Hypotension in patients on maintenance hemodialysis care

[Abstract] Objective To investigate the vertebral - basilar artery Vertigo of TCM nursing intervention efficacy and mechanisms. Methods acupuncture, healthy lifestyle guidance and TCM syndrome nursing. Result enhance patient physical, accelerated rehabilitation, prevention and reduction of another attack played a good effect. conclusions Chinese medicine nursing intervention focuses on treatment seeking this dialectical nursing, to improve the treatment of vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency vertigo efficacy papers download.

Vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency vertigo, cerebrovascular insufficiency caused by transient focal cerebral dysfunction chief complaint of dizziness diseases common in the elderly. Sudden onset, recurrent attacks of characteristics, can be serious merger irreversible cerebral ischemia critical signs of clinical manifestations of dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, sweating, cold extremities, nausea and vomiting, may manifest as persistent or transient. correct care not only alleviate the symptoms of vertigo, also can reduce vertigo attacks, and also to avoid the occurrence of stroke our department to take Chinese medicine nursing intervention in the treatment of vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency vertigo, the effect is significant. now reported as follows.

1 Materials and Methods

1.1 General Information

From January 2011 to November 2012, treated 64 cases of vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency in patients with vertigo treatment group 40 cases, male 26 cases, 14 females, age 60-85 years, mean age 74 years control group of 38 patients, 25 males and 13 females, aged 60-83 years old, with an average age of 72.5 years, two groups of patients in age, sex, comorbidities, and past history, the difference was not statistically significant (P> 0.05, with a comparable.

1.2 Methods

The control group taking general care, observation group were given general care .1 treatment after observed effects of Chinese medicine nursing interventions targeted.

1.2.1 TCM care intervention acupuncture acupuncture Baihui, the wind pool, Qu pool, Hegu sudden dizziness heavier daily for 10 consecutive days for a course of treatment. Dizziness and faint servant unconscious, anxious to press people strong stimulation, and immediately reported to a doctor with the rescue, dizziness accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and needle within the customs, Hegu, Zhongwan and other points. healthy lifestyle guidance ① keep a good attitude. ② vertigo violent by getting enough rest, get up or get up to move slowly, avoid sharp turning your head remission after ③ environment must be quiet, ventilation, light and soft. ④ ban tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea. ⑤ winter and spring should keep warm ⑥ nutritional support principles dietary nutritional supplements, the choice of easily digestible food, Shaoshiduocan encourage therapeutic.

2 Results

Table 1 two groups compare

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3 Discussion

3.1 TCM vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency vertigo in cerebral arteriosclerosis and cervical degenerative changes, resulting in inferior cerebellar artery, labyrinthine artery inner ear artery blood flow decreased ischemia and hypoxia [1] is a Chinese medicine "Vertigo" areas, more than imaginary, stasis, wind, phlegm and other factors pathogenic pathogenesis as vacuity, that no virtual no dizzy common in the elderly. TCM believes that the human body yang oriented yang has a very inviting gasification, promote blood line of power and sufficient yang, the function of the body is strong, gas machine unobstructed, normal blood supply, orifices raise the body's various physiological activities can be normal operation. patients ferrite yang or Yang decline due to old age, or due to various reasons such as overwork, sex-crazed, addicted to cold food cold, disease and abuse of antibiotics, living disorders yang depletion, yang deficiency, not very inviting gasification, and promote blood line The gas dryer disorders to poor blood orifices dystrophy episodes of vertigo [2]. Salvia and other blood circulation on the basis of the diet should help yang qi available Ginseng or Codonopsis, Astragalus, stewed chicken, mutton soup taking or clothes soaked in water, eat more sentient flesh and blood of the goods, eat cold, spicy, fatty, tobacco and alcohol products. few cases are liver and kidney deficiency, marrow insufficient to pay attention to the sexual restraint, avoid over exertion, diet available turtle, yams, the cotoneaster soup. loss of appetite, edible, dried tangerine peel, Amomum, lean meat porridge, Qi and spleen and stomach, imposed after the tune up.

3.2 daily life should be careful living, sheltered cold anti exogenous pathogens Emotions attention to work and rest, overwork and over-indulgence. Remission enhance physical activity, enhance physical fitness. Guiding patients to master episodes of vertigo when emergency measures, such as place to sit down immediately to bed or Rotary bed rails, walls and other objects, eyes closed, to avoid walking someone assist activities under stable condition.

3.3 acupuncture blood deficiency acupuncture Zusanli Sanyinjiao, sea air, spleen, and other points to the blood tonic. Liver and kidney deficiency, the of marrow insufficient acupuncture Shenshu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao to benefit kidney .

TCM care, diet, conditioning of vertebral - basilar artery insufficiency vertigo patients according to the characteristics of different symptoms, patients with accelerated rehabilitation, prevention and reduction for again played a good effect. "Acute care its standard, slow retaining its present "dialectical core nursing treatment of the disease, TCM features effective care measures.


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