Lenovo mobile phone how to stand up (product articles)

Today's China, has become the world's envy of the highest frequency of smart phones in the country, smart phones have been with people's daily life, work, consumption is closely related. In the past, was laughing in addition to sleeping time outside the total can not be separated from the smart phone 'mobile addicts' has become 'past'. For smart phones, it is no exaggeration to say that it has gradually become 'the importance of mobile phones second only to life, mobile phones and the body of the same body' situation, we can not ignore.

By Chen Yuzhou on an article 'Lenovo mobile phone how to stand up (market articles)' Lenovo mobile phone market analysis, we believe that Lenovo mobile phone to stand up the first foundation, is a comprehensive mobile business under the smart phone products complete The planning. We already know Lenovo mobile business under the three major smart phone brands Lenovo, moto, ZUK, and then they orderly planning, so that it is complementary in sales, but also to promote each other, is today we have to face the problem. As for the Lenovo smart phone under the other sub-brand, Chen Yu state that is still cut off as well.

And let Lenovo mobile phone stand up, in the management of Lenovo's mobile business, Chen Yuzhou also in the 'Lenovo mobile phone how to stand up (market)' put forward the introduction of 'chief brand officer' management mechanism to effectively 'Lenovo, moto , ZUK 'three brands to thrive brand management. A brand, in order to have been there, the concept of market economy for centuries, only the effective, advancing with the times the brand management, products can continue to fit the market, and the market to keep pace, so that the brand is highlighted. Lenovo smartphone should be the case, the development of mobile business must also be so!

First, the Motorola mobile phone motorola product planning

Motorola, Lenovo is spending a large price to buy the 'global' mass brand, in the international mobile phone market has a pivotal weight. However, due to the lack of innovation in the original management team, the product behind the market, not synchronized with the market. Therefore, it was Lenovo's reward. However, the thin dead camel than the horse, Motorola brand in the 'international mobile phone industry' still has its unique charm. As long as the injection of 'fresh blood', the 're-positioning' will be able to issue dazzling light.

The power of brand management lies in the inheritance and development of brand genes, rather than to 'shrink', limitations. In the face of Motorola this once the 'international big brand', Lenovo in the return of its own, made two points: First, modify the Motorola letter LOGO, the original 'MOTOROLA' modified 'moto'; Second, changed Motorola's global brand of popular brand of genes, changed to niche brand 'modular' mobile phone. These two points can be said to become the most fatal blow to the Motorola phone.

Fortunately, in the last few days on the Internet to see Lenovo made a change to the Motorola phone, the letter LOGO 'MOTOROLA' was restored, but with the lowercase 'motorola' original 'bat circle' brand cognitive pattern unchanged, while The original 'square' Home button on the front of the phone changes to 'oval'. In Chen Yuzhou view, Lenovo made these changes to the Motorola phone if the information on the Internet is real. It can be said, Lenovo mobile business will soon be improved, this step is too correct. However, if only to do this, then the rise of the Motorola mobile phone is still far from enough.

Motorola has the international brand gene 'status', the brand owned by the patent and a strong brand influence, can be in the world of smart phones in the forest in the Swordsman. So, in reality, Motorola since classified as Lenovo, why did not Motorola achieve this effect? The reason is simple, that is, Motorola's smart phone product power and not in the 'popular' under the 'globalization'. Just think, a 'niche' in the 'narrow' market launch of the 'modular' smart phone, how could it make a difference?

Therefore, Chen Yu state that Motorola smart phones need to change. And change, we must start from the 'return to the beginning', we say 'return to the beginning of the heart' is not just a feeling, but should become an action. In the heritage of the brand on the basis of genes, from the appearance of smart phones began to change. Because the appearance of the shape determines the fate of a cell phone, like a woman beautiful or not to determine her future life.

1, return to the beginning of one of the strategies

Re-enable the 'Motorola XT702' mobile phone branding gene, this phone is May 2010 Motorola released the sliding cover full keyboard phone, Motorola 'milestone' said. Its characteristics: heavy, atmospheric, publicity. All of a sudden become the choice of many business people, you can use 'brilliant' to describe its popularity. I have used a Chen Yuzhou, with its recorded video saved so far, did not lose the video recorded in high-definition mobile phone. Unfortunately, due to the technical problems at that time, I use a year later, the phone screen appeared 'floating screen', after the screen is not very easy to use, and finally sell at low prices. But so far I still miss! Motorola XT702 launch, the follow-up models launched two or three generations, but the innovation is not strong, then decline.

Product brand planning strategy: the proposed association to 'Motorola XT702' mobile phone brand based on the gene, the Department of mobile phones to re-appearance design to enhance. In the case of 'full keyboard blackberry' sunset in the case of the West, Motorola full keyboard phone to re-occupy the market segment. And the 'sliding full keyboard' smart phone as 'Motorola smart phone' brand development series of one of the mobile phone brands. Product level identified as high-end 'flagship' business models, the main video recording and camera, large memory, hardware configuration and production time to match the high-end hardware. Its mainstream size to determine the 5.6 inches to 6.0 inches between the annual launch of a.

2, return to the beginning of the second change strategy

Re-enable the 'Motorola XT711' mobile phone brand modeling gene, this phone is in September 2010 Motorola released a thin strong camera phone, its appearance is very chic. Its characteristics: ultra-thin, powerful, publicity. Lenovo now produced in the sale of 'Motorola XT1650-05 Moto Z Standard Edition' can learn from the 'Motorola XT711' appearance characteristics of the integration. To create a high-end brand 'ultra-thin' flagship mobile phone, as the current Lenovo 'modular' mobile phone, if sales really do not go, it is recommended to give up. Because, with the advent of innovative technology, large batteries, camera, projection and other functions of the phone, has not need 'modular' mobile phone body to achieve.

Another point, and most importantly, is 'a global' big brand mobile phone, to do a 'small minority' of the 'modular' products, really should not be the Motorola's. Moreover, as a 'global' mobile phone brand family gene continuation, nor should it be to do a 'small minority' of the brand. Right!

Product brand planning strategy: the proposed association to 'Motorola XT711' mobile phone brand based on the gene, combined with the sale of the 'Motorola XT1650' thin, the two fusion to re-design. To create a 'ultra-thin' high-end image 'flagship' smart phone. And the 'ultra-thin, lightweight, stylish' as the 'flagship' smart phone creation purposes. Will be listed as 'Motorola smart phone' brand development series of mobile phone brand two. Product level identified as high-end 'flagship' fashion models, the main video recording and camera, large memory, hardware configuration and production time to match the high-end hardware. Its mainstream size to determine the 5.6 inches to 6.0 inches between the annual launch of a.

3, return to the beginning of the third change strategy

Re-enable the 'Motorola DROID Turbo' mobile phone brand modeling gene, this phone by the US carrier Verizon exclusive custom sale, not listed in the Chinese market. After the launch of this phone, at the time the market, is the only one was praised by many people as the most masculine phone, at the time, life is very powerful.

Product brand planning strategy: the proposed association to 'Motorola DROID Turbo' mobile phone brand based on the genes, each year to create two to three to 'long life, large battery' high, mid-end image 'flagship' smart phone. And the 'value, heavy, fashion' as the 'flagship' high-end, the creation of the purpose of the end of smart phones.

Will be listed as 'Motorola smart phone' brand development series of mobile phone brand three. Product level identified as the end, high-end 'flagship' fashion models two categories, the main large battery, video recording, camera, large memory, hardware configuration and production time in the end, high-end hardware to match. The mainstream size is between 5.0 inches and 6.0 inches.

4, Motorola product appearance creation point of view

There is no doubt that Motorola will determine the brand LOGO will return to the original letter of the lowercase: 'motorola' the original 'bat circle' brand cognitive pattern has not changed. This point, effectively inherited the Motorola culture 'brand gene', at this point, as a brand problem solving expert Chen Yuzhou, very much agree.

Then, on the Lenovo Motorola smart phone front 'Home key', if the set of 'fingerprint recognition' together, the square certainly not as 'oval' easy to use. So, as a 'global' and 'international brand', Chen Yu state that the 'square' Home key to 'oval' or is like 'Meizu phone' and 'waist button', and nothing is not good. 'International brand' of the 'international style' is inclusive.

We give an example, when the 'Meizu' mobile phone development to a certain extent, in order to build their own mobile phone product market segmentation, shaping Meizu mobile phone and other mobile phone is different, after research, decided to regain it once the Home key 'waist Round key '. Finally, when the phone's 'dots' Home button replaced by 'waist round key' to the market, immediately received a warm welcome from the market, the fact that 'Meizu' this strategy is correct.

Because, 'waist round key' can not apply for a patent, and finally, by OPPO borrowed, at the same time, has become the standard OPPO smart phone. In fact, the 'Samsung mobile phone' oval 'Home' is also from the original 'rectangular' changes from the. Good things for everyone to use, is a very normal phenomenon. If Lenovo think that in the future release of the 'flagship' mobile phone products, the use of 'waist round key' is too similar with other domestic mobile phones. So, to 'oval' of the Home button, and have 'press' function, in Chen Yuzhou view, are a good good program.

As for the Chen Yu state for the Motorola smart phone planning three series: full keyboard phone; ultra-thin mobile phone; long life phone. How to pass on Motorola's brand genes and create a 'brand awareness pattern'? We know that a product in addition to the brand LOGO, the same can create a used to identify their own 'brand awareness pattern.' Here, Chen Yu state that Motorola's 'brand awareness pattern' can be designed in the back of the phone. This, we in the past, Motorola's smart phone can be found. Chen Yuzhou check Motorola all the smart phone after that, Motorola DROID Turbo mobile phone on the back of the phone 'is divided into the camera head on both sides of the flash, rounded camera head center, Motorola LOGO icon set' is the best of the Motorola smartphone Design configuration. The design of the back of the phone configuration, not only in line with Motorola's 'international brand' status, but also with other brands of mobile phone segmentation of the best 'brand awareness pattern.'

Finally, is the Motorola phone keys. We know that in the mobile phone market, only the 'Samsung, iPhone, OPPO, a plus mobile phone' using the 'key design' different, that is, on the right side of the phone set boot, the left is set the volume health. The design of this button is clearly better than the right side of the phone set the 'power button, volume health' easy to hold and manipulate.

Some time ago, Chen Yuzhou online purchase things, get a 'VR magic mirror' gift, after receiving the goods, open the point of view, it is like. So, took my a 5.2-inch domestic mobile phone installed to the 'VR magic mirror', would like to see 3D 360-degree movie blockbuster. As a result, my cell phone installed a 'VR magic mirror', the phone to shut down, a view of the reason is 'VR magic mirror' bayonet to my phone 'boot button' to suppress, causing the phone to shut down, because the phone Of the 'boot button' is almost set in the middle of the right side of the phone, that is, above the 'volume health', they are arranged together.

At that time, angry I do not know is a good mobile phone, or fall 'VR magic mirror' good. So far, 'VR magic mirror' had to put aside 'sleep', from the courier to the hand has now been a small six months, and once did not use on. Therefore, I hope Lenovo in the shape of the Motorola smart phone design, the many manufacturers do not pay attention to the details of the correction, this is an 'international brand' as. That is: the brand, should meet the needs of consumers.

So, Motorola motorola brand mobile phone, an 'international brand' mobile phone appearance image planning is done. In the mobile phone front screen design options with the requirements of today's progressive: metal one body and the front ultra-narrow frame, curved screen, full screen and other three major design, can be Motorola's 'three series' mobile phone service. At this point, Chen Yuzhou believe that Lenovo mobile business will be able to make the right choice.


Second, Lenovo brand mobile phone Lenovo product planning

Lenovo brand mobile phone Lenovo is basically with the Android system to enter the Chinese market simultaneously launched, the past seven years, Lenovo brand mobile phone Lenovo launched a different grade and price of smart phones. In this process, Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone developed several 'sub-brand'. However, with the smart phone market competition intensified, Lenovo Lenovo smartphone's creativity fell. Whether it is in the appearance of the phone, or the configuration of the phone, the total feeling half behind the way back. And even have to imitate other domestic mobile phone brand suspects, so, rivers and rivers.

In fact, Lenovo Lenovo smart phones are also some of the software on the progress of praise, such as: double-click the phone screen, super camera, security software, and so have access to consumer favorite. Chen Yuzhou used at least no less than four 'Lenovo Lenovo' mobile phone, especially the 'double click on the screen' impression is very deep, than to press the right side of the phone 'boot button' to facilitate a lot. However, a little bit of criticism is that Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone in Chen Yuzhou used several phones have not been resolved, 'mobile phone ringtone set drift after' the problem. Finally, Chen Yuzhou also had to give up.

Book on the Lenovo mobile phone, we do not have to talk too much about the past, the most important thing is the future. So what about the future Lenovo Lenovo phone? It is today that Chen Yuzhou wants to talk to you about the issue.

Lenovo Lenovo has an international brand of PC, PC market leader in the years, consumer awareness, has been optimistic about the development of Lenovo LenovoPC, Lenovo is also willing to buy Lenovo's PC products. I Chen Yuzhou is 'Lenovo notebook computer' a loyal user, has been using 'Lenovo notebook computer' for 10 years. Therefore, a careful analysis of Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone, Chen Yu state that in the absence of 'Motorola mobile phone' into the Lenovo mobile business before, you can multi-level market development Lenovo Lenovo brand mobile phone. However, in the international brand 'Motorola mobile phone' into its own, Chen Yu state that should be changed, and from Lenovo's LenovoPC product perspective to look at. In this way, from the 'Lenovo mobile business' second mobile phone sector business point of view, can play a 'smart phone product line' complementary role.

To this end, Chen Yu state that: Lenovo Lenovo smart phones should take the 'big screen' the direction of development, Lenovo Lenovo smart phone is the 'right way.' The reason is very simple, Lenovo Lenovo notebook computer in the market influence, the same can be used in the 'Lenovo Lenovo smart big screen' phone. At this point, consumers are more willing to trust Lenovo Lenovo big screen phone research and development capabilities. Of course, Lenovo Lenovo Tablet PC 'Lenovo PB2-670N' and 'Lenovo PB2-690N'

Has made an example.

However, in the 'Lenovo PB2-670N' and 'Lenovo PB2-690N' on the basis of development, but also in the 'appearance of the shape, product material, screen resolution, back camera head, flash, LOGO logo, mobile phone button' reasonable arrangements Location, to achieve 'brand awareness' of the segment, and then further optimize and enhance the feel of the grip comfort. If possible, develop a leather case with a 'full keyboard' input, if necessary, between 6.2 and 7.2 inches on the screen, a yearly, high-profile tablet phone. Must be in the market to become a 'flat-panel phone' super 'Hummer', no a flat-panel mobile phone can match.

Third, ZUK brand mobile phone product planning

ZUK mobile phone, Lenovo Lenovo mobile business's third smart phone brand. ZUK phone, if literal translation: free off. So, we will from the 'free off' the meaning of the word to create ZUK mobile phone products, brand planning. In the Chinese market, although, there are many dual-card dual standby mobile phone, but with the same brand, the same model smart phone handsome big people in the people. Therefore, we can according to the 'free off' the 'freedom' to define 'ZUK mobile phone' for consumers 'second' small flagship mobile phone.

Because, in the smart phone users, 'dual passenger' in the mobile phone market, not a minority, but the majority. This is what we often say: a large screen mobile phone used to the Internet, playing games; a small screen phone used to answer the phone, made WeChat. According to the Chinese market, 800 million users, at least no less than 300 million users use dual-cell phone. So, according to 'Lenovo Lenovo mobile business' under the three major brands of mobile phone layout: motorola, Lenovo, ZUK. Chen Yu state that the 'ZUK mobile phone' is defined as 'dual passenger' preferred smartphone brand one of the most appropriate.

1, ZUK mobile phone on the appearance of modeling

We may also remember that is known as the 'national ceremony mobile phone' Russian mobile phone YotaPhone 2, it can be said that the appearance of its smart phone rounded with the early 'Lenovo Music Phone' mobile phone and what is it like? So, we can ZUK mobile phone to determine a 'free' and heritage 'Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone' for the brand gene 'ZUK phone' shape.

That is: 'pebble' shape of the phone. Can be from the 'Lenovo Music Phone' mobile phone modeling and 'Motorola DROID Turbo mobile phone' in the creation of creative elements, refer to the 'Russian mobile phone YotaPhone 2' rounded shape to build.

2, on the ZUK phone screen size

All along, we have a 4.0-inch to 5.0-inch touch screen between the phone called 'small screen phone', the size of many people 'said', also many people 'number'. However, today's domestic mobile phone manufacturers have no one launched the size of the smart phone, this was originally a chance. We also know that this opportunity to face the target consumer groups is a small minority of consumer groups. However, it is this 'niche group', only with endless business opportunities. Because, since ancient times, risks and opportunities coexist.

To create a 'pebble' shaped 'small screen phone', in Chen Yuzhou view, its hardware configuration can not lag behind the 'big screen phone.' At least from this year, in 2 years should have more than 4GB of memory, the screen is at least used 1080p display. Its software configuration, of course, should be based on advancing with the times, instantly push the latest system upgrade, it can not be ignored market strategy. I think, at this point, for the Lenovo mobile business, is not a problem.

3, on the ZUK mobile phone brand development

'ZUK mobile phone' product re-planning, according to its brand characteristics and positioning, should focus on the product of the fine line, only one year to do a three-size flagship product. Recommended screen size: 4.3 inches; 4.5 inches; 4.8 inches; storage capacity of at least 64GB as a starting point. Mobile phone card settings, you can use sim1 + hybrid card slot combination, and have high-definition call function. This combination can also be called 'or card slot', after all, as a 'dual passenger', the phone plug a sim1, another plug a sim1 or SD card is the best way to match.

Lenovo is to create, rather than to imitate others, should let others follow and imitate their own, this is an international real 'association.' Lenovo mobile business market performance improvement, lies in the Motorola mobile phone as an 'international brand' to traction, Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone and ZUK mobile phone to follow the 'three brands' operating mode, the use of 'differentiated combination' of the brand strategy, steady Forward, step by step. This 'turnaround' after a year of hard work, will be able to get a great change, sales, brand a higher level.