialism must have the vision of contemporary history and culture. This contemporary perspective mainly reflected in two aspects: one aspects of critical analysis of contemporary capitalist society, history and culture. Marx faced just out of the womb of feudal society, capitalist society of free competition constitutes an important feature of this society, but in the late 19th century, capitalist society from free competition turned to stage the organization of society to a modern system based on Ford's large-scale industrial production made a dominant position. To the 1960s, electronic technology as the leading post-production stage of the organization mounted the stage of history in three different stages, the logic of capital embody some of their characteristics, which means not simply of historical materialism doctrine to face history. Re-interpretation of historical materialism, we must reveal the inner structure of contemporary society and its historical changes in the other hand, in the three different stages, the concept of Western culture and society have undergone a corresponding change. Luka odd and the Frankfurt School is facing large-scale industrial production of capitalism, Marxism, and then face the post-capitalist society organization, so we have to reveal the concept of social change and cultural change inherent relationship between which is the inherent requirements of historical materialism, but also the development of historical materialism in contemporary issues must be explored.

From the above sense understanding and development of historical materialism, then based on today's "information age", the basic theory of Marxism, historical materialism, in particular, to establish the premise of historical materialism theory and methods to conduct a comprehensive reflection, further analysis and refinement times in the information age it is a new development, we will have many new discoveries. CASS SUN Wei-ping researcher believes that with the information network technology development and wide application, especially in science, technology, knowledge, information and other factors in the economic and an enhanced sense of social activities, social production and way of life is undergoing dramatic changes, a new "information age" is coming. information and other intangible capital can be shared, you can pass on, does not exclude other characteristics, at least for the traditional form of ownership of production to the social relations of production as the standard form of the theory into a theoretical challenge in the information society, advanced productive forces and the factors which should be linked? information, whether the possession and creation of the owner of production? with rich information to be employed, white-collar workers in production status? they still belong to the proletarian camp? important resource of information for the community will go from here? these realities already constituted the new challenges of historical materialism, which requires special attention we study the method of historical materialism, starting from the nature of information to promote innovation in historical materialism.

Historical materialism in order to have a new contemporary development, but also with and learn from various disciplines research and only these results will be incorporated into the vision of our research, we can truly achieve the re-interpretation of historical materialism, while the real method of historical materialism to the face of contemporary history and culture of China University of Political Science Professor Sun Meitang research on historical materialism, the concept of "complexity science" research, drawing on Kuhn's "scientific paradigm" theory of history today materialist doctrine paradigm put forward their own arguments. He pointed out that compared to classical physics, complexity science research paradigm in a fundamental change in thinking from a linear model to determine the uncertainty on the random of an open-minded. the use of complex scientific methods to study the historical materialism is mainly reflected in the current study of Western Marxism, showing the nature of historical deconstruction of course, starting from the study of this paradigm of historical materialism, but also gradual deepening of the following questions: the nature of history is fixed or generated? law of historical development and the path is one dollar, or yuan, is to determine the type or random? history and the relationship between the closed system or open system? evaluation of the history of the scale is one dollar, or yuan, etc. Heilongjiang University, Professor Hong-Fei Jun select the "philosophy of history," the angle cut into the study of Marx's historical materialism, the acquisition of such a theoretical perspective, the first philosophy of history should clarify some of the basic premise of the question, such as what is the history of time, of history, the laws of history, history of consciousness and other basic issues as the promotion of such research perspective, and secondly to the philosophy of history in-depth understanding of the basic concepts of historical materialism to get re-understanding he has a sense of history for a generative theory of interpretation: from the perspective of generative theory, consciousness is not the person's innate instinct, but in Through the course of history among the people of the reality of the object of practical activities to generate the so-called historical consciousness, but in the course of history in the formation of human consciousness, there is a sense of their own people.

There are still some theoretical problems with other scholars the relevance of historical materialism to start their own deep thinking and interpretation of the exploration of these multiple perspectives to deepen and enrich the contemporary interpretation of historical materialism. Zhongshan University Professor Liu Senlin by "nothingness ism "of the investigation into historical materialism and nihilism on the speculative nature of the relationship between his first three context of nihilism was carefully identify and sort out that Strauss called a special phenomenon in Germany Nietzsche called Platonism and that the world is completely degenerated and nothingness of Gnosticism in the nihilism of Nietzsche on the basis of interpretation, he focuses on the fourth category of nihilism, which broke free Plato ism, after the creation of new value after the final denial of the true meaning of all existence of complete nihilism. modern culture, nature and people diametrically two points, and respected individual in nature, is the extreme of Stirner and Marx after the conflict, together with by Hegel and Gnosticism on the link, so that Marx had a double associated with nihilism. Marx's historical materialism to maintain the value and significance of coexistence in which the metaphysical dimension, re-thinking and established the transcendent value of the path and roots, and thus to retain the spirit of the pursuit of metaphysics, while curbing the radical nihilism, Beijing Normal University, Professor Shen Xiangping deep into the study of modern German intellectual history of Germany "historicism" traditional profound impact on Marx, Marx's historical nature of science is about the existence of historical science. Why Marx is so concerned about "history"? What he calls "history" really mean? With the historical ideologies What is the relationship? He believes that Marx's historicism has its own unique content, so that in the general sense of the distinction between historicism, it is not the sense of Popper's historicism. first of all, Marx's historicism based on the existence of provisions based on the historic, world outlook and methodology of unity, and secondly, Marxist historicism and materialist ontology is based on doctrine, once again, Marx's historicism does recognize some of history's objectivity and understanding of, it is this doctrine that we have a history beyond universalism, absolutism and relativism, nihilism opposition possible.

Looking over the "materialism" in the contemporary new interpretation and new development, text study and research methods on the path to breakthrough innovation is equally important, while the results of multi-disciplinary re-interpretation of historical materialism, drawing on rich perspectives, issues associated involvement and reflection to deepen the study of contemporary significance and value of historical materialism, however, there is a field of view of the Institute or the results obtained are pleased that we can not be ignored and should be particularly concerned that the study of Marxist political philosophy for "materialism" contemporary interpretation of the advance.
Third, the "materialism" and the study of Marxist political philosophy, above the "materialism" of the new understanding of virtually driving the contemporary construction of Marxist political philosophy, at the same time, our study of Marxist political philosophy, has now achieved a significant progress, in a certain sense, it extends the "materialist conception of history" theory space. Thus, how to understand and promote the study of Marxist political philosophy, both with regard to the relationship between political philosophy and historical materialism, but also involves a new understanding of historical materialism. Links to free download http://www.hi138. com Nankai University, Professor Chen Yanqing noted that "materialism" and the Marxist political philosophy, a combination of both studies is necessary, this combination is not difficult to solve many of the key issues, any one of these two aspects aspects are difficult to move forward, such as whether it is merely a materialist conception of history reveal the laws of social development theory, is merely a cognitive theory, if the theory as well as normative dimension? If you do not or can not have, then it how to work with as a normative political philosophy associated with it, how to become a Marxist political philosophy and methodology based on when it comes to rights, democracy, justice, this type of normative question, why the voice control in the West have always liberal political philosophy, political philosophy, especially the hands, while the Marxist philosophy in the long-term aphasia state, Marx's philosophy, we should not and can not in such problems the right to speak? Related to this is that human liberation and the relationship between political emancipation, political emancipation of bourgeois critique of historical materialism the real significance of that? development in the efforts to establish a socialist market economic system of today, we have to rethink the reality of political life, we have no political emancipation of the task or areas belonging to the task of political emancipation? China's social development can not go beyond the stage of market economy, then can not go beyond the task of political emancipation? and in what sense we should go through what kind of way beyond the narrow political emancipation of the bourgeois way, further The questioning may be in today's special historical conditions, the Marxist political philosophy with liberal political thought and philosophy of the same problems may even come to similar conclusions in the form, then Marxism and liberalism, where the fundamental difference between ? Also, for example, observe the political activities of the cultural perspective and social perspective what is the relationship of Western political philosophy emphasizes cultural perspective, highlighting the political life of cultural criticism, the limitations of this cultural perspective, where? it with emphasis on materialism in-depth perspective of the social and economic life where the difference between principle, how should we improve the methodology of historical materialism to care more for contemporary political life, etc., and so the problem is that today's Marxist political philosophy can not be avoided, also in explore the contemporary significance of historical materialism and contemporary interpretation of the time can not be avoided.

Clear complementary relationship between the two studies, the more should be explored is how the practice of academic research to play this "combination" of the ideas generated power? Nankai University, Professor Li Shumei by examining the creation and improvement of historical materialism of Marx process, pointing out that Marx's historical materialism consists of two basic dimensions: First, in a certain historical stage to reveal the specific nature and laws of society, and second, to reveal the general process of historical development and patterns of the former mainly focuses on the history section of the river, in particular, the existing socio-political structure, its understanding of social and political philosophy, research content, the latter to look at the history of mankind, is the general sense of historical materialism. Nankai University, Professor Wang Xinsheng that only from the deepening of Marx philosophy to understand the meaning of the basic theory of Marxism in China's political philosophy of the current study, in order to truly grasp the emerging field of philosophy of meaning and value. First, the task of political philosophy in modern times is actually the whole philosophy of the times, and Before the advent of Marxism, this task is mainly in the liberal ideology of completion. Second, we must acknowledge the fact that, in the history of Marxism, it is always with a theory of mainstream liberal political philosophy confrontation developed, so we can say that, in a sense, Marx's philosophy of change is beyond the liberal process of completion, it goes beyond the rights of the individual only in the core of justice within the social and political problems to solve vision, also from a fundamental breakthrough in the philosophy of modern times, political justice by the limits of man's freedom, which is beyond the political liberation, human liberation based on a new philosophy based on it's another level the level of its reality, that's just real life care, and this concern through the reality of political recognition of the justice system has been implemented. Marxist political philosophy from a historical view, the principle of justice in the ideal of justice and reality principle, the ultimate reality of freedom and freedom from the tension between the construction of the relationship, which is the key to cracking the secret of modern freedom.

In the "materialist conception of history was founded to achieve the political philosophy of change," "path to study the history of ideas in political philosophy background of the highlights of historical materialism" and "historical materialism of Marx's political philosophy and methods provided by the position" of the three study involved in both the Marxist political philosophy and modern political philosophy of the relationship. The practice of modern political philosophy, goals presented in the Enlightenment and rational freedom and liberation, the Chinese People's University Professor Luo Qianfu that the continuation of the historical materialism of Enlightenment rationality and promote creativity principle, play the alienation of modern existence criticism, history will be understood as the future of the Enlightenment ideal of complete freedom and liberation, however, he was more concerned that, in the capital requirements of the contemporary precarious survival of the abyss, as the class the death of the "guardian of existence" as the basic ontological task. Salvation and liberation in contemporary historical materialism together constitute a double theme into the theme of salvation, is the existence of a theory of historical materialism to explain and supplement history conceptualization of the experience of the subject, it is essentially related to the intrinsic nature and historical materialism in contemporary consolidation. Nankai University, Professor Yan Mengwei only focus on Marx's modern attitude of the liberal movement in Europe of the study, pointed out that Marx affirmed both the free movement of modern value of historical progress, while profoundly reveals the limitations of the liberal movement's history, internal contradictions and lack of thoroughness, to Marx's dialectical understanding of modern political philosophy, political philosophy and the relationship. the free movement of Marxist analysis and critique of the Enlightenment contains political movements in Europe since the profound summary of the theory and practice can help us to correctly analyze and evaluate the ideas of liberal reform in China a profound impact on market trends, to correctly understand the contemporary Chinese The building of political civilization.

Undoubtedly, the research demonstrates that the study of Marxist political philosophy, and constantly enrich the connotation of the new historical materialism, while the acquisition of this new understanding has always promote the study of Marxist political philosophy, the growing depth and swing. Only continue to expand this kinds of interactive research in order to promote the Marxist philosophy in the basic theoretical research, actively construct the contemporary political philosophy of Marxism in China. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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