Students during cold stimulation of nailfold microcirculation changes

Of: Zhang Baoliang Zhang Li Zhao Lifeng Jing Wang Jialing CHEN YingYing charge Yewang Yu Hua Zhangjing

[Abstract] Objective: To evaluate the students during cold stimulation of nailfold microcirculation changes. Methods: The microscopic video recording technology and laser Doppler flowmetry to observe students during cold stimulation of nailfold microcirculation and blood micro- flow dynamics. Results: After cold stimulation of nailfold microcirculation before the experiment than the slow flow, pipe loop morphology, blood flow increased and total integral values, slightly reduced blood flow area, and with the cold stimulation time , the change becomes more apparent. Conclusion: cold stimulation can cause nail microcirculation.

[Keywords:] cold; stimulation; micro-circulation; nail fold; micro-blood flow

[ABSTRACT] Objective: To study the effect of cold stimulation on the nailfold microcirculation and microbloodflow in college students.Methods: The changes in nailfold microcirculation and microlocalblood flow were studied by a vital microscope with TV recorder and leser Doppler flowmetry in 25 minutes after cold stimulation.Results: The volume of loop morphology scores, blood flour condition scores and total multiple scores all were increased, the blood condition slowed, and the volume of micro local blood flow were decreased after cold stimulation.The microcirculatory changes were aggravated gradually as time went on.Conclusion: The cold stimulation can lead to the disfunction of the nailfold microcirculation.

[KEY WORDS] Chills, Stimulation, Microcirculation, Nail fold, Micro area blood flow volume

Micro-organism to maintain life cycle is an important part of the activities is to ensure the basic aspects of metabolism, body microcirculation in many pathological processes have different degrees of change. Microcirculation is commonly used in clinical observation of microcirculation dynamics in the window, it shows the number of capillaries, morphology, blood flow and blood vessels around the state, they also reflect the state of microcirculation important indicator of perfusion, and to some extent, reflect the large loop dynamics. artery responsible for the transport of fresh blood and nutrients, a large vein responsible for the recovery of old blood and metabolic waste, due to large vessel wall thickness of material can not be exchanged, can not directly provide nutrition to the cells, thin capillary walls, capillary blood can be oxygen, nutrient exchange to the cells. can be said that micro-nutrient cycle is exchange places, therefore, also called nutritional capillary blood vessels [1], take blood and tissue fluid between the oxygen and nutrients necessary for the exchange of substances and metabolites, energy, information transmission, take the blood circulation, distribution, tissue perfusion, and a series of feedback regulation, the environmental stability mechanism. microcirculation is not only a peripheral part of the whole circulatory system, but also the function of many organs in separate units, which maintain the body's normal physiological functions and a variety of diseases, development and mechanisms of drug action are prominent position. our students to observe the object, the process of cold stimulation of nailfold microcirculation changes in the cold for the understanding of the impact of physical factors on the body to provide the appropriate information.

1 Materials and Methods

1.1 The subjects of Hebei North University students in the school health in 17 cases, 8 males and 9 females; aged 20 to 24 years.

1.2 The type of experimental apparatus XTL 1 microcirculation microscope television system (Beijing Optical Instrument Factory electronic), MLD 1 laser Doppler flowmetry (Tianjin Nankai), ice and container.

1.3 Detection

1.3.1 Observation of Microcirculation

15 ~ 30min before the experiment after the detection of rest at room temperature 22 ~ 30 . Shot down by high pressure mercury lamp as light source, at a 45 angle of exposure. Microcirculation microscope by transmitted by the camera on the monitor measurement, 260 times magnification to observe the left hand ring finger nailfold capillary area, capillary tubes were recorded loop shape and loop micro-blood flow in 16 weeks of state indicators in three areas, with Tian analyze the weighted integral method [2]. observed, it will soak into the right hand Sheng container with ice water mixture (water temperature 4 ), 5,10,15,20 and 25min respectively detected after cold stimulation test nail fold microcirculation left unnamed.

1.3.2 nailfold micro-blood flow test

15 ~ 30min before the experiment after a rest MLD 1 laser Doppler microcirculation detected nailfold micro blood flow, room temperature 22 ~ 30 . Left hand ring finger fixed to the laser probe, the detection of blood flow velocity in nail, blood cell concentration and flow. testing, it will soak right into the container containing the mixture in ice water, cold stimulation, were detected after cold stimulation 5,10,15,20,25 min after left unnamed nail fold blood micro-flow, relatively cold stimulate blood flow before and after the micro-changes.

1.4 statistical data to mean + - standard deviation (x +-s) said. Before and after experiment compared with paired t test, P <0.05 as significant difference.

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2 Results

2.1 cold stimulation on the microcirculation of nail fold

Observation and experiment in different time than before, capillary tube flow loop integral and integral form was significantly higher (P <0.05), the total integral value increased significantly (P <0.01), and prolonged stimulation with increased ice water; from 15min after the cold stimulation, the blood flow was significantly slower (P <0.05) (Table 1, Table 2).

A 2.2 fold cold stimulation on blood flow of micro-

Nail the first 15min of cold stimulation of micro-blood flow significantly decreased (P <0.01) (Table 3). Table 1 Cold Stimuli on integral value of nailfold microcirculation of note: compared with before the experiment * P <0.05, ** P <0.01 Table 2 Cold Stimuli on key indicators of nailfold microcirculation of note: compared with before the experiment * P <0.05 Table 3 Students nailfold cold stimulation on blood flow of micro-Note: before the experiment compared with ** P < 0.01

3 Discussion

Microcirculation of cell and tissue material exchange between the fluid circulation system, the body simply can not rely on strength of contraction of the heart directly to the blood perfusion to the � tissue cells, essential part of the capillaries by microcirculation is not synchronized with the heart beating motion of self-discipline a second adjustment will be blood, the second infusion, so the micro-circulation in medicine compared to the body's "second heart" [3].

The present study, microcirculation microscope television system and laser Doppler flowmetry microcirculation under observation in the cold stimulation Microcirculation students and micro-blood flow dynamics. The results show that compared with before the experiment, with the cold stimulation time, blood flow velocity in nailfold microcirculation slower and slower, form of integral control loop, blood flow and the total integral value integral increases. microcirculation of laser Doppler flowmetry measured blood flow in micro- is a relative physical quantity measured by the probe reflects the range of 1mm diameter, the local relative blood flow, the value of the local area is proportional to capillary blood flow velocity [4], the cold stimulation, blood flow in nailfold micro- reduced. Studies have shown that finger temperature is low, their nailfold capillary blood flow velocity was significantly lower than the fingers of the subjects of high temperature [5]. microcirculation in this study despite the observation of slow blood flow occurs, but laser Doppler Blood flow velocity changes are not detected significant, suggesting that the understanding of the microcirculation, multi-target observation support and complement each other full access to micro-circulation of information is beneficial. under the influence of cold stimulation, nail fold blood micro-circulation and micro- flows are changed, showing reduced blood flow, blood flow slows down, the integral value increases, nailfold microcirculation dysfunction. long-term severe reduction of local tissue blood perfusion, local tissue ischemia and hypoxia would even to frostbite [6]. This group of students observations, indicators of change in the observed light, and the role of self-20min of ice water, the micro-blood flow and no difference before the experiment, but also suggests a better tolerance of cold stimulation on the micro- light cycle change. However, changes in microcirculation can also be seen that would lead to a certain degree of cold to stimulate the microcirculation and blood flow changes in micro-area, if the long-term hypoperfusion, may result in microcirculatory disturbances. So For low-temperature environment, stimulation, shall take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent adverse effects on the body.

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