The logic of Marx's philosophical thinking

Marxist philosophy Marx changes the entire traditional Western philosophy, especially the transformation of the entire modern Western philosophy, the philosophy of Marxism has been able to achieve the revolutionary transformation of the old philosophy, the key lies in Marxist philosophy, a way of thinking changes change the way of thinking of Marxist philosophy, subversion the philosophers take himself in traditional Western philosophy and way of thinking in the past related philosophical thinking limit. new way of thinking under Marxist philosophy "of things, in reality, emotional" no longer "just to understand object or intuitive, from "abstract dynamic aspects to understand" and "them as human sensuous activity as a practice to understand, from a subjective understanding"   [2 ] 16 . The Marxist philosophical way of thinking is the key to change the entire Western tradition of philosophy stems from the way of thinking, follow the "Road" or "reasonable", that the thinking logical change the decision from the entire Western course of philosophical thinking, logical development perspective Marx is thinking of how to change the philosophy of the past logic, not only conducive to the understanding of the of Marxism philosophy of the transformation of the traditional Western philosophy, at a deeper level, and more conducive to understanding the nature of Marxist philosophy.

Basic meanings as well as the necessity of the study of Marxist philosophy thinking logic from philosophical thinking logic level perspective of Marxism is how to change the traditional philosophy of the past, the study of contemporary Chinese Marxist Philosophy sector is far from adequate. scholars to focus attention in the relevant areas of the world view understand Marx is how to change the traditional philosophy of the past, always from the view of the world up, rarely set foot in the logic of thinking belongs to the field of methodological research. confined metaphysical to get involved way of thinking in the form of logic that the field of study of the logic, logic in the field of formal logic, in recognition of the premise of the law and the rules of formal logic, application and interpretation of the law and rules of formal logic. formal logic of this of law and rules of non-critical, precisely from philosophical thinking logic level perspective Marx is how to change the traditional philosophy. currently philosophical circles, in addition to the Logic specializes in formal logic truly philosophy and way of thinking, especially thinking logical perspective, Marx's perspective is how to change the traditional philosophy, which can be described as a new attempt to open up.

From philosophical thinking logic level perspective Marx how to change the traditional philosophy must be clear that the logic of philosophical thinking what is the problem from two aspects, which need to understand first aspect in a comparative sense: a clear philosophical thinking, logic and the relationship between philosophy and way of thinking, only clear in this regard, we can know that the philosophical thinking logic belongs in philosophy in what areas, worldview and methodology? philosophy thinking logic in philosophy at what level problem. second aspect: the philosophical thinking logic is clear at what level, it must be clear what the specific meaning of philosophical thinking logic at this level, that is, the specific meaning of the philosophical thinking logic is what the problem from a comparative first in terms of meaning: the philosophy and way of thinking is the understanding of the philosophical questions of some philosophers, grasp and evaluation methods, which means some philosophers think about philosophical questions the fundamental way of thinking. philosophical thinking logic some philosophers thinking about philosophical questions follow the "Road" or "reasonable", that is, the inherent law and rules of philosophy and way of thinking. change, the means certain philosophical thinking logic is a philosophical way of thinking, philosophical thinking inner regularity, that it follow the "Road" or "reasonable". shows that philosophy and way of thinking is the description of a philosophical thinking "natural" philosophical thinking logic is to illustrate a philosophical thinking what they were. "Obviously, philosophy and way of thinking is in the performance of significant layer of philosophical methodology and philosophical thinking logic is the law and rules in the field of philosophy and methodology in the hidden layer. relative to the worldview field, the logic of philosophical thinking for methodological The discussion will progress to a deeper level, perspective Marx is how to change the inner nature the traditional philosophical as well as understanding of Mark philosophy.

From the second in terms of the specific sense: the logic of philosophical thinking, a certain philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy inherent regularity and rules follow certain philosophical way of thinking "Road" or "reasonable" and this " Road "or" reasonable "that philosophical thinking logic, philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy constitute the basis and principles of philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy constitute their own logic fulcrum which means as to constitute a philosophical way of thinking and philosophy the basis and principles that philosophical thinking, logic, philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy for the inevitable "occult" and "mandatory" the so-called "occult" means that philosophical thinking logic philosophy and way of thinking and philosophical thought "an invisible hand" is a philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy "behind the scene", this is the "occult", that philosophers thinking related philosophical questions the premise so-called "Mandatory" means hidden in a philosophical way of thinking and philosophy thinking logic specification of philosophy and way of thinking of the people and the philosophy of content, this is the "logical mandatory, that is the specification philosopher thinking philosophy their problems.

Occult philosophy and way of thinking and philosophy and norms and constraints philosopher thinking, logical thinking about philosophical questions, it has the "logic of mandatory requirements from thinking logic level perspective Marx how critical reflect on and change the "logic of the Western tradition of philosophical thinking logic Mandatory process, the creation of the logic of practice. Thus, in the thinking logic level to enable us in-depth understanding of the logic of Marx's practice of" lifting "of previous philosophy premise "logic Mandatory change of meaning, to make us a more in-depth understanding of the Marxist logic of practice to consciously change traditional philosophical process to construct a philosophy and way of thinking to their own logic and principles that thinking logic, and so philosophical thinking logic maintain the necessary tension between Reconstruction and deconstruction, so always maintain a self-criticism of the space between the philosophical thinking logic, thus thinking logic level transition, to promote the transformation of the mode of philosophical thinking has revolutionary significance of methodological Therefore, the in philosophical logic level, the logical course of changes in traditional Western philosophical thinking, perspective of Marxism is to change how they achieve deeper understanding of Marxist philosophy nature necessary.

Marx before changing course of the traditional Western philosophical thinking logic As Marx said: "The philosophy is the essence of the spirit of the times" due to the development of the history of the times, characterizing the characteristics of the times, a different philosophy and way of thinking, decided a different way of thinking of thinking logic also different. Marx Western Philosophy (There are three major addition to Kant's transcendental logic, the logic of Feuerbach thinking logic logic: (1 Heraclitus simple dialectical way of thinking, experience, (2 Aristotle Dodd metaphysical way of thinking formal logic or logic of the concept that the phase separation of content and form, (speculative logic or conceptual logic of Hegel's speculative way of thinking that is the unity of content and form. before Marx Western philosophical thinking logic , which are former sublation realize the logic level transitions, which formed by the presence of Heraclitus philosophy logic (certainly - Aristotle philosophy of formal logic (negative - Hegelian philosophy speculative logic (negation of the negation of regularity.

Heraclitus simple dialectical way of thinking there is a logical ancient Greek philosophy, the central issue is the problem of the origin of the world. Diversity of all things in the world, produce and change, this time starting from a simple and intuitive way of thinking , in accordance with the common sense born and to die, the existence of something must to nothing, however, orderly life and death, the seasons, vegetation Coorong natural scene tells us: all things natural polymerization, not because of changes in the life and death of all things destruction, but the performance of an eternal cycle being the case, indicating that there is some kind of always the same things in life and death changes everything being, they call it the very essence of time, philosophers have attempted to The specific elements of water, earth, air, as the original interpretation of the diversity of all its changes, they put everything in the world of these variants, as is caused by the same primitive but here, the philosopher is facing a dilemma: that philosophers can not be a good illustration of the relationship between the variants automatically become primitive and unchanged. worth considering, Heraclitus based on the simple existence of the dialectical logic to automatically change the "fire" that logic each of Sri Lanka for the very essence of proposed universe is a live fire burning, and not everything somehow determine the existence of matter ("fire" as the origin of the reversion and all the "primordial" or "matrix", but dynamic process of change ("fire" itself as a body. Obviously, this is used to explain everything in the world "logos" The body has the inherent negativity and contradiction, was the philosopher and the world, it is difficult to understand and beg to differ. Heraclitus on the level of the "feeling of certainty" in the empirical fact of the appearance of consciousness, described changeable experience of the phenomenon, but an empirical level, the expression of simple dialectics, but the question key: thesis Union http://www.LWLm.coM collected in in appearance conscious experience facts, people can recognize the "movement" and the appearance of consciousness can only "recognize" movement phenomenon, and could not explain and grasp the essence of the movement, which is precisely where Zeno can not express movement essentially empirical facts "Achilles catch up with the tortoise," Flying Arrow fixed "the distressed real reason to show movement the essence, we must use the human-specific expression of the concept of logic, to express and to grasp the essence of the movement of the object. positive to this problem because there is no conscious Heraclitus simple dialectical way of thinking there is a logical before is called a simple debate permit the existence of a logical, simple debate certificate exists logic of simple sexual Lenin put forward, "the problem is not in that there is no movement, but rather how the concept of logic to express it"   [3] . Nevertheless, Heraclitus the presence of simple dialectical logic, its rationality is not the logic of the management of the aggregate Later subjective concept, and the logic of the rationale is that aggregate objective facts, that there is a logical sensual experience level, so The logic of "true" and the fact that "true" consistent initiative to achieve the unity of thought and existence.

Metaphysical way of thinking in the form of logic. Formal logic, people often referred to as "ordinary logic", referring to the theory >> << tool for Aristotle theorized, systematic logic, which is to study the thinking noetic science of the form, structure and its laws. the logic professional learning logic, derived from formal logic mathematical logic, symbolic logic, etc. The most important feature of this form of logic: the study is not the reality of the existence of material the three basic law that the concept of everything in the world, but the thinking was that as thinking logic, judgment, reasoning and its rules, laws and everything in the world as a thought content is not in the field of view of this logic to explore. formal logic uniformity and no contradiction between the law and the row in the law, by its very nature, all require thinking certainty is not is not, not at the same time recognize the Yes and no. In this sense, formal logic as long as the person's thinking demonstration of the process to follow a law - A is A, the same shall be on the line, and other laws of logic just regular logical extension and supplement. Obviously, this form of logic, from the content of two types of premises will not be discussed first premise things you want to form logical reasoning, that is known to the judge and determine the concept and take "deposit regardless" or "ignore". means of formal logic to promise or set reasoning things itself known, no contradiction and uncertainty for the premise, as long as the reasoning process in line with the rules of formal logic on the second premise, formal logic of its own laws and rules "deposit regardless of" do not ask why you want to follow the law and rules of formal logic, not questioning their own rules and laws why could be set up according to the problem is clear, the memory regardless of the inevitable results of these two premises, people would be thinking in terms of grasping the existence of matter in motion, changing the course of its static solidified existence dismembered , fragmented, to the Contact the existence of non-continuous, one-sided, the living beings stiff, go by the decimation of existence and a mutually associated, abstract properties of the same, in the form of logic concept, expression, and thus judge the concept of logical thinking and reasoning that is bound to the thinking expressed in this logical thinking, does not meet the actual reaction the presence of external, non-uniform contradictions thinking and the presence of the opposition, will be caused by the exist thinking detachment, guilty of thinking to infer the existence of metaphysical way of thinking, this is the most important feature of formal logic formal logic, however, but from necessity rationality: (1 thinking The certainty of a specific scientific objective requirements. specific scientific, from a relatively static, the same time, the same relationship to grasp the nature and law of the same object, is a must. certainty (2 thinking human the objective requirements of the exchange of ideas. formal logic itself has no contradiction between the abstract identity, and one or the other, thinking, logic and logic as opposed to thinking can not grasp the actual existence, as well as with the presence of opposites unified .

Speculative logic of Hegel speculative way of thinking the face of formal logic thinking and existence of opposing dogmatism, the first form of logical reflection of Kant. Kant's transcendental logic set things in themselves thinking the opposition, did not actually realize a truly unified logic of thinking and logic, instead of thinking and being absolute opposition to the Tong Xiao Siwei history based on the Hegelian logic of thinking and there is a logical relationship speculative reflection. Hegel is based on the difference between the abstract the same "with the" same "," abstract same criticism of formal logic follows the law of identity, so that the same shall be just abstract intellectual law, rather than true laws of thinking he proposed: with uniformly expressed as "everything itself the same" or "A" is "A", which is completely the form and content of the thinking in isolation, all thinking the grasp to become things undifferentiated itself, rigid, non-development abstract same thing. distinguish abstract same, the same differences in the same inner occurred intrinsic negative "difference inherently different from this thinking grasp expanded to achieve the same logic of thinking movement exists between the concepts of self-denial constantly sublation process, this process is thinking follows the unity of opposites law, the quality of each variable law to deny the negate the law, grasp exist expand the concept during exercise. Obviously, the concept of the Hegelian concept of dialectic logic formal logic abstraction of the same thorough sublation breaking thinking grasp there abstract differential unity, i.e. the concept is dead solidified state. specific Unity any thought to grasp the concept of presence formed, all at the same time is both predetermined and is negative, are as links and intermediary exist, there it would concept between grasp this concept of self-denial, only the denial of the existence of nothingness, the fixity denial of its own, so the thinking in the form of a concept the dynamic grasp the process and therefore Hegel's concept of logic, formal logic in the break the formal logic "abstract same while the commitment to save the two prerequisites change, existing logical thinking concept to grasp the historical development and innovation to said, emancipating the mind and promote the significant role and significance of the logical change and innovation, to achieve the level of human thinking logic transition, but at the same time we see the speculative logic the objective idealism speculative digestion external objectification existence of internal thinking the concept of subjective objects exist., the so-called thinking with the existence of a unified, the same existence is not subjective thinking and reflected in the objective external world of things, and be transformed into thinking with himself, the same. In this sense, it is tantamount to cancel the true philosophy of thinking and being unified. posted in the free papers Download Center
three Marx practice thinking logical thinking logic of traditional Western philosophy change established practice thinking logic in the process of change in the form of logic, Hegel, at the same time opened up the path of speculative logic of thinking, this speculative thinking, logic greatly affect philosophers after Hegel, including youth Marx Marx realized The change of the Hegelian speculative thinking logic is experienced from the beginning of respected speculative thinking logic, and expand later accepted Feuerbach logical critique of Hegel's speculative thinking, to finally fully established logic of practice, so as to realize a complete change of speculative thinking, logic and human thinking logic.

(The one Marx's thinking changes in the logic of Marx in college, especially at the University of Berlin, the prevalence of speculative thinking, get to know the of Powell, Coburn youth Hegelians backbone, and under its influence, Marx quickly accepted black Nightingale speculative logic. Marx based on Hegel's speculative logic of thinking, to explore the relationship between philosophy and religion, and specifically pointed out that the religion of God as the basis of morality, God as the source of happiness speculative "Human Nature" weapons, reveals the drawbacks of religion, but also to explore the relationship between philosophy and reality, pointing out that the unity of "the philosophy of the world" and "world philosophy" this idea is the most concentrated differences reflected in Marx's doctoral thesis << natural philosophy of Democritus and Epicurus's natural philosophy >>
Ideological distressed the << the Rheinische Zeitung >> period timber theft law debate, the Mosel River farmers poverty, political practice, so Marx realized speculative logic argued as a state law, the actual safeguard the interests of farmers. prompted Marx germination of the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of motivation. subsequently come to such a result, after careful study, Marx: "the relationship of the law just as the form of the State, neither from themselves to understand, we can not from the general development of the so-called human spirit to understand, on the contrary, they are rooted in the material life relationship. "national    not the Hegelian speculative logic that determines civil society, on the contrary, civil society determines state the logic of Marx based on Feuerbach pointed out that civil society is the true state of existence in the face of the liberation of Germany on the basis of what Marx from the man himself is the highest essence of this theory. "   [2] 15 , analyze the problem in a state of alienation, Marx based on the nature of human consciousness free class that people of this logic. Obviously, Marx realized Hegel and the Young Hegelians speculative logic idealism 'defects, and to accept the logic of Feuerbach, and then expand the critique of Hegel and the Hegelians Speculative logical thinking. shows that at this time Marx from Hegel's speculative turned to the logic of Feuerbach's logic. thought epitomized << Hegel's Philosophy of criticism >> <<< Hegel's Philosophy of criticism> Introduction >> << 1844 Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts > in.

But at the same time we should see, when the logic of Hegel's speculative logic into Feuerbach, Marx is not entirely based on the logic of Feuerbach, but employing the logic speculative thinking, speculative thinking this logic to each other throughout this logic, based on the logical analysis of the alienation of the "class" nature of the problem, based on the speculative logic by speculative sublation road alienated nature of regression real state, which leads to the conclusion of the communism of Marx's thought with each other throughout the different logical fulcrum contains inherent contradictions in Marx and Feuerbach, which inherently prompted Marx philosophy a further thinking logically negate Feuerbach logical thinking.

Marx's critique of the reality of the depth of practical activities, and through the in-depth study of the political economy, has been found forces determine the law of the history of the relations of production, thus contributing to Marx to break through the traditional philosophical thinking logic, especially breakthrough Feuerbach the logic, eventually established the practice of thinking logic This is the spring of 1845, Marx wrote, "contains the new worldview genius budding first file, that Marx to develop its own new philosophical view and write about the Fei Erba outline >> of Kazakhstan. Marx in this highly concentrated the principle outline, breaking the limitations of traditional philosophical thinking logic, especially the logic of Feuerbach, to establish a new philosophy practice thinking logic. based criticize the logic of Feuerbach's first practical thinking logic Marx Marx pointed out, Feuerbach still materialism and former things, reality, perceptual, just from the object or intuitive to understand in the form of "  [2] 16 . in Feuerbach logic, people living in the world," natural "and" man "in this world, only two entities in the in the world, thanks to the presence of this object, it is so natural, and also include all things are become an object of people exist in this world, because any object of all object, and thus should be from the logic of the people, to look at, understand as with all things in the object exists as an object of people is what kind of existence? Obviously, Feuerbach The answer can only be: just detached from reality practice intuitive, sensual presence. Marx is to seize Feuerbach understood inner silent abstract human shortcomings, and break the shortcomings established should be "treated as human sensuous activity, as a practice to understand   16  practical logic of thinking of great change.

(B Marx established practice thinking logic about the the outline >> Feuerbach, Marx not only the logic of Feuerbach thorough critique, and a thorough critique of all traditional philosophy. Marx pointed out: traditional philosophy to leave practice thinking, unified logic of thinking and logic, as a pure scholasticism "controversy in this debate, will only result from the practice of generating development exist abstract to development thinking of the initiative ", or away from the activities of the objectification of people intuitively understand the" existence ", so, ultimately unable to achieve logic of thinking and existence of the logic of the truly unified. Marx think that, on this side of left thinking of that practice, they can not solve the thinking logic and the logic of the unity of opposites, to really thinking, logic and the logic of the unity of opposites, only in practice as well as reasonable   [2] 18  understand this practice by This can be seen, Marx based on the logic of practice, to solve the entire traditional philosophy, thinking, logic and the logic of confrontation. practice thinking logic Perspective exist, thinking, and thinking to grasp the existence of the thinking and realized there is a unified thinking logic and old philosophical understanding the fundamental distinction in the first, the so-called natural world, there is no longer "be understood in the abstract, since as determined to be separated from the natural world and the people   [5] , "only from the object or intuitive form of understanding" exists, but generated by the double object of practical activities, and development, in reality, is the presence in the human world, in practice generation, the development of the personal world of practice exist exist due to the involvement of practice specified items, basic items and intermediary items, in the sense of "authentic" has been injected into the stigma of practice, is not nature itself of the existence of the. , based on the logic of practice thinking, in double object oriented practice activities, generated in the process of human history activities, the development of thinking, therefore, can not be divorced from the practice, out of people exist in the world practice of personal transformation to understand grasp the thinking but "human thinking the most essential and the most proximate basis, is caused by the changes in nature, rather than just nature itself, in what extent learn to change the nature of human intelligence on developed what extent   [1] 306  thinking. third, thinking to grasp the existence of the thinking and realized the existence of a unified logic of thinking is to meet in double objectification practice activities required by the practice the personal presence of the thing in itself generated the development of that kind of thinking logic logic of such thinking in line with the practice exists as the presence of logic, which determines the philosophical way of thinking must be based on Practice, practice perspective, the entry point, based on point and the required point, thinking the inner nature of the practice and the law, and thus from the generation of practice, the development of thinking and the presence of the double object of activity the unity of opposites. thinking, therefore, in line with the practice of the provisions of the personal existence itself generates, development logic, called the practice of thinking logic exists as practical logic   [6] . practice thinking logic, because the basis of practice, which requires that the entry intermediary items injected thinking together in practice the existence of the logic that the logic of practice, relative to the simple fact of the dialectical logic, formal logic and speculative logic has its own unique basic law, according to the new philosophy of Marx and practice thinking logic and its ideological practice the basic laws of logic is summarized as follows: (a practice of thinking and being with all thinking reaction exists, reached with the unity of existence in practice that the historical activities of people in the generation, development, and thus the characterization of this way of thinking and the presence of the same theoretical concepts, practical concept, subject and object, subjectivity and objectivity, understanding and practice, historical unity, rather than formal logic Speculative Identity of the the abstract same or speculative logic. (2 practice confrontation unified law practice logical unity of opposites law is not the case of the product to practice as an intermediary, comfortable world with the case of people world practice, is a reflection of all that exists in the human world, the unity of opposites concept to grasp, but not the spontaneous product itself. (3 practice quality tautomeric law: the quality of practical logic tautomeric interconversion of the practice of law is for the quality of the intermediary, that is caused by the practice of personal world practice exists as a thing in itself, consciously quality of each of the change process, rather than comfortable in the world although it is the practice of people in the world that exists, but belong to a specific scientific research spontaneous, unconscious quality of each variable natural attributes, and more than comfortable existence spontaneously, unconsciously the quality of each variable. (4 practice law of negation of negation, negation of negation in practice is a world practice that exists in practice for mediating negation of negation, that is caused by the practice of practical existence from positive to negative, by negating the negation of negation, spiraling waves advancing development, rather than people in the world practice of existence, but the negation of negation movement belongs to the nature of the specific scientific research, more comfortable existence in the world is not comfortable matter spontaneous, unconscious negation of negation. (5 practice history and logic of a unified law due to the reality of all history is in the practice of double object of practical activities generated evolved, therefore, the philosophy of the practice of logic logic of practice the concept of thinking should be the starting point to the beginning of the history of human practice. course of the campaign, should practice reflective grasp of the concept of the historical process and reflect, and to be broadly consistent with the practice of the historical process, unity the history and logic of unification "It is not the social consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness" Links to free papers Download Center

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