Perspective of Western contemporary aesthetic aesthetic value Xunxian Shehuo

Abstract: With the further development of contemporary economic globalization, the closed state of the village peasant economy structure, although survival has been broken, but it is rooted in the countryside fire agency activities inherent aesthetic value does not change with the times and ablation. At the same time, in the face of Western contemporary art value evaluation criteria penetrate, I believe that explore contemporary Xunxian fire agency and Western contemporary aesthetics in common, will be more conducive to the establishment of our own aesthetic criteria, to promote "social fire" This wonderful work of art conservation and utilization. Xunxian Shehuo language in his paintings embodied the plane of consciousness, as well as aesthetic themes embodied in the public consciousness, both with Western contemporary aesthetic tendencies coincide, as art in the show offers the possibility of social and cultural phenomenon.

Western contemporary aesthetics is always accompanied by the evolution of the media arts demonstration, forming a self-critical spirit of self-discipline artistic practice aesthetics whose plane of consciousness as aesthetic significance in one of the most essential characteristics of the media, more and more recognition and attention, Try using a variety of contemporary easel painting a different language interpretation of the regression plane of consciousness, from the mean plane toward simplified visual status, and from the simplification of the original state of matter toward materials.

Correspondingly Xunxian fire agency itself followed the creation of aesthetic tendencies flattened, often do not use the full three-dimensional visual effects, advocates emphasize the outline of the image, do not emphasize the physical sense of the object to capture the typical characteristics of an object, and create concise picture of natural language.

The cultural characteristics of contemporary Western aesthetic manifestations of choosing the theme of strong awareness concept, showing the phenomenon of contemporary aesthetics extremely concerned about aesthetic point of view from the public's psychological analysis of people living space. Theme ideation because narrative painting and recording characteristics in social development, with the invention of the camera gradually being replaced by the popularity of the painting is also aesthetic significance of social controversy has never stopped, went through the pursuit of modernist abstraction formalized after the return of the human spirit more artists tends to the immediate attention of the public present aesthetic phenomenon closer to the public to accept the aesthetic aspects, such as pop art and graffiti art is to paint life, and the public to express their intuitive understanding of contemporary society. Xunxian fire performance as Volkswagen aesthetic one, bear in the process of performing a certain aesthetic concept of public communication, community fire performances from Xunxian reflects the culture of contemporary society some people psychological changes, reflecting the current socio-cultural context people acceptable aesthetic changes.

A painting plane of consciousness inherent in language

In contemporary Western aesthetics as a reference system, compared with the three different periods aesthetic sense qualities plane Xunxian art schools and fire agency to do parallel comparison to a better understanding of Xunxian fire performance characteristics of contemporary language, will recognize conversion a painting tool.

One is Impressionist paintings convey Cézanne's thematic structure of the two-dimensional plane, such as mountainous >> << St. Victor Hill body painting masterpieces will be three-dimensional space compression, with the mountain itself, "shape" on the flat-screen features to form the basic structure, resulting in the screen rhythm and rhythm.

Xunxian Shehuo corresponding language is shaped through repetition, the visual experience point planar form, with the overt or covert visual experience will be connected to the main line up to form a still picture with a sense of melody, such as pick flowers performances, each one performing Imagine a plane by an independent element, the first person to imagine having a massive structure, rattan imagine having a linear structure, baskets imagine dot-like structures in the form, and then the image of the formation of these individual aesthetic with order overall picture language, its structure into a unified movement posture picture effect.

The second is the volume into Cubism implied three-dimensional planar geometry, such as Picasso's Guernica << >>, with the polyhedral plane technique, the object plane of the local language with the overall perception of the built up screen image, through the screen overlapping and parallel planar system, so that the screen showing messy and interspersed visual effects, and sometimes even physical collage approach to the use of surface and deep contradictions Zhang Xianping qualities to flatten Evolution of the screen showing the structure whole, rather than the whole life prototypes in the picture will be distorted animal head and body, facial features on the face for dislocation arrangement reflects a distorted planar America.

Xunxian fire agency performing the corresponding form, always accompanied interspersed around, forming a visual impression of the piece itself has a real sense and virtual joint action of the overall sense of awareness of the image, this feeling fit Cubism polyhedral plane of a language, You can mix characters and the background is illusory plane full of playful language on the application of the material itself is Xunxian Shehuo local materials, revealing characteristics of the material itself has become one of the contemporary aesthetic pursuit, Xunxian fire agency is often Select the kind of life for performances and decorations, such as some lion lion body and is commonly used with home wiring prime crude stitched together, but also with the nature of image-building to, and sometimes inevitably be untrue, but it has a rustic and rich aesthetic meaning in life breath.

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Third, constructivist and supremacist screen must be fully considered by the sheer styling elements of composition, that is flat and color, line and color that are the essence of screen presence, Besides nothing else, such as Jackson Pollock << autumn rhythm - No. 30 >>, you will randomly splashed paint on canvas, on the screen appears a natural flowing lines, dripping color point, line and line, color and hue fused together to form a picture. paintings of nature touching character with quality produce visual sheer pleasure America, emphasizing the subjectivity of human patchwork, emphasizing the randomness and occasional fun. And in the picture there is a special technique that fractal method, the so-called fractal, is to allow some local picture and the picture showed the same overall shape.

Xunxian fire performance corresponding screen form, always revealing the arbitrariness of the composition of this natural language is often cluttered with trivial spliced ​​into the shape of the entire visual identity, as in playing lion dragon in order to render the lively festive atmosphere will be at least 34 only, and as many as a dozen lions together, save moving up and down, bustling dance heap in the dragon dance, often another ten men dancing together a big dragon, the dragon performances performers, along with drums circuitous walk, forming chaotic visual experience, inadvertently already coiled dragon suddenly noticed the sky, like a mountain stands in your

Before the shocking self-evident, reflecting the arbitrariness coexist with occasional artistic interest. Fractal law in Xunxian fire performance is also reflected, both solemn ceremony or Yangge dance or pick flowers, etc. sexual performances, in the whole and partial body performance is always somewhat coincidental, twisting Younger performers themselves body posture often interspersed with the entire dance form with walking proximity.

Second, aesthetic themes embodied in public awareness

Xunxian fire performance and Western contemporary aesthetics are concerned about the survival of people with mental state, and the public aesthetic quest spiritual connotation, is accompanied by the rise of my consciousness, the theme of the popular language reflects the performance of the public present a special state of mind.

One is a native attachment, China has long been the farming men and women weave agricultural society, ideology as an agricultural society is a natural attachment to the land of the germinal out, even in the urban life of the new generation of young people, with the dredging County of a local people's words, "check up three generations of ancestors who are not farmers." Our roots are in the land, although the long-estranged but once again, my heart was still able to meet surging up ripples, this should be the majority of Chinese people are Some native complex.

The second is to promote the emotional, folk art continues to this day, have always been full of vitality, and its social perception of life and expression, among implicit in noisy performances. Prolonged careful observation we find that performance sway more than just sweat, or a year in savings emotions, or feelings of joy and all the best, and perhaps unlucky of suppressed feelings. contemporary urban people in the higher education level, the psychological pressure to bear on more often greater spiritual bondage, aired on mood makes people's hearts get consolation, perhaps this is the city people often travel long distances to attend one of the reasons Xunxian fire agency.

The third is looking forward to the warmth of traditional human relations in today's society changes are obvious, people escaped the "Father Son Son, Jun Jun Chen," the moral shackles, but easy trap to another human relations, a busy life rhythm makes people become indifferent affection universal psychological state of contemporary people, while in the villages Xunxian Clan contact this people is often kinship through fire performance will strengthen and sustain this family relations, friends, relatives removed between the burden of life on that day for a common wish to come together and be close to the heart.

Third, the conclusion

In short, the evolution of contemporary western aesthetics presented in an introspective type of development, regardless of the plane of consciousness painting language or aesthetic theme of public awareness and community fire Xunxian presented aesthetic value, it is this rapid economic development bring people under psychological stress, living space compression, communication needs, reflect on aesthetic appreciation pristine beauty and playful pursuit of beauty. relative indifference of the city, the countryside is full of excitement, the author Chun County fire performance to experience such a warm human glory, found hidden in the heart of nostalgia for their homeland, aired on mood, for the warmth of hope.


[1] Rudolf Arnheim Art and Visual Perception [M]. Sichuan People's Publishing House, 2005.

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