Founded on the philosophy of talk from the broad spectrum of scientific research methodology

Abstract: the creation of broad-spectrum of philosophy has undergone a difficult and lengthy process that gives scientists a lot of inspiration mainly from research to grasp the principal contradiction, to have the appropriate methodology to resolve issues and solve tough issues have not pulling the three aspects of this broad-spectrum determination of philosophy founded by research methodology.

Keywords: broad spectrum of philosophy, research methods, subject

Had the honor of listening to Professor Zhang Yuxiang <<broad spectrum of theories and methods of philosophy 'course, which, the philosophy of broad-spectrum business process difficult for our educators a deep inspiration, although not part of their broad spectrum of philosophy itself, but will make us lifelong benefit they are invisible, but it gives us endless inspiration.

First, the issue is to solve conflicts

- To address the broad spectrum of philosophy of universal philosophy and accuracy of contradictions

Where to find research subjects? Although many sources, but also depends on what issues, such as broad-spectrum new issues of philosophy, philosophy of trying to quantify the broad construction of touch, not only has no direct social needs, or even not be listed What level of research into the subject (eg, national or provincial-level humanities and social sciences topics.

Broad spectrum of philosophical topics first place at the two ways of thinking of the impact. Professor Zhang Yuxiang is a study of water conservancy projects, but after graduation teaching in philosophy, natural science, precise way of thinking and philosophy of qualitative speculative way of thinking, has a distinct and significant contrast, the philosophy can be as precise as the natural sciences without losing its universality? such a problem, conflict, Professor Zhang has become a major repeated torture 'issue.'
Can solve such a task is not the default answer. In general, the accuracy and universality is difficult to reconcile the contradictions, the pursuit of universal philosophy (the so-called 'one size fits all', but lost the expense of accuracy. mathematical precision of natural science to pursue, but the cost of the loss of universality. To both, easier said than done! we see that in philosophy textbooks often cite some examples of the exact natural sciences, for example, When talking about time and space give examples of non-Euclidean geometry and the theory of relativity, when talking about dialectics give calculus and physics, chemistry examples, but that is only an example, rather than the philosophy itself mathematical, precise.

In 1981, Professor Zhang Yuxiang learned the philosophy of Hebei Province, presented a paper <<Model of the law of the three dialectics ', in this paper, he used the inverse of each other' analog 'unity of opposites, with the function' Simulation 'no the denial of the law, with the ultimate concept of 'simulation' qualitative quantitative laws. things too soon, he realized that this is a record of failure. The reason is that the use of the three laws of dialectics too wide, while the reciprocal operation, the limit the concept of periodic function and other traditional mathematical tools are some very specific tools, with Professor Zhang's own words, this 'simulation' is nothing short of 'the philosophy of this gigantic flowers into the extremely slender stems.' After many years of , Professor Zhang continued to track and explore mathematical problems in the philosophy of the transplant, he tried differential dynamic systems theory, manifold theory, fiber bundle theory, transform bundle theory, topology methods, but all with little success, he later concluded said that due to philosophical concepts, the universal proposition to traditional mathematics as a tool to be modeled on the philosophy of natural science the mathematical transformation is doomed to failure, which is Professor Zhang spent six or seven years earlier ended in failure time reached a basic conclusion, it shows that the accuracy to resolve the contradiction between the universal and the extent of its difficulty!
Since then, Zhang turned to the desired cross-sectional interdisciplinary science, especially on the 'youngest' theory (systems theory, information theory, cybernetics and the 'new three' theory (theory of dissipative structures, synergetics, catastrophe theory, represented by the system science base in this area, he contacted a number of new ideas, new methods, but he soon realized that the system of scientific method is limited to the mathematical basis of the traditional values ??into a mathematical framework, the issue can not be diverted to the philosophy He just pointed out, there are many very beautiful system of scientific thought, many of the concepts, principles of universality is also high, but the mathematical models of systems science is very narrow, very wide with his ideas, principles do not match there these experiences, Professor Chang fuzzy felt: mathematical arsenal may not be sufficient to describe the philosophy of play forging a universal weapon to solve the philosophy of universal and accuracy there is no hope of contradiction?
Historically, the famous philosopher, the founder of analytic geometry Di child, once tried to use the geometry of the axiomatic method expounded philosophical principle, which has already been proved a failure. German philosopher Klaus-known control theory has tried to use the traditional model of control theory, mathematical methods and elucidation of Philosophy, has long been a history of failure in China, from the founding, there have been many philosophical workers, and scientists are also done numerous attempts, but none of that recognized the results. is not inherently mathematical philosophy, or there are problems with mathematical tools (too harsh, strict? is itself the subject selected is too high, beyond the conditions of the times? or personal knowledge structure or Si Weida not solve the issue level? This is the crossroads of research, Professor Zhang also after years of failure can not face major problems.

Second, the subject must have the appropriate methodology to solve

- No pansystems methodology, philosophy can not achieve the basic objectives of broad-spectrum

While Professor Zhang Yuxiang has failed for many years, could not find a philosophy of quantitative modeling tools in China, another emerging discipline - pansystems methodology is to River City of Wuhan as the center, in the field of 'quietly' Communication and In 1986 developing, it was Professor Xiang Zhang Wu Xue-mou introduced a set of papers <<pansystems analysis and scientific methodology>> his reading by surprise: actually there is such a methodology both universal and relative accuracy in a? This is not my years of looking for weapons? years of failure, but not make him blind optimism .1987 years, Professor Zhang to Qinhuangdao listened carefully to Mr. Wu Xuemou academic reports, and Mr. Wu held several face to face communication , the meeting recognized that Professor Chang Wu Xue-mou pansystems methodology is the creation of his many years of looking for a sharp weapon. Since then, in order to truly grasp the pansystems methodology, Professor Chang, 'study with a teacher,' Mr. Wu to follow five years of painstaking study pansystems theory, and try to link it with the philosophy in this period, Professor Chang published a series of philosophical questions pansystems of the paper, the accuracy of the philosophical problems of mathematics of the major turning point occurred in the study. Professor Zhang Yuxiang In reviewing this history, has made it clear that no pansystems methodology can not be resolved with precision universal philosophy of contradiction, and therefore can not achieve the basic objectives of broad-spectrum of philosophy in this sense, we can say, without pansystems methodology, there is no broad spectrum of philosophy can be seen, pansystems methodology for establishing broad Puzhe study of crucial importance .

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Why pansystems methodology are so important? Because it is the meaning of its broad range of basic concepts (such as generalized systems, generalized relations, generalized transformation, generalized symmetric, generalized optimization based on the same basis of a broad mathematical module of these modules from discrete mathematics mathematics, and after a pansystems of the transformation, and therefore the traditional built on the basis of numerical mathematics are essentially different.. This the concept of relative pansystems methodology and relative accuracy universal unity, and Professor Zhang Yuxiang years to resolve the issues is the philosophy of universality and accuracy of contradictions, so pansystems methodology first philosophy to provide broad-spectrum an example of how the concept of universal high high with the same universal mathematical modules together.

Meanwhile, pansystems methodology for quantitative modeling of the broad philosophical question provides the specific theories, models and methods. Pansystems methodology mechanism of broad general things have their own set of quantitative modeling quantitative pansystems theory, basic module and the specific method, for example, the number of its proposed pan, pan-simulation, pansystems single value theorem, fifteen kinds of pansystems transformation method, etc., for the philosophical problem of quantitative modeling of direct reference. Professor Zhang Yuxiang in <<Canton spectrum of philosophical inquiry>> outlined in the book kind of a 'broad view of mathematics', 'Quantitative modeling of the basic philosophical problems of thinking,' It was learned pansystems methodology based on the ideas and the combination of philosophical questions raised by the more practical.

Old saying 'we must first sharpen his tools', which is about the role of tools High scientific research, too, need to have a level commensurate with the subject of methodology. The year after Einstein's special theory of relativity, general relativity, published after a lapse of seven years before, the main reason is to learn to express Einstein's general relativity theory need to complement the mathematical tools - tensor analysis, the same can be said that Einstein's later years a unified field theory in the study did not succeed, in addition to physical reasons, was not to provide suitable mathematical tools (for example, later on the unified field theory has an important role in fiber bundle with the contact theory has not produced, we can imagine If there is no pansystems methodology, broad-spectrum may have to postpone the presentation of philosophy for many years, therefore, pansystems methodology for broad-spectrum philosophy, it is a necessary social and historical conditions, it can help us understand why the philosophy of broad-spectrum 20 The next half century, produced in China.

Third, to address major research projects, the need perseverance

- Explore the history of eighteen years of broad-spectrum Philosophy

In 1981, Professor Zhang presented the first paper <<Model of the three dialectics>> date, published in 1998 <<broad spectrum of philosophy to explore>> the book only, broad-spectrum philosophical inquiry after 18 years during which the twists and turns, and one taste, only Zhang individuals know that we admire is his unwavering spirit and perseverance.

Eighteen years in China to break this rigid system, the implementation of reform and opening up policy, ideological emancipation, economic development period, people's values, has undergone major changes, especially the younger generation, the pursuit of high-income, quality of life has become a fashion .20 in the early 1980s, Professor Zhang is also a 20-year-old young teachers. everyone knows, neither do philosophical research is a microscopic economic and social benefits of career, let alone engage in the philosophy of mathematics of the . Professor Zhang was originally learn practical engineering, there are many students rely on the tide of reform and opening up the school of practical engineering made a fortune, but Professor Zhang goal once selected, they remain, willing to take 'back seat' to sit eighteen years, this spirit, this realm is the young people of our generation can not match.

These eighteen years, great development of Chinese education, the development of a large highly educated eighteen years, the younger generation to pursue higher education, go abroad wave after wave. Professor Zhang has chosen a solution do not see any hope, like all others not think about the subject, in order to subject him to give up all of PubMed, learning opportunities, gave up all winter and summer vacations. 'bubble' library, tracking emerging discipline, in order to understand the philosophy needed to build broad-spectrum pansystems methodology He, like apprentices, as bit by bit to learn the 'wrapped' live Professor Wu Xuemou hold a 'tied' is five years, which makes Professor Wu Xuemou deeply moved, he said: Some people learn pansystems because he wanted to pan Department of fame made several papers, received titles, so they kick the tires, resulting in learning a little fur. Zhang Yuxiang learned pansystems is seized, five years like a day, eating a model to a model, a module is a module to knock not completely clear will never let go, because he really want to do something to grasp pansystems.

Proved, Professor Zhang is grasping to seize and hold pansystems, and this for his many years of painstaking study to solve the problems of modern philosophy to provide a sharp ideological weapon, but his pursuit of problem-solving tool dedication, these eighteen years explore the underlying performance of the perseverance of our young teachers are not more meaning? Professor Zhang of eighteen years but neither has been in pursuit of a utilitarian, at the time did not have any grasp of the target, almost certainly committed a to be academic 'lonely travelers,' the goal, we have lamented Stalin's insight: the great objectives of great perseverance! Links to free download

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