Logic and quality training

First, the logic and Quality Training

The quality of not only the performance in a wide range of knowledge level, more profound performance processing power on the issue, both the problem of consciousness, thinking, analysis and critique, in a word, is the capacity, quality education is more than just master the knowledge, skills, the more profound is that there is no ability to deal with the problem. thus, it can be said that the logic and quality education should be most closely., however, as a matter of fact, we earlier than mathematical methods to develop logical thinking ability is language, from the the parroting starting this logical thinking ability. relative to mathematics, this way of thinking is more abstract, but our daily and I do not know we know, easy to learn maths logic well, on the contrary, is not easy. obvious experience in teaching, may be precisely this understanding, let our professional training program is the emphasis on the logic of not professional on logic deviation.

Logic mathematical abstraction, this may be beyond the day-to-day common sense, can be understood through the analysis. Logic symbols, logic symbols, logic abstraction difficulty is necessary to understand the meaning of the symbols, and symbol between the operator is to be understood on this basis, and also have to understand the significance of this operation rules contained contrast between mathematics and logic, we can live from our schedule to understand, our daily lives are text symbol, rather than mathematical symbols, therefore, the logic of our daily life more Because of this, we enter college came into contact with logic is not unfamiliar is precisely why our logic teaching to traditional logic-based language as the main content, and this point has been insufficient to meet the requirements of modern higher education culture.

The traditional logic now college logic teaching content, but also as the basis to develop logical thinking ability, this situation is also reflected in the current logic teaching practice but since the development of the modern form of logic, it has basic, applied and capacity far exceeds the traditional formal logic. terms of its basic modern logic sublation of traditional logic, its basic broader than the traditional logic as the basis of modern science more profound significance, whereas the traditional logic can not be far away as the foundation of modern science. purposes of the application of modern logic, not only as a thinking tool in the schedule of life with traditional logic, not solve the problem as the solution to the traditional logic thinking tools. thinking capacity-building, the development of modern science and the development of higher education in thinking ability is already beyond the traditional logic can provide the requirements of modern logic is compatible with the development of modern science. therefore, modern logic to better adapt to the requirements of the development of modern science and the expansion of quality.

Is the case, the relationship between logic and quality education not only stay in the traditional logic but both opposite development needs. Nature, significance and role of modern logic as to meet the quality requirements of the development of modern science and the need quality education in the core curriculum. Therefore, some scholars have suggested that the traditional logic education to the training of logical thinking, modern logic as an extension of the content of education, in accordance with the requirements of the professional creation of different content can not only stay in traditional logic, Thus, in order to better play the significance and role of the basic disciplines of logic, reflects the status of the logic on quality training.

Logic teaching Outlook

Non-philosophy major at the Colleges of Arts has been teaching logic, there are many problems and many of these problems can be attributed to two aspects: First, understanding the concepts, one is on the teaching system. Fact, these two aspects of the succession lack of knowledge of each other table seepage. performance in the understanding of the concept of the significance and role of the logic, the concept and attention from the commencement of professional Commencement lessons can reflect this teaching system, inherited on problem, not enough attention given to the development of logic, can not keep up at home and abroad logic studies. corresponding teaching content, system performance is still a traditional form of logic for the main content of the teaching is very modern logic less as teaching or simply not included in the teaching content. still does not contain the logic of modern logic content textbooks.

Logic teaching status of people worrying, especially at the local university, its teachers and the concept is even more restricted. Several reasons for this situation: First, education background, first, on the understanding of the role of logic First, the understanding of the development of logic. posted on the role and purpose of the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
logic can reference the point of view of Mr. Wang Lu highly summarized: First, by learning logic, have some special techniques and methods, so that we are able to apply these techniques and methods to solve some specific problems by learning logic, cultivate a logical vision and awareness, so that this logic horizons and awareness become our knowledge of the structure in elements subtly works in our work and life, and the third is through learning knowledge and logic to form a logical concept three purposes, the most important is to establish a logical concept, in order to establish any learning certain concepts, with quality, and provide guidance for the way we live and work. logic science education status quo is still stuck in the first objective, the second and third purpose simply do not realize. seen relatively an object, and the second, the third objective of a more deep undertones that best embodies the significance of logic, of course, is also the most difficult to reach. achieve the latter two, you can say your logic into knowledge structure, to become part of your quality, and you deal with problems, thinking problems, analyze problems, identify problems and a capacity of university education in addition to training expertise, more important is to train people to think skills, which is also the quality of the citizens of a strong reflected.

For this reason, many of those engaged in years of logic teaching spare no effort to advocate logic teaching reform, and made their views. Representative Mr. Yuan Zhengjiao Mr. Yuan Zhengxiao not only to write the classic textbook express their views article << thinking about a number of issues in the teaching of modern logic >>: unswervingly follow the road of logic teaching modern, establish the correct logic teaching concept, promote the reform of logic teaching, concise structure to learn logical teaching system, universal basic knowledge of modern logic.

Teaching experience and understanding of their own logic, the urgent task is to form a comprehensive teaching system of logic, the perfect logic teaching system to adapt to the logic of various professional teaching content, classical logic textbook, relatively complete teacher of logic, and logic teaching methods and means., the core of the system or the current urgent task is to establish the classic logic textbooks, get promoted and popularized. the existing logic Teaching plight textbook and the confusion a key factor is not unified. logic should be higher mathematics, the classic uniform teaching materials, which is decided by the nature of logic courses, but due to the traditional concept, this problem has persists, and restricted the development of logic teaching the current the domestic logic textbooks basic backward, is still a traditional set, as long as the logic seemed to know the meaning of the concept, a few basic laws of logic as well as some basic reasoning , can improve the person's ability to think logically.

Third, the conclusion

Logic by UNESCO as one of the basic subjects, deserves attention as an important basis for discipline, logic teaching status, its significance and role far not played to change the current situation, urgent measures from concept to realize deep relationship to the logic and quality education, and to give the emphasis of the basic disciplines of logic, change the existing traditional logic teaching system from the actual operation, the preparation of the classic logic textbooks, develop logical school The faculty is currently the most effective measures to change the status quo. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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