China Road Culture: The Road to Road very Avenue

'Road', was first proposed by Lao Tzu in the 'Tao Te Ching' was mentioned 'Road to Road, very Avenue; names can be named very name'. Later, Confucius 'Book of copulative pass', there are very famous sentence, the words of the interpretation of 'Road': Metaphysical person that way, a physical embodiment of those devices. 'Road' became the classical Chinese philosophy, one of the most important areas. From 'Road' and derived from the 'metaphysical' and 'a physical' of the philosophical concept, in the Cultural Revolution, the 'metaphysical' has been introduced in the reality of political ideology, a 'metaphysics rampant', so that many theorists into a political movement in the victim. High school in the eighties 'materialist dialectics', 'political economy' in two subjects in the curriculum, the 'metaphysical' and 'a physical' This is a considerable length of philosophical concepts.
            Lao Tzu's 'Tao Te Ching', Confucius 'Book of copulative Biography', all originate from 'Book of Changes', 'easy' is listed as the source of Chinese culture, which is no doubt that the basic point. Contemporary Chinese 'theory,' the word, although it can be understood as' Road ', but its philosophical content is unusually pale, there is no spring and strokes contained in the' if ', so that the use of' theory 'the word to describe classical philosophy' Road, 'This concept is powerless. Powerless mainly because we do not have the ability to read 'Book of Changes'.
            Master said: 'Wu Dao one to accomplish this. 'This sentence is spring and autumn brush remark of what is it? My interpretation is: Confucius straightforward to admit that I derived from the Confucian doctrine of 'easy'. I said, 'Road to Road, very Avenue; names can be named very name', my interpretation is:''Easy 'inside of public opinion, they can be implemented, then unusual philosophical truth. 'Easy' which involves the term, then an extraordinary philosophical terms. 'Confucius and Lao-tzu's knowledge, are derived from the' easy ', Confucius, Confucianism, Lao-tzu's Tao learn to express their own on' easy 'to understand the unique reasons, a certain sense,' Tao Te Ching ',' The Analects ',' The Book of Songs ',' Zhou ',' Book of History 'are' easy 'alternative forms of expression. Alternative forms of expression, that is, Lao Tzu, Confucius, the respective derivative 'Road' results. Confucius, an 'Wudao a consistent' general ability of Confucius, significantly higher than I's 'Road to Road, very Avenue; names can be named very name'.
            'Very Tao' is used for the philosophical concept, referring to the 'solution' easy 'way'; 'very Road' for the ruling party, referring to the 'Things for the People' of the Road; 'very Tao' is used to study , referring to the interpretation of 'Spring and Autumn strokes of the Road'. The above three 'very Road', the most important thing is the interpretation of 'Spring and Autumn strokes of the Road'. 'The Book of Songs Vol ears' is a very important article, the beginning of a chapter, said:' tsetse volumes ears, no gain dumping baskets. Sigh I was pregnant people, He-week trip home. 'Here is an important concept of' weeks-line ',' weeks' to say is' Book of Changes', Confucius said, 'I from the weeks';' OK 'understanding of very complex, mainly referring to two minutes to understand, read HANG sound, understanding for meaning; read XIN sound, understanding of human nature, faith. Of particular note is the 'human nature, faith,' synthetic become 'benevolent and trustworthy', 'Jen', 'letter' is the philosophy of Confucianism are two important concepts, 'The Analects' in talks' ren' the concept of a 'Liren for the United States', talking about 'the letter' when there are 'people have no faith can not stand', these important ideas, to the Chinese language to form new words according to sound principles, this principle, one spring and the brush is an easy to reason. 'The Book of Songs magpie's nest' said: 'son in return, one hundred two Yuzhi;'s son, in return, will be two of the 100;'s son, in return, two into the 100. 'This' two ', a large area to be saying is' Spring and Autumn strokes 'and' easy to reason '; on the' easy 'arguments, said that was' just 'and' soft ',' yin 'and' yang ',' Kat 'and' fierce ',' learning 'and' learning ',' Road 'and' Germany 'and other 22's easy.
              The origin of Chinese civilization, development, growth and decline of the cycle, without exception, are Chinese, Chinese-driven, specifically, are all being based on 'easy' arguments Zaochu influenced by the letter and pronunciation. As long as Chinese characters, as long as speak Chinese, you are talking with Yi Li, Yi Li Zaochu using Chinese characters to express your ideas. Although the 'easy' arguments can not read, he has incorporated into the Chinese characters one by one; Although the Spring and Autumn strokes lost, he has turned it into thousands of idioms, 10 million Chinese-handed chapter.
            'Spring and Autumn strokes' and 'easy', that is, the unique Chinese culture 'is very Road': Wisdom in which, legend in which a gentleman could be thousands of years, can operate the Quartet. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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