Nursing clinical complications

        After liver transplantation bile duct ablation, biliary fistula, gallstone formation, bile duct stenosis, it is possible to cause the loss of liver graft function, affecting the quality of life in patients with major complications.
From February 1999 to December 2002, I completed 95 cases of orthotopic liver transplantation, 7 cases of biliary complications occurred receptor incidence rate of 713%, in addition to two cases of biliary complications due to the death receptors, the I both timely and effective diagnosis and treatment. Now biliary complications after orthotopic liver transplantation nursing experience reported as follows.
      A clinical data
      General clinical data of 111
      Receptors in 95 cases, male 81 cases, female 14 cases, aged 19 to 68 years [mean (4318 ± 1012) years]. Preoperative diagnosis of liver transplantation: advanced liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in 29 cases, hepatitis B, cirrhosis in 28 cases, 18 cases of chronic severe hepatitis B, four cases of acute severe hepatitis B, alcoholic cirrhosis, all three cases of biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, liver hydatid disease, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis in 2 cases, hepatic amyloidosis, polycystic liver, Caroli disease, cyclosporine toxicity after liver transplantation liver damage, and 1 case of metastatic liver cancer.
      112 surgical
      Vitro venous bypass in orthotopic liver transplantation in 12 cases, piggyback liver transplantation 78 cases, living donor liver transplantation in 5 cases. 5 cases of living donor liver transplantation in 90 cases outside the transplant, the 71 cases of liver grafts were cut using standard method, 19 cases of Fast cutting device originates [1].
Standards Act, and live donor liver transplantation for graft warm ischemia time was 0 min, rapid liver grafts were cut when the warm ischemia time was 5 ~ 19 min. Liver cold perfusion, Save 4 ℃ balanced solution, UW solution. Liver graft cold preservation time of 310 ~ 1815 h, the average (718 ± 315) h.
      Liver Transplantation for Biliary Tract implantation methods of reconstruction: graft and recipient common bile duct anastomosis to the end of 91 cases, of whom 55 patients received Fr 12 T tube or Fr 8 rubber catheter drainage of bile duct, its long-arm through the receptors in gall bladder mains leads to stabbing, 36 cases did not place the application of four cases of bile duct jejunum anastomosis Roux 2en2Y not be placed outside the biliary drainage tube.
      Reconstruction of the bile duct anastomosis were applied under direct vision 520 or 620 Vicryl, Monocryl or PDS suture single suture complete, right-side anastomosis of the two bile duct diameter ≥ 4mm, to adopt a continuous suture method, diameter

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