On Deng Xiaoping's concept of development of socialist society

Abstract: Comrade Deng Xiaoping's concept of development of socialist society is to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, an important part of it inherited and developed the Marxist concept of development, commanding the socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics as a whole. Depth study and comprehensive grasp Deng Xiaoping's concept of development has a very important practical significance.

Keywords: Deng Xiaoping, socialism, development concept.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping's ideas on the development of socialism is its theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics is an important part of the Marxist concept of development and innovation rich. Study and research Comrade Deng Xiaoping's socialist concept of development, in-depth understanding and insight Deng Xiaoping's theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, speed up the realization of China's strategic goal of socialist modernization, is of great practical significance and far-reaching significance.

First, the development is of overriding importance.

Development of social productive forces, Marx's theory of scientific socialism is an essential requirement. Reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping, based on historical experience, has repeatedly stressed the importance of developing the socialist productive forces, especially in 1992, he proposed "development is hard truth "[a] well-known thesis, which is based on the basic principles of Marxism, based on the height from the essential requirements, combined with the new features of the times emphasized the importance of the development of socialist productive forces.

1. Development is of overriding importance, in line with the basic principles of Marxism as early as 1848 >> << Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels made it clear that after the proletarian seizure of power, we should vigorously develop the productive forces as rapidly as possible to increase total productivity. fundamental principles of Marxism is to vigorously develop the productive forces through to eventually reach communism. Xiaoping inherited the Marxist concept of development, said: "The superiority of socialism, in the final analysis is the development of the social productive forces should be substantially gradually improve, improve the people's material and spiritual life. "[2] Deng Xiaoping's concept of development of Marxism made the greatest contribution is his new realm to explore the great Marxist theoretical courage to solve the Marxist theory that are not resolved One problem --- how socialism productivity level is relatively backward countries maintain vitality. This is a major issue destiny of socialism, enriched and developed the Marxist concept of development, making it into a new stage of development.

(2) the development is of overriding importance, in line with the essential requirements of socialism Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Socialism is a good term, but if they might not be properly understood, can not adopt the right policies, it does not embody social the Essence. "[3] China's reform and opening up 20 years before the time, the development of socialist modernization unsatisfactorily, an important reason is not clear what is socialism, without the development of productive forces as a social The fundamental task of socialist construction, so that China's economy is in long-term low speed state, the people's living standards improve much. shows no superiority of socialism, easily lead people do not believe in socialism, as Deng Xiaoping said: "If socialism always poor, it is untenable. "[4]" The essence of socialism is to liberate and develop productive forces, eliminate exploitation and polarization, and ultimately achieve common prosperity. "[5] China key to solving all the problems, that is, development.

3. Development is of overriding importance, in line with the requirements of the times.

Today's world, peace and development are the theme of the times. Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Now the world's truly a big problem, with global strategic issues, one is peace, an economic issue or a development issue." [6] peace the problem is not solved, the development of more serious problem is well known that China is a country of the world has a 1/5 of the population of the country, human resources, vast market and social stability, therefore, China's development more powerful force for peace and restraining war will greatly enhancement, but also to include the 1.3 billion Chinese people, including the people of the world the immense business opportunities and markets in the economic globalization, China's development has become a major world economic development driving force to seize the Chinese Communist Party This is the nation's desire to grasp, the pulse of the times, will hold China to the world peace and human progress historical responsibility. Deng is in this era of development requirements under the proposed development is of overriding the scientific assertion.

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Second, the primary stage of socialism's development strategy.

A primary stage of socialism is the largest real.

Shortly after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party, Deng Xiaoping put forward a weak foundation, population, productivity backward, is the reality of China's national conditions. Therefore, the development is inevitable, but the problem lies in how the development of the Third Plenary Session of the party before the party and the country made some stage of socialist development does not comply with the actual tasks and policies, so that we in socialist construction there have been many mistakes. seeks to master, Chinese prosperity lies in development, and a prerequisite for development lies in figuring out the socialist stage of development. Deng Xiaoping's Southern Talk in 1992 stated: "We are only socialism For decades, is still in the initial stage. consolidate and develop the socialist system, you also need a very long historical period, take generations, a dozen or even dozens of generations of unremitting efforts, must not be taken lightly . "[7] Thus, although the" Poverty is not socialism, the development is too slow is not socialism ", [8] but the growth rate from the primary stage of socialism that China currently the largest national conditions," is not to encourage unrealistic speed, or to a solid emphasis on effectiveness, steady and coordinated development. "[9].

(2) the primary stage of socialism's development strategy.

Because China is in the primary stage of socialism will be a long, therefore, built a highly developed modern socialist country can not be an overnight thing. Deng said primary stage of socialism for at least a hundred years time, the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics can not step view of this, as Deng Xiaoping strategists development of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been carefully constructed, proposed a "three-step" development strategy the first step, to achieve GDP ratio in 1980 double, to solve the problem of food and clothing the people second step, so that GNP growth doubled comfortable standard of living. third step, the per capita GNP reach the level of moderately developed countries, people's lives richer, basically realize modernization.

"Three-step" development strategy, China's socialist modernization goals into concrete practical steps described socialist construction is a dynamic process of development, adhere to the ambitious and realistic unity, economic development and the achievement of socialism the essential requirements of a unified, comprehensive and coordinated development of economic and social unity, showing a bright future, become the ideal people to strive for the common program of action.

Third, the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics road.

1 China's development is inseparable from the world.

Today's world is an open world, this is the socialization of production and commodity economy, the inevitable result of the development of the market economy. Lessons of history have repeatedly told us that the closed-door construction, to isolate itself from the world is not enough to is developed, it must open. China as a developing country, in the process of modernization, there are many difficulties and problems, and "socialism and capitalism to win comparable advantage, we must boldly absorb and draw the human society to create all the achievements of civilization, absorb and learn in today's world, including all the developed capitalist countries reflects the modern socialized production and management of advanced business management approach "[10], in order to build a socialist country is superior to capitalism, give full play the superiority of the socialist system. Deng is in understanding the development of the world economy on the basis of objective laws proposed "China's development is inseparable from the world" [11] this view.

(2) independence, self-reliance is the opening-up of the foundation.

China's development is inseparable from the world, but China's development or should mainly rely on their own strength. Deng Xiaoping stressed: "We are engaged in the modernization of the Chinese-style modernization we are building socialism with Chinese characteristics. We mainly based on their actual situation and their own conditions to self-reliance. "[12] copying experience of other countries, other countries model, can never succeed. This is our revolution and construction experience and the importance of basic principles, is the implementation of external open base and only enhanced independence, self-reliance, in order not swayed by foreign powers, indomitable go its own way, in order to obtain high international prestige, attract more partners, in order to continuously expand the opening of the depth and breadth in order to better promote the construction of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics process. Deng precisely around these three aspects comprehensively expounded China's socialist political, economic, cultural, military construction, national defense construction and party building as well as the complete reunification of the motherland and other issues.

In conclusion, Comrade Deng Xiaoping's theory of the development of socialist society to solve how to develop socialism in backward countries on major issues, the development of the Marxist theory of development for the contemporary world, especially in third world countries, the development of a shining example is the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the foundation of this theory for guiding the practice of China's socialist modernization of inestimable practical significance.


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