Confucian moral thought and its contemporary value

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Abstract: Confucian moral thinking is the backbone of China's traditional culture. Huge system covers all aspects of social life, have a thorough understanding of people with self, man and society, man and nature. Modernization process in China, the Confucian moral thinking is not absent, it will play an active role in the process of China's modernization the moral crisis mitigation and the new moral reconstruction.

Keywords: moral; Confucian moral thinking; moral crisis; contemporary values

Ethics, standards and norms of the people living together and their behavior. Different times with different classes, their moral values ​​will vary. Confucian moral thought originated in the Qin Dynasty, and experience on behalf of Daru explained, for thousands of years has been the backbone of China's traditional culture. Enlighten people consciously sustains life, self-cultivation heart to guide parents the Jishan Hing home, to teach the child to become useful; for the government "Xiuji Governance" from persuasion, "the Huamin ChengSu" to guide the general population "to Germany with propriety, Qi; positive moral value-oriented society as a whole, a series of specific codes of conduct to be presented to the people, are to some extent reflects the wisdom of spiritual civilization of the nation, shaping our nation's moral orientation, to provide stability to the tradition of the Chinese people the value of the support and the ideal identity is a valuable asset of our spirit.

A Confucian moral thought

The fundamental purpose of morality is to guide people to correctly handle the relationship of people, man and society, man and nature, in order to better adapt to social and sustains life. Confucian moral thinking is a profound system of thought, in people with self- the relationship between society and nature has a unique set of ethical norms embodied 岀 Confucian Guihe, Suntech humanistic ideals.

· About self moral content

Dealing with the self, the Confucian advocates a correct view of self, the personality realm to achieve the ideal of self-cultivation. Confucian moral thinking obviously pay more attention to the moral values ​​of human life, morality and personality relations.

Confucian view of human nature, regardless of Confucius "close to nature," Evil Nature of the learning phase far "Mencius" Goodness of Human Nature "and Xunzi stressed people through their own efforts to achieve perfection" saints "realm therefore individual deliberately raising Slim thinking is the basis of Confucian moral thought.

Referred to as the essence of the Confucian classics << University >>: "For the ancient Mingming in the world, first put the nation; For the governance of their country, the first of the home; desire of the home, Advanced Placement its body; Items Number of Copies of its body, the first being its heart; For being its heart, the first sincerity of their meaning; want sincerity of their views by first caused their knowledge, extension of knowledge in the phenomena of nature. objects grid and then know to know to then Ih, Italy Cheng then the heart is, the heart is then body repair, body repair and then Garcia Garcia then Guozhi Guozhi and then the world level. "is the best description.

Slim's, Confucian First emphasize Zhengxintai sincerity.

That a person, with sincerity and requirements of self-cultivation, is qualified for the basis of the accomplishment of life. Secondly, the "studious", "studious almost know", "devout, studious, keep dead good Road", "learning" is very important, " good benevolence the bad school shelter stupid; know good bad school, the shelter also swing; good letter bad school, the shelter is also a thief; straight bad school, the shelter also twisted; Yong bad school shelter chaos; good just is not good science, its shelter also mad. "(<< Analects of Confucius Yang goods >>) only through the efforts of learning to good self-cultivation. Finally, the" practice "a person to really become a good character and moral of people apply what they learn to do.

Although the Confucian moral cultivation of this subject, and ultimately to the individual is subordinate to the needs of the community, but Confucian This focus on people's self-contemplation, self-cultivation, the moral principle of self-practice, chances will become the treatment of the modern spiritual and moral lost a medicine.

· About the moral content of the relationship between the individual and society in the thinking of the individual and society, "Confucius and Mencius as a representative of the Confucian family society conceived, since the Han Dynasty 'abandon all other schools, Only Confucianism', long occupied ideological factions. dominant position the school thinkers are beginning to come out of the individual and society, thinking about the opposition of the individual and the state, and the harmony of the group as their objectives and starting point of the theory. they think social stability and order is the moral value of "benevolence" and "righteousness", "ceremony", "wisdom", "letter" series of moral principles in order to create the stability and harmony of the community, for example, the Confucian emphasis on "ceremony", asking people to all words and deeds To comply with the ceremony. individual members of society so that all in their place, their duties, the security of its points, each Bong being to get what they want, without confusion, so that the community will naturally orderly, harmonious and stable. "benevolence" Confucianism as the highest moral categories, mainly the paternity long "filial piety", Shi Jun "loyalty". Filial Piety and human relations on the basis of "loyalty" in a way an extension of "filial piety" "Ren" as a code of ethics, also asked people to push the love of their loved ones and others love kindness towards others, between people to care for each other and help each other to form a harmonious human atmosphere.

Is not difficult to see, in dealing with people and social relations, Confucianism is light weight others light personal weight groups, the Anti-Secession heavy harmony, showed obvious altruistic groups and harmonious, this emphasis on groups and harmony even asked to sacrifice their personal interests, which is the Confucian moral thinking in modern times have been repeatedly criticized some Western liberals view them as the biggest obstacle to China's democratic construction.

· About the moral content of the relationship between man and nature in the question of the relationship of man and nature, "harmony" is still the core idea of ​​the Confucian emphasis Confucians believe that the relationship between man and nature, not to conquer and conquest, domination and being dominated relations man is part of nature, with nature More Signed in harmony. therefore, people must learn to respect nature and cherish nature. mankind on the ecological environment of nature to be considered. treat the natural world in the attitude, the Confucian "Masanori using, Ministry of Health," the principle. "Masanori" First is the world of "life and life of the monks" that gave birth to the road of all things of heaven and earth and this heaven and earth Dade goodness "benevolence" is the same , "benevolence" sexual performance on the outside, "kiss", "Jen", "love object". The core of Confucianism ethical thinking that "love", this benevolence towards all things, will be able to Han Yun everything to promote the growth of all things so many things get what they want, have lent their students, so that the people have lent their dependents, which is the the Confucian "Masanori real performance." use "in" Masanori "based on the" use ", that is, starting from the benevolence of all things" take some time, with the festival, the ethical principles "use", both for the continued existence of human beings, but also conducive to the life of the natural world.

Confucian this matter from love to love, the days do not violate people do not violate the claims of the days of the harmonious development of man and nature, the treasure of the people on the ecological environment rose to the highest level of the people's moral requirements for modern society, to improve the relationship of man and nature have a positive meaning.

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The moral crisis facing modern society

Public opinion is generally agreed that today's China is facing the biggest and most fundamental crisis is a moral crisis, not to mention such a view is enough scientific, but at least it also points to the contemporary intellectuals worried about the current moral status. Because we really can not lose sight of the one of the most intuitive fact: China is the world's largest real corrupt officials, fake diplomas, fake and shoddy goods to the place of origin. Each clashes, each building is collapsed, each behind the environmental disaster are all exposed to a huge moral deficit., The moral deficit with bad debts of the society as a whole is accelerating accumulation recent intensive outbreak of mass incidents, China has period to pay the price for this moral deficit, if it continues to ignore the moral issues, the whole society should pay a huge price.

In fact, not only is China, the world is morality and the loss of religion bill. Global financial turmoil, the world's environment and energy issues, cross-border drug trade, international terrorism, local armed conflict in contemplation human greed and selfishness, a reflection of human culture and the crisis of faith. "individualism" as the center of the value system of the West, shows great advantages in the early stage of the market economy, but now its shortcomings should not be overlooked.

Especially in China, the concept of individual rights has not yet deep into people's subconscious, but under the catalysis of the market economy, people rush from the shackles of traditional culture, despite the short term, has made significant economic benefits, but just 30 years, China's moral crisis has been accumulated to an explosive situation.

The collapse of the social, moral, cultural vulgarization, beliefs emptiness problems and so on, all prompted us to reflect on the relationship between the modern and traditional moral culture. Discuss the framework of Western modernity, some scholars have pointed out: freedom, democracy, scientific, and other modern ideas, although important connotation of modern Western civilization, but it is just the shell of modern civilization, the external conditions of a better life, is not a good life itself but rather for the modern civilization become a great, universal, valuable demands civilized system, determine the nature of the good life things need to shell wrapped, that the ancient virtues.

Confucian moral thought moral issues in the face of the modern process of moral construction inspired not only the Chinese people, and some Western scholars have also begun a renewed emphasis on positive thinking about the value of Confucian culture. We can no longer simply that modernity is Western Confucian moral thought some factors obstacle to China's modernization process, but which has a lot of good ingredients is worthy of being absorbed into the construction of modern moral, can also solve modern moral The puzzle provides some ideas.

First, the Confucian moral thinking rich content of self-cultivation, if introduced into the modern Moral Thought, will be in the context of modernity, the proliferation of human loneliness and sense of meaninglessness play to improve. With the development of market economy, the location of the practical value and the value of life has undergone a structural reversal value footing more and more inclined to the pursuit of happiness, to avoid the painful "natural instinct" no fixed, eternal, holy something left of the front of the moment, the moment human life showed dazzling alone, hurry and meaningless. Confucian Moral Thought advocated the pursuit beyond personality and self-cultivation method and content. exactly can promote people in the stressful life I look at self-cultivation of temperament, seek the true meaning of life and value.

Secondly, the Confucian ethical thought has heavy weight groups characteristics If we can play properly, will probably to correct extreme individualism biased, the achievements more reasonable interpersonal relationships and the relationship of people and the environment to provide useful lessons. "Individualism" is an important theoretical cornerstone of Western classical liberalism, is also the modernity important contents. Reflection of modernity as Western postmodernists pointed out: almost all modern explanation emphasized individualism center position, because modernity is not a social or community regarded as the first and foremost thing, 'personal' social product, and only has limited autonomy; social understanding, to achieve a particular purpose and voluntary combination together independent individual aggregates.

Course, modernity also have to admit that the personal relationships, especially the importance of the relationship with their parents, but she only these relations as exceptions to look at as an ideal, it has been emphasized the importance of individuals independent of the others . "and it should be said that the rise of individualism is indeed a significant step forward in the history of mankind. extreme individualism, gave the modern human society has brought a tremendous negative impact on the most obvious is that people on the self-interest pursuit, and not be worried that the interests of the society and others, not only led to tension in the relations between people, but also led to tension in the relationship with the environment. Confucian "benevolence" as the center, to benefit the people of moral system and "days one "view of nature, if we implement the Modern Moral Thought to make up for the defects of individualism, if not comprehensive, is also helpful.

Finally, the introduction of "benevolence" and "righteousness", "ceremony", "wisdom", "letter" Confucian basic code of ethics to the moral thinking. Since the reform and opening up, we have made enormous economic benefits, but at the same time, some excellent cultural traditions that we as a stumbling block to lose people in the face of huge economic interests increasingly lost more and more weight benefit of light value, re-profits Light integrity. "toxic milk", "fake vaccine," Building Wai Wai, violent demolition, all a reflection of the the ideal people value the loss and lack of integrity.

Faced with this situation, and actively learn from the excellent Confucian moral education outcomes, cultivate people's love, etiquette, integrity and good moral literacy is especially necessary.


Confucian moral thinking for the current moral construction is far more than that, the key issue is how to implement.

Not encounter the reality of the circumstances, the theory is always perfect. But some ideas have a certain degree of stability, plus the negative effects of the real-world conditions, it is difficult to short-term utilitarian thinking, practical ideas to distance themselves, and then provide "benevolence" and "righteousness" , "ceremony", "wisdom", "letter" peremptorily implanted into the thinking of the people.

So we can do the first, education, advocacy, and the second is through the perfection of the system regular. Both are important, are worthy of a conscience, already disillusioned people to practice.


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