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In the whole party to carry out in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, is the party's congress made a major strategic plan. Central attaches great importance to put forward a clear set of requirements, central leaders set an example, take the lead in studying and practicing activities Party General Secretary Hu Jintao repeatedly in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities repeatedly emphasized, to carry out the study and practice activities is a theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics arm the whole Party's major initiatives is to maintain the advanced nature education activities continue , an in-depth reform and opening up, promote sound and rapid economic development, promote social harmony and stability of the urgent need to improve the party's ability to maintain and develop the party's advanced nature necessary requirement in order to better understand the scientific concept of development theoretical meaning and cultural value, I re-read the Marxist classical writers of philosophical texts as well as the philosophy of traditional Chinese culture relevant chapters, through the classic original study, and more deeply understand the concept of scientific development philosophy of the cultural value of papers download .

First, the practice of Marxist philosophy from the point of view of the theory of scientific development concept sources

Before Marx, German philosopher Hegel analyzes practical purposes, universality and relevance of the general characteristics, and more highlighted the practice in an important position in epistemology. Therefore, Lenin said: "When Marx practice standards into epistemology, it is of the view that direct and Hegel close." [1] However, the practice of Hegel as an absolute concept of self-development just a logical link. He emphasis on people's initiative, but the development of the abstract aspects of this dynamic, and the reality of existence as a thinking person, starting from the concept to explain the dynamic human activities Feuerbach's critique of Hegel's thinking and being the same that put forward a philosophy of human nature as the only object of human learning, he certainly is the material nature of the objective reality, man is a product of nature, he knew that the man is the subject, the subject and object directly through the senses to achieve unity, advocates intuitive theory of reflection in its reflection theory, Feuerbach often life practice as the basis for the theory that "the theory can not solve those difficult, practice will give you the solution" [2], but Fei Erba Ha sometimes attributed to the theory of practice activities, to deny the existence of thinking, subject to the object role. Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts << 1844 >>, the first profoundly reveals the productive labor is the basic content of social practice , and also relates to the class struggle, and practice in the form of scientific activities, with the "practice" of the philosophical category unify the various social activities, understand it as a theoretical substance corresponding general social activities, ie, Marx's "Practice" category highlights the main initiative raising activities in order to practice as an intermediary, the main object of cognition is possible in this continuous process of understanding, practice not only as an intermediary or a link, has also become the main object of cognition tools or means of so that adhere to the "practical" point of view is the difference between Marxist philosophy with all the other most important features of discrimination.

Highlighting the scientific concept of development "practice first" Marxist epistemological, scientific concept of development put forward the fundamental basis of our party concluded over the years on the development of both positive and negative lessons learned, especially those unscientific, blind and Error painful lessons (such as the Cultural Revolution put forward, ie the first to insist from a practical point of Marxist theory, followed by Marx believed that transform people through the practice of the outside world but also in the transformation and development of the human self, thus communicating the objective world and subjective world of human knowledge is in this dynamically in the process of transforming the objective world, the emergence and development, so it must be said that in today's extremely specific stage of development, our party combine many years of experience in the development of nation-building lessons realized the importance of scientific development. In this sense, the scientific concept of development is by no means at any time can be put forward, or fabrications out purely for the moment put forward the theory of education, it must be my party in the transformation of the objective world at the same time, constantly transforming itself subjective world of the process, gradually worked their valuable knowledge comes just as President Hu Jintao in April 21, 2006 speech at Yale University, said: "scientific development concept is summed up China's modernization experience, based on the trend of the times put forward. "

Second, from a philosophical task to see the scientific development concept "first prerequisite is the development of"

Question about the task of philosophy, Marx notes << >> about Epicurean philosophy that: "philosophy to grasp the whole world later on up against the phenomenal world." Where the opposition is neither logical nor moral objections against , but "actually oppose the status quo and change things." because "the weapon of criticism can not replace the weapons of criticism, of course, material force can only use physical force to destroy." Marx's philosophical ideal is to achieve such practical critique "Philosophy of the World" or "be achieved in reality philosophy" [3]. Marx insisted that the objective understanding of the premise while emphasizing the people's initiative, the practice of raising activities as an essential part of the process and the ultimate goal in Outline >> << About Feuerbach, Marx emphasized more clearly the fundamental task of philosophy: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways, but the problem lies in transforming the world" [4].

Marxism believes that the development is a historical necessity, the history of human society is productivity growing history. Zuanmuquhuo boot from ape to man, slash and burn agriculture on civilization whistle sounded the horn sounded industrial, information age Unicom mouse tap . development of productivity changes in the social structure updates, continuous progress of human civilization and the power source from the patterns and trends of today's world view, the development has become a theme of the times, though sometimes from local wars, peace and development remain the main theme of the times . maintain peace and promote development, but also the common aspiration of all people on earth despite the rapid development of a number of countries, while some countries lagging behind, but the trend of the world, the mighty, the development of faster and will not stop, backward country only to catch up, and strive to catch up. The face of world multi-polarization and economic globalization trend, do not accelerate development, will be more backward, not to develop, it will become obsolete. China is in the primary stage of socialism will be a long, people's growing material and cultural needs and the backward social production remains a contradiction between the principal contradiction of society. Development is to unravel the contradiction lies. using development methods to solve the problems of our reform and opening up a basic experience, regardless of the situation How to change, no matter how many difficulties before, as long as the correct uphold and implement the development of the idea that we can continue to overcome difficulties, and continuously push forward, so Deng Xiaoping said: "Development is the last word," development meets the will of the people to rely on the development of people's power, improving people's lives, social civilization and social development to improve ultimately rely realized. Marxist classical writers believe that socialism must be built on the basis of highly developed productive forces, Mao Zedong led us creatively in backward old China established a socialist state power. but after too difficult to explore after Deng Xiaoping said: "Poverty is not socialism," Now look, do not develop, the development of good, the development is too slow, or that the development of scientific socialism is not .

Scientific development concept emphasizes the first prerequisite is the development of scientific concept of development that is proposed as a theory is used to guide the development of the first, was never intended to rote individual words and empty slogans, development and use him to solve practical problems encountered in advancing Hu in December 5, 2006 meeting of the Central Economic Work Conference, said: "scientific development concept to guide the development of world outlook and methodology of the concentrated expression of the Marxist stand, viewpoint is the use, understanding and methods analysis of extensive practical socialist modernization and deepening economic and social development achievements general understanding of the law, thereby becoming our economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction must adhere to the fundamental principle of the long-term. "You can say that this is the philosophy of Marxism About the practice another important manifestation of epistemology, the theory comes from practice, and ultimately have to return to practice, on the one hand to guide practice, we must also continue to test the theory with practice, in order to enable it to continue to improve, better to guide practice, which is the basic mode of Marxist theory of knowledge, but also the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up in China since made a series of achievements in a basic experience.
Third, the scientific development concept of "people-oriented" philosophy of cultural significance

Scientific concept of development highlighted the core of "people-oriented". "People-oriented" idea was first proposed by Spring Qi politician Guan asked: "Cardiff Overlord are also the beginning, people-oriented. Benli the national solid." Has since become China Ancient various philosophical discrimination An important feature of the Confucian emphasis on "benevolence" Mohist adhere to the "universal love" Taoist "Tao" are also "human" as the core. had Confucius said: "Cardiff Gentleman, Forbearance it." In fact, "loyalty" is honest reliable, of course, Confucius spoken mostly loyal to Zhou Zhong, still meaningful for us today, faithful Zu Guozhong the people, loyal to the cause, said the text >> << explained: "loyalty, respect also, I am afraid, jen." < <Analects • XII XII >>, Zhong Gong asked benevolence, Confucius said: "Do unto others, do not impose on others in the state no complaints, no complaints at home." Han Jia Yi put it more vividly: "To have I am afraid that the amount of people. "Song Zhu Xi also said:" I am afraid that push our own. "Visible Chinese traditional culture has always emphasized respect for human attention, to forgive and care for people from this sense, the ancient Chinese culture." people-oriented "concept of scientific development into the area, reflecting the roots of traditional Chinese culture, adhere to the theoretical line with Chinese characteristics.

Marx said that "man is the sum of all social relations", the first time the people are the subject of history and development of the concept of power. Engels starting from the creation of historical materialism, even in his later years until they mature period treatise, if said that the historical development of human society and its laws of discourse there is always a main line running through them, and that is about the liberation of the proletariat and human problems, greatly enriched the scientific humanistic content. In the << >> in the Communist Manifesto of Marx made such classic formulation: "instead that there are classes and class antagonisms, the old bourgeois society, would be such a consortium, where the free development of each person is the free development of all human conditions. ">> in << Das Kapital, Marx further vision" to each person's full and free development of the basic principles of social forms. "Engels' Ludwig Fil Bach and the End of Classical German Philosophy >> Lieutenant Marne Materialism is defined as "about real people and their historical development of science."

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Mao Zedong said: "The Communist Party is for the nation, for the people's interests of political parties, which itself depends selfless profitable it should be subject to supervision by the people, and should never be against the will of the people. "[5] Hu said:" We raised the fundamental meaning of people-oriented is to insist on serving the people wholeheartedly, serve the public and governing for the people, and always put the people's fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the party and the country as a fundamental starting point and the end result ... "[6]. Xiaoping put it more succinctly:" What is leadership? leadership is service. "[7] in the past due to the influence of leftist ideology, we mistakenly believe that Marxism talk about collective neglect of individuals, is not the case, Marxism saying "history is nothing but the pursuit of his aims only human activity." [8] Marx believed that the comprehensive development of economic and social development is the essence and goals, so the respect for human freedom and development is the prerequisite for social development. Certainly respect personal development rather than encourage individualism emphasizes personal development and social development of the opposition unity. arduous task of building socialism in China, a multitude of things, but respect for people, caring for people, to improve the quality of people, must be our economy and society in various construction consistent, always can not be shaken, to scientific development, first and most importantly, human development.

We know that force is a highly centralized collective, so to implement the scientific concept of development, implement people-oriented, in fact, the spirit of the scientific development concept to adjust managers work ethic, doing everything possible for all members of the unit can provide equal access to political , culture and living conditions, and give full play to their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, respect their ownership status, respect for their knowledge and respect for their labor, respect for their creation, respect from their different views we speak of "people-oriented" , then this "man" Who? President Hu Jintao stresses "most people", combined with the actual situation of our troops at all levels, the overwhelming majority of young people is the most grass-roots cadres, soldiers, so more attention to young people's life, work The actual implementation of the scientific concept of development is the real.

Fourth, the Marxist view of nature and the scientific concept of development "comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable."

Scientific development concept emphasizes comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable, we know that the overall coordination is the means, the ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable, it is not a sustainable resource bottleneck problem, so first and foremost a question of the relationship between man and nature.

Human understanding of nature is an evolving process, people rely on natural body substances constitute their own lives, who want to maintain and extend their lives, the need for physical and mental activities, shall depend on the nature of the full grant. However, human nature, after all, different from other organisms living in human society is the history of human self-development independent of the natural history of .2300 years ago, the ancient Greek sages Aristotle wrote his famous philosophical >> << first , first proposed the "ontology" philosophy, emphasizing the prominence of the body, indeed, humans began to emerge from a naturally marked by the imprint of man, nature becomes the "man of nature." Engels says, animals through them activities also changed external nature, "but all the animals all planned actions, can not be laid at their own will on earth imprint, which is only people who can do it." [9] (Marx and Engels, Selected Works >> << Volume 4, People's Publishing House in 1995 edition, P383 consequently, Marx said: "The bee hive building human ability to make many architects feel ashamed, but most crappy architect from the outset clever than the most clever bee place that he was using beeswax hive before construction has been in his mind it built. "This means that only one can be created with the intended purpose, or natural objects to achieve their own ends .. Meanwhile, the human on the nature of the intervention and usual stroke damage to ecosystems caused by the conflict between man and nature is sometimes behave irreconcilable .150 I was so ago, Engels noted the seriousness of this matter, Engels said, "We Do not over revel in the victory of our human nature. For each such victory nature takes its revenge on us for every victory, initially has achieved the results we expected, but it happened later and then again completely different , the unexpected impact of the initial result has often eliminated. "Engels said:" In all of our dominant force of nature, is that we are stronger than all other organisms, can understand and correctly apply the laws of nature. "[ 10] In other words, Engels stressed the need to resolve the conflict between man and nature, coordinating the relationship between man and nature, man must first learn how to correctly understand the laws of nature, to overcome the kind of moment for their own material needs, blind control and domination of natural short-sighted. Chinese traditional culture on nature and man, man and nature in harmony brilliant exposition everywhere.

<< Book >> gossip with each hexagram hexagram three Yao, symbolizing heaven, earth, people, reflecting the idea of ​​Heaven << Book >> So >> << Three Character Classic, said: "The three powers were , Heaven, Earth, Sanko who, Sun Moon Star. "<< >> Te Ching Chapter XXV," oxbow big, big, big, big man also. domains there are four, and one living Yan of human law, the law of the heavens, France Road, Imitation of Nature. ", >> << Book of Mean said:" The sincere person heaven also, Masayuki who live by it. " Equality of Zhuangzi << >>: "World and I, and Health, and the things with me as one." Dong is clearly stated: "Heaven on the occasion, into one" << Chun Qiu Fan Lu deep scrutiny name No. >> Today the ancient oriental civilization advocated the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, philosophy has become the consensus of all mankind.

Scientific concept of development stressed that "promote harmony between man and nature," so harmonious society today buzzwords. << >> Shuo Wen Jie Zi "and", "correspondingly", "harmony": "Fun and specifically that" << Book of Mean >>: "And who the Way too." << >> Zuo Xianggong eleven years: "eight among the nine co-princes, such as the music of and, nothing not harmonic Check with the child's music. ">> << Shang Yu book, saying:" Octave grams of harmony, no phase wins Lun, Deity and Human. "From the creation of the principle of pictograms Look," and "is a "Wo" plus a "mouth" Hunger breeds Well, enough to eat is the most important thing, "Harmony", the words plus one "than" plus one "white" << Shuo Wen Jie Zi> > "than", "secret too," idiom "row upon row, as near horizon." White is the meaning of words and to speak, so that we all speak together, to express their views. "Harmony" is that people have only the most basic living needs are met only after together to express their views on this most ancient The Chinese word contains the most important Marxist Philosophy. << Tomb of Marx and Engels speak >> that Marx's most important contribution is: "Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the development of human history law, that has always been overshadowed by lush caught up with the ideology of a simple fact: people first must eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, and so on. "[11]
Hu Jintao, the party's congress in the report, said: "thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, requires us to actively build a socialist harmonious society, social harmony is the essential attribute of socialism with Chinese characteristics."
Deng Xiaoping said: "No matter what happens the world, as long as people have enough food, everything will be easier." [12] Of course, after 30 years of reform and development, China has basically solved the food problem, but the saying goes: "basic necessities", by extension The address people's basic living there are many problems, "and" the task is still arduous and we speak in front of "Harmony" is to "Everybody talk and express their opinions", in fact, under the premise of a full stomach, politics government participation in the state. If 30 years of reform and opening up economic reform to address is the "and" of the problem, then the realization of "Harmony" is to promote political reform, President Hu Jintao said in a vigorously pursue economic reform while " actively and steadily push forward political reform "is also what it means. Deng also warned us:" All our reform ultimately can not be successful, so we decided to reform the political system "[13].

Five, dialectical materialism and scientific concept of development "balanced"

Scientific development concept emphasizes the fundamental approach is holistic, require contact and development perspective problem persist contact point, the problem can not be viewed in isolation, but to see things as they are interdependent, interacting relationship specifically is to adhere to the "five balances" through urban and rural development, regional development, economic and social development, the harmonious development of man and nature, and domestic development and opening to achieve balanced and coordinated economic and social development and it requires the development of perspective problems because the world is eternal development. prevent the interests of contemporary people to sacrifice the interests of future generations, to prevent the immediate development at the expense of long-term development, emphasis on achieving development while continuing to improve the ecological environment and promote the harmony between man and nature and adhere to the development of production, affluent life and sound ecological civilization development path. "
Marxist philosophy is the core of the methodology of dialectical materialism, dialectical materialism, that is to summarize the essence: "The world is universal and eternal development contact. Things universal connection constitutes the eternal world development, dialectical materialism to contact the concept and development concept as the basic content and overall characteristics, and thus reveal things ties and development general rule, the world's universal connection because of their material unity (materialism things growing contradiction lies in the fundamental driving force (Law of Opposites, so stick contact and development point of view is to adhere to materialism and the unity of opposites, is to adhere to Marx's dialectical materialism, so Hu said: "The holistic concept of scientific development is the fundamental way."
After the founding of our party after the long-term exploration and practice, summarize both positive and negative lessons learned, based on 30 years especially the reform and development achievements to get the world's attention when the ancient and vibrant face unprecedented new republic opportunities and challenges of today, the party called on us to implement the scientific concept of development, stressing that "development is the first meaning" and "comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable", stressing that "the core is people-oriented, fundamental approach is holistic," is to emphasize the social development The purpose and regularity unify our goal is to get faster and better development, but the development itself is a regularity, adhere to the scientific development is to understand the law, and according to the laws, requiring emphasis between man and nature, harmony between people, which reflects the mind of the world's international vision and advancing philosophical spirit, both upheld and developed the fundamental principles of Marxism and the general methodology, but also a good inherit and carry forward the Chinese nation fine cultural traditions.

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