Students of religious belief Causation and Countermeasures

Abstract: The crisis of faith of contemporary college students has become increasingly prominent, the paper by the research of several colleges and universities in Henan province, the college religious reasons to explore four aspects of students, schools, government, society, and religion itself, and put forward countermeasures to help students to establish a correct outlook on the world, life and values.

Keywords: college students; religion, reason, countermeasures

Abstract: The belief crisis of contemporary university studenth become increasingly prominent nowdays.Through several colleges survey in Henanprovince, we try to analyse the causation of why academicia believe in religon and bring forward strategy in order to help college students help studentsestablish a correct outlook of world , life and values.

Keywords: undergraduate; religious belief; cause; strategy

In recent years, a gradual upward trend, the number of college students religious author in May-June this year, many colleges and universities in Henan investigation. 1,000 copies of the questionnaire were distributed, 985 were returned, 759 valid questionnaires were believers rate of Han students 18%, 28% ethnic-minority believers. statistical analysis of the questionnaire, we come to the following reasons are summarized as follows: First, the students themselves level college students are in a confused period of life, the face of multiple pressures, many students lack confidence and courage, the feeling of loss, fear, confusion emerged the students do not know what I should pursue, how should establish the correct value of life and the goal, often in the belief of the spiritual world is fuzzy even vacuum. At this point, those who have not been time to guide the education of students will tend to give myself up to those mysterious, unknowable external forces (such as religion, superstition, etc.), to obtain relief Moreover, college students are in adolescence have a psychological adventures they were trained to grow up in a single Marxism-Leninism and the mainstream ideology indoctrination, religious an indefinable Tao unknown fuzzy psychology, it is this curiosity to reach religious, thus slowly become a religious Acts.

Second, the government and the school level

Government and schools should play the role of norms and guiding beliefs of students. Survey found that about 70.4% of the students said that never touched the publicity about China's religious policy, which directly affect the implementation of China's religion policy, other On the one hand, college two courses education teaching practices often a mere formality, makes college education only faith's hard for the students of the heart, to reach the desired effect.

Third, the social dimension

China now is in a society in transition, radical social change brought about by social anomie and social structure reconstruction inevitably produce money worship, the gap between rich and poor is too large a range of social issues, so some of the students have had a serious crisis of faith Marxism-Leninism began to suspect that exhort people to perform good deeds dogmatic doctrine, and thus religion attracted their attention.

Fourth, religion itself

Religious college students, 24% of religious students said religion has their own unique culture and cultural charm is the dominant factor of their religious belief. Combined Christian << Bible is a history book, literary, mythological fiction, literature strong story, and easy to understand (Buddhist scriptures obscure), this together very spiritual emptiness, loneliness tastes of college students, and thus accepted by the appreciation letter from the God.

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five, make a few comments

1. Religious nature of education to help students recognize the religious nature of religious morality itself is the result of secular social and moral religious, secular moral absolute The mystification and one-sided results, they are a branch with dry the relationship between the flow source. Secondly, the role of religions exhort people to perform good deeds not the mainstream, with the core content of the religious and moral comparison is concerned, it is just a minor, derived, as in the Christian faith in God, obey God, to worship God is everything the first principle of religious ethics, through all the tenets of the so-called God and gods to adjust the relationship between man and God, man and man, tried to play down the value of life ".


2. Strengthen the educational function of the two courses, carry out effective university ideological and political work, "Two Courses" is an important way to promote Marxism-Leninism in our country, as "Two Courses" Teachers should earnestly fulfill their educational responsibilities, strengthen our self-optimization of teaching methods, close to the student body and mind, to make the educational function of the "Two Courses" are fully reflected.

Second, college students will inevitably encounter all kinds of confusion, "the ideological position, do not occupy the right ideas, wrong thinking will occupy." [2] our ideological and political work of education can intervene in a timely and guide the confused period students will be able to help them to establish a firm belief in Marxism, otherwise, these students are more likely to invest in the embrace of religion.

Strengthen the basic research of religion, and the creation of basic knowledge on religious courses some students it is in the best religion of Marxism-Leninism single education mode have a strong sense of curiosity and mystery, and then contact even religious believers, If we can through the religious foundations courses stripped of its mystery coat, let students early understanding of the nature of religion, so that when college students is the face of religious, you will not feel blind ignorance, in order to better resist penetration.


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