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Cultivating Creative Talents [Abstract] seek globalization, international perspective, humanities education and the Foreign Literature internal fit, explore the global innovation personnel training in the "Global View" and "international perspective", in order to promote foreign literature teaching reform and humane quality educational philosophy of innovation, and reveal the plight of the teaching of foreign literature with the crisis, and to build toward the reflective and innovative concept of foreign literature courses.

[Keywords] Foreign Literature Teaching; globalization; innovative talents; culture

The world has entered the era of globalization, China has been fully integrated into the world economy, the big family of the concept of globalization include interaction and competition, is the concept of a game.

Globalization interaction and competition to provide more opportunities to the Chinese, are bound to increase in the severe challenges. Fully aware of such changes in higher education under the new situation of the personnel training, you can better study the internationalization of the quality of talent, the core "international perspective" and "global view" international perspective allows us to cultivate talent not only to consider the issue from the time and space of their own lives, but also from the point of view of the world to get to know the national development issues and their own survival, thereby increasing of our income in the nation and individual game to ensure a competitive advantage in the international arena.

Train high-quality international talent inseparable from the language and culture of a foreign language subject groundbreaking role. Which our foreign literature as a college foreign language professional courses, has a special utility and significance. >> << English majors syllabus issued in 2000, foreign literature course aims to develop students' reading, understanding the original works of foreign literature the ability to grasp the literary criticism of the basic knowledge and methods, through reading and analysis of foreign literary works, to promote the improvement of student language basic skills and humanistic qualities of, enhance student of foreign literary culture to understand. Guo Ying sword think: "English subjects should not become is the entire humanities the forgotten corners of disciplines, literature teaching should not lose its humanistic values. "[1] In other words, foreign language disciplines, especially foreign literature courses, should be placed in the wide field of the humanities and social sciences to examine the status of the subjects and humanistic values. Teaching of Foreign Literature To provide students with a place to read and think, and to encourage students to learn to personalized reading and independent thinking, and the Society of independent judgment and reflection humanistic quality education.

A research status and countermeasures

Worrying over the past two decades, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the development of economic globalization and China's higher education external environment and the internal structure changes, professional foreign language teaching foreign literature faces growing Challenge: literary content in many college foreign language professional outline the proportion of smaller and smaller, or even canceled. foreign literature seems to have become an ornament embellishment market economic and social college foreign language curriculum, its core content has shifted to the so-called "more practical" courses such as Business English, Legal English, Business English, Tourism English. marginalized literature courses has become an indisputable fact, the the humane quality "gastroptosis" international perspective "cataract" Disability talent socialism with Chinese characteristics "has become the new situation the international game hidden dangers and obstacles to change" anemia "status of the knowledge structure and ability to innovate, increase the international nutrition new energy and new elements, is a major event in relation to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation The new Minister of Education Yuan Guiren stressed that the core security of the country's economic development is the cultivation of innovative talents, while the cultivation of innovative talents of the core research and training model reform.

Cultivate innovative talents with international perspective and cultural connotations can not be separated from the teaching of foreign literature and reform.

This phenomenon and has aroused great concern of the domestic foreign language sector insight, scholars have written articles, brainstorming, and hope that the teaching of foreign literature out of the woods, and play its due role in the training of personnel. Professor Yin enterprise level by Qian Zhongshu the mouth of the expressed concerns about the marginalization of foreign literature: "designed to learn a foreign language without the study of foreign literature, like Miss Xiang Qianjin to marry, results only hooked up with the maid on." [2] 9 Yu Jianhua professor advocates face increasingly strong "the Foreign Literature useless" and "foreign language courses utility theory," Learning to know "to respond to and beyond the" Learning ". timely pointed out:" whether practical standards, in fact, is the Higher Education downgrade, Bianchu, the vulgarization the. emphasis on practical light of consciousness, heavy, light art, is the quick success of the impetuous and short-sighted pragmatism performance. the literature a the 'Munetomo' disciplines. truly valuable literary works feedback through the language of art experience, understanding of the social and human observation window, and its influence is not direct, but far-reaching; than material level, but the spirit; not obvious perception, but subtle , omnipresent. "[3] 8 In his view," Foreign Literature useless "and" utility theory "of foreign language courses essentially reflect a lack of awareness of higher education and blindly ignore the foreign literature courses in the Humanities Education an important role. Shou-Ren Wang pointed out sharply, "English Teaching, the problem does not lie in whether or not to set up the Anglo-American literature class, but rather what to teach and how to teach." [4] In his view, it is necessary to end the the literary history + Readings teaching mode, return to the text read and criticized.

On the methodology of teaching foreign literature, scholars foresight that the reform of the foreign literature class should pay attention to the innovation of teaching methods, heuristic, seminar-style teaching methods, formal techniques and writer of literary concepts, over research, ignore the concerns and explore the world of text. Another scholar, teaching of foreign literature should build a "three-dimensional (foreign) literature appreciation environment", to play to the advantages of multimedia teaching and interesting, to increase students' interest and fun.
Guo Ying sword think, in the United States all literature courses the teaching goals, to teach students "Critical thinking" (critical thinking) is American professor and scholar of literature courses consensus. Yin enterprise level view that, "as a subject, the literature in the training of students of imagination and creativity play a key role ... 'the importance of literature, not only because it itself is important, but also because it bears the creative energy' ...... Foreign Literature helps in the moral and intellectual on the 'liberation' ... dialogue with the world of others, 'in another world of self discovery' "[3].

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Foreign literature in its the << modernization process of social modernization values ​​>> article, Wang Shou-ren strategically advantageous position to point out, "In the new situation, the Foreign Literature in building international awareness and global perspective of modern values ​​play an active The role ...... Foreign Literature plays to help us to enhance the local cultural identity, and to foster international awareness, to develop a global vision of the role. "[4] 103 foreign literature teaching innovation and globalization, innovation personnel training, Shanghai International Studies University, a famous scholar Yu the Jianhua Professor << Chinese foreign language ", the author pointed out," is a special professional foreign language, because it has two characteristics: both instrumental and humanistic side. Precisely because of this, it can be treated as Applied Subjects treated also be described as the humanities and humanistic quality education, "English Majors in the target country's language and cultural infiltration deeper, its historical origins, political and economic way of thinking, customs and rituals, and many other aspects of the Learn more penetration, more detailed, more extensive, with more experience of different cultures, and therefore more deep-seated Intercultural Communication. "[5] 14-18 Yu Jianhua professor also cited" Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature Preface in Western scholar David the Tricastin Professor of view, "English has become the global language, English literature still ignited the core substance of the English-speaking countries, including the United States dedicated to the human." [6] xi In fact, foreign literature not only important to nurture students' inner human spirit and pass aesthetic value, foreign literature abroad "fusion of horizons" also the subtle indoctrination feature foreign literature in the description of his real life and in the social status quo also plays transmission cultural connotation and transform the national spirit of the significance of foreign literary works often living database of his national culture, history, geography, economics and politics, ideology, values, social life, customs, ways of thinking, cultures and which do contain. the rich connotation of foreign literary works not only to cultivate the students' multicultural awareness and equal coexistence inclusive mentality better convey his spiritual civilization wealth and our traditional culture benign complementary fusion situation all this in training creative talents of international perspective and intercultural communicative competence has an important role can not be ignored.

Globalization innovative personnel training needs to promote international learning and international studies, treatment of foreign language teaching and reform need to be more mature, need to focus on the status and role of teaching foreign literature enhance the humanistic quality education and globalization innovative talent cultivation, the need to build new Foreign Literature Teaching theoretical system, emphasis on the connotation of the presence of the foreign literature and survival for him by the clear and demasking of wisdom so, our students will be in him by the world and the self-understanding of the two-way movement and circulation, to enhance the humanistic quality and international perspective, China's participation in the comprehensive globalization picture will become more real.

Single innovation, foreign literature teaching and research need to focus on major groundbreaking role theory. Example, in teaching and research in the Anglo-American literary works of different genres of Western literary theory and theoretical paradigm should be stressed and deepen these theoretical schools heritage and research paradigm update behind the manifestation of Western academic innovations in the field of literature and surgeon, therefore no Western literary theory to support the British and American Literature Teaching is superficial and naive in turn, indulge in speculative meditations and set literary texts regardless, the theory is bound to lose points and survival fertile soil to adhere to the philosophy of Marxism materialist stance and Mao Zedong Thought On Practice core, still can not give up the principle of "practice" and "practice" theory.

In this way, we can understand the minutiae of life in Western society connotation and essence of the Anglo-American literary works. Similarly, we only have a lot of reading practice of the Anglo-American literary works in order to understand the Western Literary the many paradigms interpretation strategy and meaning-oriented. Meanwhile, the We always have to keep in mind the stance and principles of historical materialism, a profound understanding of the Western tradition of literary studies in the Western literary theory paradigm update continuity and fracture problem.

For example, guide students to read The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, American writer (F.Scott Fitzgerald ,1896-1940) << >> (TheGreat Gatsby, 1925), we could not have combined with 20 The 1920s Prohibition Act "and the" American Dream "theme to understand the work, if not in conjunction with the Ashenvale pollution problems in the text, we also understand the Western Ecological Critical Theory (ecocriticism)'s discourse referred. Similarly, if we understand no alienation of the British mining pollution and miners in the early 20th century life, we will not be able to understand the Lawrence (D.H.Lawrence ,1885-1930) in the novel text << Sons and Lovers (Sons and Lovers, 1913) and << Lady Chatterley's lover >> (Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1928) critique of industrial society, we will not be able to understand how natural and harmonious relations between the sexes able to patch the alienation of modern industrial society. interpretation of foreign literary works to guide the students rose to the height of the theory think, to take the position and views of dialectical materialism, both to avoid the anti-industrialization and anti-urbanization nihilistic tendencies, but also wary of the industrialized and childish 'approach the urbanization to applaud and ignore the practical problems to encourage students to syndrome differentiation, rose to the height of the theory of ecological criticism, reflect the interpretation of foreign literary works related to urban theme, the urbanization in China and provide Wisdom reference.

Foreign literature education students must be rich connotations and comprehensive knowledge of the innovative talents, they not only erudite by rote, and more positive thinking and questions the ability of Humanities and spiritual nourishment they know not only learn from foreign literature, a better understanding of how to separate the wheat from the chaff and Quweicunzhen more clearly how to examine foreign literary works he connotations standing problem and stand up, this interpretation is not only effective, but also useful. Such a culture is not only rich, but also innovation. Needless to say, under the guidance of scientific concept of foreign literature courses can indeed play the discipline of its due role in the globalization of the innovative aspects of the training of personnel.

Third, the conclusion

Tracing the source, the plight of foreign literature courses the rashness and deviation of the stems from the understanding of higher education in a foreign language subject and employment needs of the socialist market economy should be to promote the college foreign language level of discipline and pluralism construct, and should not affect the core curriculum the basic position. As important content humanities, foreign literature courses at a higher level to improve students' language level, more comprehensive vision on creating cultural communicative competence of the students, the ability to feel, judgment, reasoning ability and imagination. Foreign language disciplines of higher education is difficult to keep up with the tide of the era of globalization, 157 (on) the same, no foreign literature class foreign language education is difficult to create an international vision of innovative talent. Yu Jianhua professor at the latest author seize the opportunity to "set things right after the 'Cultural Revolution', bear the brunt of the revitalization of the national economy to the verge of collapse, heavy applications, a tendency to re-skill in a particular historical period or even understandable, but not a permanent solution in our country reform and opening up 30 years of brilliant achievements, we should be fully aware of the dangers of this tendency seriously to seek a balance between development is proposed to rebuild the English professional humanities authority. "[5 ] 16 In fact, Foreign Language Courses in itself, is now propose to rebuild the authority of the Foreign Literature courses.


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