The status and role of the Marxist philosophy problem of Wealth

Abstract: This paper combined Marxist philosophical views, analysis and interpretation of the Wealth of status and role.

Abs tract: This article mainly unifies the Marxist philosophy viewpoint, carries on the analysis and the explanation to the wealthquestion's status and the function.

Keywords: the Marxist Philosophy wealth status and role.

key word: Marx philosophy wealth question status function.

In recent years, China has increased the in-depth study of the labor theory of value, is very necessary for the development of socialism. Marxist philosophy of wealth did not attract attention I believe that, under the current socialist system, to strengthen the study of the theory of Marxism-wealth, has a very important strategic significance.

A comprehensive exposition of productivity.

According to Marx's philosophical point of view, all productivity are an acquired force "and have objective entity" features. Injected left by their predecessors, however, productivity in the new generation will be as established force, and the "past" "" vitality into practical productive forces. visible history of productivity is the development of personal power "history. According to Marxist philosophy" the real wealth is the developed productive forces of all individuals "This statement is the essence of wealth issues questioning, double enjoy this productivity apparently is individualism main productivity, hence, have the characteristics of the "main body". precisely on this basis, Marx believed that the comprehensive development of man is actually the "forces of nature" and "human strength" and possession can see the development of the concept of "productivity" is the person with the unification of the production of wealth, and derive the entity that is the main body of regulations, seen, productivity is not natural and eternal, but historically generated , development and change.

Marx, as a primary factor in the productivity allows the development of productive forces rendering cycle type or maintaining type, and to achieve a qualitative leap of the development of productive forces as the main body of the social labor and social wealth creators in the former does not belong to the developed productive forces, only the latter is the real "developed productive forces".

As developed or not according to the measure of productivity is the personal ability in free time, "the ability to work with" real freedom ", as the largest production of power, whether in full to play an important role on the basis of reaction in labor productivity Therefore, in the case of current society more and more free time, how people become the biggest productivity, and actually play an important role in terms of productivity, the problem can not be ignored. recent years, academia has human capital will be , rose to the status of the country and the party to enhance their ability to innovate, the core strategy of building national development.

Second, learn the significance of the implication.

Western economics thesis "target =" _blank "> economists multi-use" substance "to define wealth, Marxist philosophy, but said:" People make history, must be guaranteed for life, in order to live, they need clothing, food, shelter, line and all sorts of things, a history of the human activities in order to meet these new materials needed, rather than material life itself "is actually the production of wealth. therefore, in order to meet their own needs, should be in the course of history continue to create wealth.

In the context of human science, the wealth of people have a certain role, and to meet the needs of people object or value in use. Marx << Capital >>: Regardless of wealth is a form of what kind of society, the value of the use of ultimately constitute the wealth of material content. material production activities, physical production of wealth carrier, the value in use of material goods is actually wealth. Marx of the wealth is divided into two major categories of material wealth and spiritual wealth at the same time turn spiritual wealth is divided into two categories: the spirit of the material product in the form of products, the active form of spiritual products. visible wealth issues in the development of the Marxist philosophy is carried out along the human dimension.

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Wealth development concept of "people-oriented".

Originally envisioned by Marx socialist revolution, mainly to Western European capitalist countries with highly developed productive forces "as the logical starting point and the basis of the material. Marx research socialist revolution, to pay more attention to the productive forces and relations of production conflict between, and not the productivity of their own development, but now, the socialist countries across capitalism "Crafting Gorge into the socialist construction and development period, facing serious shortage productivity problems and need to increase the development of productive forces. therefore, from the wealth of human development the main angle of view, coupled with the power of wealth and social development, has become a real problem in the mechanism of the development of productive forces.

Marxist philosophy from the wealth of experience of human development, and from human development, in turn understand productivity, and ultimately from the development of the productive forces to understand the social development logic, which has important guiding significance to vigorously develop the productive forces, along with the production concept proposed Although the promotion of the social history of the development of logic no longer dominated personal development, but instead relies on the main line of development of the productive forces but productivity rapid development have to rely on the source of wealth and really open up the wealth of society is why Marx has been in >> << Motor Programme criticism, all the source of the "collective wealth full play" and "productivity growth"

Combination and the all-round development of the individual, and as a basic condition for the development of communist society. Starting from a realistic point of view, "let all labor, technology, knowledge management, and capital to unleash create social wealth, the source of fully inrush current thought, fully embodies the the practice vigorously develop the productive forces, the implementation of the ideology of Marxism-wealth.

To the development situation of China, China's socialist mass production and the creation of wealth, and the all-round development of the social productive forces, should also give full consideration to the advantages of the socialist system, avoid generated in the process of production of capitalist wealth to the object-oriented "The concept of development, and the resulting paradox of life, production paradox and ecological paradox wealth development concept of" people-oriented ", and eventually established the only way to ensure the production of our society has created a lot of wealth at the same time, to further promote the development of socialist production, good ecological environment, rich life, etc., to promote the harmonious development of man and society, man and nature, and better achieve this historical task of the liberation and development of productive forces ", China" through development to enhance the social and material wealth, continuous improvement of people's living standards, and protection of society through the development of equity and justice, to promote the establishment of a harmonious society, "the objective requirements laid the basic status and role of the theory of wealth.


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