System of nursing intervention on the impact of nipple

[Keywords:] system intervention, early maternal, nipple, impact, incidence [Abstract] Objective: To investigate the system of nursing intervention on the impact of breast chapped Methods: Weinan City in 2009-2010 and Child Health Hospital for prenatal obstetric The initial 200 cases of maternal care as the intervention group (experimental group, the initial delivery in the hospital over the same period 200 cases of maternal care as a regular group (the control group. Results: The initial nursing intervention during pregnancy maternal system nipple were significantly lower than control group (p <0.01 Conclusion of effective system of nursing intervention during pregnancy can reduce the incidence of nipple infant breast milk is the ideal natural food, its nutrients most suitable for growth and development of infants and young children need, and therefore the preferred mode of infant breast feeding . but in the post-natal follow-up found that early maternal breastfeeding cracked nipples caused by the high incidence, Wang and other statistics in the early observation of maternal nipple rate of 44.3% occurred, the study had nipple Wing incidence rate of 20% . nipple, the result of sucking to pain, fear of breast-feeding mothers, so that the number of lactation decreased milk can lead to empty the detention time caused mastitis, indirectly reducing the rate of breastfeeding, maternal and child health impact. So to prevent chapped nipple occur, can increase breastfeeding rates, reduce breast-feeding women breast inflammation. This study was designed to observe nursing intervention during pregnancy effects of nipple, nipple to prevent a certain basis.

1. Materials and Methods 1.1 Case Selection (1 study inclusion criteria: Select the 2009-2010 and Child Health Hospital in Weinan City, the initial obstetric maternal prenatal examination of 200 cases. In the case of the same basic information, choose the same period in the hospital delivery 200 patients with a first baby as a control group. (check the normal breast development, no nipple flat, retraction. (2 sample size: The cumulative method (average age 3 groups were (25.8 + -2.4 years old and (26.4 + -2.5 years. two general Statistical analysis showed no significant difference (P> 0.05.

1.2 Methods 1.2.1 The specific method of nursing intervention guidance ① pregnant women from pregnancy for six months the intervention group began a day, wash the nipple with warm water, then apply Vaseline, lanolin and other oils, so that soap avoid alcohol and other easily lead to the nipple desiccant dry cleaning. ② prenatal health education through the intervention group breast-feeding women to master the methods and techniques, and easy to understand the relevant factors lead to nipple. ③ guide of postpartum mothers from the responsibility of nurses to breastfeed. ④ guidance of mothers breast-feeding coated with milk nipple.

1.2.2 The approach to understanding the use of post-natal follow-up three months postpartum women, the incidence of nipple.

1.2.3 Statistical Methods χ2 test and t test

2. Results of 400 cases of maternal in 13 cases of postpartum follow-up breastfeeding for other reasons does not meet the three-month, 6 cases in which the intervention group and control group in 7 cases, the final follow-up of 387 cases to obtain useful information. One observation groups were chapped nipple occurred in 5 cases, the rate was 2.5%. the control group mothers breast-feeding nipple occurred in 62 cases, the rate was 32.1%. the two groups (p <0.01) were significantly different.

3. Discuss
nipple is a common complication of breast-feeding, chapped ring around the nipple was laceration, unilateral or bilateral disease. Mild for the superficial skin laceration, the depth of subcutaneous tissue with severe , wound bleeding, or covered with purulent discharge. because of the nipple full of rich physiological characteristics of nerve endings, in the event of chapped, maternal pain, especially when the pain increased during lactation. nipple nipple skin mainly smaller gap and ulcer bleeding, is one of the common problems of breastfeeding, the nipple is rich in wealth of nerves and blood vessels, the infant often leads to severe pain sucking, indirect, reduce breastfeeding rates. lactating nipple after the occurrence of lymphatic extension of easy to make bacteria invasion, is conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction within the mammary glands. In addition, after the nipple, the shorter the interval between feeding the baby, making it difficult to repair tissue, it is not easy to heal, for which most of the fear of maternal breast-feeding, the number of babies sucking reduced, which leads to milk stasis and mastitis complicated. a serious impact on maternal and child health, reduce breastfeeding rates. Pregnancy strengthen the nipple care, scrub with warm water every 1 to 2 times the nipple so the nipple epidermal hyperplasia, variable thick and flexible, you can reduce postpartum nipple skin damage and prevent the occurrence of nipple. trimester pregnant women through health education that will lead to nipple understand the relevant factors are familiar with the proper methods and techniques of breastfeeding, maternal postpartum easy to grasp in the right breast-feeding method to avoid the baby sucking too long, sucking the nipple skin damage caused too many times. to avoid the baby to sleep with the nipple so the nipple laceration soaked to prevent the occurrence of nipple. postpartum breastfeeding guide nursing mothers completed each After squeezing the nipple smear a small amount of milk, milk contains anti-infective substances, a lot of fat, protein, have antibacterial, moisturizing the role of skin repair, can effectively prevent the occurrence of nipple. The survey, taken care intervention system nipple lactating women was 2.5% incidence was significantly lower than the control group, 32.1%, also lower than the small sesame oil Waicha prevent the incidence of postpartum nipple. that the system can significantly reduce the nursing interventions in the incidence of nipple, on the initial prevention of maternal nipple has a positive effect occurs.


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