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Abstract: The proposed medical professionals in the medical field through aesthetic sense, aesthetic object and aesthetic cultivation research and social functions, we find the practice of medical science medical personnel special laws aesthetic activity, revealing aesthetic quality in education and training of medical personnel in the process of positive significance.

Keywords: aesthetic sense; aesthetic activity; aesthetic objects Marx once said: "It is an animal that is in accordance with the kind of scale and the need to build, but people have to understand in any one kind of scale for production, and know how to everywhere The inner scale applied to objects up; therefore, people are in accordance with the laws of the United States to build "[1], which shows that human labor and production practices is a purposeful process of changing the state of the natural world, human beings through productive labor," Nature only the performance of his work and his reality, therefore, is people working class life objectified; person did not like in consciousness rationally reproduce themselves, but dynamically, realistically reproduce themselves, thus he created a world of intuitive self. "[1] 97 Thus, humans in the production practice get more than just material goods, but also their thoughts, feelings and wisdom and other such essential power of some people realize.

Just the nature of these people realize the power of the process, people feel the joy and happiness, and thus felt the beauty of this, human beings in different historical periods of production practice, there was human aesthetic imprint, aesthetic activities become one of the important human creative activities, the reality of human social life plays an indispensable role in compensating. Therefore, the study of the aesthetic qualities of medical personnel, medical personnel cultivate aesthetic taste, cultivate and enhance their appreciation of beauty and creativity make lofty aesthetic ideals, the healthy growth of the medical personnel and the implementation of scientific medical practice has a positive meaning.

First, the medical personnel essential characteristic of aesthetic consciousness aesthetic sense of social consciousness in a special form, is the person in real life with the aesthetic value of the object reflects the dynamic object which includes aesthetic (aesthetic values ​​and aesthetic values ), aesthetic taste, aesthetic ideals and aesthetic sense, etc. It is a historical stage of human development that are unique to a certain kind of emotional experience of objective things, in the long-term production of human practices inherent natural persons of the results. aesthetic sense an intuitive, emotional, and social utilitarian features. medical professionals in the medical field for the maintenance and promotion of human health, scientific practice, in modern society, science and health standards should be a physical, mental, and social adaptability perfect condition. This determines the aesthetic sense of medical personnel in addition to the characteristics of human beings than the general aesthetic sense, but also has its own characteristics, mainly in the following aspects:
1 aesthetic, refers to the medical aesthetic subject to medical aesthetic object-specific interests and tendencies. Accepted in medical aesthetic subject expertise, which the occupational environment and its unique experience, to form a special social and cultural psychology and the unique emotional experience, it has its own aesthetic characteristics.

2 aesthetic ability, aesthetic subjects that medical personnel engaged in medical practice activities the object of aesthetic experience aesthetic value and nature of sensitivity and understanding of the profound degree.

3 aesthetic, referring to the body in a certain aesthetic medicine aesthetic medicine practice activities summed up on the idea of ​​human fitness and perspectives.

4 aesthetic ideal of mankind for their own health and longevity, beautiful supple body, psychological as well as how to further develop and improve the body's various potential manifested in medicine desire and pursuit and reached its highest state of perfection and continuous efforts.

5. Aesthetic sense, refers to the aesthetic subject of medical things of beauty awareness activities with emotional and it is mainly due to people's activities in a variety of medical aesthetic aesthetic characteristics with perceptual arising from a variety of psychological experience.

Second, the medical personnel medical aesthetic object to the social function of disease prevention, maintenance and promotion of the human body and mind health care, so medical personnel should be in the aesthetic object protect human health and longevity of the process, present in the patient population and social care The aesthetic needs, medical anti-aesthetic quality of health personnel, medical skills America, medical environment, the United States, the U.S. medical services, human body, etc., and thus the formation of the medical staff and patients, between social groups related aesthetic sense, aesthetic choice , aesthetic treatment, aesthetic evaluation, and a series of aesthetic education aesthetic relationship.

1 aesthetic needs are aesthetic consciousness category, which includes aesthetic taste, aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic ideals and aesthetic experience, and many other content people's aesthetic needs are extensive and multi-layered. It is not only affected by social and material living conditions constraints, but also by individual psychological factors, especially patients and social care groups, because of their disease prevention and health maintenance special needs, aesthetic needs of its specific content will be shown.

2 aesthetic quality, the aesthetic qualities of medical personnel should include them in the process of medical aesthetic self-training and self-transformation to develop and improve their aesthetic taste, aesthetic ability, lofty aesthetic ideals to achieve inner and outer beauty phase unified aesthetic requirements.

3 medical skill America, refers to the broad range of medical knowledge, skilled medical technology and superb artistic accomplishment.
4 Health Environment America, including the nature and human social environment of beauty and health care institutions small landscaping.
5 Medical Service America, in essence, is the medical field ethical beauty.
6 beauty of human body, is the body in a normal state of body structure, posture movement, the physiological function of coordination, harmony and symmetry unity. Essence of human health and the United States meet the aesthetic standards.

7 medical aesthetic relationship, is a kind of health care in order to protect human health and the relationship appears in practice, which includes people, and objects two aspects of the relationship between people's aesthetic relationship refers to the practice of medicine in occur between medical staff and patients of medical aesthetic relationship; aesthetic relationship between persons and things a person with objective medical aesthetic relationship between things, such as medical personnel and medical and health institutions aesthetic relationship between infrastructure and so on.

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Third, the medical personnel of the social function of an aesthetic accomplishment through medical aesthetic practice, the use of aesthetic sense, people in good health to create the perfect quality. A good aesthetic cultivation Medical personnel should know how to use aesthetic sense, to create the conditions for a variety of medical America, making the human body function, prevent disease, protect human health perfection, but also good at using a variety of aesthetic experience to help improve people's ability to education means to a subtle way, so that patients and social care populations aesthetic capabilities have been enhanced to make them in the medical aesthetic relationship obtained from the psychological feelings, friendship as well as the feeling of beautiful things around so that their aesthetic needs are met , in order to improve the quality of the human body, to beautify the purpose of life.

(2) to skilled medical technology and superb artistic accomplishment, creating a complete human body. Practice in medical science, medical science and technology, including the use of eugenic medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, plastic surgery medicine and a series of modern medical technology on human look, shape, structure, and function of the spirit of re-shaping, repair, processing, various parts of the body to promote harmony and unity, coordinated functioning and thus meet the needs of perfect health.

3 good aesthetic cultivation of medical personnel not only conducive to the development of their physical and mental health, but also help to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships, such as medical workers, health, healthy state of mind, positive and optimistic life attitude, groomed, mannered, friendly language, attitudes

Mild, clinics and other excellent work ethic fine to inner beauty and outer beauty of harmony and unity so that the correct aesthetic, under the guidance of medical personnel in medical practice and strive to achieve its sublime unity, so that patients and social care populations In the hospital in a harmonious peaceful, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, thereby producing a superb physical and mental state, rehabilitation confident and willing to communicate with the doctor, and actively cooperate with the treatment of mental state, so as to promote harmonious social medicine interpersonal relationships.

4 treatment function from system theory perspective, human beings are facing the threat of disease, and a variety of healthy, harmonious state, the reason is often not only a physiological factors, as well as social and psychological factors when the body's integrity and the level of structure and function of the orderly, openness and stability of self-organization due to a combination of factors have been destroyed, the medical workers can take advantage of the artistic image in aesthetic medicine, aesthetic medicine re-creation, aesthetic sense tuning, guidance and counseling functions, maintenance of human health, such as music can be used to treat certain diseases, beautiful music can promote healthy body secrete acetylcholine enzymes and hormones and other substances that can regulate blood circulation and nerve cell excitability , but also can become a regular gastric motility, and promote the secretion of saliva.

5. Aesthetic function in the medical aesthetic practice, medical personnel can also use their aesthetic qualities with a purpose and a plan for large-scale systems according to the needs of society, according to a certain aesthetic rules and principles, popularity and improve people's comprehensive medical aesthetic quality and the ability to form healthy lifestyle and good sanitation awareness in medical practice, each health care workers should be a conscious people to form a good guide and regulate the medical aesthetic habits and behaviors; through modern medical technology and skilled aesthetic practice, changing people's medical aesthetic state, creating a healthy, harmonious and civilized society.

Four, the aesthetic medical personnel motivation 1. Medical personnel's own aesthetic needs of human needs are many, many levels. Psychologist H. Maslow human needs into five levels: the first is the physiological needs, and the second is the need for safety and security, and the third is the need for love and belonging, and the fourth is the self-respect and respect for the needs of others, the fifth is the highest level of need, namely the need for self-realization. aesthetic needs are the highest human level needs, is a mental category needs. medical personnel is no exception, with its own aesthetic needs. aesthetic needs of a unique human inner emotional desires, is a manifestation of human vitality, its ultimate goal is to seek aesthetic pleasure, which includes aesthetic taste, aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic ideals and aesthetic experience and many other content, and through individual manifested a special mental state, so it's a special form with the individual social practice experience are inseparable, aesthetic needs such as medical personnel, is in medical practice and activities in the form of social interaction, they protect human health and improve quality of life for the people of the highest aesthetic demands.

(2) Medical requirements of their own development of modern medical science, reflected in the mechanism of the disease concept of health, is to explore a deeper level. Medical research is not only the disease, but the person. Human Development is a process of natural history, human life course subject to social, psychological, and many other constraints.'s health is a physical, mental and social well being on the ability to adapt, not just the absence of disease and debilitating phenomenon of medicine is being used by the biomedical model to biological - psychological - social medical model transformation, medical sciences and the social sciences, humanities showing mutual penetration, cross trends, this development requires not only medical personnel skilled in the professional knowledge, but also master Social sciences and humanities knowledge, attention to their own aesthetics and ethics training linkages and complementary roles, understanding the professional activities in the health attention to their own aesthetic cultivation of the significance of the spirit of life-saving, safeguarding human health principles, medical personnel should be more deeply understand and grasp the meaning of modern medical model, attention to their own inner beauty and outer beauty culture and harmonization, strengthen medical aesthetic training, to better integrate with the medical practice of aesthetic medicine combine to contribute to human health.

3 systemic medical work requirements. Medical work smoothly, relying on the medical staff and work closely with one mind in the patient's treatment process, a part of any error, may result in very serious consequences So overall concept of medical workers and responsibility is extremely important that this work ethic America is to create the necessary conditions for a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.


[1] Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts .1844 [C] / / Marx and Engels Collected Works: Volume 42, Beijing: People's Publishing House, 1979.

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