Multimedia Music aesthetic literacy teaching and student training

Music is emotional art, and students feel the music, often need help to understand situations, through specific and vivid images and sounds wonderful voice arouse students' inner resonance, in a relaxed atmosphere to obtain knowledge using multimedia music teaching, can effectively stimulate students 'interest in learning music, inspire students to wisdom, to cultivate the students' sentiments, students creativity while optimizing the music classroom, and enhance teaching effectiveness music has also shown its unique advantages. multimedia teaching reasonable enable students to better understand the use of music, the performance of music, creating music, which by the influence of the arts, behavioral America's education.

A passion camp atmosphere, improve students' interest for students nowadays intuitive, image, infection and strong objective interest in things more concentrated, curious and willing to accept.

Knowing paper "Interest is the best teacher," the impact on learning interest, far more than teachers supervise and simple preaching of modern information technology in the multimedia teaching software precisely this would satisfy their interests, and can adapt to their rational thinking is not strong, persistent weak learning characteristics of students as possible auditory, visual and even feeling all mobilized, according to the teaching content of multimedia courseware able lyrics, melodies, images and other visually displayed, providing students vivid teaching situation, a variety of teaching resources for the students to create a colorful, audio and video synchronization, dynamic scenes can still teaching, so as to stimulate student interest in learning, the students in the music classroom aesthetic experience to a climax.

Song >> << Naadam is a Mongolian-style children's songs, teachers in teaching can use the "super king" software, the information on the Mongolian steppes, Naadam event such as customs entry drive. Upon import, let the students Listen Tengger >> << paradise, when the familiar music of a release, the students will know to the prairie, and then asked the students have not been to Mongolia? Mongolia are what you know? want to go and feel something? then click mouse, showing the screen, the endless prairie scenery presented in front of the students, a strong visual effect immediately attracted the attention of students, they seem to have entered the vast grassland, Naadam is also involved in the event, with great enthusiasm into the study In particular the difficulties in teaching the last phrase, with different speeds concert will be different results. according to the students sang the speed (fast, slow, multimedia presentations grasslands gallop speed, students with visual image of the screen in which singing Speed ​​songs emotional effect brought about naturally show, so that students feel singing, creating a immersive environment in which students feel like being in the prairie, to achieve the desired teaching effect.

2 concentrate and improve learning efficiency Music is the art of hearing. Melodic level, accurate intonation, rhythm requires students to grasp highly focused to listen and to learn to sing, and the use of multimedia rich sound and to distinguish between high and low tones , length, strength, to know yourself or someone else sing correctly, thus improving the efficiency of classroom learning to sing the song.

For example, the song Love Mom >> << Little Crow was a choral part twice for Two - part of the song with the students easily tune the pitch of the main part, so basically the students are tired of singing, and learning time extremely long effort is not concentrated in order to allow students to concentrate on learning to sing when you do, you can use the high-low range of different colors on the screen and use the "audio king" two voices were recorded accompaniment. learning to sing When the turn which the part is played that part of the accompaniment, and the songs crescendo, decrescendo, etc. tempo markings set to "Move Play", thus reminding and helping students learn to sing the song faster and better. Finally, in the chorus, you can also accompanied by animated MTV, guiding students to watch the screen, there are feelings to sing songs from her mother's feelings of love for a small crow. Originally part harmony accuracy is difficult, but the students in vivid multimedia Under high concentration of energy use, the urgent desire to learn to sing, had no interest in the students, it is difficult to grasp the part of the two songs in a very short time to learn and improve the efficiency of the classroom.

In addition, according to the daily teaching situation, it is easy to appreciate the lesson so that students lose interest in leaving the inattention to reach the intended purpose of teaching, but if the rational use of multimedia will improve classroom efficiency.

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3 visual image, breaking difficulty of teaching music teaching music theory to learn and difficult melodic singing, the use of various marks, etc., if only by a simple verbal teaching and demonstrations, most students can not accept, nor can well express the mood of the song, so multimedia teaching in solving difficult problems, focused knowledge also played a pivotal role. teaching, there statically teaching materials through means to restore its multimedia fresh face, becomes impressive. CAI demonstrate the use of dynamic images flashed its text, graphics, zoom and move the color conversion and other means to guide students to think for forming accurate heart rhythm, the hard understand the intuitive knowledge through the media supporting the fastest memory in the brain clearly down.

For example, enjoy the song << >> prairie patrol the main theme, so that students will remember and will rely on a simple professor humming difficult to achieve in order to allow students to listen to it as a natural process of an impression in the brain can be in every a melodic theme will appear when displayed on the screen, a lively pony image above in the notes according to the rhythm of the length of the jump flashed, the students sang along with pony theme rhythmically so arouse the attention of students, depending on the , listening, singing closely, listening tours twice, difficulty students have a good grasp of the main theme, which addresses the difficulties, and it helps the students to read music sight-singing ability.

Another example is to teach students knowledge repeatedly jump mark, because this knowledge appears in the lower grades, according to the characteristics of students in lower grades - dominant thinking in images and more attention and interest and emotional about, you can design scene singing bunny pulling radishes , when the second to pull radishes repeatedly singing, singing bunny skipped house 1 house 2 then pull radishes songs such a low-grade students with respect to the difficulty of knowledge, in the image of the picture display is very easy to grasp and accepted, there are many songs in musical notation, rhythm difficult for students to grasp the difficulty, you can use flash, move, color conversion, amplification, display and other methods to teaching so that students hands, brain, mouth, eyes and used to improve teaching efficiency .

4 rich imagination and inspire creativity music listening experience is creative thinking activities, it triggers inspiration, enlightened wisdom plays an important role. Scientist Albert Einstein once said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and Imagination summarize everything on the world, and is a source of knowledge evolution. "imagination and creativity is the aesthetic quality of the basic thinking processes in music teaching students the art of imagination America, to the development of students' personality and wisdom, and promote Creative thinking is very valuable. multimedia teaching scenarios sound tangible advantage of the mood created by the music, not only to develop students 'thinking and appreciation of art are more effective in promoting students' imagination America.

For example, Miles >> << beep beep Mile is a cheerful song, according to the teaching objectives designed to allow students to not only sing songs from the musical rhythm

Feel the joy of spring areas, and can self simple actions and lyrics on this course, the author of the video recording settings will spring into a multimedia courseware for students into the classroom was a sunny, joy of spring, the beautiful fresh and gorgeous scenery of nature attracted bring them into the leisurely, relaxed mood among the aesthetic Then multimedia animation rendering safflower, small orioles, and other small streams in the happy singing "Spring" scene, cheerful student The mood was quickly mobilized, kept his mouth to say spring singing other things and can not help with the performance of the spring musical melody joy comfortable action scene. then allow students to human-computer interaction, tap mouse to select their favorite "beautiful spring" in a scene, visually, ears, mouth singing, moving, and other information channels self-learning songs, lyrics, compose and conduct for students to fully appreciate, imagination created to appreciate the joy of spring. multimedia rational use of not only train the students ability to create beauty, more important is active in their thinking, and fully develop their talents.

Technological development, progress requires teachers to constantly update the traditional concepts and patterns of thought and this era is characterized by information dissemination to creatively determine success or failure, teachers must constantly adapt to the new era of ideological changes and needs. Renowned musician Beethoven, said: "Music is more than all wisdom and all philosophy higher revelation." Practice makes the author a profound understanding of multimedia technology in teaching the use of music, able to receive good teaching effect and it can create situations to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, visual image, of Aesthetic improve learning efficiency and promote divergent thinking, develop students' ability to create beauty.

However, multimedia music can not completely replace the traditional teaching methods, can not negate the traditional teaching methods and exclusion, but rather it means and modern educational technology inspired guidance of teachers and students in practical activities combined. Multimedia teaching aids just a teacher should be based on actual teaching coordinated and complementary variety of teaching methods in order to better optimize the music classroom and teaching.

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