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  • On Confucius contingency thinking in the modern sense
    Abstract: the Confucian Contingent ethical thinking Confucius did not make a detailed interpretation, but as an important founder of Confucianism, Confucius's ideological implication, honest principles and methods, vivid interpretation with the right paper individual le

    Nov 21,2012

  • Students of religious belief Causation and Countermeasures
    Abstract: The crisis of faith of contemporary college students has become increasingly prominent, the paper by the research of several colleges and universities in Henan province, the college religious reasons to explore four aspects of students, schools, government, so

    Nov 21,2012

  • Confucian moral thought and its contemporary value
    To write thesis net: Abstract: Confucian moral thinking is the backbone of China's traditional culture. Huge system covers all aspects of social life, have a thorough understanding of people with self, man and society, man and nature. Modernization process in China,

    Nov 21,2012

  • On I "and" binary dialectical thinking
    [Abstract] I << moral up and down by the >> book where five thousand statements were made, full of simple dialectical thinking I [1], such as "size", "whether or not", "fortune", and "equally important," "Down", "difficulty", "interested", "the strength of a

    Feb 14,2012

  • on the things of moral science and artistry
    Paper to write Network: I am always able to feel things in this world exudes the scientific and artistic. Huakaihuaxie, biologists or physicists, perhaps just a scientific phenomenon, they believed that this phenomenon is the reason why there will be subsequently boun

    Feb 14,2012

  • On the productivity of the traditional philosophy of business management applications in
    Abstract: Historical experience has repeatedly shown that, regardless of nation-building or business development, productivity is the decisive force. To promote the development of productive forces is the primary prerequisite for full respect for human labor and its imp

    Aug 23,2011

  • On the limitations of Marxist labor theory of value
    [Paper Keywords] Marxism, labor theory of value, object, direction, restrictions [Abstract] accurate understanding of the scientific connotation of Labor is required to fully comprehend its scope and limitations, the study of Marxist labor theory of value, value "conc

    Dec 9,2010

  • On the Thought of the traditional Chinese virtue
    Paper Keywords: love Forbearance repair has been poor management introspection Wisdom Jujing Abstract: The core of Confucian virtue theory is to construct a covering all areas of people's lives virtue virtue system because the system range. Involved in all areas of li

    Nov 18,2010

  • Practical ways of thinking of the rich and Development
    Paper Keywords: practical ways of thinking, seek truth from facts Abstract: Practical thinking is Marxist philosophy the true meaning of change, it marks a whole new generation, the creation of a scientific way of thinking, and promote the development of philosophical

    Nov 8,2010

  • To adhere to enrich and develop Materialism
    The current focus of social scientific discussion and contention of historical materialism is a good thing, this is a social science prosperity, development and health performance. The following combination of discussions, outlined Universities. (A) the ideology of sc

    Nov 5,2010

  • "The Important Thought of Three Represents enrichment and development of historical materialism
    [Paper Keywords] "Three Represents" Historical Materialism [Abstract] Comrade Jiang Zemin expounded from the "Three Represents" and the formation process, the "three represents" important thought reflects the world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism, C

    Nov 5,2010

  • On the new philosophy of Marx's "new
    [Paper Keywords] sense objects of materialism Marxist view of the new practice [Abstract] Marx's philosophy is materialistic world view, as Marx addressed the issue in the analysis of thinking and being, spiritual and material relationship and affirmed the role of the

    Oct 28,2010

  • Analysis of the value of Kant's moral behavior of
    Paper Keywords: Kant, moral values, behavior, general rational, moral knowledge Abstract: Through careful look analysis, Kant found that ordinary human reason can be found in the provisions of his daily behavior "should do" the basis or rule, Kant called it an ordinar

    Aug 26,2010

  • Comparative Perspective of Chinese and Western literary thought of Confucius and Plato
    Abstract: As the source of the representative figures of Western thought, Confucius and Plato is the founder of Western literary theory, this article mainly from the social function of art, literature and art with the ideal beauty in the pursuit of art in terms of compa

    Aug 13,2010

  • Leaders of the philosophical thinking of
    Abstract: For the leader, is able to correctly analyze, think and solve problems, is a measure of the level of basic standards of leadership, whether the vision, size up the situation of the philosophical thinking is the art of leadership and higher requirements. Leader

    Jul 14,2010

  • Analysis of Heidegger's "Dasein" to learn beyond the traditional people and their practical significance
    Paper Keywords: Traditional Human "Being" Heidegger Western Philosophy Abstract: "This in" Heidegger's philosophy as the fundamental areas to focus on the unique features of the "people" there is this special, that "this in the" all other beings in has priority. Dege

    Jul 9,2010

  • The development of contemporary epistemology new direction - on the traditional understanding of information on changes in the way of human
    Paper Keywords: Contemporary Epistemology information society information Abstract: Information billion in society, the traditional understanding of human problem has been extended, information technology has brought change in the mode of human knowledge. This is main

    Jul 8,2010

  • On the party's ideological and theoretical construction and the construction of the Party
    [Paper Keywords] ideological and theoretical construction of the Communist Party of China Advanced Construction [Abstracts] theory is the party's ideological and political tasks of our party to achieve its ideological foundation and political ideals and practical guid

    Jul 6,2010

  • On the practical point of view way of thinking
    [Paper Keywords] practice of real individual thinking subject and object of the same ontology mediation [Abstract] Marx's view of practice, the most is a way of thinking, is to explain the principles of Marxist philosophy and look at all the problems of logic. Meanwhi

    Jun 24,2010

  • Confucian virtue and practical significance of the ideological content of papers
    Summary: the Confucian rule of virtue in China's feudal society in the country played an important role in bringing peace, the practice of contemporary China, the country still must learn. Confucian rule of virtue from the German-made content, benevolent, moral and soci

    Mar 1,2010

  • With regard to Feyerabend's Thought of the Enlightenment scientific innovation
    Paper Keywords: Feyerabend innovative practical significance Abstract: Feyerabend's point of view for the transition period of great significance to China's education, specifically manifested in the innovation of science and the scientific system, academic environment,

    Jan 12,2010

  • The basic connotation of Human Thought
    [Abstract] research and concerns of people is an ancient and eternal philosophical theme, is also a central concern of Marxist one. In the development history of human thought, the first people to make the nature of science as defined by Marx. Marx scientifically reveal

    Dec 24,2009

  • Hegel and Kangdesiwei with the existence of Thought
    [Abstract] This paper revolves around the relationship between thinking and being discussed Kant's and Hegel's thinking and being thought, and on this basis, further discussion of Hegel's critique of Kant's theoretical philosophy. Kant through the establishment of 'thin

    Dec 2,2009

  • Internet on College Students ideological and moral quality impact analysis
    Abstract: With the rapid development of information technology, the Internet becoming more and more college students access to knowledge and information, an important channel for their way of thinking, behavior patterns, psychological development, values and political i

    Nov 18,2009

  • On how to be a qualified ideological and political work
    Abstract: This paper describes the different aspects of one qualified to do the importance of ideological and political workers. Keywords: ideological and political quality; ethics; the overall quality of Key words: G641 Abstract: A Article ID :1674-1145 (2009) 27-0073-

    Nov 13,2009

  • Water conservancy construction enterprise value of the work and implementation of grass-roots party way of
    Abstract: To explore the new period value of the work and the achievement of the grass-roots party means to strengthen water conservancy construction enterprises the ability to work the grass-roots party organizations has an important significance. In combination with t

    Nov 13,2009

  • On the ideological and political work in the construction of a harmonious enterprise application
    Abstract: To construct a harmonious society is the common aspiration of our people, and harmonious enterprise is an important foundation for building a harmonious society and guarantee. This paper analyzes a harmonious society and a harmonious relationship between the t

    Nov 13,2009

  • On the main body of Confucian thought and its practical implication of Personality
         [Paper Keywords] ren of the main personality of a gentleman outside the personality of holiness, saint Wang      [Abstract] Confucian idea runs through the main character of "benevolence" subject-based moral con

    Nov 9,2009

  • Discussion on the theory of Schopenhauer's pessimistic philosophy of life causes
         Abstract: Looking at Schopenhauer's pessimistic philosophy of life, from the will to the desires of life, from the desire to pain, constituted a dominant line of nothingness. This deeply pessimistic tone Kant, the world's two points an

    Nov 1,2009

  • On the news of Mao Zedong Thought
         Abstract: Mao Zedong Thought Mao Zedong Thought, News an important part of the development on China's journalism has played an active role in guiding, for China's socialist revolution and construction had a significant impact. Study, r

    Nov 1,2009