Xi'an male male same-sex sexual behavior of HIV / syphilis infection status and influencing factors analysis

[Abstract] Objective To understand the AIDS virus (HIV, syphilis infection status and influencing factors of the MSM in Xi'an sex with men (MSM), to provide a scientific basis for the development of the region's AIDS prevention and intervention strategies using cross-sectional survey of 800 MSM face-to-face survey, while blood for HIV and syphilis antibodies results of survey of 800 people, AIDS awareness rate of 95.5%, the survey of MSM HIV infection rate of 6.75%, 4.5% of syphilis, the last six months have anal sex, never used and sometimes used condom high rate of HIV-positive population received AIDS Prevention advisory services no anal sex, use condoms each time, every time you use condoms ratio higher than recipients, HIV positive rate lower than accept the crowd, the high rate of HIV-positive syphilis positive syphilis negative conclusions MSM knowledge about AIDS prevention is better, but the low rate of condom use in the separation of cognition and behavior, publicity consulting services help increase the rate of condom use and reduction of HIV infection. carry out a comprehensive, effective AIDS prevention publicity and consultation, condom promotion and STD attenders screening this population can reduce the infection and the risk of the spread of AIDS, the prevention and control HIV transmission is important.

[Keywords] male male same-sex sexual behavior of HIV high-risk behavior

[Abstract] objective To get know of HIV / syphilis infection status & influence factors among men who have sex with men in Xi'an; to provide scientific basis for drafting local AIDS prevention methods & interfering strategies. Methods A cross sectional survey was conducted among 800 MSM by face to face interviewing and blood samples were taken to test HIV / syphilis. Result The rate of knowledge about HIV was 95.5%, HIV infection rate was 6.75%, Syphilis infection rate was 4.5%, HIV (+) rate among people who have anal sex without condom or sometimes with condom in late 6 months was higher than those who have no anal sex and every sex with condom. Condom usage rate of people who had AIDS prevention consulting was higher than those who had no consulting; while the HIV (+) rate was opposite. The HIV (+) rate among syphilis (+) people was higher than syphilis (-) people. Conclusion the ADIS prevention knowledge of MSM was good but the condom usage rate was low, indicating that the knowledge and behavior was separated. Consulting could improve the condom usage rate and reduce the HIV infection. Thus, entire and effective AIDS prevention consulting services, condom usage popularization and patient screening are significant methods for preventing and controlling of HIV infection and transmission.

[Keywords:] MSM HIV Highly Risky Behaviors

MSM (MSM) is one of the high-risk groups for HIV infection and spread. The MSM crowd of HIV transmission, not only with their own high-risk behavior, the type with sexual partners, sexual partners communication model, the sexual partners of high-risk behavior and other factors related characteristics of MSM in sexual partners, AIDS high-risk behavior and HIV infection relationship sufficient knowledge to understand and grasp the situation and the influencing factors of its HIV-infected population, has very important significance for the entire AIDS prevention and control work.

(1)objects and methods

1-1 The survey

2010-2011 Xi'an MSM activities among MSM, blood samples were drawn at the same time, the questionnaire survey using the national MSM in sentinel surveillance questionnaire.

1-2 survey, statistical methods

Collect respondents basic personal understanding of AIDS prevention knowledge to grasp the situation, asking the last six months if there is homosexual anal sex, homosexual commercial sex, heterosexual sex, and condom use, with or without drug use, sexual history, the most recent year AIDS prevention publicity or consulting services, such as whether or not to accept all the survey data and laboratory results entry Excel statistics and analysis.

1-3 Detection

According to the the << National AIDS detection technical specifications >> requirements, per person venous blood 5ml, serum was separated using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA HIV antibody screening test, screening positive by Western blot (WB confirmed syphilis screening check detection using rapid plasma reagin test (RPR, confirmed the use of Treponema pallidum gelatin particle agglutination test (TPPA.


2-1 demographic characteristics

Investigated a total of 800 people and blood collection were male, 20 years of age accounted for 4%, 20-24-year-old accounted for 34%, 25 - 19 years old accounted for 29.25% ,30-34 years old accounted for 13.75%, 35-39 years of age accounted for 9% 40-44 years old accounted for 6.88%, 45 - 49 years old accounted for 1.88%, 1.25% over the age of 50, 70% of unmarried, 25.25% in the marriage, and 1.13% for living together, 3.63% divorced or widowed, 0.5% were illiterate and primary school culture, 7% for junior high school, 19.13% high school or secondary, 73.38% anal sex for college and above .95.75% the last six months with the same sex, of which only 49.5% use a condom every time, 3% never used condoms, 4.63% the last six months with the same sex in commercial sex, 71.13% in the last year received AIDS prevention publicity or consulting services.

2-2 AIDS knowledge among

800 AIDS prevention knowledge among eight questions about the spread of AIDS in the questionnaire, the operator aware of correct answers 6 and above, the awareness rate of 95.5%.

Table 1 2010-2011 Xi'an MSM in AIDS knowledge among

2-3 sexual behavior in a survey of 800 MSM staff, the last six months with the same sex anal sex by HIV antibody positive rate in anal sex, the difference was statistically significant (x2 = 235.628, P = 0.000 personnel in the past six months, same-sex anal sex, never used and sometimes used condoms for HIV antibody positive rate each users, the difference was statistically significant (x2 = 5.323, P = 0.021, six months with homosexual commercial sex HIV antibody positive rate slightly higher than the non-commercial sex, the difference was not statistically significant.

Table 2 2010-2011 among MSM sex in Xi'an analysis n (100%

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2-4 receiving promotional services

Prevention of AIDS awareness and counseling staff always use a condom the last year to accept the rate is higher than those who did not (x2 = 29.000, P = 0.000, HIV antibody positive rate was also lower (x2 = 4.458, P = 0.035, The differences were statistically significant.

Table 3 2010-2011 among MSM in Xi'an receive publicity and consulting analysis n (100%

2-5 syphilis test results of the blood to detect HIV and syphilis antibodies and syphilis-positive population in the high rate of HIV-positive syphilis negative population, the differences were statistically significant (x2 = 5.889, P = 0.015 Table 5.

Table 2010-2011 Xi'an MSM the crowd blood test results


800 survey of MSM HIV infection rate of 6.75%, syphilis 4.5%, the flat four cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Harbin average HIV infection rate of 6.7%

 [1] The survey test results showed that, among the 800 blood test, AIDS awareness, especially the route of transmission of AIDS awareness all in more than 90%, but the sex survey, 95.75% of the MSM last six months with the same sex anal sex, which can each use condoms only half (396/766, anal sex by HIV positive rate was significantly higher than anal sex, never used or sometimes used condoms HIV The positive rate was significantly higher than the condom every time, indicating the existence of separation of MSM AIDS awareness and behavior

[2]therefore not only by the simple means of propaganda and the MSM crowd behavior intervention, should be strengthened in this population awareness of condom use, increase the intensity of behavioral interventions, conducting various forms of intervention to improve the rate of condom use.

The survey also showed that the people received AIDS Prevention advisory services, in the last six months with the same sex, anal sex, condom use among the HIV infection rate is also significantly lower than that did not receive the crowd, to undertake a comprehensive and effective AIDS prevention outreach and counseling to improve the coverage of prevention of AIDS-related services, can greatly reduce the risk of infection and the spread of AIDS in this population.

The test results show that the higher the proportion of HIV-positive syphilis positive. STD patients is not early detection and effective treatment, will increase the chance of transmission of HIV, the risk would be greater. Studies show that STD patients, especially those associated with genital ulcers, such as syphilis, genital herpes, chancroid, etc., the risk of transmission of HIV can be increased by 2-10 times. different from other sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, can be completely cured, effective and comprehensive prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases can be a significant reduction of HIV carrier volume, thereby slowing the spread of AIDS and pop. prompt us to increase the intensity of screening for HIV STD attenders, help to maximize the early detection of infection.


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