On the pharmacy Drug Errors Cause and Prevention

Abstract: Drug safety related to the patient's health, good hospital pharmacy drug supervision work for the maintenance of the hospital's reputation and protect the rights of patients has important significance. Writer from pharmacy drug classification errors, analyzing the reasons for pharmaceutical errors to explore the relevant control measures.

Keywords: pharmacy Drug Errors Cause
In recent media reports, a great influence on the level of medical and health, however, the existence of a variety of reasons, errors occurring on pharmacy drugs reported incidents remains high, which is the current focus on medical and health units to problems one an error classification and Drug Analysis 1.1 prescribing errors prescription errors are common errors of drugs, mostly, and prescribing doctor about because of the particularity of the work, the doctor is generally used handwritten method, drug name written in the paper On the one hand, handwriting handwriting often not print version so obvious, so the relevant personnel to fill a prescription, because of which did not see the name of the drug to get the wrong medicine when the phenomenon is occurring on the other hand, mostly by doctors itself of factors, such as during busy times, prone to visual fatigue, the patient's age and sex, etc. Bianbu Qing, for pregnant women with high blood sugar or special populations, in prescribing the time it requires special treatment, This is also a lot of doctors in the work place are ignored. Moreover, for some new drugs, especially medicine, its usage and dosage all have strict rules, but many doctors are by virtue of their past experience, will unauthorized usage or usage changes, which the patient's health caused great threat in the process of prescribing, the patient's condition is incompatible with the open common phenomenon drugs, that is not the right remedy, which not only waste a lot money, the patient's physical and mental health is a great damage.

1.2 Classification of dispensing errors dispensing errors there are many similar medicines such as name errors, errors in the same name but different forms of medicine, with the same name but different manufacturers of pharmaceutical manufacturers errors etc. While some drugs are very similar in composition, However, due to different processing methods, its nature has undergone great changes, drug usage and dosage as well as in the function are different on, adjust the time dispensary staff if not more attention, mistakes can occur at work. Moreover, pharmaceuticals placement have a direct impact on the job swap members whether there will be an error in the supplementary medicines, when some drugs are very similar in appearance, swap divisions in the work process is prone to confuse the phenomenon. coupled with some placement similar drugs are relatively similar, will not only cause errors when placed in the swap will also errors.

1.3 Management of errors on drug administration errors are common problem caused by management errors on many factors, such as caused by improper storage of medicines damp, the medicinal properties of expired drugs cause changes in work discipline caused by errors during dispensing and these people factors leading to drug administration errors are mostly due to the staff on the quality of drug management, that is, the degree of attention the doctor as a special work, demanding on staff, in addition to master professional skills and knowledge, the also need to have high sense of responsibility and serious working attitude and some pharmacy staff professional quality is not high, not related to the medication guide given to patients on prescription audit is not done strictly, can not be found inconsistent with drugs and diagnostics, medicines on usage and dosage errors.

Drug errors by many factors, including pharmacy staff a sense of responsibility and expertise is the main reason, so, in order to improve the quality of drugs, reduce dispensing errors to occur during the same time, but also for the patient's physical and mental health considerations, because Drug problems caused by errors vary, but not related to the waste of money, more importantly, the health of patients, therefore, should be from the prescription drugs as well as the management of departure, considering various factors, continuous improvement and Drug errors, from the source to eliminate drugs errors, you should do the following aspects.

2 Drug errors Countermeasures 2.1 prescription drugs prescription management errors starting point, so it should improve the expertise of doctors, urging them to learn all kinds of knowledge, improve the quality of prescription awareness of the importance of writing in the prescribed above, should focus on three aspects. Firstly, to ensure clarity prescription, especially in writing the above, it should be kept writing clear, do not use abbreviations, to eliminate the phenomenon of writing blurred and second, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of prescription of general medicines will be updated frequently, with the development of technology and technology improved, the old drugs are constantly replaced, this time, the doctor according to the actual needs, to keep abreast of inventory and update the status of drugs, in order to avoid dispensing errors occurred during the third, to ensure content integrity. integrity of information and content in order to be able to errors when evidence-based, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, when there is a problem easily held accountable.

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2.2 Drug dispensing medicines dispensing pharmacy division in addition to have the professional knowledge, but also the need for each of the characteristics of a drug to have a general understanding of the process in the pharmaceutical , except in accordance with the prescribing physician to fill a prescription, but also need to apply their professional knowledge, the feasibility of doing a prescription own assessment, for the prescription of doubt, it should be taken seriously, such as to the doctor re-examination or inquiry related information to ensure the health of patients, in order to avoid big trouble. placed in the drug, you should carefully check the placement of medicines, especially some of the same nature, the appearance of similar drugs, more needs to be done further checks in order to avoid errors caused during dispensary. dispensing drugs need to focus on matching the name, size, quantity, etc., in ensuring proper prescriptions under the premise of the swap, the firm can not work by feel or experience, in addition, a heavy workload when the need to do busy but not chaotic.

2.3 prescribing and dispensing pharmacy management in addition to the checks, but also needs to be a good pharmacy management should first improve thinking and understanding of relevant personnel, correct attitude, and enhance professional responsibility of pharmacists to improve the standard of work and the degree of seriousness The drugstore work as a service, each staff member should be concerned about the extent of the patient's efforts to standardize work such as setting up patients for drugs dispensed personnel evaluation system, then the patient for pharmacy staff performance appraisal evaluation as important part. Additionally, you should also establish and improve medical management system for drug administration errors occur, you should do the layers of accountability and step by step checklist to ensure the integrity of the quality of medicines, the responsibility to every one job personnel who work to improve everyone's awareness and sense of responsibility for violation of criticism and punishment should be given to avoid in the course of the same error, for the wonderful staff, should be given appropriate recognition and reward, in order to improve work enthusiasm, encourage everyone toward the right direction.

Summary: Drug error prevention pharmacy long way to go, every one needs the joint efforts of staff and only work with high standards, strong expertise, positive work style and full of enthusiasm to their own requirements in order to really do to consider the patient's physical and mental health in order to prevent the drugs do work methodically, and this is an error of medicines in pharmacies in prevention to achieve the ultimate goal.


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