Probe into how to regulate pharmacy pharmacy management to improve efficiency

With the development of society, pharmacy management mechanisms, institutional bound to the scientific management, standardized management and legal management changes, the real masses to provide efficient, safe and inexpensive drugs. Outpatient pharmacy, ward pharmacy, storeroom other hospital pharmacy department set of technical, management, operating in an integrated agency. should be run, economic activities in the hospital pharmacy and medical services in a very important position, pharmacy pharmacy services management permeates the whole process. Sui the development of society, pharmacy management mechanisms, institutional bound to the scientific management, standardized management and legal management changes, the real masses to provide efficient, safe and inexpensive drugs, while adhering to the premise of maximizing social benefits, without increasing the burden on patients under the premise, to achieve social and economic benefits of synchronous growth, and promote the sustainable development of medical and health undertakings. This paper describes the pharmacy management to enhance the level of specific ways to enhance the quality of pharmacy staff specific measures to enhance the pharmacy staff level of service specific content. are as follows.

A pharmacy management to enhance the level of drug purchasing behavior 1.1 specification. Hospital pharmacy drug quality is the focus on the important support channels regulate drug purchases. Hospital pharmacy medicines are purchased its suppliers, manufacturers must have pharmaceutical production qualification. Especially preferred production of pharmaceutical GMP certification, the establishment of drug purchase and acceptance system, should GSP certification pharmaceutical enterprises as the main supply channels, the procurement of medicines must comply with the provisions << >> Drug Administration Law, and resolutely put an end to the purchase and sale of counterfeit medicines. drug purchase required the person responsible for approving hand, other hospital staff are not allowed to purchase medicines.

1.2 specification medicines management measures. Firstly Drug Administration to regulate the period. Earnestly implement Drug valid registration system, pharmacy staff should regularly check the validity of pharmaceutical stocks in written form, in lists of drugs will expire this month, so as to drugs deployment using the latest information. secondly to regulate the drug store management to take medicines stored FIFO and introducing new principles storage to avoid the backlog of expired medicines, to ensure that the hospital clinical drug safety. No. Third, we must standardize the management of expensive drugs. pharmacies must check the inventory number of expensive drugs, usage, inventory expensive medicines registration must be done consistent with the number of the actual quantity, so that accounts were in line. fourth special Drug Administration to regulate. poison, hemp drugs are the focus of pharmacy management, management should implement specific prescription, the person responsible counters save someone registration, special books [1].

1.3 Strengthening storeroom and clinical information for communication mechanisms must first make new drugs and propaganda work. Pharmacy should be effective use of computer and network information dissemination functions, one by one to introduce timely information about drugs, drug use abroad dynamics, as well as clinical medicine adverse reactions, etc., so as to effectively expand the majority of medical staff awareness of related drugs [2] On this basis, should also be established drugs, formulations, drug testing, research and written archives of adverse drug reactions and establish information database, collect efficacy of various drugs, drug information, adverse reactions and new formulations, new with old drugs, new drug delivery and other methods, followed by clinical departments receiving feedback regularly in contact with clinicians and strengthen linkages with clinical departments to listen frontline medical staff pharmacy comments, suggestions and criticisms, in particular for knowledge and understanding of the efficacy and adverse drug reactions, which collect a wide range of information, so that the hospital pharmacy in a constant state of adjustment, in order to better improve hospital pharmacy job. posted on free download
1.4 Strengthening pharmacy staff management, people management is the management of the first one. hospital pharmacy managers must guide and help establish a good staff practitioner attitudes, norms work ethic in management practices, to promote and implement quantitative assessment measures, focusing on assessing the deployment of regular inspections prescription error rate, drug accounts were in line rates, patient satisfaction and other indicators, and a comprehensive evaluation of examination results To punish bad actor award to moderate, appropriate, reasonable and scientific incentives and disincentives to promote pharmacy staff enthusiasm for work and practitioners initiative.

2 on the surface to enhance the quality of pharmacy pharmacy staff pharmacist is responsible for formulation and medicine, more importantly, to the patient to provide more professional services and therefore enhance the professional quality of pharmacists is particularly important, should pay attention to and strengthen the pharmacy staff to update their knowledge and to continue education efforts to promote lifelong education pharmacist team, continue to learn and progressive transformation, improve the overall quality pharmacists team [3] In the course of the introduction of talent, to give more consideration to the introduction of a number of businesses capable of performing high-level modern pharmacy pharmacist , when the introduction of pharmacy personnel priority high level of education of professional pharmacy personnel through policy-oriented, and constantly encourage existing pharmacy personnel to participate Licensed Pharmacist Examination, thereby contributing to a pharmacist business knowledge structure changes and improvements, an overall increase in the accumulation of knowledge and effectively enhance the professional level. conditional hospital pharmacists can gradually advance to participate in clinical work, moderately reasonable guide therapy and institutionalized, standardized and regular work situation. On this basis, it should allow pharmacist to discuss difficult cases and even participate in consultation rounds to allow pharmacists in clinical practice, better guiding rational drug use and strengthen drug supervision and management to play a fuller role in further promoting rational drug use, effectively closely with doctors and pharmacists between patients relations, while easy to pharmacists to better perform oversight functions.

Three service levels to enhance the hospital pharmacy pharmacy staff are foreign service window, the level of service, quality of service is good or bad, the service performance of the merits of a direct impact on the image of the hospital, so pharmacy staff to improve service levels, improve service quality, improve service efficiency, strengthen professional ethics and wind construction, and actively implement >> << Drug Administration Law and the work norms, strict implementation of regulations hospital hospital discipline, listing job openings, accept social supervision, improve their status maintenance unit image. MORALS to regularly carry out surveys, satisfaction and increase social awareness in effectively do their job work, to the warm reception of patients and their families drug information consultation.


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