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Abstract: This article Talking Yueju Pill "name of party creation, the reason behind the party name, party songs, composition, function and clinical applications.

Keywords: six-depressive disease Yueju Pill
The Yuan Dynasty Zhu Zhenheng: "qi, blood Yu, fire Yu, Fresh Yu, wet depression, sputum Yu" Six Yu, said that the blood rushed and all diseases are not born, an anxious depression, various diseases grow wherever. Therefore, the personal Zhu disease Born Yu "for (<< danxi Heart · Six Yu >>, and create Yueju Pill a party." Yueju Maruji Liu Yu invasion, the blood pyrophlegm wet food due Chang Yu Shu, Gung the Cang incense additional Gardenia song, gas pain, nausea level. "all-Cyperus, Chuanxiong, herb, Divine Comedy, gardenia, Gomi drugs, etc. are divided into the end of the ratio of the amount of the original square into a pill, now the clinical discretionary for decoction decoction. attending qi due to mediastinoscopy ruffian nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, ai rot Tunsuan, nausea and vomiting, diet Needless embolism among the six Yu qi mainly so the party function. Jieyu main gas line, air-smooth, phlegm, fire, wet, blood, food Zhu Yu self, in addition to pain stuffy Oue Zhu Zheng. depressive disease caused by psychological factors, to qi stagnation basic lesions, the most common type of medicine syndromes when qi common clinical depression, restless mood, Xiong Xie fullness and pain, depressive syndromes common blood Yu: Also See Xiong Xie pain, or was tingling, fixed parts, tongue petechia petechiae, or dark purple tongue, fire Yu: Also see brash irritability, chest tightness hypochondriac, the noisy Tunsuan, dry mouth and bitter tongue, constipation, red tongue, yellow moss, pulse a few strings, Fresh Yu: Also see epigastric fullness, belching sour, not eating, wet depression: Also see the body weight, abdominal distention, belching, tired mouth diarrhea, loose stools, sputum Yu: Also see abdominal distention, pharynx, such as material infarction, greasy moss see these syndromes in Yueju pills are all effective. writer this side of the clinical application of the treatment of gastrointestinal neurosis, plus wood , Citrus aurantium, white Kou, Magnolia, treatment of chronic gastritis soda Terrier, citrus aurantium, the woody, fried radish seed, Amomum, Breit, dandelion, treatment of peptic ulcer white, Atractylodes, cuttlebone, Yuan Hu, Panax powder, increasing the amount of gardenia treatment of infectious hepatitis, plus turmeric, rhubarb, cotton capillaris, Radix, Polygonum cuspidatum, cholelithiasis, plus money grass, Gallus gallus domesticus, rhubarb treatment intercostal nerve the pain Canadian dollars Hu of Salvia, Toosendan, frankincense, myrrh, treatment of mental depression plus Shichangpu of turmeric, August Sapporo, Salvia, keel, oysters, treatment of dysmenorrhea plus Angelica, corydalis, turmeric, Asarum , motherwort, safflower, hawthorn Six Yu Zhu where miscellaneous disease witness, the vote this square with the disease flavored conquer, often receive better treatment.

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Yueju Pill From Zhu Zhenheng << Danxi Heart · Six Yu >> book, why this party name the Yueju pills? Puzzling, I inspection literature, hearts is one of the bright.

Test prescription gardenia blindly >> << Shen Nong's Herbal >> name wood Dan << doctors do not record called more peach, said before the mountain gardenia to << medicinal theory >> << Tang Materia Medica >> name branches. Chuanxiong blindly, formerly known as << Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing >> Xiong, alias Fu Xiong in in << Zuozhuan >>, the Chuanxiong called Ju poor Danxi Weng "peach" and "Ju poor "in each of the removal of the word and name Yueju Pill. of Danxi Weng created the other agent more peach scattered that blindly gardenia, also taken from << doctors do not record >>.

Daisi Gong Order of the Danxi school says: "Yu, structures and shall not be made more, liter by liter shall not, when the drop may not drop when the change should not change, this Transfar disorders, six Yu's disease, see carry depressive disorder and more due to the minds of not stretched, while gas first Shoubing the, the Yueju Pill total solution Zhu Yu Fang with Cyperi qi and stagnation, the main drugs to cure qi, the Chuanxiong stasis, rule of blood Yu, gardenia heat purging fire, to rule the fire Yu, herb the dampness shipped spleen, to cure wet depression the Divine Comedy digestion Daozhi, to cure food Yu are auxiliary Drug, the qi is wet poly sputum Health air-smooth five Yu was Xie, sputum Yu followed and solutions, so the prescription plus drug. Danxi Weng where Yu in focus to the herb, Chuanxiong liter mention its gas in liters bulk of adding various drugs with the disease. gardenia "diarrhea Sanjiao fire and Qing epigastric blood Governance hot Jue heartache Jieyu hot line exasperated shows that Chuanxiong, gardenia prescription role Danxi Weng Yueju "named the party's intention where gas is not Yu sputum not born Yueju Pill opening the gastrointestinal sanjiao of Yu so mediastinoscopy ruffian nausea, abdominal pain, bloating ai rot Tunsuan, nausea and vomiting, diet Needless embolism disappear, then named the gas, wet, phlegm, fire, food, blood "Six Yu declared fat, promote the body's metabolism and improve the body's pathological state.

Near Yin Ran Xuefeng pointed out: "check this square set fragrant dry goods as agent, but declared tantrum, Zuo and gardenia to tune in when Fang quite fragrant testimonies ....... do gas, dry wins wet Wet Yu folder offensive, quite desirable. "Of course, the party rule Zhu Yu are empirical, if the deficiency is stagnation, should choose the other party rule. As >> << Pu Fuzhou medical experience · Recipe Zatan said:" Yu disease, many people ignore, multi Yu virtual CD Danxi's first five Yu six Yu governance Yueju Pill best. "
Yueju Pill created since this six hundred years, many physicians Famous People in many expositions, can be described as voluminous, author of Talking here to play a valuable feedback with nothing!

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