Music in piano performance aesthetic qualities of the important role

Abstract: Music is a set of views and playing, singing as one of the arts as a representative of the music piano music from the music should be interpreted in the perspective of aesthetics and deepen understanding of music literacy pianist performing on the piano plays an important role, rich life experience and a broad musical artistic accomplishment is a modern pianist skills to enhance their magic. musical aesthetic qualities in piano performance has a very important role in the foundation.

Keywords: aesthetic qualities aesthetic principles aesthetic essence piano music piano music works to accurately reveal the style and content, relatively clearly shaping the image of the music, the visual aesthetics of music must be from the perspective of the music player works through the height of understanding, engage in a creative play.
First, an important foundation for piano players that rich aesthetic qualities as a musical art, consists of four basic elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, these basic elements according to specific rules of aesthetic standards of the formation of ordered music organization, such as a different pitch in consecutive time constitutes the wonderful melody, sound orderly organized constitutes a fixed rhythm, while at the same time being the pitch of the sound to form the corresponding harmonies If the four basic elements of music as a musical art form of close-range, then this musical art form of basic organization is its medium shot, but the music itself is with aesthetic characteristics, when they follow a specific The rules combine to form the overall musical panorama, which is the musical art form of aesthetic rules. this law and human hearing, and psychology is closely related to the beauty of the human emotional needs, because people are hearing and psychological quite complicated, joy, hesitation, or even hate all contradictions will be included in the human perceptual object inside, so the relative musical art performances shown by the pursuit is quite complicated, piano must have a high degree of aesthetic qualities, only in a deep understanding of the implication of the piano works based on aesthetics, to be able to better grasp the emotion in the form of music works, grasp Experience Music connotation, music styles and genres characteristic times, hard to interpret music brought to us by the aesthetic emotion.
Second, the core essentials of piano playing that perfect combination of emotion and technique as well as the piano playing all the performing arts in the process, as an outstanding artist's main features are: In the course of musical performances should be creative passion and calm self-morphological Organic controls and combined. Throughout abroad every great pianist, is to follow each other emotionally and intellectually unified aesthetic principles of musical art, such as musicians playing Bach's Fugue in, if excessive use of music The enthusiasm and energy, there may be allowed to control the balance between each part, unable to maintain the pitch between each part melody So, if you want to create a perfect musical art, we must adhere to follow the emotional and unity and reason mutually musical art aesthetic principles.

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Third, improve their aesthetic qualities is to enhance the level of piano playing an important way to learn and accumulate knowledge of music theory, enhance the deep understanding of the piano works of outstanding music is based on deep understanding of music based on. therefore, in order to enhance the level of piano playing must first learn and accumulate a richer knowledge of music theory, piano works deepen the understanding and analysis of piano works to strengthen the rational awareness. piano works appreciation and reading materials can be divided into macro and micro perspective. piano works main focus is on the analysis of piano music in the rhythm, beat, harmony, polyphony and texture, etc. In these music elements, music is the key to supporting musical structure. musical structure and the close relationship exists inseparable harmony modal analysis functions and macro analysis plays an important role in the musical language of the relevant elements for other analysis of microscopic analysis are all the range in addition to enhancing the knowledge of music theory can help to better understand the pianist music, but also help us better to remember the song, to improve their progress in learning a new song.

2, the accumulation of piano works of aesthetic knowledge to enhance emotional awareness on the piano works of piano works is to obtain knowledge of rational cognition of the key. To become a good piano player, we should pay attention to the emotional style of music creation. a piano player's mind if the lack of fresh musical style that he played on the lack of mobilization techniques point. a piano playing personnel, their inner harbor any kind of music style, you can, what kind of transformation sensual style.

In addition, the piano player should also continue to accumulate playing skills knowledge. Focus on learning masters of playing audio and video, do not try to figure out

Same period, the different composers and different musical themes, improve their hearing ability of music to improve their level of music creation and appreciation of the arts, such as playing a song, it can be found in a variety of playing this song version, through careful analysis and comparison, draw their own understanding and feelings. piano performances and other knowledge and learning as are required in-depth experience and serious thinking to continue to progress.

3, to strengthen their own cultural and artistic accomplishment, enhance the ability to interpret music piano works by emotional form of expression, but in the course of this expression but contains a rich cultural, artistic content. Piano in 1709 by the Italian Bart Luomei Ou · 克里斯多佛利 invention, dating back more than 300 years of history, in the course of its development draws on music of various countries and ethnic characteristics, thus it formed a content-rich piano culture, therefore, This also requires that we need to have a good piano player cultural and artistic accomplishment, in order to more fully interpret the intent of the composer creations and contains a strong heritage in the works can be said to improve their cultural and artistic accomplishment, in order to each cultural phenomenon between art and feelings of integration, in order to play music during the essence and soul unfolded.

Conclusion piano music is the perfect combination of intrinsic and extrinsic hearing of an aesthetic artistic activities, therefore, as a pianist, music aesthetics should be well versed in the importance of the piano, and strive to improve their musical aesthetic qualities, in order to better move towards the art of music hall.


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