Wang Chuan-shan for the consumer ethics and modern sense

[Abstract] Wang Chuan-shan consumer desire combined with reason and ethics of the theoretical basis, their pros and cons of the thrifty and extravagant as the focus of analysis in pursuit of floc moments of the Road for the purport, both affirm that people's natural desire rationality, but also want to make in order to guide management, consumer advocates aimed at promoting human development that reflects the consumption pattern of ethical values ​​and impartiality of the ideology of the people, as well as people's survival needs of human rights and consumer concerns and moral concern In the present era is undoubtedly a desire for self-treatment expansion and consumer alienation of medicine, but also build a national spirit of our era possessed characteristics of consumer ethics is of great theoretical and practical significance.

[Paper Keywords] Wang Chuan-shan consumer ethics in the modern sense

Frugality and luxury to explore the reality of human consumption of the heart of the area. Chinese cultural tradition, the "frugality dismiss luxury" is the concept of mainstream consumer <<Tso>> Day "thrifty, and Germany were also, extravagant, big evil also, "Mohist is that" thrifty section prosper, debauchery will die, "Taoist I are on the" I have three treasures, protect and maintain it, Ci-day, 2 Jian, three days is not first in the world. " Neo-Confucianism, is respected on the thrift to the extreme, that "want to keep management off." Wang Chuan-shan predecessors in criticism and on the basis of systematically explored the relationship between thrift and extravagance, which contains a wealth of dialectics, the dialectic of the concept of consumption and consumer value model, in the modern era is undoubtedly a desire for self-treatment expansion and consumer alienation of medicine.

First, the "thrifty extravagant a degree," the basic concept of consumption

Wang Chuan-shan basically inherited the "yet thrifty" tradition, so it is day: "When a man thrift and diligence, in respect of the past, the Governance of beautiful people." However, Wang Chuan-shan of the thrifty and extravagant attitude is rather dialectical color, and with the characteristics of the times, he certainly "thrifty" line for the United States after the peak of a sudden turn pen made over the drawbacks of thrift, "relies on line-chi, both to do as one pleases, no one to hold to the emotional, the Xu for the world thieves.'s too frugal is also stingy, stingy interest to know is tired of moving on foot and will be corrupt. is bound to trouble handling the urgent, trouble is responsible for others in order to speed such as blog and will have storms. Jian Qin were the United States line also, Tanbao persons, who are evil, but also disadvantages and his ilk, multiplied by life. "This passage is that frugal to the extreme is stingy, stingy will lead to excessive Menthods not satisfied and thus to meet the greed and violence on others, the U.S. thrift this line, but once the violence in the name of thrift, is a great evil, Wang Chuan-shan both affirmed the frugal for the U.S. line, and that by pinching stingy is born evil, we can see In this thinking, there should be inherent in the thrift "degree" of dialectical thinking and then, Wang Chuan-shan and the "luxury" comment, "Master said, luxury is not Sun. evil, it does not Sun, not the evil of their also not stingy. pass the mouth, thrifty, and Germany were also. frugal Christine has been non-frugal miserly too. no section does not declare, luxury and more possession in order to take advantage of, not so great thrift. "People hate the luxury, no manners, rather than hate it does not mean. thrifty also aims to "Christine has been", that is, when necessary, their own "luxury" rather than a miser people can be seen, Jian Wang Chuan-shan on the issue of luxury attitude is dialectical, contains obvious "thrifty extravagant a degree," the concept of consumption. then Wang Chuan advocating "a degree of extravagance frugal," the reason is it?
First, from a metaphysical perspective, the "thrifty extravagant a degree" is "For co-management" of the necessary requirements. Wangfuzhi consumer ethics is based on its reasoning based on the concept of desire, but it is also the Reason and Desire push the value of extension and expansion of the theory. Reason and Desire is the ancient Chinese philosophy and ethics of the important theoretical issues related to ethics and the relationship between material desires, not only has the same basic question of ethics is most closely linked, and constitute the ethics of consumption logical starting point. "Reason", "desire" is the basic philosophy of Wang Chuan-shan area, the consumption of Ethics is to "co-management of sexual desire" thinking as the central axis of the Chinese tradition there is a reason For the opposite tendency, Neo-Neo Confucianism as authentic, but the desire and the Taoist and Buddhist off heavy desire by Zhang Zai issued its side, two-way transitional development, Zhu Xi belongs, reintroduced the "preserving the natural human desires," the idea. The Chuanshan not violate the natural order, both the heavy criticism of the culture of human desires, the desire that the traditional management into the development of a high degree of cultural tradition. Nature is reason is an important proposition of philosophy of Neo, Neo reasonable gas separation special claim on the basis of the separation of Reason and Desire, and to make preserving the natural, human nature to human desires. Wangfuzhi inheritance and transformation of this view, in the air this theory, the theory of gas-in-one, based on the proposed management of natural desire, Li Yu unreasonable, For all of the progress of management proposition. "yin and yang of the gas day to a stranger, Li Yan and coagulation of the apartment for sex. so sensual smell the thick of its students, there is the Wisdom to Germany. Could it is reasonable are appropriate. sensual smell, along with Wisdom and its channel is not contrary to those who harm, both together and for the body also. "sensual smell of the Ministry of Health, is the existence of human life the body's natural needs, that natural resistance, virtue Lai Chi Ching Tak, is a human life exchanges in which social and moral needs of that community of human nature. remove the emotional desire of the Ministry of Health and non-carriers of moral reasoning is nothing, loss of social morality and rational emotional desire to be far away from the beast, the anti- heaven is its apotheosis with the same day, many have suggested, human desires, then the violation of an animal is not far wrong. heaven desires, Masanori Welfare dependency leave each other for the body, which is the body and mind, of nature and social nature, physiology and ethics unified treatment of science, conflicts of inter-body fusion, said. "built by nature, raw truth also. are people, there is born with this truth, not a bad idea or another. so Renyilizhi reason, Xia Yu can not No, the sensual smell of desire, Sophia can not waste, all can be described as sexual. "appears in Wang Fu-chih, human nature is the unity of natural and social attributes.

Consumption is to meet people's needs, in accord with human development and since heaven is the human nature and human desires are, then neither is "keep reasonable" and "destroy desire", can not meet the "selfish desire" and set " heaven 'expense. proposition treasure and every member of society to meet the reasonable desire, the same time, it is necessary to follow the ethical norms of society. To this end, we must be frugal with extravagant degree.
Secondly, from the social and political common sense in terms of "thrifty extravagant a degree" will bring good results, "thrifty extravagant excesses" will lead to bad consequences. "Three generations of the rule, its smell can not carry on Cheung. View of appointment, Yan Li, the also with the wealth, so its costs and generous, drink, shot, steam, wax of the system, the homeless are, so their margin but not annoying. emperor without a good dog horse sensual play of delay, but not to mention those who are not Christian night once their subjects, Zhang Li is no convergence for Public Affairs, pick vend prison of evil, and not to sleep at their trillion Shu restless by the Governor. so Wong Hua Lo Wen Li, Sui Takeomi to four male, soldier stick DU Wei Xu , Volume A to A Yan Yu, Dongshan Wing married for joy, the joy of Spring to stay clover hi, Wang Jing to both St. Edward and the next person who would be desirable. "rule of three generations, has been able to appear harmonious and peaceful situation in school , because the deities are so extravagant a degree of thrift, "fees and generous," "Yu do not bother," and therefore I do "King Edward and the next it would be desirable to people." followed by Wang Chuan-shan that both mean and luxury scourge of endless, for those in power, the mean can not easily be known, the harm is more serious. miserly and greedy people in power often makes a small number of exactions wealth, not for social production, cause the majority of people's normal consumption can not be met, deterioration of social conflicts that the people rise up, start riots consequences. Therefore, Wang Chuan-shan sharply exposed to enrichment of the nature of the name of thrift, mind and its negative consequences, "husband of the great wealth of patient, poly ear. emperor poly The last, the next hundred officials gather, gather the people in the field Ho. fairylands of the real, useful for grabbing people's Consort Rise, home of the useless cache Poly's heart, things are reflected more than the constant lack of Poly of the disadvantages of chariot of the entrants do not know only, and lotus root are nothing out of the JI. together of the change to stingy ugly shock of their children and grandchildren, leaving the seats in order to benefit as luxury abundance of poly of the law, Hui grams of man-days into the break up of their patients, and tread on punishment of the very poor people to death. So while the eight non-residential Chung, and people donate more barren, without becoming fed Hui things, but the country will be at stake. however, and date, monarch up and down so its thrift and diligence, but still no how to also. Alas workers fear the heart-shaped die to make the possession of gold, corn rot in Yu, mouth and eyes and ears of the body to fight two baht complain consultation. "l1 Wang Chuan-shan seems To avoid the "Golden died of possession, Su Yu rot in the" proper conditions necessary to encourage consumption, Wang Chuan-shan and Day: "benevolent to financial fat body, the body is not benevolent to keep the money." Baicheng home, do not amass the livestock Chen. with which they have amassed the minister, rather there are thieves. what we called the country not to benefit for profit, to justice Tametoshi also. "Wang Chuan-shan strongly opposed Baiguan, TAG enrichment of his best people possible and that the minister of state amassed There are thieves even in the State to meet the needs of those in power have to ordinary people's legitimate demand for profit, that is justice for profit, but can not disregard the people's life and death, leaving the "Golden died of possession, millet rot in Yu." The central idea but still can not get all stressed thrifty in luxury, or will lead to bad consequences.

Second, the floc moments of the Road "ethical model for the purport of the consumer

"Thrifty extravagant a degree" is the basic concept of consumption Wang Chuan-shan, then what is meant by "a degree"? How to achieve "a degree"? To this end, Wang Chuan-shan made the "floc moments of the Road" ethical consumption patterns.

What is "Xu moments of the Road '?" Xu, degree also. Moment, so the side also. "" When a man who called floc moments of the Road, Why? Matter of up and down all around, and to spare of the Founder are homogeneous, then work to flocculation of the moment. "interpersonal Youyi Wang Chuan-shan, for example, described floc moments of the Road, focusing on moments of the Road reveals the floc has benefit the people, before and after taking into account the characteristics of" the evil in the last, not to make the next, the evil in the the next, not to things, the evil in the former, not to have, the evil in the post, not to the past, the evil in the right, not to cross on the left, the evil in the left, the right not to pay for. this is called the Xu moments of the Road. "differences between the human likes and dislikes in the back, of its own a reason to go through [the moment], as long as management to deliver people, degree of material, can be floc moments of the Road." Therefore, people's likes and dislikes , straight change of position varies, help a sick person in B, how can the likes and dislikes into the room parents? Wei Xu rely this moment of the channel to tidy their likes and dislikes and level of facilities, the world of reason was, but a man of heart nor disturbed men.,
Xu moments of the Road then the moment come from? Another day: "people's likes, the people of the evil, and moments of the self out of people." A "here, Wang Chuan pointed out that" people's likes and dislikes "for the moment that "public taste", that people want to see heaven on. "Xu husband away the evil of the moment men, and to the evil, and it certainly carry the whole paraphernalia. it could Xu moment who can the public likes and dislikes are also, likes and dislikes public, the public sentiment in order to get "more emphasis on consumption to meet people's legitimate consumer demand, not to satisfy their desire for consumption at the expense of other people's interests, so as to achieve a" matter of the missing and each is entitled who are still of the moment. "Therefore," there are moments of the Road, Xu, already good people of good, evil, evil people carry on. "" When a man is willing to Yu Meng of the private non-solid song many have suggested, and 10000 people of compassion is not a non- up. it the world in person, people should have the reason of obtaining without there were also uneven. "" one country, the people, the minister for the people, and its adjacent points, compared to the situation of the incident of the phase and then up and down, left and right, front to make the carry. for the establishment of the Road, Yan, who love to take the six of the will to, the rationale of those who deserve to Ju Xu's, so that Jun Qi Founder, the thickness must be for a , the severity of the other as it is one to eliminate the grudge, to become the Ci of filial piety, and carry on governing the country is not only that, Wang Chuan also asked those in power, took the initiative to the people on the floc moments of the Road, rather than from the floc torque applied to the people, suffering people to take the initiative to solve the people's legitimate desire of life, "works with people with likes and dislikes, and not specifically their interest, are also intended to promote floc moments. can be the case, then the pro-Yin and happy and live in , while the world is flat carry on. "" Sri Lanka's likes and dislikes that people can floc moments, but the people are, fate return of the, road was not without men, as its proud to own, not sincere in Careers, from Thailand to extravagant, section rather than spend money, then the heart of the private shelter, the situation for the private chaos, the Sri Lankan people's likes and dislikes that can not floc moments, but from the people, to the destiny, said loss without losing carry on. "Therefore, Wang Chuan-shan said, the ruling who can do the people's likes and dislikes floc, then peace and harmony, otherwise no peace in the country, "Xu moments and feelings to parents, not to betray floc moments and feelings, people from the combined, and the potential of the state Department of Xing Yan." transfer affixed to the free download
so-called floc moments of the Road, but "good people of the people what the evil", Wang Chuan-shan is the core value of the ethics, the use of in consumption, the necessary requirement for everyone in the consumption process should also floc moments of the Road self-discipline, should at least follow the sound to others, social principles. the highest ethical requirement is to do with the public likes and dislikes, to While others promote their own consumption and to promote the interests of society, reflecting the benefit principle. the only way to call it "thrifty extravagant a degree", the "degree", is "the public likes and dislikes." Wang Chuan-shan evaluation of frugality and luxury the final moments of the Road to the flocculation of Zhigui.

Third, Wang Chuan-shan of the modern consumer ethical values

Jian Wang Chuan-shan a degree of luxury consumption of the concept as well as moments of the Road for the flocculation purport ethical consumption patterns, can be said to transcend the era in which Chuanshan itself, and made a forward-looking projections of consumption, it shows that consumer Chuanshan Ethics "Jane health" and "active" spirit of enlightenment, in the 21st century market economy and society still has a reasonable and feasible. To sum up, Chuanshan consumer ethics in today's society with the following points of significance.

First of all, help the socialist market economy, healthy and orderly development and Jian Wang Chuan-shan in luxury on the basic point is that opposition to the thrifty and stingy against the extravagance and to not Sun, insist modest, frugal moments floc and luxury, while the market economy is essentially a demand-oriented economy, the development of intrinsic motivation is the people's desires and needs, so appropriate to stimulate consumer demand and meet the people, can promote the orderly development of market economy, Wang Chuan-shan that "as Christine Kim himself, not for miserly" point of view, is required to meet the legitimate needs of the individual. In addition, Wang Chuan-shan that the authorities should take the "floc moments of the Road" of the people, to people's likes and dislikes for the public likes and dislikes, good Man of the people what the evil is asking the community to take all reasonable measures to meet the people's consumption needs. This view can stimulate consumption and paving the way for the expanded reproduction, but if the drift of people's consumption demand, without any restriction, social resources will inevitably lead to irrational development and utilization, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution, increased human with people, the contradiction between man and nature, and may even mislead the direction of the development of production, disrupting the production of the socialist market economic order.

Therefore, Wang Chuan-shan in the normal desire to consume certain people met at the same time, also requires the desire to control their spending, to promote the "desire management guide", "management system to want to" promote "a degree of extravagance frugal" means of consumption which For guiding the healthy development of the market economy of great benefit.

Second, to help curb consumption ideology .20 end of the century, when Western consumer ideology through various channels in China, consumers have begun to penetrate the psychological, people advocating excessive consumption, the consumption as a measure of their power and status symbol, as the highest goal of life, rather than to meet the legitimate needs of the individual, the alienation of people into being without the consumer to get out. Wang Chuan consumer advocates meet human needs, but also can meet human needs, should be beneficial to human health development, Wang Chuan-shan believes that people have both the material consumption due to Ministry of Health, at the same time with the community to "the people of the moment Xu," from the moral and ethical norms restrain himself, so that the health of people along the line direction. seriously thinking Chuanshan advanced concept of consumption, and the in-depth exposition, development and dissemination of the inhibition of today's consumerism, and guide people to foster a concept of health spending, with essential theoretical and practical significance.

Finally, to help increase consumer awareness of the subject of moral responsibility. Today's society, due to rapid economic development, people's rising consumption levels, people revel in the material needs arising comfortable when they tend to forget others, should be borne by the community's moral responsibility. The problems is that Some people making personal consumption, they tend to harm the interests of others, the expense of the interests of society, Wang Chuan-shan Xu moments ethical way of consumption pattern of consumption of the main demands put forward a moral emphasis on "good people of the people what the of evil ", to meet their desires is to be implemented without prejudice to the interests of society to others, so harmless, it is the consumer the lowest moral bottom line, to meet their own needs when the consumer, but also can promote other social interests common development, so useful, it is consumers should do to the high level of social responsibility.

Wang Chuan-shan consumer ethical thinking to want to co-management of its theoretical basis, their pros and cons of the thrifty and extravagant as the focus of analysis in pursuit of wilt wing moments of the Road for the purport, both affirm that people's natural desire is reasonable , has proposed a reasonable guide to desire and advocate human consumption to promote the development of the consumption pattern reflects the ethical value of impartiality and the people of this ideology, as well as the survival of the people's human rights concerns and consumer demand and moral concern. This national spirit has possessed us construct the consumption characteristics of the times of great theoretical ethics and practical significance. Links to free download

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