The Da Vinci Code, the new solution - the new situation the enterprise public opinion crisis management to explore

[Abstract] Current represented by the Internet, new media rapid development of uncertainty enhance the business environment of public opinion, public opinion, the crisis was high momentum .2011, CCTV reported Da Vinci Corporation fraud Da Vinci event " , becoming the crisis of public opinion landmark event. article for the samples to the event, dissect public opinion crisis management mechanism under the new situation, game behavior of the parties involved, to propose ways and means of enterprises to cope with the crisis of public opinion in the new situation.

[Words] enterprise environment of public opinion, corporate public opinion crisis, Leonardo da Vinci events

A literature review
(The concept of a corporate crisis of public opinion << Modern Chinese Dictionary >> explanation of the crisis: the latent evil or dangerous "," serious difficulties juncture, such as the economic crisis. "Crisis" in the West, the original source of the (concept of Crisis Greek, commonly used in the medical field, the state described as a crucial need to make the appropriate decision. Later, with the advance of industrialization, the word "crisis" is the introduction of a corporate management.

Academia in the country, usually defined crisis management for both broad and narrow the generalized crisis management is the professional management staff, under the guidance of a sense of crisis or crisis concept, based on the crisis management plan, crisis events may occur or has occurred prevention, monitoring, control, and coordinate the handling of the whole process. narrow crisis management usually is consistent with the concept of crisis management refers to the process of crisis events [1]. the generalized crisis management not only include crisis management, It also requires a focus on the usual communication, crisis management and crisis pre-established plan, consider the interests of all parties to make decisions to prevent the crisis and after the crisis to carry out remedial work to make everything back on track. comprehensive look at the various literature academia recognized the generalized crisis management concept.

Corporate crisis [2] Under the guidance of the the generalized crisis management concept, whether it is caused by any reason, including newspapers, TV, radio, Internet and media, including the mass media, an important role in corporate crisis management actor, sometimes fuse triggered the crisis, sometimes exacerbated the crisis of the catalyst, sometimes the tools to defuse the crisis, social public opinion therefore enter the the Big Bang diffusion period [3].

The crisis of the public opinion, refers to negative reports, triggering public enterprise products, operating a huge questioned employees, products, services, assets and reputation, which may cause huge damage to public opinion crisis cover the fuse of the mass media play in the crisis management process and catalyst role.

(II the enterprise public opinion crisis management status

According to the definition of the extended enterprise crisis management, corporate crisis management can be a preventive measure, grace under pressure and turning crises into opportunities three realms divided into four stages [4], which derived from the four types of enterprises (Figure 1, they are not any or mature enterprise crisis prevention mechanism but enterprises still encounter crisis mishandling, mature response to the crisis, but not the "crises" into the "machine" business, as well as be able to take advantage of the development of the crisis, a crisis prevention mechanism their own businesses.

After the international financial crisis, the "People's opinion monitoring room, << Securities Times >> network public opinion testing room public opinion response capacity of the enterprises in China research [2], the research basis for the enterprise crisis early warning and emergency response mechanism, the enterprise reaction, information transparency, dealing with the aftermath, the combined effects of enterprise development deal with five conventional indicators, as well as businesses and consumers, customers, suppliers, and the processing of internal relations, deal with the relationship of enterprises and government departments, enterprises and industry associations relationship between intermediaries handling four special indicators. survey results show that Chinese enterprises to cope with most of the negative reporting capabilities fail.

(Three changes of the business environment of public opinion

21st century, public opinion environment has changed dramatically, on the one hand, computers, mobile phones and other Internet channels popularity of makes news almost infinite radiation force, the speed of its spread and influence has come to the point where the author himself can not control the other the one hand, blog, forum, since the rise of the media so that the message is not only limited to the mainstream media, more diverse sources.

In short, these two changes allows businesses to public opinion crisis more susceptible than before, and impact magnitude greater.

Second, "The Da Vinci event" Review

"The Da Vinci event a detailed account of the development are summarized in Table

Media Crisis Management and Analysis of Leonardo da Vinci ("The Da Vinci event" Media Crisis Management Stages Throughout the Da Vinci event, it is not difficult to find, the whole process can be to November 24, 2011 as the cut-off point. divided into two stages, the first stage is a passive management of public opinion crisis stage after stage belongs to proactively manage public opinion crisis stage.

In the first stage,

July 18, 2011, the home of Leonardo da Vinci was published in the official microblogging "open letter of apology to consumers >>, said the company has carried out an internal inventory and consolidation, and being actively cooperate with relevant departments to verify the situation, and will be in accordance with relevant responsible for the laws and regulations and will never shirk. letter soon delete an apology letter, at first glance shows the enormous changes in the company's attitude, shift to "actively cooperate" before firmly denied, but in essence, this The closure did not mention the letter of apology concern the return policy and the issue of compensation, plus the letter on the microblogging residence time is very short, these are precisely reflect the Da Vinci repeatedly prevarication intent.

Since << induced consumers released open letter of apology >> delete events after Leonardo da Vinci did not make a positive or negative response to formal public opinion, but this silence is only maintained until November 23, 2011 until in the early morning of the 24th, many of the media suddenly received Leonardo da Vinci home sent the e-mail statement, said three days ago, Guangdong TV broadcast reports kept a "frame-up" suspects after a month out of the ticket for the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, Da Vinci company bursts of three microblogging insisted that fraud has never and will the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau in accordance with the law to bring an administrative lawsuit, previously silent prevarication wiped attitude even more resolute than the first stage.

With the publication of the financial new << Leonardo da Vinci mystery case >> soliciting contributions, December 31, 2011 is the climax of the entire event in Leonardo da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci to CCTV launched a comprehensive counterattack a private enterprise to CCTV strong words, and then the situation Jingsi to reverse the trend, a time of "The Da Vinci event" is no longer just an ordinary the enterprise public opinion crisis became the news media sector living environment, professional ethics, and many other core problems reflection The catalyst [6].

In the past few months, Da Vinci has quietly organized a team composed by the law, the media and other elites, "taking the offensive" war officially began.

The event finishing Finally, the findings of the General Administration of Press and Publication, the General Administration of CCTV management criticism, but surely the CCTV "reported proven to be true, Da Vinci company sold part of the furniture of substandard quality and other issues," "the CCTV column group director Li literary uncollected 'Leonardo da Vinci' company public relations expenses" - Leonardo da Vinci and the public opinion of CCTV dispute on the core issues, comprehensive certainly home total defeat of CCTV, Leonardo da Vinci.

(There is no doubt that the public opinion of the highlights of the crisis management of the two da Vinci, Da Vinci the public opinion crisis management from nature is a failure, but that does not mean that no bright spots in the crisis management process.

First, in the first time to respond to events. Aside for enterprises to cope with correct ideas, Da Vinci company throughout the process to take the initiative to respond to the first time, rather than to take blindly evade network shielding to lower response measures.

Second, companies use microblogging to do public relations. According to incomplete statistics [2], the current number of sites in China reached 368 million, about 384 million Internet users, about 180 million blog da Vinci home through official microblogging release information, that is expected The front of the high popularity of the sites and microblogging guide public opinion.

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Third, in the second stage enterprises to hire a professional team, the "expert advice". Unprofessional interview process by accusing CCTV reporter, interviewed identity is mistaken to prove its reported contents false, willing to break the "hidden rules" of the media and public relations, throw Da Vinci Contact Cui Bin, CCTV reporter, public relations companies and middlemen, to prove the CCTV reporter, motives, prove its serious violation of journalistic ethics. above alleged prestigious media industry. fiscal new << New Century Weekly The >> issue brought enormous pressure to CCTV.

Simple consider standing in the second stage, the Da Vinci company crisis PR belongs Jedi counterattack, had a huge impact in the media industry. Afterwards if the the GAPP survey proved Da Vinci innocent, CCTV will face embarrassing situation unprecedented, reaching Finch home to get out from the crisis.

(C) The Da Vinci the public opinion crisis management flaw must be proposed in the process of crisis management in the public opinion, the show highlights of the Da Vinci company is actually confined to the isolated part from the full view of the entire crisis management, trying to to conceal the truth. "This erroneous idea has decided to crisis management goal can not be reached even some seemingly effective ways and means, the result is to expand the public opinion, the negative impact of the crisis.

Numerous cases tell us, for businesses in crisis storm, frank is the most important, if the company lie in the crisis response, is likely to make the crisis event added insult to injury, businesses will eventually have to pay a high price for their lying.

In a July 13 press conference, its general manager of Pan Zhuang Xiuhua shed tears at the scene, "constitute a deliberate concealment of consumers as of July 11 and 12 days, the the few irrefutable evidence before the company front.

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced on July 15 findings, the Da Vinci false facts have been completely exposed, but at this time there is still the opportunity to restore the adverse situation.

July 18 << caused consumers to open letter of apology >> sincerely confess his mistakes to consumers, especially the return policy and the issue of compensation to account for much concern, but the Da Vinci Company prevarication has repeatedly missed the opportunity to minimize the loss of the crisis.

After Leonardo da Vinci the official microblogging Shantie events of July 18, a well-known furniture website Da Vinci brand launched a web-based survey, the participation of more than 1,300 people, 94% of respondents said they "will not buy Da Vinci furniture, up to 95.5% of consumers believe that the CCTV and other media of the Leonardo da Vinci of fraud reported, or 49.6% of the respondents said, disappointed luxury consumption.

(Above mentioned four networks on the spread of "The Da Vinci event company sought to capitalize on the front of the high popularity of the microblogging guide public opinion, but the masses have sharp eyes" as personal remarks positions, blog at any time anywhere can take advantage of the "media" of the business or site to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction remarks, these remarks with the rapid spread of the Internet, brought unexpected loss to Leonardo da Vinci.

The same time, the Internet has greatly increased the impact of the incident surface, even its rapid internationalization. According to statistics, the results came out a google search for "Da Vinci event" has reached 41.3 Phoenix, financial new opening column continuous depth reports on the incident.

Da Vinci event of the revelation of the enterprise crisis management public opinion so Da Vinci events of the first revelation of the the enterprise public opinion crisis management: corporate disclosure of the truth should be a time to try to squeeze the gossip and rumors space [6] In fact, regardless of their mistakes or not, companies need the right state of mind, people usually dare to admit, Zhicuojiugai the courage to be responsible for the acts of applause, but can not forgive the acts of deception and evasion of responsibility.

Second, companies should take precautions. Da Vinci after the events - CCTV investigative reporting anti-investigation of the facts, will the media and journalists by the education, media monitoring will be more professional in-depth public opinion crisis management enterprises put forward higher requirements .

Enterprises should plan ahead and do the basic work of crisis management, including building public opinion crisis management mechanisms to enhance day-to-day communication with the media, and the establishment of channels of communication with government departments.

Third, we must learn to actively grooming network public opinion crisis. Current, network negative information has become a day-to-day challenges of enterprises to face, and go a long way to become a "scourge" of the potential to replace traditional negative media coverage about the network, the Leonardo da Vinci odd events back to tell us that the enterprises should learn to blog in crisis PR positive guidance role. It is understood that, in order to cope with a growing number of critics, the largest U.S. retail chain Wal-Mart to start directly with the network "upstart" - - Blog cooperation recruiting blog of Solidarity, launched its online maintenance of the image of the public relations battle.

Fourth, the Da Vinci event also let us see, relying on public relations firms, with their professional team and management experience, has become an important way for enterprises to cope with the crisis of public opinion.

Fifth, Leonardo da Vinci events tell us that corporate public opinion crisis, invited impartial, authoritative institutions (such as the Consumers Association, technical supervisor, media to assist in resolving the crisis, the crisis developments of corporate control, turned the corner.

Sixth, turning crises into opportunities. Corporate public opinion crisis Forced enterprises to improve management, strengthen brand building, identify problems and lessons learned, the crisis may also become a business development opportunities [7] Therefore, the enterprise public opinion crisis management should not only focus in the handling of the current crisis in the event, but also based on the shaping of the corporate image, from a comprehensive, overall height of the crisis, marketing, secure multi-effects and long-term benefits [8].


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