Model of European identity and European integration and the role of nationalist conflicts Analysis

 A
 mode (Pattern in fact, the problem is to solve a certain type of methodology to solve certain problems are summarized to the level of theory, the so-called mode. Looking at the history of European integration, European integration is not only Europe's economic integration and political integration process, but also EU law legal system construction process, but also the organization of European integration history of super-national institutions of European integration, deepening every step forward, there is bound to reflect a higher degree of integration of legal documents , will also be some implementation of these documents supranational institutions from 1951 <<establishing the European Coal and Steel Community Treaty>> (Treaty of Paris, 1957 <<European Economic Cooperation Treaty>> and <<the European Atomic Energy Community Treaty >> (the Treaty of Rome, 1965 <<Brussels Treaty>> until 1991 <<Treaty on European Union>> (the Maastricht Treaty, these treaties have confirmed from the other side of European integration in its course of development has formed a unique integrated model.

 In particular, the European integration model has the characteristics of the following aspects:

 1. Supra-national legal system is an important force in the integration process leading  integration within the world organization, the EU is the highest degree of integration of regional integration organizations involved across a wide range of economic, monetary and social policy, security and defense policy, etc. However, as a multi-national composition of the regional integration organization, its policies and achieve the interests of the sovereign state will not be a lack of maintenance, to leave this factor, the European Union on the legal effect of a doubt. in solving this problem, the EU formed a fundamental mechanism to address the legality of the integration results, namely the establishment of supra-national legal system, also known as 'European Union law.'
 Each of European integration is an important stage with the appropriate legal documents are born, and eventually led to this stage of the integration objectives. <<European Coal and Steel Community Treaty>> for the beginning of the process of European integration, <<Treaty of Rome>> achieve a customs union, <<Single European file>> to ensure that the customs union to the unified market forward, 'Maastricht Treaty>> gave birth to the European Monetary Union, so that the' euro ' become a reality, <<Lisbon Treaty>> gives the EU a real sense of the physical qualifications, the EU's political integration than ever before onto a significant first order. All this confirms the leading supranational legal system the development of the European integration process.

 2. Supranational institutions to achieve the objective of European integration is an important guarantee for  According to November 1, 1993 entered into force <<Treaty on European Union>> European Union under the European Council, European Commission, European Parliament, Foreign Department, European Central Bank European Court of Justice and other major institutions, and according to the law given to the relevant authority of these institutions to ensure the integrity of the legal documents of EU integration implementation.

 These institutions have supranational EU countries, and its power to improve the EU plays an indispensable role in running, but also to protect the fundamental effect of the implementation of EU law. In addition, these institutions and member states have to follow some basic principles: loyalty and honor, such as treaty obligations, the obligations of economic policy cooperation, anti-discrimination obligations, the principle of subsidiarity, protection and other terms and provisions of the economic situation, these principles, in turn, further safeguarding the authority of EU law.

 3. To economic integration as a precursor to political integration as the goal of European integration  an important stage of each file are inextricably linked with the achievement of economic integration, and in order to achieve the next goal of a more high-level integration of the service, but Almost every important stage of the integration of documents revealed that the message that has been made of the results of economic integration and political integration, with the ultimate goal is to achieve a high degree of political integration efforts, such as < <European Coal and Steel Community Treaty>> [1] Introduction of the show: to insist on the integration of the fundamental interests of generations of confrontation instead of competition, through the establishment of an economic group, as long split in the blood of the people under the conflicting establish a broader and deeper basis for unity and to have sufficient capacity to grasp the common destiny from now to lay the cornerstone of the organization, <<the EEC Treaty>> [2]: The first series of common article 1: Europe Community and European political cooperation should be aimed at, together effectively to promote the process of European integration, <<the European Union Treaty '[3]: Given the split end of the historical importance of the European continent and the creation of a solid foundation for the future needs of the construction of Europe ... ... determination implementation of a common defense policy, including the final build of the common foreign and security policy and may result in a certain time after the common defense, thereby increasing Europe's identity and independence in order to promote European and world peace, security and progress, and so on.
 Second, European integration and European identity in the settlement of conflicts nationalism practice  European regional identity and nationalism of the conflict a long time, European integration in the settlement of the conflict between the two sources are also very much in practice as early as 1954, French government had for fear of harming national sovereignty and the French army, to indefinitely suspend the acceptance <<European Defense Community Treaty, 'the debate, which was a direct result of the European Defense Community and the European political community process died. establishing a European Defence Community failed attempts, the Brussels Treaty in 1954 the five member countries meeting in London in September, after discussion had <<Paris Agreement, 'and <<London conference final resolution>> two important legal documents. and in accordance with the 'London Conference final resolution>> created a new international organization - the Western European Union.

 'Single European Act,' the signing of the EU in the settlement of regional identity and nationalism in Europe a practical .1975 conflict in December EU Council meeting on the <<Tingde Mansfield report>> to consider, as some countries based on national interests to consider the report of some of the recommendations unacceptable, leading to the report's idea of ??further political integration was indefinitely put cause, but also to the further development of European political integration, a serious setback. impasse until 1981 years was challenged, through the 'European cooperation' doctrine of the efforts, and finally in February 1986, EC member states signed, <<Single European Act>> The European Union Act, though not established, nor fundamentally change the European Community, but it is still on the road to European integration is an important document.

 identity and European integration in the history of the region's largest nationalist conflict arises <<Lisbon Treaty>> .2005 during the signing of France and the Netherlands because the domestic nationalist reasons, have been rejected by referendum in the form of a 'European Constitution>> France and the Netherlands in the referendum on the <<EU constitution>> veto the 21st century led to a crisis of European integration. Between EU member states after two years of repeated negotiations, the EU Constitutional Treaty finally decided to make changes name to 'Starter Edition' of the <<Lisbon Treaty>> instead of <<Treaty of Lisbon EU Constitutional Treaty >>.<< >> for <<EU constitution>> the meaning of the Constitution with the deletion of sensitive content, to the European Union in addition to songs, and league logos and other content, this change can be said that the European regional identity at a yield of nationalism.
 Third, the European integration model for the settlement of regional identity and the role of nationalist conflict analysis  course of historical development from the EU point of view, the process of European integration, regional identity and nationalism in the settlement of the conflict is not easy, but in After decades of unremitting efforts, only today the formation of 'Greater Europe' of the regional identity of each country and gradually accepted by the people, and narrow nationalism are gradually weakened situation. Among these, the role of European integration mode power did not.

 (an incremental approach to reconcile the regional identity and nationalist conflicts  European integration model in addressing regional identity and nationalist conflict between the two, with a gradual approach, beginning from economic integration to political integration of forward, to avoid the nation-state's 'sovereign thinking' over the formation of the challenges to greater intensification of the conflict between the two in this process, the euro and the European supra-national institutions as economic integration and political integration an important symbol, which played an extremely important role. Reposted elsewhere in the free download

 With the development of European integration and improvement of awareness has been growing in popularity in Europe, 'as a European' has become the slogan of the people of many European countries, 'European Europe' is for the European Community as an independent feature Declaration and louder and louder. of the euro, the EU has more economic convergence trend, strengthen the economic ties between the countries on the political, cultural and social life of the integration of every aspect, and this from another side also further strengthen the European identity.

 EU supranational political objectives, including economic and social development, the European Union in the international arena to establish a separate image, the introduction of European citizenship, the development of a free, safe and fair area, the maintenance and creation of the EU law system, etc. In coordination regional identity and nationalist conflict between the two, they promote the nation-state of 'Greater Europe' identity played an important impact.

 (two legal ways to consolidate the integration process to address regional identity and nationalism, conflict results

 progress in the integration of each history, the European Union have to be formal legal document consolidate its achievements, to form a complete system of EU law, and, with other regional international organizations, different, unique EU legal system design also makes it possible to solve the regional integration process in the recognition and generated conflict between nationalism. This uniqueness is reflected in: First, the Community level, there is a strong European Court of Justice, and the second member of the European Court of Justice and Together with members of the court constitutes a legal system to promote and safeguard the implementation of the EU judicial system. [5] Although members of the judicial system is set up by the Member States, and between them there are also varied, but in the application of EU law and to protect by the EU law rights, obligations, members of the court showed different with other international organizations active, which to some extent, maintain the authority and effectiveness of EU law.

 (three supranational institutions to regional identity and nationalism led to conflict resolution and achievement of results  EU supranational institutions to manage the system in addressing regional identity and nationalist conflict is important because: on the one hand, the nation-state must be possible to enhance the their ability to adapt to the EU law European Union is a supra-national governance by transferring part of the sovereignty of member states and created in partnership with each other up, choose the nation-state results, must respect the powers of the European Union position on the other hand, it reflects the direction and trend of European integration, namely, by the EU supra-national institutions to achieve 'Greater Europe' of the integration of governance, thus achieving Europe as an economic, political, highly integrated regional international body.

 In addition, the EU supra-national institutions have the capabilities to ensure that European regional identity and nationalism, conflict resolution results can be achieved in conditions, which the author in front of the characteristics of European integration model has been elaborated.

 (four for the future European Union to resolve regional identity and the conflict between nationalism provides a standardized model  This includes two meanings: First, the EU in the settlement process of European integration and regional identity generated conflict between nationalism always followed by a breakthrough into the economy, for political objectives, from economic integration to political integration of the model. I already stated earlier, the European integration process of regional identity and nationalist conflicts in the performance of sovereignty is more important alienation in the conflict. achieved the higher level of political integration, the contradiction between the two will be more intense. Thus, to solve the contradiction between economic integration as a breakthrough to increase the 'regional identity' will be vital important aspect.

 Second, the integration to follow from low to high, from the 'extension points' to the 'core point', so that higher level of 'identity' gradually replaced 'national feeling.' To <<Lisbon Treaty>> example, as part of the country against the nationalist forces, <<Lisbon Treaty 'certainly did not achieve the <<EU constitution>> blueprint envisaged a high degree of political integration, but compared to the past still made great progress for the future to achieve a higher degree of political integration to obtain a more 'identity', it is still the regional identity through nationalism in the struggle with another major victory.

 In summary, the European integration model for the settlement of regional identity and nationalism, conflict with the undisputed immense contribution to European integration has been achieved in the model will continue to enrich and develop the results for the European integration process continue to play a more constructive role in deepening.


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