Strategic path of the Chinese University of socialist core value system of education Discussion and Analysis

The "reference" is one kind from within to the outside and from outside to within the two-way process, is refers to the education of other countries in the use of the form, method to supplement China's own education in the form, method, create a have in other countries cultural field can not be generated in the domain, and inclusive the contemporary advanced educational philosophy core value system of education mechanism. socialist core value system of education in the design of macro-and long-term strategic path, both foreign core value system of education paradigm multidimensional judgments, testing and selection, and walked into the local education scene, depth perspective on the daily life of the educational phenomenon and education, self-exploration and reflection on their own educational model, which based on the transformation of their own educational resources creatively organic integration of foreign paradigm.

A formal reference content orientation of unity

The form of values ​​education is a necessary condition to achieve the stated value of educational goals, the value of the educational content of the educational impact of means, the intermediary interaction between education and the educated, is an important factor to affect the value of educational results, and the form and manner of education itself is not ideology. reasonable ways and means to form reference, but at the same time we must know is inseparable from content orientation of the formal reference, because the form itself, although there is no ideology form outerwear under the aegis of the content has a strong ideological and national character. So, learn from other countries paradigm, we must adhere to the orientation of China's socialist values. values ​​orientation reflects the entire nation and the whole society the value of the spiritual life, and laid the substantive basis of its education strategy, and also determines the value orientation of university education.

In the form of the value of education, his country has accumulated a lot of useful experience, we conduct the socialist core value system of education, you can fully draw on the form of his country to host the contents of our core value system of education.

First, learn from other countries' education practice docking with the real-life world, and strive to socialist core value system take care of the content of reality and the return of the living world, some developed countries, the ideological and educational goals, though not very clear, and even the country does not unified guiding ideology, but they are the core values ​​of education and made a lot of character. One important reason is to focus on the reality of education and the return of the living world. example, ideological and educational goals emphasis on life, and the pragmatic, focus on applying theory to solve practical problems. School Moral Education in the United States, according to the diversified and changing social reality, contact war, environmental protection, student unrest, drug abuse, deception, test-tube baby, cheating on exams, egoism and altruism, traditional morality and reality, the contents of values ​​education been adjusted accordingly, the United States will also include Practical Ethics Course System, such as engineering professionals devoted to engineering disaster, and environmental pollution. contrast, China's Ideological and educational goals clear guiding ideology and unified national guidelines and policies, but the lack of effectiveness. One important reason is that the content of education is not with the actual life of a good butt. reality of the emphasis on education and the return of the living world is not only the socialist core value system of sustainable development needs, but also the socialist core value system to lead the social thought. related discussion on this point, revolutionary teachers. Marx pointed out: "consciousness at any time can only be aware of the existence of, and the presence of people is that they real life process. "[1] (p.72) Lenin was communist moral education for the Soviet Union Youth once profoundly pointed out:" training, training and education is limited within the school, and out of real life and boiling that we are not going to trust. "[2] (p. 292) Therefore, in the socialist core value system of the educational process, we can not be confined to within the school, more not only concerned with the principle of political indoctrination machinery, must take into account college students living in the real world, the face of diverse social, diverse values, they will be confused, confused, contradictory, which requires to take care of the lives of college students in education, as far as possible to explain the students' ideological confusion to stimulate students' ideological resonance and emotional identity, in order to successfully achieve socialist core value system "integration" and "transformation" of purpose.

On the docking of the socialist core value system and the reality and the living world, you need a two-pronged effort: First, in the theoretical study of the content of the socialist core value system, education has got to be awareness of the problem, to some extent said theoretical research itself is a scholar of higher education should have a duty to carry out and play with the awareness of the problem. theory only meet certain practical need to provide sufficient explanatory power for the real-life world, the theory only convincing in the value of education in colleges and universities is necessary through a variety of empirical research methods, scientific understanding of the impact of the transition of Chinese society lifestyle of college students, psychological structure, values, take full advantage of students' mental emotions, accept the need, the ability to accept the dominant position and individual differences based on the successful implementation of the conversion of the socialist core value system of education materials to the teaching system. Secondly, in the theoretical expression of the socialist core value system, or in the socialist educational paradigm of the core value system, regardless of educational activities, the choice of the carrier of Education, or the philosophy of education, the use of language in education, should be with the changing times in tune, to address the real-life changes and features to draw students living world colorful educational resources, some of the deeds of real life or in the students' side, the typical stories organically integrated into the the scenario design socialist core value system of education, through visualization, popular, specific, daily life educational paradigm to achieve the purpose of socialist core value system to guide students' thinking and behavior. For example, during the national spirit with patriotism as the core and innovation as the core spirit of the times education, in close connection with the reform and opening up 30 years of history and the founding of new China in 60 years, and 90th years of the great process to design educational content, educational aspects of carrying out the socialist concept of honor education can be combined on hot focal point of the aspects of the debate so that students understand what behaviors worthwhile to promote, what behavior should be opposed.

Second, drawing on a wide variety of hidden forms of education in other countries, and strive to the effectiveness of education of the socialist core value system as the main front of the recessive education environment, reflected in colleges and universities campus culture full of life that although China Many educators also actively advocate this kind of education, but has the effect of Western countries apparently did not look at the pattern of the core values ​​of education from Western countries, the validity of a method is to highlight the hidden importance of education so that students in unconscious accept its core values. because only emotionally moving, enlighten them with reason, can be guided by the line, for example, U.S. education is to pay attention to the living environment of the school in the students' ideological and political education. Americans think: "Campus generation of culture is a constantly strengthen and continue the process of 'learning', that is, for a long period of time, when people regularly gather together to talk to each other over and over again to do something , have given rise to a culture of shared ....... here, a culture is organized to encourage people between sustainable interaction, so that this culture has been reinforced ....... After a considerable period of time later, the group within the members of the mutual influence gradually breed out a common sense of belonging and feelings between each other, and some basic guiding philosophy. judge the truth and are formed on the basis of this philosophy where group loyalty. "[3] For this reason, they believe that the role of school and classroom atmosphere, the image of teachers, school rules, the school's guidance of public opinion on students' political views, ethics and values ​​formation would not be sub- Dewey, Kohlberg modern moral education theorists also stressed that "life is education in the formal curriculum. kind of education a way that the value of education in the United States is colorful, ever-present, omnipresent, all-round, Multidimensional college students penetration. the hidden penetration is a common method of Western countries, with the popular culture of the core values ​​of education.

From Chinese universities core value system of education methods, mainly by the dominant education, that is direct, explicit way of education in the main channel or dominant path, the ideological and political theory courses carrying primary responsibility. Indeed, the ideological and political theory courses as the main front of the socialist core value system of education for students, the main classroom and the main channel, not only determined by characteristics of the socialist nature of the university, but also to achieve the needs of the socialist university mission, It is the socialist core value system of national education is the most stable, the most basic educational activities, is a systemic concentration, typical form of education this way can effectively help students understand the socialist core value system the integrity of the system and scientific course, this is just ought to target For the goal ought to the real natural state, must also pass a series of effective education links and the student's own mental activity to achieve, and this is only rely on the original dominant education classroom education for the position has been difficult to achieve. This requires us to continue to play the main front of the main channel of inculcating the dominant role of education at the same time, to learn from Western countries recessive education to a "silent" subtle form of education, educational activities to enhance the vivid, three-dimensional and fresh.

Of course, formal reference orientation can not be separated from content, we learn the value of education in the form of foreign educational goals of his own worth, you must have a clear orientation.

At present, China is in an important period of profound changes in the economic system, social structure are profound changes in the pattern of interests profound adjustment, ideas, profound changes ", this series of social changes brought about by the impact on people's ideas is obvious performance value option for the people, ways of thinking and way of life showing a multi-line, multi-dimensional characteristics of a variety of ideologies, values ​​are intertwined, in the event of exchange collision at the same time, will inevitably lead to more and more deep social conflicts, more and more intense conflict of interest groups does not reflect the consensus of a unified value of the spiritual life of the entire nation and the whole society to lead the integration of a variety of social thought, blindly publicity, drawing on his country's paradigm, not only members of society difficult to reach, difficult to form social cohesion and solidarity, but also may affect the spirit of patriotism and national spirit of the Chinese people to develop is based on this point, the party's 10 Sixth Plenary Session by << CPC Central Committee The decision to build a harmonious socialist society on major issues >> clearly states: "adhere to the socialist core value system to lead the social thought, respect for differences, allowing diversity to maximize the formation of social and ideological consensus." [4] (p.661) the socialist core value system proposed is the orientation of our values ​​education, it is since the reform and opening up and the establishment of a socialist market economic system in China since the ideological field of the new situation and new problems a clear understanding and correct analysis of the results. organic dealt with the four relations: First, to guide the relationship between the ideological unified and diversification of people's thinking, the second is the relationship between the common ideal of the highest ideals and the third is the relationship between the pursuit of material and spiritual pursuit, four economic benefits the relationship between the principles and ideological and moral principles only by adhering to the orientation of the socialist core value system, we will not know what to do in the face of a variety of social thought and moral significance of doubt, not in front of the interests of the market economy principles, challenge the moral authority of the principle of collectivism, will not be lost in the pursuit of individual freedom expanded value system as the national level, the dominant social thinking and behavior, it must be unique, it is the side to lead the Chinese people to jointly build China the banner of socialism, the common ideological foundation of unity and struggle of the entire Chinese people in the socialist ideological and political education of college must clearly showed this banner, builders and successors of the socialist cause the mission to remind people of culture In this regard, the United States provides us with a number of successful examples on the one hand, the United States stressed that a democratic society must be committed to promoting freedom, respect for political, cultural diversity and difference, on the other hand, the United States also stressed that different cultures, The political background of the students must agree with the core values ​​of American society in order to balance these two objectives, and to achieve a balance between the two, the prevailing compromise approach is to make use of subject content organization activities, relying on the subject matter, through the students' self- explore to reach a certain educational purposes.

Second, the integrity of the value orientation of individual value orientation unity

Any core value system of education can be divided into two kinds of social values ​​and personal values ​​and social values, a country, a nation in order to integrate social and the overall value of education, the goal is to correct social value judgments and values reasonable argument and explain reasonable explanation into social cohesion. example, have a strong class nature of the core value system of each country for educational purposes, distinct purpose and prominent national character. culture specific patriotic enthusiasm and national spirit is the core objective of most countries value education the case of the United States, it is very Americans emphasize the development of a democratic spirit, the courage to open up to the Americans as a proud American citizen, thus creating a group of dare for dare to boldly ahead "citizen of the world." Similarly, the contemporary Chinese socialist core value system, integrated into national education one of the main purpose of the whole process of achieving socialist ideological and political education an important function, that is to play the overall value-oriented the role to the maximum range of the formation of people's ideological consensus and unite people solidarity, enhancing people's sense of identity and supportive is clearly necessary, but the overall value of the function of any of the core value system of education must be the individual value function organically integrated in together, in order to effectively achieve only emphasizes the overall value-oriented education and the lack of care for the individual value, then the behavior choices of consciousness due to lack of educated and actors a sense of responsibility of the value of education itself, it lost its the implication.

A foreign core value system of education in this regard with the more successful their education is no longer simply to teach the "virtues" and what is the correct values ​​to solve the immediate social norms, but the students focus on the basic ideological and moral qualities so that they form a perfect personality, able to adapt to the needs of social development in the future this kind of education, from the educated knowledge, feelings, Italy, line four process point of view, the Western countries more focused on the situation and line two level, that is the "spiritual education" and "emotional education" on the basis of respect for the physical and psychological characteristics of students, increasing opportunities for the educated experience, so that students fully understand the content of education based on the value of, and thus the formation of self- the ability of education that many countries have successful practices. example, "Higher education in Canada, does not attach great importance to the system, to instill knowledge of the rigorous, often compare us to the difficulty of teaching content, breadth and depth, but they great emphasis on Teacher and Students in equality, has great respect for the personality of students, respect for the freedom of students, attaches great importance to students' interests, abilities, focus on students as a comprehensive balanced development of the 'people'. "[5] from the United States a number of universities the organization and implementation of the General Education and Core Curriculum, Education in American Universities student-oriented value-oriented, emphasizing the belief should be based on the basic knowledge, and implement the concept of service to the community can be seen, for example, Newman the ideal << >> book: "University is a place to teach universal knowledge, the university's mission is to provide a liberal arts education and to engage in intellectual training, the purpose of university education is well-trained members of society in order to enhance the style of the community . "(1) In order to become an educated person so that each undergraduate at Harvard in the time of graduation, Harvard University opened a course can reflect a common knowledge base, the core curriculum through the core curriculum learning, in order to achieve the Harvard University final educational purposes. Liberal Studies is a non-professional, non-professional education, but it does not exclude the practical vocational education, which emphasizes the nature of mind training and the influence of culture, the emphasis is not a career. posted free download
socialist core value system is the essence of socialist ideology, socialist ideology of socialist political and economic services, the development of socialism political and economic highest goal is to achieve the free and full development of each person. According to this logic deduction can be found, the socialist core value system itself reflects the overall value of the individual value of unity, the unity of the social development and human development on the university student body of recognition and social principles of unified objective of this feature, decide the socialist core value system of education itself should not be purely ideological education process, but a process of exploration to the pursuit of wisdom and truth, value-oriented individual value of a holistic care of the unity of the process of education but in the long-term educational practice, due to the impact of cognitive limitations and traditional educational philosophy, education more relevant ideological and political education as a party and the integrate the needs of the individual members of society, ignoring the essential characteristics of the spirit of education itself has generated in this thinking inertia, the socialist core value system of education must also be more "linear" expand focus in knowledge and Italy at two levels, that focus on the logic of knowledge and knowledge, performance in school education model is focused on the transfer of purely specific values ​​and ethical principles, stay in the preaching of the logical system of moral knowledge and ethical conversation, ignoring the emotional experience of students and judgments, and choose abilities. example, commonly used method in the Chinese higher education: to convince the Education Act, an example of the Model Law, the theoretical interpretation of the law, examination and evaluation, etc. Although these methods focus is different, but all have a common characteristic, that is certainly some moral values, deny some moral value, a certain moral rules and ideals, standardization, therefore, the value of education has clearly defined and must obey the mandatory indoctrination education educators dominant position of absolute, educated as a passive object, as the receiver of established views and ideas, the ideological and political education as "I said you listen to the the mandatory educational process. precisely because we emphasized in the ideological and political education in the education authority and obedience of the educated, educated in absolute objectification status, making the students of the rules , compliance with regulations not out of their own development and the need to choose, but the response to external pressure and passive acceptance. way, in the eyes of most of the students, the core value system of ideological and political education for the media education has become out of the country need to strengthen ideological or personal mobilization to make sacrifices tool for social, collective, national education this value orientation dominated by the concept of education mechanism, ignoring the subjectivity of the educated, the core value system inherent of human nature it can not reflect the emphasis on "external" indoctrination shift to focus on the inside and outside symbiosis ", educated by the object since the reform and opening up, China's colleges and universities on the core value system of education also made a lot of meaningful discussion: changing the subject by a single neat way to the rich and diverse methodology. inertial effects due to cultural traditions and behavior, our education mechanism is far from being adapted to the purpose of our education. still exist to a certain extent with advanced educational content and means of education, lagging behind, which makes the core value system of the effectiveness of education is affected.

From the value of the ultimate goal of education, care of the individual value orientation is the return to the origin of the purpose of the socialist core value system education. Socialist core value system education origin purpose is to promote the harmony of human society from the macro development, from the micro to achieve the freedom of the people and overall development. Therefore, the correct attitude should be two organically combined: on the one hand, in promoting China's socialist core values ​​into the whole process of national education , we need to continue to consolidate the Soul of Marxism position, grasp the theme of building the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, highlighting the quintessence of the national spirit and patriotism as the core of reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times, consolidate socialism The concept of honor and disgrace the basis of this soul, theme, or essence and based on these four points of the socialist core value system always plays the integrity of the role of the powerful members of society to lead, guide and cohesion in order to truly achieve "consolidate", "grasp", "highlights" and "reinforce" the purpose of this integration, it is clear that can not be separated from the corresponding external theory "indoctrination" educational activities, which is the whole process from the socialist core value system into the national education the beginning, but also for the party, the state and society need to cultivate outstanding builders and reliable successors. proven that discusses the main content and the main content of the socialist core value system through a knowledge system to college students, is to achieve the socialist core value system transformation conscious pursuit of the first step for college students, this is our undeniable but on the other hand, we have to students as the main body, the students take the initiative to explore the practical activities of the scientific issues for the policy to enable students to understand the knowledge system hidden behind the value and the truth of things, so that students on the basis of the original level layers to construct the accumulation of new knowledge, to master the methods of scientific research, so that students learn to explore the world under the guidance of a scientific world outlook and methodology essence, understanding the development of the relationship between the individual value and social value, and the need to provide for their spiritual spiritual home and spiritual power.

In order for students to truly accept and inner identity, the main contents of the socialist core value system, we need to reform the traditional metaphysical the pure theoretical interpretation and interpretation of the mode of education should be related theories, perspectives, methods, ideas taught college students development needs to combine the implicit view of the theoretical system, with features meet the college students education carrier elaborate the use of language in education materials Students practice contemplation of life, educational activities and students' growth law. adaptation, educational purposes and the value of demand of university students fit so that it is easy to make the students feel the socialist core value system of their own growth, taught practical guide for the role, so that the socialist core value system in the "integration" and "penetration" effectively translated into action within consciously socialist core value system of truth, science, times, nationality is not the practical needs of students combined, or students just did not form its text memory his thoughts on the value of resonance, this kind of education just completed a goal of "knowledge", rather than "feeling", "meaning", "letter", "line" target In this sense, the current socialist core value system of education reflects the more instrumental value in the socialist core value system education, drawing on the mode of education in Western countries, effectively and skillfully overall value-oriented individual value orientation unified it is an effective path to building China's socialist core value system of education mechanism.

Third, foreign introduction and localization facility unity

Although the above analysis, a specific methodology, we need to learn from other countries operating mode and a variety of forms of education to improve the effect of the core values ​​of education in China, but from the point of view of the meta-methodology, we need to handle a foreign the dialectical relationship between the introduction and localization facility so-called meta-methodology and specific methodology is based on this division: meta-methodology is on methodology, research methods the highest level of abstraction, but also with some default framework for understanding and a certain value judgments more closely linked, Yuan methodology provides generally that the research objectives guiding ideology, is the theoretical basis of the specific methodology, specific methodology is the sum of the methodology used by the operational level, and value Contact judgment is relatively loose, it provides a way to achieve the objectives of the study, rather than study the target itself. It is based on the division of the two methodologies, we propose to build his country from the perspective of meta-methodology paradigm reference mechanism, you also need to deal with good foreign dialectical relationship between the introduction and localization facility we both adhere to the Marxist dialectics right attitude, we should be wary of some of the tendencies in the study of foreign experience. because more or less academic there are either imported directly from abroad brought tendencies, either there are lazy tendency to be directly transplanted from related disciplines, while ignoring the essential difference in the meta-methodology and the use of specific methodology, drawing on the mode of other countries, foreign must be vigilant of the introduction of these two tendencies, strive to do the conversion of localization, and actively build a socialist core value system education mechanism localization.

The so-called localization, mainly refers to the content and objectives of the socialist core value system of education, based on the tradition of education and cultural traditions in China, focusing on the real need to draw nourishment from the traditional Chinese culture, combined with the reality of practice for creative conversion to form our own education system, building our own educational mechanism.

Should be recognized that it is necessary to learn from other countries' university core values ​​education model, there are many things we can learn from and absorb these modes. Example, in the value of education in the United States thought, educator Noddings and Martin concern important by expositions to ask for education in a caring relationship between teachers and students, allow students to care for life in the care of school experience, the values ​​of respect for life. Another example is the construction of ideology, the teaching process at the same time as a student body actively construct process, and from the perspective of the students raising activities, proposed the theory of teacher-student body, and then this proposed change of the teaching mode. character education theory school proposed to encourage students to act according to a set of time-tested values theory these ideas we explore the mechanism of socialist core value system of education provides a new fulcrum, the new basis, new perspectives and new ideas, it should be said that the great value, but we must see that any theory in specific ethnic background, history and tradition for the educational needs of the different periods and the nature of ideology, theory itself has also experienced a from immature to mature and improve the process of imperfect his country's education theory, after all, other countries scholars generated based on the experience of other countries, would be simply applied to the Chinese reality, the guidance of the core values ​​of education, inevitable because of its lack of cultural soil making it lost its original vitality, so how to deal with foreign introduction and localization integration issues became whether in reference to build his country mode based on the key issues in line with the actual situation of Chinese university education mechanism.

For this reason, on the one hand, we want to analyze the positive role of foreign forms of education, on the other hand can not be mechanically copying foreign form of education, but can not as a basis to deny the criticism of the mechanism of the core values ​​of education in Chinese universities. Example, Netease video swept Harvard University << happy Courses >> and other social science courses in American colleges and universities video, Chinese educators and students talked about, and criticism of the core values ​​of education in Chinese universities vague and boring, even to discredit its ideology. actually is a way to output the content of its ideology and values ​​in Western countries because these packaging and modified via the "universal", "popular" name, mostly implicit ideological content and value, which cast a universal false illusion of Western culture, away from its specific environment will give the to formal abstract universal and rationality, which undoubtedly increase the Western bourgeois ideological infiltration of latent, beguiling and attractive to college students. lack of attention to the localization of Chinese college students in a variety of forms unwittingly accepted the core of his country values.

Therefore, in this paper we emphasize localization refers to making the paradigm of other countries to learn from, we need to transform its value education, screening their value point of view, the core values ​​of his country's colleges and universities through the transformation, processing and screening, the content and form of education paradigm for the educational needs of China's socialist core value system, external mode "" Native Mode, which is the proper meaning of the localization of fusion, but because we need to build their own educational mechanism, so that this integration not only refers to this sense of localization, you also need to carry out their own creation generated based on the local social practice, a comprehensive understanding and analysis of its own mode. Specifically, there are three areas:
First, the in localization creation, we want to see the similarities of our core values ​​education mode with foreign mode, the interlinked nature is formed on the basis of the law of education and understanding of the essential characteristics of the performance of a variety of education, explore a variety of educational approaches, understanding the importance of these recessive carrier of the campus culture, the emphasis on the main body of the teachers and students only create connected understanding of the basis, we can multidimensional analysis various countries of the world, formed by the various ethnic groups in the long history of traditional educational paradigm, to compare equal, objective understanding of the characteristics and advantages of his country's education model, and then boldly learn from countries university education in the formation of good experience and theory.

Second, the creation of the localization, we want to see the superiority of China's education model, this superiority is formed in the fine tradition of our long-term ideological and political education on the basis of performance necessary to instill theory stressed value of unity in diversity, the socialist core value system to lead the campus culture and tolerance stressed in native mode, whether it is necessary to instill education stressed or leading emphasis on the core value system, these beneficial experience increasingly The more attracted foreign academic attention. Therefore, only the formation of a full understanding of the Chinese education model superiority in the external mode localization process, we will not sell ourselves guilty ism errors.

Third, the in localization creation, we must be good at concise local characteristics in the study and exchange of creative beyond. Research, learning mode of other countries is not an end in itself, its real purpose is to realize the creative transformation of the local mode short draw on the mechanism of construction of first multi-cultural contact and collision, contact and collision limited integration, this integration must be based on the needs of the local core values ​​education practice, and finally screening and transformation of foreign paradigm with local characteristics creative conversion, the formation of a well-established Chinese characteristics, but also has the core value system of the international exchange value mode of education.

① John Henry Newman: << ideal >> University, Xu, M., Zhejiang University Press, 2001. Cited in COMPRISON: << American schools of general education value-oriented >> << Higher Education Management> 2008 6. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download

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