on the things of moral science and artistry

Paper to write Network: I am always able to feel things in this world exudes the scientific and artistic.

Huakaihuaxie, biologists or physicists, perhaps just a scientific phenomenon, they believed that this phenomenon is the reason why there will be subsequently bound to be the cause, even if this reason was not detected. Them to have fun loyal to their own logic reasoning ability to conduct in-depth exploration and thinking, and then figure out the ins and outs of the matter, cause and effect.
This is the side of the scientific nature of things, everything must have its causes and consequences of anything can be. I may not know a thing Why is it so, but I believe in science, I would clearly know that in this matter Behind there must be some reason, or that some kind of power, enough to make this phenomenon. reason why the world is now so the appearance of a large plate ocean, folk customs, small water droplets stones, daily necessities, must be many reason dictates.
Science, and stress is a logical association.

With Huakaihuaxie, if displayed in front of writer, I think that is another scene in their eyes, the flowers are not flowers in full bloom may have become some kind of upbeat spirit, withered flowers Perhaps not just a natural phenomenon that simple, but maybe it means that some parting thoughts.
This is the artistic side of things, anything implied things are not just itself only, from any one thing, even if it is a very "doubtful" and difficult to suggestive things, we are able to associate What, appreciate and understand what we understand these things, I think that sometimes precious, because to vary with the scientific, these experiences do not depend on the thing itself, in other words, It is no detention, far more than the thing itself.
Art, emphasis on non-logical association.

Bridge is a sport that I am very obsessed, from exposure to it is now two and a half, it is a focus on logical thinking, card games, but I'm the reason why its so obsessed, I think the only scientific side is not sufficient to bridge the world, I see a lot of other things, interpersonal trust and suspicion, communication and anti-communication, etc., some experience to show people can not even language, but these experiences, as said before, and already this game thrown far in the back. I believe that if someone can create a virtual person, proficient in bridge, you can quickly make the most appropriate choice, then in any case, this virtual must bridge master, but even if his analysis of how good judgment, may not be able like the rest of us, because we will think of. I think this is one of the great human and people's perception is high enough to understand things artistic side. Share Free paper Download Center http://www.hi138 com, movement of the famous chess and bridge, I think that when the number of chess, although I am not very good at chess, but I vaguely felt that something subtle in the sport which, perhaps those obsessed with Go, their feelings will be more deeply.
When I sometimes see a large fishing lake, a sit is most of the day, when I can not understand what they are doing, I just think they are a waste of time, fishing was the world's most boring movement. Although I am still not interested in fishing, but I seem to this activity a little more understanding, I believe that the sport really attract them, it should be implicit in it among some of the artistic elements of the it.
Another thing I want to say is speculation, I have only recently begun to come into contact, is also a "scientific", the two words "artistic" source of inspiration. Stocks of course, to be scientific, a blind buy, not just the loss of the significance of the stock, the money will lose clean (of course, except the big bull market in 2007, but if blows its scientific side no matter, just the ups and downs of the k-line graph will make the imagination, apart from addition in this game of buying and selling homes and have, trends and forces of yin and yang transformation of knowledge into action, etc., these things, perhaps derived from the stocks which is enough for a lifetime.
I think I would like Barcelona (soccer team), mostly because of the artistic style of play, also written before the log for this, but the art is, after all, is not suitable for representation language, it is often just a feeling, which kind of feeling is often fleeting, Words can not pass.
Scientific and artistic is a very subjective term, and different people feel the same thing is not the same, the same thing, it was filled with emotion, some people will be inquisitive. We often joke that some people "stay", perhaps said he could not understand the artistic side of things, sometimes a person "incomprehensible", "God garrulous", which is quite the kinds of irony to appreciate the meaning of the less side of things scientific.
Perhaps for the exploration of the science and art, is the deepest instinct that humans have been ongoing, and will always be things to go. Share Free paper Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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