Mohist thinking about on the impact on the later development of martial arts

Abstract: martial arts in the development process of the Mohist ideas have a certain inheritance, Mohist members of the organization structure characteristics make martial arts mainly spread in the community, Mohist strict organizational discipline to promote civil martial arts associations mostly with close-knit organization and strict etiquette, Mohism 'No service-oriented' thinking martial arts skills to future generations than by word of mouth spread the body in the form of grant, Mohist 'still force' concept for the development of martial arts techniques have a certain influence, Mohist 'your righteousness,' the idea of ??some of the later folk martial arts inheritance and a society fragmented.

Keywords:: development impact Mohist thinking martial arts

Throughout the Chinese martial arts, which originated in the community and its structural features, organization and discipline to the development of the background are well Mohist ideas. Mohist is present in the Spring and Autumn period of an academic schools and community groups, which was founded by Mo Di, it represents the lower small-scale production of social and ideological interests of workers, so advocates of the universal love, mutual benefit, equality, non-offensive, Shangxian and thrift. Mexico who advocate non-offensive but militancy on the one hand light of life and death, re- promise, brave, Loyalty to their country, on the other hand, 'Mohist disciples, are physical prowess, generous chivalrous scholar.' With the development of history, finally successfully Mohist thought the paladin was the spirit, and moral ideas of the Chinese martial arts formation and development of martial arts skills also had a positive impact.

Mo came from the lower classes, living close to the 'agricultural and industrial Stanford's people.' Mozi scholar of the early learning industry, its rituals deeply tedious, harm to others: 'Cardiff fan who decorated ritual to prostitution, a long pseudo-funeral sad to deceive parents, poverty alleviation and the high destiny ho home (arrogant pride, fold (give up something back in this security lazy and proud. 'this practice is more buried money, long banned in mourning is a long time, both political mistake, and invasion of farming season. Mozi thus make their own theoretical system.

Mohist members of the organization, mostly from the underworld, represents the main idea Mohist lower social interests and aspirations. Confucian 'virtue' and 'force' against each other, and Mohist promote 'virtue', 'power' both made the Shangxian , is still the same, prudence, section buried, non-music, universal love, non-offensive and other political ideas are reflected in the Warring States era of lower-class will, therefore, whether at the time, or later, the view in the lower Mohist society have a broader base of China's history of peasant movement in the proposed program, slogans, ideas often and Mohist forged.

Mohist Group has a tight organization, discipline and practice, they claim to be 'Mexican who,' while the leader of group called the 'giant', a great power, it inherited from the former seat of the 'giant' assigned . Mohist Group 'Mozi's Law,' the group of binding law of the country far more than the nobility, the group members is more difficult for conscientious students Pro <<Huainanzi>> said: 'Mo served by one hundred eighty may apply to the edge went to the fire dance, but also refuses to heel, of the result also. 'Mohist groups also in each member according to the different characteristics of the division of labor. Mohist organizational characteristics such as inherited by future generations Musa , forming a very different and the characteristics of literary association.

Future generations of civil martial arts community, especially in the late Ming and often after boxing or sectarian as the core, the organization has its own moral standards and common interests, on the other boxing has a strong rejection. Tight for this organization community, but also the cohesion of its members have a stronger role and constraints.

Often in these martial arts groups in the so-called 'house rules', 'Disciplines' like the doctrine, this doctrine and the 'ink by the law' is very similar to such a severe discipline to restrain within the group members, including leader behavior, as the relations within the group to maintain an important reason.

Some civil society of martial arts activities often beyond the boxing as a link to boxing as the main content of inheritance and the scope of practice, in fact, formed a secret society of civil gang nature, which is thought in the lower social Mohist reflected in the widely recognized, so that members of civil society tend to have a clear division of labor, in dealing with internal affairs, or when every thing, can carry out their duties, by a common interest and ethical standards to maintain the civil martial arts community in the interest groups need to take some extreme actions, and even sacrifice, their members are often difficult to careful clinical health, with death martyrdom.

Section with a great emphasis is Mohist view, they criticized the monarchy, the nobility of extravagance and waste, especially long opposed the Confucian value of this practice of funeral customs, that monarchy, aristocracy should be the same as the ancient Yu and live a clean and frugal life. Mo asked Mexican who can set an example in this regard.

Mohist the essence of the idea - universal love, is 'Man' uphold and extend forward. Advocated universal love for the near and far without the love and closeness was the door person accused of non-Confucian father, no king, and the defendant to 'use force to violate a ban xia . 'However, due to Mexico to establish a school of universal love thinking of a' common ground 'of the ideal society, representing China's interests and aspirations of the lower classes, which also determines the successor Mohist thought the bottom of society-based groups. In fact, Mohist culture has evolved into a kind of spiritual sustenance, and that is the spirit of martial arts - 'Man.' Mohist ideas advocated universal love and not attack that claim to love all beings equally opposed an unjust war, the face of 'No Spring just war, 'the harsh reality of social landlords and the feudal aristocracy of the bloody suppression of the exploited class, advocated universal love, non-offensive of Man who must survive in order to protect small cracks in the bottom-up, but because the claim' non-offensive 'quell an unjust war will inevitably lead to a kind of violent uprising of the armed forces or organizations, but the landlord class was powerful groups as the mainstream or those in power is absolutely not allowed to second order is, therefore, destined to become a martial arts but also by love the civilian sectors has been the object of feudal oppression. Links to free download
traditional martial arts organizations in the private sector also has been inherited in the ancient martial arts techniques, mainly in the lower civil spread in society, but basically these people are those who 'do not conditional access system of education of the masses', and also by Mo 'pregnant with their fear of people forgetting the straight text of 'thinking, therefore, private military school more body mass and less dictated writings, boxing spectrum are mostly colloquial thing, and this has to a certain extent, reflects the Mohist school 'no business as text' feature.

Confucianism is not yet Suntech Power, Mohist to force is defined as 'force, punishment has been excited.' Mohist still force the idea of ??non-life to some extent, the development of martial arts techniques of the later impact.

First, it is consistent with the lower people's living conditions and social status of the oppressed need their exploitation, oppression, so they want with this kind of 'destiny' protest, which is still force Mohist core of the idea of ??non-life.

Secondly, in a sense, Mohist of this 'force is still' thinking is the art of attack and the technical characteristics of martial arts match, to defeat the course of the two sides against each other, we must 'still force' to get the victory.

Ethics in the ancient Chinese concept of 'justice' has a very special place, but at that time, different schools of thought on the 'justice' to understand there are differences. Mohist materialistic, not on individual self-interest, but help the world re- 'benefit.' Mohist materialistic world of the public interests and intellectual history and its 'universal love' consistent with the idea, in the 'justice' 'benefit' Mohist unique insights on the issue has a positive meaning.

Later in the different social strata of the 'justice' to understand is the trade-offs in the upper class, their 'justice' to understand, more taken from the Confucian ideology, and in the lower people, especially in some non-governmental community organizations, the tendency is more and Mohist concept. Mohist for 'justice' to understand - 'sacrificing to accomplish the I' is the spirit of 'Man' who inherited.

Mohist a great impact for military science, Mozi advocated 'non-offensive' and 'save the defensive' point of view. 'Non-offensive' against the 'big attack small, weak and strong enforcement,' that is big and strong predatory attack the small, weak country. 'rescue defense' is 'keep a small country.' Mozi fully express the total war policy of active defense, saying: 'One Solid Code, the punish is strong.' to further promote the development of military martial arts, and the disciples Mohists develop a 'go to the fire dance edge, refuses long after' the spirit of heroic courage. In addition, <<Mo>> Kimori in to a 'gate' to a 'high-Pro' to a 'ladder' to a 'water' 'orders '' miscellaneous defense 'more than ten chapters, the military establishment through the defenders fighting, weapons and equipment, engineering, building and fighting the process, discusses the strategy of active defense tactics, martial arts and the whole of China's military development of Chinese martial arts has great significance .

Initiation of Chinese martial arts in the soil of Chinese traditional culture, traditional Chinese culture gave birth to the Chinese martial arts, and to promote its continuous development, improvement, formed a complete system of martial arts culture, martial arts culture and implementing at the same time, reflects the basic spirit of Chinese culture Therefore, thinking of the Chinese martial arts culture Mohist the formation and development has played an invaluable role, but also precisely because of the penetration of Mohist culture, martial arts has experienced nearly a century because of Western sports have a huge shock after transmission, are still of school physical education and the quality of education play an important role as China's national status and national prestige in the international community to elevate, martial arts will also be in its own unique charm and unique culture to conquer the world.


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