Efficacy Xiyanping Acyclovir treatment of severe hand foot and mouth disease

[Abstract] Objective lovable Yan Ping Acyclovir efficacy of the treatment of children with severe hand-foot-mouth disease. 202 cases of severe hand-foot-mouth disease children were randomly divided into two groups, one using the hi Yan Ping (10mg/kg.d) Acyclovir Injection (10mg/kg.d), for the treatment group (101 cases), another group of single of acyclovir injection (10mg/kg.d) for the control group (101 cases) two groups of clinical symptoms, physical signs, and improve the time to observe and analyze. disappear as early results of the clinical symptoms and signs of the treatment group compared with the control group (P0.05), to improve the time is less than the control group, Xiyanping United Arab penciclovir injection treatment group, the total effective rate of 99%, with the acyclovir control group, the total effective rate of 79%, the difference was significant statistical significance (P <0.05). conclusion plus abciximab, Xiyanping, Los Wei injection in the treatment of children with severe hand-foot-mouth disease short course, quick.

[Keywords:] Xiyanping acyclovir hand, foot and mouth disease Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is an intestinal infection caused by the waiting group of clinical cases, the majority of the fever, hand, foot, mouth, buttocks, perianal rash herpes or as the main feature, serious illness may be cited heart, liver, brain and other organ damage, concurrent aseptic encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, pulmonary edema, acute flaccid paralysis, the disease developed rapidly and can cause death within 24 hours. I were treated in the hospital from 2010 to 2012, 202 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease in patients with severe, are reported below.

1 Data and methods

1.1 General Information

202 patients, male 98 cases, female 104 cases, with an average age of 1.5 years, in line with admission << hand, foot and mouth disease treatment guidelines (2010 >> heavy hand, foot and mouth disease diagnostic criteria: have a high fever, rash, lips, tongue, 101 cases of sore herpes, nervous system, respiratory system performance of the 99 cases, two cases of the circulatory system performance.

1.2 Methods

202 cases were randomly divided into two groups, one group using the Xiyanping (10mg/kg.d) Joint of acyclovir injection (10mg/kg.d) for the treatment group (101 cases), and the other group alone abciximab Lowe Injection (10mg/kg.d), and for the control group (101 cases)
1.3 The effect of the standard cure: no fever, rash subsided, lips, tongue, throat, herpes disappeared, the symptoms disappear, no complications, improved: fever subsided, rash and herpes subside or become gloomy, alleviate the symptoms, complications, invalid: fever subside and the rash no change or an increase in symptoms get worse, there are complications, you need to go to the ICU treatment or death.

1.4 Statistical analysis All data SPSS11.0 statistical software to analyze data to mean + - standard deviation (`X +-S. Groups were compared using the U test, measurement data to rate X2, P <0.05 significant difference was statistically significant.

2 two groups in Table 1 fever, rash, oral herpes ulcers subside time band in antipyretic time rashes, herpes subside the the time symptoms disappeared healing time
Treatment group was 3.5 + -0.68 + -0.92 + -0.45 + -1.63
Control group 4 + -0.54 + -1.08 3.5 + -0.87 + -1.92
T -5.75817 -7.0486 -15.3141 -3.9705
P <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01

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treatment group antifebrile time, rashes, herpes subsided time, the symptoms disappeared, healing time, significantly less than the control group, by statistical analysis, P <0.05, differences statistically significant.

Table clinical indicators groups markedly improved invalid aggregate gross efficiency (%

Treatment group 8614110199

Control group 50302110179

Plus markedly improved for effective observation group efficiency and the cure rate was significantly higher statistically X2 test, P <0.05, the difference was significant,

3 Discussion

Hand, foot and mouth disease (Hand foot and mouth disease HFMD is a children's infectious diseases, also known as exanthematous vesicular stomatitis occurred in children under 5 years of age, herpes can cause hand, foot, mouth and other parts of the small number of children individual children with severe complications can cause myocarditis, pulmonary edema, aseptic meningoencephalitis fast progression of the disease, leading to death. disease as the main clinical symptoms of hand, foot and oral mucosal herpes or rupture to form ulcers. there are more than 20 kinds of hand, foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease caused by enterovirus enteroviruses cause HFMD (type, of which the most common coxsackievirus A16 (Cox A16 and enterovirus 71 (EV 71 . Xiyanping main ingredients andrographolide ester sulphonates. pharmacological effects of antiviral, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitussive and enhance immunity of the urinary system, digestive system, reproductive system, respiratory system, nervous system good, especially for adenovirus, influenza virus, respiratory syncytial the obvious virus inactivation, inhibit increased capillary permeability, reduce inflammatory exudate oozing of neutral phagocytic activity of granulocytes and macrophages to bacteria and viruses, also mentioning the serum lysozyme energy, strengthen the body's immune system [1], acyclovir varicella zoster virus herpes simplex virus in vitro cytomegalovirus inhibit viruses, etc.. intake of drugs susceptible to the herpes simplex virus, and then phosphoric acid into phosphates, to inhibit viral replication in two ways: to interfere with the viral DNA polymerase, inhibit the replication of the virus, in the role of DNA polymerase, and growth of the DNA chain binding the interruption caused by the extension of the DNA chain [2], Xiyanping Acyclovir treatment of severe hand-foot-mouth disease, shorten the duration of fever and relieve rashes, and reduce the average number of days of hospitalization have significant effects, drug safety, therefore, Xiyanping Acyclovir treatment of severe hand, foot and mouth disease, clinical promotion [3].


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