The defense education explore the perspective of the main body of the people under conditions of informatization

Abstract: The current theory of people's war face the challenges of the times, which challenges both from the information battlefield external changes in internal adjustment from the main body of the people. Changes in the main structure of the people, should combine and adapt to the conditions of information warfare, in order to meet the people war theory, under the guidance of the times of the reality of national defense education requirements.

Keywords:: rapid development of information, people's war, people's main defense education information technology has greatly changed the shape of the war, which not only means that the army should make a relative adjustment of the construction, but also means that the national defense education have to keep up with pace of the times. this article in order to resolutely support the construction of a revolutionary army meet the challenges of information technology and the implementation of the national strategic plan of the three-pronged armed forces system as a precondition, discussions focus from people's changes in the main structure of the armed forces people to deal with the challenges of the information technology, call the era of Mao Zedong thought of the people's war, to explore the status of national defense education and future.

A current People's main structure, changes in the information technology challenges, in general, a strong sectors of the working class and intellectuals are being gradually grow, but gradually decompose large groups of farmers and other low-income groups, and contemporary China is to achieve middle-income The level of the hierarchy is a change in the direction of social subjects ". [1]
First of all, the better educated and the working class to become the people's war theory to address the challenges of information technology mainly rely on the power of the working class gradually differentiate into the two subsidiaries class of the four major sectors of blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, intellectuals, civil servants and the unemployed and retirees. [2] where white-collar workers mainly in mental, cultural level and a higher degree of social identity, number and proportion will continue to increase.

Secondly, the gradual diversion peasantry become an important part of people's war theory to address the challenges of information technology. The peasantry gradually evolved as agricultural laborers, village cadres and village intellectuals, four class township enterprise workers and migrant workers. [3] township enterprise workers and migrant workers groups have the Yigong Jinan have characteristics, China has gradually differentiated groups of farmers, the objective needs of the growth of the working class, promoting the socialist modernization process.

Diverse community groups to become the people's war theory joint deal with the challenges of the information technology point of non-public economy is booming in the wave of reform and opening up, learn from the past the social structure of the Soviet model to establish the system of units in this context, communities become the basic unit of social organization, people to produce the basic living space. polymerization wide range of social groups and different living and working here: including migrant workers, the unemployed workers, retirees, freelancers, self , private entrepreneurs and other social sectors in the community is to co-ordinate come to establish a two-way link with the government and society.

Second, the information of the people's war to the people subject newly constituted National Defense Education Requirements

Information warfare to strengthen the knowledge-based national defense education needs of the working class first, which is national defense construction adheres to an independent decision of the policy of self-reliance. Currently our country's dependence on foreign technology more than 50%, while innovative country below 30%, the United States, Japan, only about 5% of the high degree of interdependence of China's industrial development seriously controlled by others, and many key areas, especially the field of national defense, foreign technology relies on to be national security poses a serious threat. [4] Therefore, workers class as the builders of the defense industry and defense technology, information literacy is a direct impact on the level of information of the weapons and equipment manufacturing.

Second, this is determined by the leadership of the working class in the socialist modernization drive. Relevant statistics show that 85% of foreign military equipment and technology used in civilian technology, only 15% pure military technology. "[5] The world's military is in the general trend of the people involved in national defense construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics should reflect the organic combination of the people, and Technology, the National Defense Education should be especially intensive universities and businesses, on the one hand, students aspire to careers before their personal future closely linked with the destiny of the nation, and to lay a solid ideological foundation for their life orientation and into society, on the other hand, research capacity development and university research bodies and corporate R & D personnel to match the moral foundation to stimulate their sense of social responsibility and mission improve enthusiasm, their individual ingenuity, and train more Qian Xuesen technology professionals.

Information warfare defense education needs of the to strengthen gradually shunt peasantry According to expert studies, even in China's urbanization rate increased to 60% in 2030, 1.5 billion of the total population at that time, there are still 600 million of China's rural population. [ 6] seen our country can not develop the theory of people's war under conditions of informatization play much fighting, are inextricably linked with the quality of farmers.

Along with the accelerated process of China's socialist modernization, the peasant class, showing a trend of constantly streaming, township enterprise workers and migrant workers class will be gradually transformed into a part of the working class, even agricultural laborers were no longer totally "surface toward the loess back into the air, "the old appearance. diversion of this class, does not mean that the peasant class in the overall interests of our response to future information warfare can stay out, on the contrary, the shunt so that the degree of modernization and quality of information technology not only on the peasantry itself have a profound impact, but also the quality of the overall level of the degree of modernization and information relating to the working class, the better educated.

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3. The information warfare strengthen groups diversified community demand for information warfare of the National Defense Education means that the increase in high-tech war, on the one hand, means that the war specialization literacy increased, on the other hand, means that ordinary people must strengthen the understanding and ability to control to keep high-tech, including the recognition and response capabilities of the form of new offensive information warfare and deception disguise Could fight for more social groups the support and participation of the people's war, can play a huge combat effectiveness has a very important practical significance for the people's war.

Community as effective organizational unit of the national defense education in diverse social groups, and both should be the people's war mobilization to prepare the city, should be regarded as an important talent pool of the people's war under the conditions of the construction of information technology. Both from the need for training and information technology personnel departure, or from the perspective of improve the masses information security awareness covering groups up, staff the most complex component of the community, the people's war preparations are under conditions of informatization and implementation of the most important joint point, the Community for the implementation of information technology education people's war to provide high-quality reserve troops and make an important contribution to enhance the strategic defense capabilities.

Third, under the conditions of the development of information technology, national defense education to adapt to changes in the main structure of the people in the present and the future for a long historical period, we may still face to treat relatively inferior equipment advantage of the enemy's war against aggression situation. Xiangqian Marshal alive once pointed out, the strength of the national defense force, does not lie in the number of how many of the standing army, but look at the war is able to quickly mobilize a large number of financial, human and material resources to compete with the essence of information warfare is not the the application of computer technology to the battlefield, but rather the computer as a battlefield "glue" that aggregates the many resources on the war machine. status quo under the "war impermanence" information warfare, the level of national defense education can decide in a state of war, whether we can "quickly" and "a large number" of war mobilization national defense education should pay more attention to a careful analysis of the different circumstances of the educated people-oriented, according to local conditions, individualized.

For enterprise employees, only empty talk about the international situation, it is better to combine the development process and product market prospects Seeing drip from personal to national economic development of far-reaching significance of the contribution, in order to enhance the sense of mission of the employees and a sense of ownership for national defense education in rural areas, many rural areas are the old revolutionary base areas, the revolutionary sites rich off-the-shelf material can be used as a defense education due to the daily lives of people are familiar with the education material easier to get the recognition of the educated achieve better educational results. combine good use of existing resources and the development of the means of national defense education modernization, national defense education should not only modern, more diversified, multi-layered, the people's ability to accept and local realities select The standard of education resources, can not blindly pursue the development of sophisticated technology, but also about the efficiency and the effectiveness of achieving the same, in order to meet the new needs of the times the people under conditions of informatization main changes proposed by the National Defense Education.

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