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  • Refuting Chinese culture can not produce logical strategy analysis
    I had written in 2007 << Henan University (contained << >> 6, 2007 - Discussion with Professor Cheng Zhongtang >> article refuting the ancient Chinese logic theory, recently I read Professor Cheng << ultimate cultural the fate of the care a

    Feb 6,2013

  • Cross-correlation analysis of logic and language studies
    A formal semantics theory - the role of logic Formal Semantics is the product of the cross-over study of logic and language, is built within the logical framework of natural language semantics. Formal semantics of natural language theory, although the goal is the sema

    Feb 6,2013

  • Essentialism of analysis
    Kripke Essentialism Kripke's inevitable really Important representatives of modern essentialism Kripke He believes that not only there is necessarily true, but more important is that the inevitable really exist about the object. Kripke proposed the existence of ne

    Feb 6,2013

  • On the Philosophical Hermeneutics Perspective Moral Problems
    Paper Keywords: Moral understanding Philosophical Hermeneutics Abstract: Moral is dependent is a "person" in the world, one filled with fresh life, living world in this world, teachers and students communicate with each other, understand each other. Traditional moral

    Dec 13,2012

  • For social science analysis methodology notes
    Discussion of social science research methodology, Weber (Max Weber) is around, but the name. "Value-free" has been read too familiar, the Weberian sense "value-free" how should understand? In academia but is still obscure. both today's social development and crisis, th

    Nov 21,2012

  • On obligations philosophical connotation
    Zhang Xiao (1979 -), male, Nanjing, Ph.D., Lecturer, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China People's University of China School of Philosophy We can understand the characteristics of the obligations from the two aspects, one is as the obligations of the rule

    Nov 21,2012

  • Definition of the hostile forces the use of religion to infiltrate containing
    To write papers: Abstract: religious infiltration Western hostile forces in the garb of religion, religious rights through a variety of illegal activities in a vain attempt to erode people's thinking. Not only have an adverse impact to the community, is also a negative

    Jul 24,2012

  • With regard to the philosophy of the philosophy of life: campus life
    The philosophy around us. If you can make a variety of campus life into the classroom, it must make our classroom close to the students, life has become a lively and thus stimulate the students' enthusiasm and interest in learning, following some minor issue of campus

    Jul 6,2012

  • Ecological rights
    Abstract: The ecological rights, areas of ecological ethics theory one of the cornerstones of the scholars at home and abroad for the study of ecological rights has made great achievements, mainly reflected in the ecological rights of subjects and their legitimacy argum

    Jul 4,2012

  • Analysis of petition work in building a harmonious enterprise
    Abstract: The overall objective of building a harmonious society under the leadership of and build a harmonious enterprise, of course, to do petition work under the new situation of the enterprise, and correct handling of contradictions among workers under the new situa

    Jun 18,2012

  • About the ancient Greek natural philosophy history investigated
    The write papers networks: Abstract: Philosophy of the origin of human cognition. Human society, the existence based on nature and society itself would have a cognitive demand. Greek philosophy is in this demand stimulation of the birth. Greek philosophy of nature to e

    Jun 13,2012

  • About the ancient Greek natural philosophy history investigated
    Abstract: The Philosophy of the origin of human cognition. Human existence of a society based on nature and society itself would have a cognitive demand. Greek philosophy is the birth of this demand stimulation Greek philosophy of nature to explore, with its closely rel

    Jun 13,2012

  • Cross-disciplinary on the philosophy of science in practice vision
    Abstract: The cross in the subjects to understand the limitations and theoretical priority of the philosophy of science. Practice perspective of the philosophy of science interdisciplinary style: theory, instrumentation, experiment, technology, culture, etc. between dif

    Jun 12,2012

  • How to understand the philosophy of Marxism is historical materialism - from the positioning of the philosophy of Marxism about
    Abstract: The positioning of the philosophy of Marxism has been to say "dialectical materialism and historical materialism" and "practical materialism", while the positioning of historical materialism is the current focus on the topic of this issue concerning a Marx phi

    Jun 11,2012

  • For the relationship between science and religion resolution
    Abstract: Science and religion are two different belief systems, the existence of certain fusion power between each other, there will be a fierce conflict in certain circumstances from the entire history of the development of the human point of view, science and religio

    May 29,2012

  • Analysis of the ethical values conflict in the development of life science
    Abstract: the ever-changing science and technology to bring ethics contest, the value of the deviation from the Life Sciences and Bioethics in the development process and triggered a fierce conflict. Article focused on the the life Technology Bioethics value of conflict

    May 27,2012

  • The value of philosophy to develop innovative thinking
    Abstract: The philosophical discourse on the significance of creative thinking, to enhance the awareness of the importance of philosophy, culture and inspire innovative thinking. Keywords: philosophy of Marxism philosophy of innovative thinking Innovation is the cor

    Apr 3,2012

  • Perspective on an open tolerant and translation teaching
    Abstract: The theory of communicative action to promote a rational reconstruction, in order to establish a reasonable relationship between the main exchange to seek a rational language. University English translation teaching as a professor of English translation of kno

    Apr 1,2012

  • On Qian "Heaven and Man theory" philosophy
    [Overview] Qian put forward by modern science and technology system has 11 departments: natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, science, system science, human science, behavioral science, thinking, science, military science, building science, geographical scienc

    Feb 14,2012

  • _ Thesis writing network of Eastern and Western philosophy in common
    Paper to write on behalf of Network: With the years of tooth grew, the partners becoming sparse, several friends New Year did not come back. Mind boring, seriously read some books. Eastern and Western philosophy there are many places is surprisingly similar, even if eve

    Feb 14,2012

  • On China's Marxist literature resources to protect the status quo and countermeasures
    Paper Keywords: protection of Marxist literature literature literature resources sharing Abstract: At present, China's Marxist literature resources and support facing the literature scattered resources, lack of integration, digital slow, literature resources, low leve

    Jan 6,2012

  • On the content of Plato's concept of justice and practical significance
    Paper Keywords: practical significance of national justice, individual justice Abstract: Justice ancient times the value of the pursuit of human society, Plato in the <<ideal state 'in the justice, individual justice and the city is divided into two parts, of ju

    Jan 1,2012

  • On the ethics of human nature: the value of practical philosophy sequence structure
    Paper Keywords: philosophy and practice of a decent state social field of the original appearance Abstract: At present, the humanities and social science community to identify and new and deeply concerned about the essential nature of cultural practices in different d

    Nov 29,2011

  • On the first of a philosopher modern entrepreneur
    [Abstract] philosophical world outlook and methodology, philosophy is the core of the soul of corporate culture, corporate culture does not support the philosophy of 'Lost Souls culture', entrepreneurs do not understand the philosophy of 'Lost Souls entrepreneurs' Lost

    Nov 10,2011

  • Analysis of the creative personality characteristics and culture
    Paper Keywords: creative personality training Abstract: From the start the basic characteristics of creative personality, with emphasis from family, school and society in three areas, the objective of environmental and interpersonal factors on creativity and personali

    Nov 1,2011

  • Analysis Analysis of the basic concepts from deconstruction to see two basic features of deconstruction
    Paper Keywords: Difference sow the digestion of the explanatory Abstract: Deconstruction was once thought to become the mainstream thinking of Western society, on the other, such as literature, art, translation like the humanities and social sciences have a broad and

    Oct 14,2011

  • Intuition about the beauty of stretching
    Abstract: Bergson as a aesthetics of the 20th century the first person, the underlying structure of thought and aesthetic aspects of the setting, turn of the 20th century many areas of aesthetics and aesthetic direction. In this paper, the generation of Bergson aestheti

    Oct 6,2011

  • On the philosophy of the Deng Xiaoping era theme on the meaning of
    Abstract: The theme of the times to determine the formation of Deng Xiaoping's thinking is his political and economic, war and revolution in understanding the relationship between the adjustment of his observation and analysis of social situations, realistic world-wide

    Sep 27,2011

  • On Aristotle On the Aesthetics and Music Aesthetics
    Paper Keywords: aesthetics Aesthetics of Music 'imitation' theory 'typical to say' 'Beauty in the whole one.' Abstract: Aristotle, ancient Greek philosophy, religion, natural science and a master of aesthetics and his heart is the art of aesthetic ideas 'imitation' th

    Sep 20,2011

  • Analysis of the Marxist economic philosophy Discussion
    Paper Keywords: economic philosophy guiding the development of the historical status Abstract: This article from the economic philosophy of the concept, explain what is the economic philosophy and economic philosophy of the historical development process focuses on th

    Aug 26,2011