On the Basic Principles of Marxism Teaching Method Innovation Design Thinking

Abstract: Multimedia courseware system is transformed into the teaching system is an important adjunct teaching, teaching methods is also important to explore innovative ways. "Basic Principles of Marxism" class multimedia courseware development should be based on knowledge of teaching purpose-built module, follow the teaching of law teaching content and teaching process design, based on student characteristics and psychological innovative teaching methods, realistic development of teaching resources, select the application of advanced technology to achieve the purpose of teaching.

Paper Keywords: "Principles" course, multimedia courseware, teaching methods, psychological multimedia courseware is modern education for all disciplines essential teaching aids, mainly refers to the computer system to support the environment, the text, sound, images , video, animation, networking and other elements combined into one, so that a variety of media information to establish a logical connection, the system integrates an interactive computer teaching software, is the teaching system into an important adjunct teaching system. current ideological and political theory courses multimedia courseware there is light weight form content, light weight amount of information laws, light weight technology and practical issues such as paper that "the basic principles of Marxism" (hereinafter referred to as "theory" course multimedia courseware development should avoid the above problem, combined with the purpose of teaching materials should be based on Content Construction knowledge modules, follow the "principle" Teaching teaching process design rules, according to a new era of student characteristics and psychological innovative teaching methods, realistic development of teaching resources, and the use of technical means necessary to determine the practicality of courseware.

First, the purpose of teaching as a starting point, closely linked to teaching materials to build knowledge modules

Multimedia courseware is aimed at introducing the basic principle of Marxism theoretical knowledge by learning to make young students to establish a scientific world outlook, to help students grasp the whole Marxist, a correct understanding of the basic law of development of human society, consciously learning and applying Marxism- doctrine of principles and methods to improve the analysis and the ability to solve practical problems, lofty and firm ideals and beliefs, making them better growth and success in the teaching practice, we only closely linked materials, in strict accordance with the syllabus system for courseware knowledge modules to build, in order to reflect the latest theoretical achievements of Marxism, socialism Praise theme and core values, and give full play "principle" the class Ideological and Political Education.

First, a clear "principles" course in the ideological and political education theory courses in the basic position, correctly grasp the logical structure of the course curriculum multimedia courseware knowledge modules built on the premise. "Theory" course to illustrate the Marxist world outlook and methodology as the key to the basic law of development of human society as the main line, a comprehensive exposition of the basic principles of Marxism, fosters students to achieve abundant material wealth, greatly improved people's spiritual realm, everyone free and full development of the communist struggle lofty ideals of social and firm belief. "Principles" Textbook logical structure consists of an introduction, three main parts to consist of a total of seven chapters, mainly in Marxist philosophy, political economy, the basic principles of scientific socialism as the content. exordium explain what Marxism , the basic content of Marxism, from the reality of college students to guide them how to learn Marxism. textbook three chapters concentrate on the most fundamental Marxist world outlook and methodology. later chapters the basic Marxist world outlook and methodology to further expand and application also includes Lenin, Stalin and the Communist Party of China to enrich and develop Marxism. need of special note is the seventh chapter, "Communism is the noblest ideals of society" has an important position in the book, study this chapter The aim is to enable students to master the Marxist classical writers foresee the future of social science standpoint and method, a profound understanding of communist society to achieve the historical inevitability and long-term, establish and strengthen lofty ideal of communism, actively involved in improving socialism with Chinese characteristics construction of consciousness. textbook scientific and reasonable structure design, logical thinking from the abstract to the concrete, so the knowledge modules to build courseware materials can be taken closely linked to "special education" ideas, the same content properly combined, concentrated lectures, from the overall elaborated on the basic Marxist principles and methods.

Second, grasp the "theory" course focuses on multimedia courseware difficulty is the core part of building knowledge modules, we believe that "theory" course to help students to establish a correct world outlook, grasp the scientific methodology to solve practical problems encountered. How the abstract textbook system into the teaching system, the basic principles of Marxism clear to students is the focus in this issue, we identify the main focus of the book there are 17 questions, specifically: Introduction scientific focus is Marxism with a revolutionary unified, difficulty is which four aspects mentioned and Marxism three main components of what is the relationship, how to understand Marxism integrity issues first chapter focuses on Marxism materialism why thorough materialist monism, Law of Opposites is the fundamental law of materialist dialectics, materialist difficulty is in part to answer the relationship between the physical world and practical problems, we can not speak into practical ontology, but also describes a practical point in Marxism the important status and role, these are two different levels of problems, both connections and differences second chapter focuses on understanding the nature and the laws of the objectivity of truth, absolute and relative, value and values, difficulty is absolute truth about their relationship with the opposite sex problems, and value judgments about the value of understanding the relationship between, on the question of the relationship of truth and value, to put it more difficult for students to have readily accepted the third chapter focuses on social existence and social consciousness and their mutual relations, social basic contradiction and movement of the masses in the historical development of the role. difficult questions about human nature, practice is the way of human existence, and several other propositions associated with the relationship between the first four chapters focus on Marx's labor theory of value, law of surplus value, difficulty is about the enrichment and development of labor theory of value, the general rules on capital accumulation problem. fifth chapter focuses on monopoly capitalism, especially the state monopoly capitalism, economic globalization and its consequences, and further stresses good social contradictions of contemporary capitalism and its historical alignment issues and difficult questions about the export of capital, the problem of monopoly capitalism trends sixth chapter focuses on the basic characteristics of socialism, Marxism is a new political party revolutionary party, the first difficulty is the victory of the revolution and the simultaneous occurrence of the problem of violence is not the proletarian revolution revolutionary general law issues. seventh chapter focuses on classical Marxist writers communist principles and methodology outlined basic characteristics of difficulty is about the realization of communism is a long historical process problems, etc. These issues require careful study we can speak well and we in the design and production of courseware, do not pursue exhaustive, but should focus on these priorities Difficulties expanded.

Second, respect for the law and the teaching of Marxist rule design disciplines teaching process

Respect for the rules and disciplines of Marxist teaching law design of multimedia courseware teaching process for us to achieve the desired effect is very important in teaching in the "Principles" course to start teaching the design process, it is necessary to follow the general rules of classroom teaching, but also to follow as ideological political education of special laws.

In the choice of instructional design model, they have to carry out teaching goals, tasks, teaching activities, teaching materials organized presentation, teaching media, teaching forms and strategic analysis, and follow the theory with practice, combining science and ideology, intuitive, individualized, step by step consolidate, inspiring, acceptability and other principles of the teaching process design, which is the general law of classroom teaching, but also the "principle" Classroom instruction must be followed, so we designed a multimedia courseware for each chapter before class or recess music or video, import problems, systematically expounded the theory, theoretical development or the latest research results, extra-curricular classroom activities to practice and learn to think and extracurricular reading of the teaching process, such as the introduction part, and before Marx was rated video << Millennium thinker >> for curriculum into thinking: Why Marx's thought will have such a profound effect? ​​What is Marxism? Why learn Marxism? How to learn? teaching content recess playing against introduction of Marxist theory was born << >>, the Marxist historical inevitability generated systematically explained in simple terms and theory development, and design a class discussion, "Marxism is outdated?" finally arranged learn to think and read the literature in order to consolidate the learning outcomes.

"Principles" course is an ideological and political theory courses, students should follow the law of development and the growth and success of the ideological and political education services practice serving laws of social development, so we in the curriculum with special emphasis on instructional design theory development, classroom activities, lesson after practice. these links design is important, because the teaching is not simply a process of indoctrination, but to health-oriented, and students closely linking theory with practice to complete. Firstly, the theoretical expansion, people In the process of growing awareness of the world into thinking will choose to go inside and then outside into behavior has its laws of development, such as the first chapter of the Marxist theory of substance to expand the design concept, we can not just explain Marx , but by comparing different stages of development of materialism primitive view of the world, as well as the old materialism and consciousness of material dealing with the relationship between the nature of Marx's theory of comparative discrimination, to enable students to understand and be convinced. expansion of this theory successful students to establish a correct outlook on the world will play a significant role in understanding the principles of Marxism other content lay an important theoretical basis and secondly, classroom activities mainly refers to the teacher-student interaction. Teaching closely with teachers and students need to complete the modern teaching philosophy that the teacher-student relationship is not a simple subject - object relationship, but in the relationship between health-oriented or double body, so to achieve the key lies in the teaching effect the exchange of ideas between teachers collision, emotional fusion of soul communication. Design through classroom activities, supplemented by multimedia video, make courseware truly master in the minds of students.

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classroom activities can be discussed, debated (with particular emphasis on some philosophical principles in this way, viewpoints (students advance unprepared, case studies, discussion forums (such as the use of online media Finally extracurricular practical aspects are equally important because the theory to return to practice in order to show the role of theory in order to serve the community, we can design in each chapter practical aspects of teaching, such as Chapter III design using basic laws of social development, visits his hometown three years changes, the development of science and technology to the local pros and cons, etc., designed to allow students to examine chapter some of the local state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, all of which allow students to practice topics pictures collect, collate information, made PPT, and elected some representative in the classroom exchanges, visits, interviews, etc. are worth trying. three, according to a new era of student characteristics and psychological innovative teaching methods

The use of Marxist theory examine the ideological and political education, social development and must follow the comprehensive development of the law, we are in a great era, with Marx and Engels such times compared to the times in which great changes have taken place The international communist movement already has nearly 160 years of history, the socialist system has gone through 90 years of development, peace, development and cooperation has become the theme of the present era of economic globalization, technological advances, while the complexity of the international environment changeable, unstable affecting peace and development increasing uncertainties, exacerbated the imbalance of world development. China's reform and opening up and modernization construction has made great achievements in economic and social development has entered a new stage, but the road ahead will still face many difficulties and problems in this context, to learn basic principles of Marxism Studies << >>, teachers and students will have many practical issues that need to be answered. these issues of fundamental macro-level, there are also a large number of specific levels of representation.

Today we are faced with students more than a "90", they are accompanied by the development of China's market economy to grow together, while enhancing autonomy and sense of competition, but also a strong sense of personal standard, dilute the collective consciousness and social responsibility. Foreign plural values the impact of such a self-centered college everything to gain and loss of interest as a starting point, although patriotism has no firm beliefs and political positions. information age makes them read a generation networks, while the real isolation make the "Principles" course to become Students have learned to use, lifetime benefit of a course, and effectively we need to grasp the favorable opportunity to change students the wrong worldview values, strengthen patriotic education so that they can actively participate in social practice, improve their overall quality, and enhance resistance to bad ideas ability to implement this philosophy of education can not be merely put forward ideas and slogans of propaganda in mastering the characteristics of students must be applied on the basis of psychological characteristics of students innovative teaching methods, truly "student-oriented."
The nature of ideological and political education aims to educate those who shall be conducted through a variety of forms related to political, ideological and moral values, psychological and other aspects of education, it will internalize and accept the educational content of further put into action. This is an educated individual internal conflicts transformation process, but from the current point of view on the ideological and political education students do not receive, do not accept, naturally they will not act. This allows us to study psychology and law students to accept.

Students entering the university itself has a role in the transformation of their own talent, strengthen theoretical training, with a strong need for self-realization, and therefore accept the ideological and political education has a strong selective information. But a long time student just learned that the Marxist theory of ideology, in the limited classroom learned is that they learn from these universities repeatedly received more than ten years, so that they feel the distance between ideology and reality and thus do not understand the ideological and political education, so the choice of the educational information shielded, do not understand and remember, do not agree with the content of education, do not believe, nor even accepted into their own inner convictions, put in practical action, so students need to understand is the driving force of our innovative teaching methods, and thus eliminate the students in the cognitive, emotional obstacles, thus bringing the outside into the correct ideological behavior in addition to using traditional teaching methods such as lectures, discussions outside , need help sociology, psychology, knowledge construction "principle" teaching method, "informed the will of the line" to achieve effective on the ideological and political education.

1 person has cognitive psychology teaching methods curiosity, have desire to explore the unknown world, would raise a lot of questions. Interest is the starting point of cognition, cognitive power to solve a doubt, we in the "Principles" course Teaching can take advantage of the training problem thinking method, using regular methods attention and debate new method to enhance the persuasiveness of principle, improve their level of thinking, such as the basic principles of philosophy and political economy part of our selection of a number of cases and explain basic video analysis concept of elementary distributed, students are saving time and effort.

(2) emotional identification teaching methods teachers should closely linked to real life and contemporary times the actual thinking of students, as some major issues and practical problems of students confuse integration in the teaching process, students meet with the emotional resonance theory inspire students to guide students to draw the right conclusions. We can choose a number of sensitive and representative topics through conversation, a way to express their views on teachers and students, the exchange of ideas among students in order to improve teaching effectiveness.

3 psychological training methods will put students in the educational content into the ideological and political behavior in the process to a large extent dependent on the will of the common emotional and cognitive involvement, and that is easier said than done, Chita few lines .. Another example of social practice may encounter someone or something will make them produce from the reality and the ideal predicament for these situations, we can enumerate in the teaching process in different times, different social environment, some of the classic examples of famous people or inspire students enthusiasm to a new era of these great figures and role models to learn, develop a strong will to establish a firm ideals and beliefs can also be positive and negative examples for students through comparison and identification make the right choice.

4 using the "go" on-site teaching methods, such as South China Agricultural University Mission Day assessment activities every year, we can put the relevant theoretical learning and student caucus activities together, especially with student visits, internships, social research, etc. combine on-site teaching content, extending out of the classroom teachers according to the teaching content, organize the students out of the classroom, so that students in the reality of social life find questions to guide students from concrete examples of starting problems and take the initiative to use the theory to solve Specific examples of specific issues and analyze and draw conclusions. allowing students from specific issues and facts to the abstract theory of perceptual knowledge, to master the basic knowledge about the discipline, basic theory, basic theory of Marxism enhance the persuasiveness and students Basic theory of identity, to deepen understanding of the purpose. Additionally, such as the arts majors, allowing them to take advantage of the opportunity to sketch, the principle of combining content and artistic creation, and ultimately works appraisal. Based on past experience, this practices of popular art students welcome, both to learn the theory, but also deepened the professional level.

Four, close to reality, the use of advanced technology development of teaching resources

Integrate theory with practice, it's a good theory of teaching the basic requirements and we believe that "principle" class multimedia courseware development to keep up the development of realistic, taking into account the needs of teachers and teaching and learning, and build "theory" course Multimedia Resource Library is necessary, which is now we are still exploring a task, but the consensus is still there.

The first is how to practice, but also dialectically. Both to international attention, but also concerned about the country, not only pay attention to the social, but also concerned about individuals, but also to see the actual changes in the Developing also, but one thing must be clear, is to pay attention to typical and lively, this is the key to good results in recent years, we are concerned about the hot issues such as the international financial crisis, we put the basic principles of political economy to focus on analysis, theory case with video, speak the nature and causes of the Qing, and proves Marx << >> Kapital logic Students see through some superficial issues essence of capitalism, and understand the social and historical development of the law. well as global environmental problems, citing the major domestic and international things such as the Copenhagen Conference on the Environment, Chapter III and combine the content of economic globalization on the social problems of human survival, development issues, benefits issues. Students also benefited There are other hot issues such as modernization scientific concept of development, they have to pay particular attention to guide students of Marxism in China, the era, popular in-depth reflection.

Secondly, there is multimedia courseware, we can teach the multimedia courseware is divided into teachers and students after-school self-learning courseware courseware, students like to copy after school teachers teaching courseware, which teaches us that we can be teaching courseware as a platform to other teaching resources database external links, to meet students needs. teachers teaching courseware must be closely integrated with the teaching content, concise, self-learning courseware full use of after-school network platform that allows independent learning, self-test, self-experience, discuss message, layout and submit jobs, etc. so you can learn from each other, both teaching and learning.

Finally, about the problem of multimedia resource library. Currently we are taken into consideration on the basis of teaching five aspects: First, the classic original data. This part is mainly Marxist classical writers literature excerpts cited as a teacher and student class after-school learning extension. Second, the case data, mainly college students choose some place in the side of representative case, social events for class discussion or homework analysis, this part should constantly updated, retaining representative and complement the latest Third, video resources, mainly social hot spots, video works, documentaries, and some want to make the necessary editing for classroom screenings, the other can watch afterschool key is the choice of video content to fit with the content of textbooks, educational and entertaining. four students social practice information This part is the practice of classroom teaching and extracurricular activities combine to make a representative selection of student research report information for students and teachers to share. Also encourage students to put their talents to good social practice, and enhance the ability to serve the community. Five questions data is this part mainly for student self-tests, many colleges and universities now are basically established, but we think that questions should be updated.

In addition, multimedia courseware development process, new technology constantly updated, relying on computer technology as an auxiliary teaching methods, should be particularly clear choice. In addition to basic PowerPoint, there are like Authorware, Flash, etc. These types of technologies have their advantages, we should avoid weaknesses, be selected based courseware use in courseware production process, there are many ways we need to thoroughly study this Teachers also made corresponding requirements, need to constantly improve the quality of learning, teaching needs to adapt better.

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