On the Philosophical Hermeneutics Perspective Moral Problems

Paper Keywords: Moral understanding Philosophical Hermeneutics

Abstract: Moral is dependent is a "person" in the world, one filled with fresh life, living world in this world, teachers and students communicate with each other, understand each other. Traditional moral indoctrination as is the process of moral ethics Knowledge of memorizing process, ignoring the mutual understanding between teachers and students. To get out of this moral dilemma, to understand is a way out.

With the acceleration of globalization, ethnic, between competition and cooperation between the countries growing spirit of mutual understanding between peoples and countries has become widespread among the psychological needs. Reflect this spirit of the times of deepening understanding of theoretical discussion The introduction of moral education provides an opportunity to understand this topic research draws on Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics thoughts, he cares about people and the world is the most fundamental relationship between the state and his understanding that people all over the world all ties , understand the process occurs in all aspects of human life, is the basis of human experience from the perspective school moral aspects to understand the reality, we see that the problem is greatly neglected to understand the situation:
A re-memorizing light to understand each a moral content are produced in the world who live with their specific contacts and relations, we call this relationship as "background." In reality, moral, this "background" is often neglect, contrary floating on the surface of moral knowledge, behavior, but by excessive attention. traditional moral education so that students know what is moral, but do not know why this is so, it is because the students merely reflects the moral, but not understood ethics. understanding is not taught by the teacher memorizing of moral knowledge, but teachers, students and moral texts fusion of horizons, although their sight different, but the sight is by no means closed. understanding beginning to understand who Sight to enter it is to be understood that sight, with the understanding of the progress continues to expand, broaden and enrich Second, students are not adequately acknowledged the former see here emphasized see mainly refers to former students have understood before cognitive structure, level of knowledge and understanding, etc. subject to mandatory indoctrination habit, and the current moral exist in varying degrees of unity and identity features. moral knowledge is not static, which itself is a comprehension of, Different students will have different understandings of morality. understanding itself has historically meant two senses: first, the understanding is that understanding of history, no history, it is impossible to understand, because people are living in history. No. two, because understanding is unfolding in history and, therefore, historic. presence of the former see, but also because each student's comprehension and thinking skills are different, so that different students have different during the same moral ideological consciousness, so can not completely focus on moral identity, to individualized.

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understanding of traditional methods of hermeneutics attention seeking at the expense of understanding the conditions in China. Philosophical Hermeneutics an important step forward is to focus on understanding the conditions discussed: one, to treat ago See. Gadamer see the front is divided into two categories. One is "legitimate Foresight", that history has given, and has a positive value in understanding, people will never be able to get rid of the former see it from the history and culture of people Inheritance Another type is "blind see before," refers to the individual in real life, in constant contact with absorption, can eliminate insights and ideas, etc., which mainly comes from the people on the various blind obedience to authority. Such See tend to hinder former students correctly understand the realization that understanding towards a single and rigid. If no special reason should be overcome as well. two, take the time spacing modern hermeneutic methodology to understand the pitch as an obstacle, Gadamer Hermeneutics emphasizes that exists between us and the historical time span is not only not understand the obstacles, but we continue to generate new understanding and a new sense of truth source of pitch is an objective reality, fundamentally speaking, is insurmountable in moral education process, teachers need time to understand the students, the students 'understanding of the process and the process of analysis and processing of various events that play a role in the process of time interval Students also need to understand teachers' time, this process students than teachers to understand the process more long. Third, actively fusion horizon so-called fusion of horizons is not simply to obey or overlap, but educators and the educated talks reached a consensus about a particular topic. educators to open their horizon educated, educated to do the answer in this interaction, both educators and students to understand as much as possible from the positive aspects of the particularity of each horizon, as far as possible to reflect on their own vision of the irrational component, and by clearing the unreasonable ingredients for the admission of the other party to make room for a reasonable difference is that the common vision to achieve fusion of horizons that range. Fourth, understand the cycle control in Gadamer seems to understand the cycle is explained cycle. emphasize the overall moral of the text itself part relationship , is to emphasize the moral texts independent of the environment that the original intent of the text eternal objectivity. emphasizes the historical, social and other text with the moral relationship between the whole and the parts, is to emphasize the text is not intended or meant to text that is conferred by the reader subjectivity. philosophical hermeneutics that understanding is always relative, cycling will never disappear, understanding is a sense expectations, planning and mutual understanding of the specific process of circulation, which shows understanding of development and progress, and also shows that understanding is open and unlimited. Educated and moral vision of the text in a fusion fusion is not the end, but the constant integration, so as to continuously generate individual value and significance.


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