On the development of modern science and technology impact on the philosophical concept

Paper Keywords: impact of modern science and philosophy

Abstract: Review the history of human civilization, we will be surprised to find that science and philosophy have the same historical origins, but also in human intelligence and the initial stages of civilization, philosophy and science is a concept without distinction, mainly reflected in the language level, the logical level, research areas and specific methods to study specific object consistency. In science and philosophy all influence each other and contact details of them, contact the research methods are always the most important and iconic first contact, or other contact and impact of the foundation, which is the core and key points of this article .

First, the history of science and philosophy of science and philosophy of mutual influence each other origins began in the first infancy of modern science in the Middle Ages where Newton's mainstream scholars believe belonging to natural philosophy of physics, but in the specific methods of operation on their have learned to seek empirical research using physical experiments and began to avoid the blind use of cumbersome and complicated and difficult to understand the experience of discourse purely philosophical conjecture and speculation methods to study science in the science of Kepler and Newton et al originator of continuous efforts and struggle , the scientific method to the philosophical heavy shackles his own, for the rapid development of science and technology to provide a solid foundation and pave the way for a mature any specific scientific theory, generally must have a relatively complete system architecture and a able to prove the facts of experience, and philosophy in the long-term development and maturation process, philosophical dialectic way of thinking and research methods gradually withdrew from the many special disciplines, and this is a very important philosophical key into the first turn, that epistemological shift, but this shift is not completely full of philosophy research topics to divest science, but is only their respective industry, specializing in surgery, namely Lakatos called "research program" in the sense of the change.

The main use of empirical research to specific applied science, the rest of the logic, psychology and technology still does not recognize the problem now confirmed as speculative areas stick method, although similar to the change and steering from the interruption, been going on, but science and philosophy are slowly find their common goal that can not be completely discarded and leave each other, especially in the field of theoretical research is even more intimate. example of outstanding philosophers always deep concern the forefront of scientific and technological fields and important theoretical research and discussion, hoping where you can find more inspiration, while the corresponding pure research scientist in the process, the convention is not always conscious use of philosophical tools and methods, and that "research program," the steering and the change of philosophy often require strong intervention Science wishful is impossible to achieve

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Second, the branch of philosophy of science Philosophy of Science Division founded founded from science to philosophy of mind strong influence results. Masters of philosophy of science Karl Popper clear understanding to analytic philosophy in the future is to go medieval scholasticism of the old philosophy, which is extremely dangerous and wrong; he thought, philosophical rigor and absolute must have streamlined the specific content for the price, so it is impossible to construct a relatively complete in the form of systems theory to describe and explain the objective world, and this way, in order to truly exclude philosophical paradox, we must not contaminated with any imagination and reality among the entities can only discuss purely structural problems however completely exclude the theoretical paradox dialectical philosophy of language will seem empty useless, cumbersome and complex, always immersed in the meaning of the word useless detail repeated as appropriate, while the real-world issues and events without major concern, which is the logical positivist school of justice and the Vienna Circle disintegration most important reason.

Popper understood clearly and distinctly pointed out the existence of dialectical philosophy enormous problems and dilemmas, philosophy should be most concerned about is the best way to affect human problems in the field of self-reflection, and human self-reflection will certainly ultimate control of others their own unique Limitations - the physical, mental, and timing of the natural constraints, that must be a deep philosophical understanding, recognition and acceptance of such limitations and is not perfect, but that does not mean to give up the pursuit of absolute truth, but we must our ability to seek practical research within the field of feasible. Moreover the field of philosophy, we will neither arbitrary use of subjective imagination, they can not use complicated words pesters, must learn from the unique scientific methods and research techniques, and then construct the system and comprehensive theory to describe, explore and explain the genuine philosophical problems, but what is the scientific method is that we must carefully explore, things are not generally linked type the full name is well known philosophical proposition put generalizations, and its contact include thousands causal link is often not limited to, in a sense we can examine all allegations of individuals prior to its proposition can not be fully established, however, that the whole world is like a Popper infinite, the black box, to establish whether what model it is impossible to fully and completely opened its internal concrete structure, human understanding and knowledge it is the only way to make comprehensive use of theories, concepts and models to describe it, if the theory is to capture an infinite world of experience as a network, then The ultimate goal of scientific development is not to use the language of science to build its own natural completely identical with the description, but rather so that the "mesh getting smaller," infinite approximation of the truth.

Ideological doctrine of free competition is often recognized as the philosophy of science foundation for the growth of knowledge, we tend to accept and understand this hypothesis, a theory in order to have a certain commonality must experience the many different theories and contemporary competition and elimination process, and we can not make this approach completely accurate or fair value judgments. Popper's theory that Einstein and Newton are subordinate to science, but they can not all be true, may lack are false, they have been able to become a true scientific theory, not necessarily because they can be proven and falsified, to establish its authenticity are necessarily wrong to some extent can be the basis of specific, while philosophy of science is important and crucial task lies in the elaboration and study of human competition currently unknown patterns to establish the dominant theory, eliminate subordination theory. Popper logical positivism and analytic philosophy school of the most significant difference lies in its rigorous analysis is not unnatural demanding scientific description, to some extent accepted metaphysics, that the process of historical development of human science is to increase negative entropy of the universe for unnatural academic research field of science and research, the development model of rebuttal and guess to some extent also apply. Popper doctrine is not the purpose of analytic philosophy peculiar falsificationism, not to provide specific methods distinguish new metaphysics and science, its core is described knowledge and interpretation of the so-called unique pattern of growth - "critical rationalism." In this respect, it can be said Popper is a relatively traditional and conservative philosophers, but the answer is not a methodological problem of epistemology, the distinction is not science but the distinction between science and pseudo-human transmission and recording information of public and private property.

Philosophy of science for truth maintenance, and analysis of philosophy with the same purpose at the same time, the similarities between the two is the science of philosophy at the level of genre direct response. Philosopher Karl Popper found good at absorbing other disciplines or philosophical norms essence, but will not be assimilated, and always maintain their own unique characteristics. philosophy can not become accurate knowledge, this is the philosophy of the charm. philosophy as a spiritual pillar and the people closest to the discipline, its concepts complex, often mixed together, people distinguish accurately in endless exploration >> << preface to this book, Helmut Kohl on the philosophy expressed his expectation that the pursuit of truth can not be stopped, while should beware of illusion, truth can not be covered by some deceived by the illusion of the veil.


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